The Counsel of Trent
The Counsel of Trent
Catholic Answers
In this podcast, Trent Horn gives you an entertaining, informative, and practical explanation of the Catholic faith as well as interviews with the best writers and speakers in the Church today.
#452 - The Church father Protestants fear the most . . .
Find out which Church father prominent Protestant decried as a forgery because they sounded “too Catholic.”
Jun 13
17 min
#451 - Being faithful to an irritating Church
In this episode Trent offers advice for how to handle members of the Church who act in callous or uncaring ways.
Jun 13
14 min
#450 - Mishap or Murder?
In this free-for-all-Friday Trent examines strange disappearances and asks if it was a terrible mishap or if something more sinister happened.
Jun 10
30 min
#449 - Does God make people sin?
Trent sits down with Cy Kellett and explains why our sinful nature and God’s foreknowledge do not refute the existence of free will.
Jun 9
39 min
#448 - Exposing Fr. Martin’s slippery tactics
In this episode Trent reveals how Fr. James Martin’s ambiguous statements and flawed arguments sow confusion among the faithful and how we should charitably respond.
Jun 7
1 hr 3 min
#447 – The world’s most misunderstood literature
In this free-for-all-Friday Trent shows how so many of us get common themes and quotes in history’s greatest literature completely wrong. With a special guest appearance from Matthew Horn!
Jun 3
25 min
#446 - Does my brain make me sin?
Trent sits down with Cy Kellett and explains why new developments in neuroscience do not refute belief in free will.
Jun 2
32 min
#445 - The scandal of Catholic LGBT “Pride”
Should Catholic schools and parishes fly the LGBT rainbow flag? In this episode Trent examines a controversy in Canada and shows why this practice causes scandal.
May 31
34 min
#444 – Stories from Trent’s Childhood!
In this episode Trent talks about when he was a little kid growing up in Encinitas, CA. Hear about amazing taco stands, wild dogs on the loose, and a great escape from elementary school!
May 26
23 min
#443 – C.S. Lewis’s “Most Dangerous” Argument
Trent is joined by Pints with Jack host David Bates to dive into C.S. Lewis’s most philosophically challenging argument against atheism.
May 26
38 min
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