The Corona Diaries
The Corona Diaries
Steve Hogarth
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Super Insight into h
This podcast is fantastic. You get a true insight into h and his personality. He has a great recollection into the past and fantastic stories added to diary readings. Anthony is a great host and keeps the topics rolling. It is truly good to be purple.
I know what I like
The best podcast to listen to whilst mowing the lawn. Cheers!
For More than just Marillion Fans
Full disclosure - I am a longtime Steve Hogarth and Marillion fan. That being said, this podcast is a great listen regardless of how well you know Hogarth’s music career. It really offers a great deal of insight into the twists and turns of the music business on the whole. Episode after episode, host Anthony Short steers the conversation artfully through Hogarth’s career, from the beginning up to present day. Attempts to focus the conversation often get sidetracked - frankly, this is where the magic usually happens. Tangents and much humour ensue. Hogarth and Short come off very conversational, much like two mates down at the pub. Each episode also features Hogarth reading from his published diaries, which offer glimpses into life on the road as a rock musician, as well as as a husband and father who makes the connection back home as best as possible. The Corona Diaries on the whole are a weekly must-listen for fans of rock music. This is a warts and all accounting of the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of a respected veteran rock musician. Long on sincerity, honesty, and humour, TCD is a consistently highly-rewarding listen.
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Rich Hendricks
I look forward to the podcast every Monday. Great stories from Mr. H from years as a brilliant musician and singer throughout his career. I highly recommend a listen to even if you’re not a Marillion fan.
Excellent! Bravo!
I came across ‘The Corona Diaries’ one morning. I was too tired to make breakfast - I was up all night waiting for a friend who let me down, you see - so I mooched around the internet and found this gem. The banter is excellent. Intelligent, humorous, and insightful. If you are a Marillion fan this is a must listen. If you aren’t, there is something here for you as well. The stories are interesting and engaging. Give it a listen and thank me later. 5 stars! Now kindly please excuse me. I need to get my tooth capped.
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Utterly delightful
The only podcast I actually pay for and look forward to it every week. Be purple!
A+ Podcast
TCD is a true gift during these weeks and months of frightening news reports and uncertainty in our lives. Ant and h are a delight, the stories are always captivating, and the giggles are infectious. Well done you two!!
oceancloud in ca
Steve Hogarth’s candid and warm musings
The Corona Diaries is a fascinating look inside the mind of Marillion vocalist Steve Hogarth, who welcomes listeners into his home by sharing his thoughts and diary entries. Terribly funny, but also very rewarding for fans of rock and progressive music.
Loving it!
I just discovered this podcast from one of my favorite lead singers of one of my favorite bands. I so look forward to each episode and love the stories and learning more about H and his history.
Amazing podcast!
It’s great to hear the anecdotes and stories directly from H. Great stuff for us Marillion fans and for any music fan interested in learning what happens behind the curtains of the music business. Keep at it!
Alvaramy Clapson
One of the great storytellers
In a medieval musical world populated by dwarfs, elves and online trolls; an evil record company lord sets out to enslave the good musical creatures using a feudal business model; and, almost always, a weird magical thing that will let him do it, a great song that times sad, sometimes enlightening, but mostly hilarious, Hogarth entrances his listeners with his journey through the music industry. You don’t have to know his music; you just have to listen and be transported into a magical journey.
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goodbye mr mackenzie
H and Ant Short
Great pod cast Humbling !!
Thank you
Entertaining and it’s nice to hear insight(s) about the songs, band and music business. (A great career, but a terrible business) The TSE segment was nice to hear.
A treat from H
Great chat with my absolute favorite singer of all time. Very laid-back and relaxed interview. Marillion fans will love this, and if you're new, you enjoy it too.
If you like rock and roll... you may like this too
Steve Hogarth, loving known as H to Marillion fans spills his heart out cast upon cast with his wit, insights and stories from his life. Be prepared to hear some incredible stories from rock’s past as well as heart wrenching intimate personal details. You can laugh, learn and cry during the same episode. Just don’t dismiss this as mindless prattle; far from it. This cast makes you appreciate how fun, hard and cool it is to be the lead singer of a band. Give it a listen and maybe you might want to check out the songs he mentions. Ant is a great partner in the duo and leads Mr H through the cast with skill. Cheers!
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Wonderful and engaging
Combination of off the cuff conversations and h’s diary entries. I’m sure most initial listeners were Marillion fans, but I’m fairly sure it would still be enjoyable to folks who don’t know the band.
This is really cool!
Been listening to Marillion since 85. I love these stories; a lot better than reading them. Who is the person H is talking to; Ant somebody
Don’t let the picture fool you!
While Mr. h looks quite serious (even border line mad) this pod cast is genius ! Ant has a way of asking questions that I am thinking of.. and h’s answers are honest and light hearted. I feel like I am at the kitchen table with them giggling into my lemon tea. It has been a godsend during this unsettling time! Thank you so much!!!
Funny, clever, and fascinating!
Every episode thus far made me laugh quite hysterically! I’m not a big Podcast listener, but I always look forward to the new episode of this one. Have a listen, even if you’re not a Marillion fan. This is good fun!
A great listen
It's always great when you get the opportunity to take a peak behind the curtain and learn a little something about people that you admire and who's music has moved you so much over the years. This a great podcast in a respects. Though I'm not sure if I envy Steve Hogarth more for his being the lead singer of the greatest band around today or because he was able to see all those great early Genesis shows.
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It’s a fabulous listen. Love listening to H talk about his life. Thanks for all you do!
Captivating nonsense
Perfection with no plot. The chemistry is great and Steve is the most interesting normal rock star you will ever meet. You can imagine having a pint with him and then sitting in the audience to hear him and the band kill it.
Fascinating And Extremely Entertaining
Having been a Marillion fan forever and an admirer of H’s lyrics, I was excited when he announced this Podcast. It took me awhile to get to it (being thoroughly overwhelmed with work as well as never having listened to a Podcast before). I found myself listening to most of it at one go and loving it! I look forward to the future episodes. Thanks so much H for this bright gem in an otherwise rather somber time.
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Great. Even for an American
Super interesting musings from Mr Hogarth and host. Loved hearing the breakdown of This Strange Engine and learning about your influences, Yes, Genesis, Prefab, and even The Blue Nile. All great bands. Specifically, enjoyed the diary readings. Keep it coming!
Not Just for Marillion Fans
A fascinating insight into the mind and music of a very creative musician. I really like the informality of it. It’s like you’re just sitting around a table, having a few beers, and H is telling stories. I do hope this continues for a long time.
Endlessly charming, warm, perceptive, about both the world outside, and the world inside. Full of insight about the love and lunacy in the creative life, this is a must-listen podcast for anyone who not only loves Marillion, but who is interested in the creative process and how artists come to be, and are. Just wonderful.
Great first episode
It was great hearing from the voice of Steve Hogarth himself about the lyrics of one of the greatest epic songs from Marillion, This Strange Engine. Looking forward for listening what else is coming in the next episodes of this new podcast series the genius Hogarth has started. And for us, the fans get to know him more.
A Peek Inside
As a dedicated Remainer, I love getting this opportunity to spend just a little more time with one of my favorite Leavers. It is wonderful to get small (and perhaps, not so small) glimpses into the world behind the words that have moved me for many years. This plays like a comfortable chat down at the cafe.
Sounds great
I can’t wait for the others, it should a great podcast.
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