The Conversation Art Podcast
The Conversation Art Podcast
Michael Shaw
Ep. # 202: Ellen Harvey, Brooklyn-based artist, from Wall Street to Williamsburg to the Miami Beach Convention Center
1 hour 26 minutes Posted Oct 20, 2017 at 10:44 pm.
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Show notes

Brooklyn-based artist Ellen Harvey talks about:

Her long tenure in the western part of Williamsburg, her experience of the slow but steady gentrification, and how she’s become permanently attached to her live/work loft through the Loft Law, which allows her affordable rent indefinitely; her British roots, which account for the fact that she “can’t pronounce her ‘R’s,” and the accent that has stayed with her even though she moved to Wisconsin at 14, and the pros and cons of having  a British accent in the U.S.; her start in public art doing micro murals (5”x7” paintings over graffiti in Highbridge Park), eventually evolving into larger and larger public projects, including her mural ‘Atlantis,’ a 1000 sq. foot mirrored glass piece slated for the Miami Beach Convention Center, the venue of Miami Basel; Ellen’s highly unusual prior career field as a Wall St. lawyer; and how her parents, despite her tremendous success, still wouldn’t mind if she returned to her law career.