The Conversation Art Podcast
The Conversation Art Podcast
Michael Shaw
A podcast featuring both one-on-one and three-way roundtable conversations with contemporary artists, dealers, curators, and collectors--based in Los Angeles, but reaching nationally and internationally.
Episode 300- Hannah Wohl on her book Bound by Creativity: part 1
In the first part of a multi-part series, Hannah Wohl, sociologist and author of Bound by Creativity talks about: how she earned entry into some of the inner sanctums of the art world, starting with artists but then eventually through the support and generosity of one legendary gallerist; the process of artists developing a signature style for which they become known; and the challenges for artists with a recognizable ‘creative vision’ who try to transition into another style and/or medium.
Aug 21
42 min
Epis. 299- NYC artist and writer Melissa Stern:
Living in a large Chelsea co-op apartment where also has her studio, in a building she calls ‘a community in a box’; her joining an all-women-artist text group during the pandemic, which has been a great source of support and community; and going down a dark rabbit hole with a couple of bogus dealers – one of whom was a meth-head – and how that led to, among other things, a great experience among a wide assortment of New Yorkers at Small Claims Court (it also led to a great article on Hyperallergic)
Aug 7
59 min
Best-Of episode with Ben Davis (ArtNet News and
Ben Davis, National Critic for ArtNet News and author of 9.5 Theses on Art and Class, talks about: how some of the most interesting art – art that's 'underground and weird' - is being made outside of the art world bubble, among them Fee Plumley; a specific chapter of his book which was originally written as a pamphlet and intervention of an art show in NY on art and class – including trickle-down theories of both economics and art; and art education, including for Ben a moving article.
Jul 24
1 hr 52 min
Epis. 298: from cedar salvaging to becoming a landlord
Brooklyn-based artist Doug Beube talks about: his internship with photographer Minor White; photographing the circus, and later freelance gigs to make a living and support his art-making; doing cedar logging salvage in British Columbia; his journey from Ontario to New York, and getting his Green Card; buying the brownstone he now lives in, rents out, and Airbnbs in 1998 as a form of retirement; and the art of pulling apart books and repurposing them into objects.
Jul 9
58 min
Sharon Butler, painter and the
Sharon Butler, painter and creator of Two Coats of Paint, talks about leaving a tenured teaching position in Connecticut so she could get back to the action in NYC; the origins of Two Coats of Paint, which was born out of her interest in painting and following painting-focused writers and bloggers around the country; how she considers herself a lifelong DIY-er; and the mini-art movement she essentially coined, "Casualism"
Jun 25
45 min
Epis.#296: Jennifer Moon, Los Angeles artist, would-be revolutionary, & professor
Los Angeles artist Jennifer Moon talks about: getting sober after a long string of drug use benders; navigating ambitions for revolution with a traditional artist career path, including her inclusion in the 2014 version of Made in L.A., which led to sales and accolades; how her commercial success – and the connection of an artist she was working for – eventually led to the security of a professorship at Otis, where she attempts to lobby for changes in the power structures.
Jun 12
1 hr 6 min
Epis.#295: LA-based photographer Rakeem Cunningham
Los Angeles-based artist Rakeem Cunningham talks about growing up in Pacoima, a 'small town' within Los Angeles, where he still lives and works out of a studio under his bedroom; his day job as the gallery manager for Gavlak, work which he really appreciates and where he especially enjoys being a warm and welcoming host to black visitors; how he started working in self-portraiture in lieu of hanging out with friends, and how it became a way to put his work out there via Flickr and Tumblr, pre-Instagram.
May 29
55 min
Epis.#294: the art of art forgery
Novelist (of The Forger’s Forgery) Clay Small talks about: visiting Amsterdam’s notorious Six Collection, which he was only able to do through creative means (largely through this article); art forgery, particularly what they got away with, and how they largely avoided prosecution by cultivating charming personas; and his consequential and bizarre visit to Michael Jackson’s compound, in working on the contract negotiation for Jackson’s concert tour at the time.
May 15
59 min
Epis.#293: When the aim is the immaterial- artist Mitchell Chan
Toronto-based conceptual artist Mitchell Chan talks about his epic “Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility,” which was inspired by Yves Klein’s late 1950s precursor, “Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility;” we talk about Klein’s legendary work The Void, his ongoing project of making invisible, or nearly invisible, artworks, and how his revolutionary work may have been interpreted at the time; and we talk about the NFT market from the perspective of a blockchain veteran.
May 1
1 hr 19 min
Epis.#292: the chirp-less crickets of Kauai:
Artist and choreographer Madeline Hollander talks about her brief but dramatic professional ballet career and her subsequent transition into becoming a visual artist via choreography and performance; her project Flatwing, a search for the elusive silent/chirp-less crickets on the island of Kauai, which led to a deep dive into evolutionary biology and a video installation at the Whitney Museum; and the turning points that led to her Whitney Biennial and this solo exhibition at the museum.
Apr 16
58 min
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