The Construction Life
The Construction Life
Manny Neves
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love this podcast
it’s always such a good listen! thoroughly enjoy it!!
Hear that
Listened until 3 AM!
I totally enjoyed episode 209 with Manny, Carlito and Derek Sousa so much that I listened to the entire two hour episode, which finished at 3 AM for me! I found the episode to be real, pertinent and quite timely!
Mobile App Maven
Still listening to these misogynists?
What year is it? These guys said its ok to catcall women in Episode 145 and when they got called out for it on social media by a female carpenter, they threatened her with a $15M defamation suit! You can't verify it on the podcast because they DELETED IT! It is in CNN and Newsweek though. I couldn't believe the show had so many five stars reviews when I saw it was still airing a couple days ago, but that’s because they are obviously paid for to bury the reviews from honest people in June 2021. The Construction Life's , Manny, boasts that he's not a "fake contractor". Maybe so, but he’s a phoney. TCL does not represent the construction community. Zero stars.
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Great show!
Honestly I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the best one out there! This podcast IS AMAZING. Keep up the good work !!
A great time with the guys! Had fun!
Listened to episode “The Construction Life Includes Motorcycles”. Unique and unapologetic! Love the energy between you and chemistry of conversation. In this show, we were joined by Carmine who talks taking things apart and fixing them up. This felt like hanging out with the guys. Legs propped with an ice cold beer. Had no idea I’d learn about the mental health benefits of riding a motorcycle. I’m sold! This is a podcast for the people. Stand up guys with stand up content. Providing laughs, lessons and an all around good time.
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Jerome Shaw 🤲🏾
Commitment to the End
The Construction team interview was about a real life story - that most people would never experience. Episode #155 was an epic 2 hour journey of a young man working hard and being true to himself through the laborious craft of construction work. The reason I am reviewing this as a 5 star episode is because the voice and reason of this episode was strong and true. Commitment to the end 100%.
Bill S. - The Music Educator
Hope they have daughters one day and realize they’re part of the problem. Disgusting.
Great podcast
Love the podcast. Great listen
True colors
Showing your true colors here guys. Step up and make a change. The solution to fixing the labor shortage in construction is changing the culture of toxic masculinity and creating opportunities for the other 50% of the population.
the burning inch
Suing over someone pointing out their sexism
C’mon. So lame.
Sexual harassment
Joking about sexual harassment is unacceptable. Talking about how it was in the old days?! Think about your daughter, friend, mother when you’re speaking. You two should be ashamed! And going after a woman for calling you out... cowardly.
Getting called out for allowing sexist and disgusting behavior on your podcast and instead of taking any responsibility and looking inward at your own behavior, you decide to throw a lawsuit at a woman who called you on it. Classy.
Can’t handle criticism
Launching a $12 million lawsuit is a poor way of handling criticism. Instead of dealing with the issue of sexism in the construction industry, they try to destroy the messenger. Shame on both of you.
Pound Sand
15 million?!?
Vigilante Woodworker
Bad builders
These ignorant askholes… I hope they have daughters :-)
Sexual harassment is gross
Litigating people who point that out is even worse
Noelle L Riley
Harassing women just isn’t funny.
And suing people for calling you out on it? Not classy. Maybe you should do that episode on sexual harassment in the industry after all, you guys might learn something.
Informative and entertaining
If you are in the trades, thinking about going into the trades or about to undergo a build or remodel listen to this podcast. This is a great podcast hosted by an industry leading professional. After listening to a few episodes you will feel like you are friends with the host even though he doesn’t know you. Great conversations that give you insight into the contracting business. There is a lot of talk about being professional, planning for your future, as well as getting the youth into the trades. I recommend listening to a few episodes and you will be hooked, it’s one of the top 3 construction podcasts on iTunes.
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deepwoods builders
Setting a higher standard
Manny and guys help set a higher standard in the industry. I appreciate their approach and hope that together, we can all work to change this industry for our clients and for our own happiness and pride. Thanks for all you do. -Beth, Done Construction
Done Construction
Team building.
I have been working on taking over a family company the last few years with a few problems like, improper paper work practices, the I’ve always done it this way attitude, and other cultural issues. Manny’s podcast has really help me with the planning and implementing of many new practice, both in the office and of the job site. This has really helped me to stay positive and see things through instead of just starting over, which would be easier with the structure that I have been building. They discuss real life construction and cutting edge practices. I learn something from every episode or at least hear of something to look up later. I will have it on durning work and the crew will ask questions so it creates many good learning opportunities for my team as well. Thank for at the great material Manny, not sure how you find the time to do it but please keep it up.
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Construction Life at its finest!
Real life conversations from from some of the industries finest. These guys discuss the daily grind, challenges, enjoys, and business side of construction industry from their years of experience. Truly a joy to listen to people promote Construction the right way.
Hellinger Construction
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re well established as someone who can translate creative energy into the impact you want to have on the construction world, or you're just getting started - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Many, Mike and Carlito do an incredible job leading conversations that unveil the raw truth of what it takes to live and succeed in construction - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Very well produced
Although I’m in the US and some of the content is based around Canada I find this podcast very informative and entertaining. The production level is very high due in part to the guest come into the recording space. Carlito is the man! His up beat attitude elevates the atmosphere.
Best construction podcast
Great energy and insight in every episode. I’ve learned something new in every episode and love having a wide variety of trades being represented. Keep it up guys!
Raw real life insight into the industry
Manny stays true to himself and the client by pushing ever more for a better and better product/ fit and finish. This is a construction sided view of how we all can get better. It is a raw/ uncut look into the Construction life. Higly recommended from a guy with a multi-million dallar revenue constrcution business!
Zane Goodwin
Zack Supports This!
This podcast demonstrates the direction the construction industry is heading to and what it (in my own opinion) should be culturally. This podcast has interviews with industry leaders and influencers. Points of views and opinions are shared freely, mixed with discussions of best practice makes for a great podcast! If you love Construction, are new to a trade, or have been in the field for years, this is a great listen that will help you remember why you do what you do. #ConstructionLife #TradePassion
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Studs Up
I listen to this podcast more than music. I’m often going back to re listen. The information manny and Carlito put out through this platform is priceless. They also are very entertaining. Always a great time to listen
Awesome podcast
Love the real construction talk
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