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The Construction Life
Manny Neves
#350 Jamal Hoges of AG Drywall and Finishing joins us to talk about American vs Canadian drywall
1 hour 20 minutes Posted Mar 18, 2023 at 4:23 am.
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Join us on The Construction Life Podcast as we talk to Jamal Hoges, founder of AG Drywall and Finishing, about the differences between American and Canadian drywall. Jamal shares his journey of transitioning from photography to the trades, driven by his passion for the industry. We dive into the challenges faced by the drywall industry in the US, including a shortage of supplies, underpaid and rushed drywallers, and explore different materials, techniques, and tools used in the trade. We also discuss the future of drywall and fascinating crafts like Venetian plaster.To learn more about AG Drywall and Finishing, follow them on Instagram @AGDrywallandFinishing or send them an email at Stay connected with The Construction Life Podcast:

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