The Construction Life
The Construction Life
Manny Neves
#348 Shawn Ramsden of Brollys Dad Construction joins us to talk about drywall, podcasts, and liars in the industry
1 hour 26 minutes Posted Mar 11, 2023 at 2:11 am.
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Show notes

Tune in to The Construction Life Podcast as we chat with Shawn Ramsden, founder of Brollys Dad Construction, about his expertise in drywall installation, podcasting, and his take on honesty in the construction industry. We delve into topics such as level 5 drywall finishing, bucket and box mud techniques, innovative products, the value of teaching failure, and the difference between finite and infinite business plans. Wrapping up the show, we discuss the importance of taking care of your body in the construction trade.

To learn more about Brollys Dad Construction, check out their Instagram page @BrollysDadConstruction, listen to their podcast Brollys Dad Podcast on Spotify, or reach out via email at

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