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It was okay
Could use a little more work
Disappointed with the quality of host and guest research. Was hoping for more thorough logical discussions, rather than regurgitated personal attacks. I chose several episodes at random because the subject matter was intriguing, but now moving on.
I WANT to like it...
He 's a nice guy and has an awesome idea for a podcast, but he seriously needs to tighten up the interviews and follow a plan for's 20 minutes of awkward personal questions (canNOT take a hint from the guest's answers that they'd prefer to get on with the show rather than talk about their hometown, and all aspects of their job and background), reminders that he's from Canada, chitchat, long rambling statements about how he got interested in the topic,more reminders that he's Canadian and how Canada is so very different and so very much not American, asking a question only to then filibuster on a tangent (usually about how he's Canadian), then finally letting the guest speak, but then interrupting him with more awkward circuitous rambles about some other tangent. Oh, and did I mention he's from Canada?
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O...M...G... wow ... 22:27 into the (my first) episode and it's still small talk and chit chat ... Done. Here's an idea: why not include all that at the end, after the content we're looking forward to.
T to tha C
Barf, couldn't stomach a listen for more than a minute.
Whatever "guest expert" they had on is so convinced that he's so special that someone is after him, that he puts an incredibly unfriendly for radio voice filter. It was terrible.
Super nice and funny guy, but his interview style could use some work. Questions kind of end awkwardly, since he has the tendancy to follow up answers with statements rather than more questions.
Mr. Man10
Terrible sound quality; poor interview skills
The guest sounded fantastic; the interviewer sounded like he was underneath a pile of blankets in the next room. Plus I heard his microwave go off at one point. A tip: no matter how fascinating the guest is, no one wants to listen to 15+ minutes of introduction. You could tell even she was getting uncomfortable with the amount of questions she was being asked about her life.
Grace E Bird
ugh, annoying
The interviewer manages to get very interesting guests, but between his peculear speach patterns, and poor audio, it is very hard to listen too. I really hope the host reads these reviews, and can take these very simple steps to improve the quality: Balance the audio level between the host and the guest, most episodes have the guest booming the the host barely audible. Try to bring the host voice more to a monotone level and pitch, as opposed to having each sentance vary several octaves. Most people hate to hear their own voice, but in this case it could help quite a bit if the Host listened to a few of his own podcasts.
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Cocky, ignorantly thinks he's smart
this guy talks down to people questioning thinks he's the smartest person in the room at all times and that's what he things but most times you can hear him speak when you're speakers are on high stop making fun of other people that have an idea different than the mainstream idea your next is why don't you search for that ever elusive original thought
Philly leelee
Great show
I really enjoy The Conspiracy Skeptic. My only complaint is that it comes out irregularly and less frequently than I would like. Stuart is probably my favorite repeat guest but almost all the topics are really good discussions.
Ummm, not the best
While the podcast was interesting and somewhat informative, he lost me when he brought in a very uneducated "expert" for the Waco episode. I can forgive the poor sound quality, the snarky attitude, the Canadian disgust and hate for America's 2nd Amendment, and the misinterpretations of our Constitution, but the quality and knowledge of some of these so called experts is infantile at best. Many follow the same arguments that the conspiracy theorists use. The "trust me, I'm an expert and I've researched this..." argument. It just didn't do it for me.
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After your comment that only a Christian would want to marry a 12 year old just after the first episode, I will not listen to another.
Needs a new host
The way the host speaks makes it un-listenable. Has has THE most annoying voice and associated verbal tics. Has he ever listened to himself ? Het voice lessons ! And he's not witty, not even close. And it's not his Canadian accent that's annoying, I live close to Canada, HE's annoying. A host of a podcast should be interesting to talk to, this guy is a bore and would be avoided at any party I've attended.He laughs his way through the JFK show when going over grusesome details of JFK's assassintion. Have some resect for god's sake for the deceased. The hell with the conspriacy, have a little compassion. Listened to 1 show, I'm going to delete the rest, listen at your own peril !
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former listener 12788
No Good
This person, obviously, is trying to sound a lot more educated than he actually is. Its great to have a rational view on certain issues, but please do more research. Don't dumb yourself down by listening.
Young kenn
Too skeptical
After listening to several episodes I've concluded that this show is too skeptical. They pick out the way out there conspiracies and pick them apart. I'd really like to hear a show on some conspiracies that have been proven to be true or even that could possibly be true like, our government and false flags, or our government lying to us instead of acting like the government would never think of such a thing. I would like to hear one on Oklahoma City bombing and hear your reasoning behind these government agencies showing up the day before to do a "drill" (ok city bombing, 9/11, 7/7 bombing, Boston marathon bombing)
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fun podcast!
I love his humor and his guests are great! I wish he would post more often.
Tried to listen...
The host of the show has an extremely hard time getting to his point. Comes off as a pretentious know-it-all way to often. Sounds exactly like the comic book store owner from the soon as you hear him you will agree. Just dull and boring....
Barefoot Iguana
I really gave it a chance
I listened to this podcast for three episodes and had to stop each podcast early. The host is very difficult to listen to due to his default phrases such as 'you know' and 'all that stuff'. He sounds like a fifteen your old boy with a limited vocabulary. I was looking for an in-depth discussion of why theories like the moon landing or crop circles are considered hoaxes. His arguments are shallow, one-sided and themselves full of inconsistencies. His speech has a mocking and sarcastic tone that indicates he has already made up his mind on the subject. I suppose it is a great podcast for those who have already agreed with his conclusion. This guy and his guests need to do their homework to come up with better counter arguments and present facts in an unbiased manner that pertain to both sides of the story before trying to engage the public. Do not waste your time.
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A skeptic's skeptic
Just ok
If the host could get his words out without repeating a million times they might have a real show.
I'm a big fan of skepticism and critical thinking but this was insufferable! I couldn't get past the first two minutes. Just state the topic and get on with it already. The interviews are so boring it sounds like the guests are falling asleep. List the topics by title too. This makes it easier to pick and choose.
Not Very good
Generally I love these skeptical podcasts because they do good work in educating people about the silliness that goes on in the world. The first ten or so podcasts of this where the podcaster went through and explained the conspiracy theories and elaborated on them were excellent. The rest of the podcasts, the ones where he interviews people are horrible and are painful to listen to. Many times the guest doesn't have a clue what he's talking about but that doesn't matter because they spend very little time on the conspiracy theory they're supposed to be discussing anyway. I listened to one episode that was an hour and a half long that had about ten minutes of talking about conspiracy theory and an hour and twenty minutes of talking about useless crap. At one point they were talking about doing laundry. Save yourself, unsubscribe now.
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A great podcast for thinking persons
This podcast is excellent in its wide range of topics and the guests are usually very interesting.
Fighting Kentuckian
Great podcast
Mr. Mamer has a very good presentation style and rapport with guests. At times it takes longer than I'd like for the conspiracy topic to be addressed in the episode, although I do not mind that too much. There is bound to be some variation in the quality of individual episodes since there are different guests. I wish that the episodes would be posted on a more regular schedule.
Julian Janssen
Great show
I love a good conspiracy , but I'm always looking for the logical answer to many of these stories . That's where your podcasts do such a great job of presenting the absurdity of some of these tales .
I love the show but..
Great show, but the audio quality of the most recent episodes could be a lot better.
great except for the host
This podcast is really enjoyable when the host is in the nitty gritty of explaining various conspiracies, what the people who put stock in them believe, and why they aren't true. However, I really do not enjoy the 'unplugged' episodes. They take way too long to get to the meat of things and, not trying to be a jerk here, but the host is REALLY annoying to me when he's just meandering along and talking about anything other than conspiracies. He always seems extremely nervous, introducing new areas of discussion with an almost palpable sense of 'I've been rehearsing this in my head all day, but make it sound natural and off the cuff, make it sound natural and off the cuff!'
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mr teaspoon
The topics are good. They're trying hard and their hearts are in the right place. But the production value is below novice. Worse yet is the horrible stuttering, spastic speaking style of the host. It's like listening to a stuttering convention. It's painful. Maybe a year of speaking classes would help him? If you're looking for a well done skeptic podcast you should give "skeptoid" a listen.
The roboot
Picking Conspiracies Apart
I have been listening to The Conspiracy Skeptic for a couple years now. In the early episodes, Carl did all the research himself and took apart many conspiracies. However, due to time constraints, he brought on guests who would do the research and present their favorite conspiracies. He has had many different guests and a few repeats. If you listen to all the episodes in this podcast (and you really should if you have an interest in conspiracies), you'll learn about conspiracies you've never heard of. There's a bit of chatter, always. I generally am patient with chatter in podcasts because that is truly how you get a feel for the hosts. Still, they could cut down on the chatter on this podcast just a little bit to shorten the long-running episodes. Because of the number of podcasts I listen to, I am quite happy with just a few releases every month or so rather than regular episodes at short intervals.
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Straight forward awesomeness!
Anyone knocking these needs to try and do a better job. As an interviewer you can tell Karl does his research! Very informative.
He does a good job just describing some of the wacky beliefs out there. You can't argue with nut cases, but you can be amused by them.
Robert Hanford
Episode 1-11 is truly above average and precisely handled, but then it goes "rationalist"
The conspiracy skeptic is truly a breath of fresh air in the skeptical genre and this is due in great part to the handling of the host Carl Mamer, who is a class act and goes into great lengths to not simply assert a conspiracy is absurd and carry on but to restate the facets of the heralded conspiracy and surgically address each aspect of the plot and deconstruct them. In episode 5 when Mr. Mamer comments upon an interview with Joe Rogan regarding the Moon Landing Hoax, he regards blatantly open-ended and volatile mudslings from Rogan to a cool-headed expert with restraint and a consistent level of insight that both provided clarification on the misinformed volatile comments as well as adding further information on a historical level. What I'm getting at is that however absurd the conspiracy side/rendition of the story is, Mamer applies common sense and history to fill in the gaps of logic or continuity to bring everything into perspective. Whenever Conspiracy Skeptic Unplugged came out, his change of format to accomodate a new co host every episode was intriguing and the first episode surroudning Holocaust Denial was both entertaining and informative with him and his initial co host having great chemistry and both handling the topic with a surprising amount of levity and logic. However, to my dissappointment, following that episode we are then treated to a crossover between Mr. Mamer and another co host who is from another Skeptic podcast where the popular trend is that the analysis of Conspiracies is not so much informative as much as it is an emotional outburst of condescending quips and a compulsion to combine personal bias with legitimate broadcasting. The show ceases to be a panel of people commenting on absurd claims or trying to find the truth behind blatantly outlandish tales and instead sounds more like every other skeptic podcast in which you can practically see the hosts starring down from their noses at misguided people who actually believe these conspiracies. For those out there who enjoy the usual skeptical commentary, this will be a great treat and like I said, episode 1-11 is very informative and unparralleled in my opinion, but from then on the quality falls into the mediocre...
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You took over an hour of my life!
Miserable! Absolutely by a margin the worst podcast I have ever heard. Terrible arguments, shoddy audio and the host is so annoying I just want to glue his mouth shut! I would rather fight rabid badgers than listen to anymore of this smug, self congratulating wannabe intellectual drivel.
Get to the point!!!
I Cherry picked the best topics, forced myself to sit through his thick Canadian accent, hoping to get sure fire counter points to these theories and what do I get, nothing. You know what? I agree the you would ridicule the ridicules. But it would be better to leave them speechless, with the weight of the argument. Do better.
love the podcast
Great conspiracy podcast, or rather anti-conspiracy podcast. I am working my way through your archives, enjoying every minute.
Just Saw The Alex Jones Show Episode - I know I
The host keeps talking about how Alex never sites his sources. Wrong. He has entire websites dedicated to siting sources of his movies. The reason he doesn't site them in the movie is because the movies would be really really long and boring. So whether your lying on purpose or are just completely misinformed and do know actual research, I can't tell. The subjects he covers seem to be helpful as long as you don't know about them. If, however, you are well versed in his subjects you will find that he misses the MAIN points of most of these conspiracy theories.
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It's great.
Karl keeps up a good rhythm through out the whole podcast and he has some great guests and great topics. It's fun and funny and densely informative, but takes a little time to talk about the little quirks of life.
Always interesting
A great show with an endearing host and fascinating guests.
About the first Fed podcast
Makes remarks about economic fundementals without understanding them. Bad form. Specifically: Made a remark that demand for credit would remain the same without having a Fractional Reserve system. Not true because demand would fall as the interest rate to borrow would rise exactly to the degree that the easy credit evaporates. Stopped listening at that point. (Apologies for being unable to change my weird 'username' starting with 'owe' - dunno where that came from).
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Soooooo boring!!
I like to hear some of this info, but host just drones on and on. For example, I do not care about the guest's childhood, or the host describing movies, I want to hear questions and answers about the subject matter. On shows when it's just the host (the Alex Jones episode), it seems as if he's just reading from something he wrote and practiced. I know there's a limited amount of time to cover several points, but it jst comes across as very cold.
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SKEP it...
First of all the sound quality is very poor. You can hear the mouth breather who is the interviewer: swallow, breath, inhail, and snort. The guests come through rather well however. Secondly, the interviewer is a bit like a frat boy finding people who agree with his opinions so he can feel superior.
Interesting subject matter that is generally mishandled
The early episodes of this podcast are closer to 4 stars. The information is well laid out and some of the topics are interesting. I would recommend listening to them - but be prepared to hear someone reading off of notecards. In later epidsodes the sound quality goes down and guests are added that in general are pretty bad. For example, a former colleague of the host - an ESL teacher in Korea - is brought on to discuss Holocaust denial. Where is the expertise on the topic? It isn't there AT ALL. The interviews are awful and the banter is annoying (as is the awful sound quality that emphasizes every 's' sound and breath the particpants make and take). I don't need to spend 30 minutes listening to them chat about old times while they fail to fill in gaps and use inside jokes. There are MUCH better casts on these subjects.
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Cavalier and weak.
Not worth a subscription.
Rage Plug
I appreciate this podcast for the guest, not the host.
I am big fan of the sceptic/skeptic podcasts so I was very interested when I came across this one. The topics are great, the guests are great and the host... um, well. I hate to nitpick but I have two complaints. One, the host laughs a lot which is great except when you have a live mic/headset next to your face; ask someone to talk to you on a mobile while pulling a sweater on and you will get the idea. Two, he ALWAYS brings up Korea. Be it some little reference or asking standard 'Korean questions', he always brings it up. Because of this podcast I never want to visit Korea.
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Has been and could be better
I love or rather loved this podcast. When this podcast was purely about conspiracies and their examinations from a logical point of view it shined. I love the humor and the great analogies. Lately though this podcast has changed to what's called the "unplugged" versions where there are various guests talking about the conspiracies. The guests are usually alright but the problem is that the conspiracies and often the skepticism is now on the backburner to the guests. At least thirty minutes, sometimes often an hour is purely the guest just talking about crap that nobody cares about (personal stuff, experiences what-have-you). By the time they get to the conspiracy, I'm often asleep or bored to death. Then the conspiracies seem glossed over and the in-depth skepticism of whichever conspiracy is simply assumed and not the focus of the podcast. This podcast was one of my favorites but now I'm a little scared of it because I don't really know what I'm going to get. If it goes back to focusing on the skepticism of conspiracies, it could very well shine once more.
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I can not agree with this at all
He put this out on 12/4/07 and states that there is no one world government and NAFTA is a great thing. NAFTA is taking away the American factory jobs allowing them to go over see and some are getting paid or tax breaks to take the jobs over seas thank you NAFTA. Now for the one world government just google new world order then click the news button major news network are calling for it just like Alex Jones said in Endgame even right down to one world currency which we will pay our carbon taxes to the one world bank that will run everything. It is bad enough we pay taxes to our government but now we will pay them to the world bank. I don't know Alex but I have listen I have looked into what he says and I find evrything he say is in the news and building right now. Don't take what this guy says or even what Alex says as truth look it up on the internet while we still can before they put out internet 2 and we lose this great resource of information. 2 star for he is allowed to have his opinion just wondering what he thinks now with Al Gore and is climate change and using carbon credits.
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Sure is snarky!
The host knows enough to throw out snarky comments and one liners. But in his humor anyone that knows anything basic on the topics he covers knows that he does not know enough to truly talk about these topics and be anything beyond a humorous distraction.
Like being stuck in a Starbucks
Here we go again. Politicians, lawyers, professors, researchers, businessmen and journalists are all “Ron Paul types” and “Alex Jones followers” because they are not skeptics. Such as Robert Kennedy Jr., that weirdo, who reported in Rolling Stone vaccines contain mercury. Who needs to know that when the superior skeptic can just tell you, “Trust me, I went to a website that said otherwise.” This is a good podcast but, for those who don’t worship at the skeptic alter, others are too.
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slow start, but wonderful breakdown!
Listening from episode 1 on, I found this very entertaining, a little condescending but not biased as warned.... love it! Keep up the good work.
Good skeptical podcast
Great podcast exploring the most common conspiracy theories and the silliness of most of them. Concise and listenable. Keep it up.
Great information
Can't get enough of this podcast, great information, if your wondering about conspiracy that people get fixated on, this podcast really give it to you strait and to the point. Keep up the great work!
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