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The Comic Source Podcast
Jace Milam
The Comic Source is the title of a group of podcasts focusing on comic books. It includes The Comic Source Podcast, The Top Cow Chronology Project, Creator Interviews, Convention Coverage and so much more. Grab your headphones and join us today!
New Comic Wednesday November 25, 2020
Jace talks about a ton of the new books hitting stands the week of November 25, 2020. Including a deep spoiler free dive into John Ridley's The Other History of the DC Universe and it's implications both on the DC Universe as well as out own. Another great boo out this week is Doctor Doom #9 which perfectly encapsulates the work Christopher Cantwell ahs been doing with Victor Von Doom which is bringing a humanity and relatability to the character like never before. Department of Truth #3 is so relevant it is actually disturbing on multiple levels. We have a great end to the latest arc of Flash as well as Fantastic Four Antithesis ending on a pitch perfect tone for the FF. All this, plus Jace gives a rundown on some other titles you might want to be on the lookout for.
Nov 25
1 hr 44 min
Kickstarter Spotlight - Like Father Like Daughter
By just about any metric you want to use, this has been the biggest year for Kickstarter ever in terms of creators self-publishing comics. We have seen big names like Scott Snyder & Tony Daniel and publishers, such as Top Cow and Boom Studios all have very successful campaigns. However, we certainly don’t want to overlook that many smaller creators who have also successfully funded their projects on the platform just as they have been doing for many years. One such project is Like Father, Like Daughter. This superhero comic is currently in the midst of successfully funding it’s seventh issue and is working towards stretch goals at the time of this writing. In this episode Jace chats with series creator and writer Kat Calamia about her experience funding successfully through Kickstarter for previous issues of the property, we also touch on the higher profile creators and publishers turning to crowdsourced funding as a means of producing their projects. Finally we discuss the project itself and how themes of family, belonging and responsibility inform this classic superhero story she is telling. 
Nov 24
42 min
New Comic Wednesday November 18, 2020
Jace and Manny take a spoiler free look at some of the books hitting stands today that they have had a chance to read already. The slick Michael Mann feel of Catwoman continues and makes it Jace's Book of the Week. Manny's pick is the latest issue of Dark Nights Death Metal as we take another step closer to having every story matter in the DC Universe. Over in Nightwing we have the resolution of the final threads form Dick Grayson losing his memory and in Aquaman we finally see Arthur and Mera tie the knot. Meanwhile in Batman the Ghostmaker makes his move in Gotham while it appears Harley Quinn will be a big part of the series moving forward. All this and a lot more, plus Jace gives a rundown on some other titles you might want to be on the lookout for today.
Nov 18
1 hr 35 min
New Comic Book Wednesday November 11, 2020
Jace and Manny give their spoiler-free thoughts on some of the new release for the week of November 11th. Has Wonder Woman finally found it's stride? What did the Punchline one-shot and Champions 32 have in common? How is Christopher Cantwell getting back to the roots of Iron Man in the new series and how is the third issue such a great example of that? How did the first issue of Taskmaster hit the ground running and will Lobo fans get a kick out of his Death Metal one shot? Also why did Manny pick American Vampire 1976 #2 as his book of the week and what about Jace's pick of Flash? All this plus some talk about Brian K Vaughn's Ex Machina and DC's plans beyond Future State. It all wrapped up with a rundown on some of the other titles hitting stands today that you will want to check out.
Nov 11
1 hr 34 min
Kickstarter Spotlight Episode - RDW
Jace chats with Marco Rudy about his Kickstarter campaign for RDW. They discuss the origins of the project, choosing a fantasy setting with relevant & grounded story elements and mixing concepts of the folklore from different cultures.
Oct 31
49 min
New Comic Wednesday October 28, 2020
Jace and Manny talk about a record 19 books they have read from this weeks new comic releases. Lots of spoiler-free talk about the end of 3 Jokers, did it live up to the hype? Also how does Kevin Shinick do the second time around on Flash? How does Manny feel about one of his favorite titles ending, Red Hood? Batgirl is also coming to an end and the guys talk about that and how it ties into Joker War, and Detective Comics also gives us some of the fallout from Joker War and introduces us to a new villain. Rise of the New God may be the best Death Metal issue yet from James Tynion and we also get the second issue of Tynion's Department of Truth. Lots of other books reviewed spoiler-free as well as a run down of some of the other titles this week you might want to be on the lookout for.
Oct 28
1 hr 43 min
New Comic Wednesday October 21, 2020
Jace looks at a ton of books hitting stands today. Tony Stark is getting back to basics and it is reminding Jace of one of his favorite eras of Iron Man ever. Speaking of back to basics, what is James Tynion IV doing with Batman now that the Joker War has ended and will fans like it? We've got a great version of Harley Queen from the Batman: White Knight version of the DCU, just what is it that Jace likes so much about her? Miles to go from AfterShock is a real highlight this week, giving us more of the gritty, down to earth crime noir that writer B. Clay Moore is noted for. A couple of Death Metal tie-ins are out today exploring the Robin King and the Death Metal version of the Justice League. Also more Joker war fallout for Nightwing and Catwoman in their respective titles. Jae breaks down the third issue of Maestro and talks about how the series is not what he expected. Fantastic Four #25 and Spider-Woman 100 both celebrate what is at the core of their respective characters and set up interesting storylines going forward. Also Chip Zdarsky does what he does best in both Stillwater #2 and Daredevil #23, explore character dynamics and in turn the draws the readers in as he explores interesting themes. Also Jace gives a rundown on some other titles you may want to be on the lookout for.
Oct 21
1 hr 49 min
Kickstarter Spotlight; The Trap
Jace chats with NFL star Lance Briggs, former All-Pro LB for the Chicago Bears and favorite of the show, writer Kyle Higgins about their current Kickstarter campaign The Trap.  Lance, a lifelong comic fan and Kyle are crafting a story and a world with relevant themes of today's have's and have-not's. Along with an incredibly talented team of co-creators, the story Lance and Kyle are telling is one with it's roots in empathy and the acknowledgment that we are all more alike than different. This project features incredible art from rising star artist Danilo Beyruth, spectacular colors by the talented color artist Tamra Bonvillain, brought to life through the letters of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and wrapped in a gorgeous package by designer Sasha E. Head. Be sure to check out the campaign and pledge so you can be a part of helping this amazing project come to life.
Oct 15
32 min
New Comic Book Day October 14, 2020
Jace and Manny give a little spoiler-free talk about some of the issues hitting comic shops today. Is Death Metal finally finding it's footing now that we are on issue #4? How do the guys feel about Wonder Woman now that the second arc with the new creative team is kicking off? Speaking of new creative teams, Flash has a new writer for the first time in a long while and Jace talks about what we might expect going forward. Strange Adventures continues to be a strong title and Rorschach, the latest title from writer Tom King is book of the week for Jace. Plus Commanders in Crisis and We Live are a couple of independent titles you may want to try out. Also Jace gives a run down on some other titles you might want to be on the lookout for along with some original art talk involving a classic cover expected to go for over $2 million!
Oct 14
1 hr 16 min
New Comic Wednesday October 7, 2020
Jace and Manny talk about some of the books hitting comic stores today. Manny's Book of the Week celebrates Halloween and the Swamp Thing TV show debuting on the CW by telling some great stories about DC resident plant/hero. Jace loves the great Black Widow story from Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande and we can't wait to find out what Arcade has in store for Natasha. The guys also talk about the conclusion of the Joker War in Batman #100 and what the future might hold for the caped crusader. All this talk is spoiler free, plus Jace give a rundown of some other books you might want to be on the lookout for.
Oct 7
1 hr 12 min
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