The Collin Kartchner Podcast
The Collin Kartchner Podcast
Collin Kartchner
Collin Kartchner is the Founder of #SavetheKids and speaks 300-500/year to schools, parents, educators and communities about the negative affects of screentime, social media, gaming, and pornography on our kids and how protect your kids mental health from this technology. He has been invited to speak at Nike, Adidas, 100's of schools and colleges, and TEDx SaltLakeCity. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said, "Collin is a WARRIOR for our kids."
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - This is Your (Kid's) Brain on Video Games
Is your son/daughter playing video games a bit too much? Have you noticed changes in their attitude and behavior? Are you worried about what video games are doing to their developing brains and the impact that will have on their mental health and...
Oct 20
1 hr 3 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - with Ronna Glickman
(TV commercial voice): Do you suffer from NMK Disease? Do you say things like "Oh... Not MY Kid" or "Not My School" or "Not MY neighborhood" or "I trust my kid" or "My kid would never do that"? Well for those suffering with NMK, there's hope, and today...
Oct 7
59 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - Screen Detoxing Your Kids Pt. 2
Melanie Hempe from Screenstrong joins me for a follow-up conversation on screen-detoxing your kids-- how to do it, why to do it, and support for those moments that feel like you just took crack pipes away from itty bitty crack heads that live in your...
Oct 5
53 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - On the Road in Idaho
FINALLY back speaking in person and I brought my mobile recording studio (mic + Zoom H4N) driving from Boise to McCall, Idaho, and wanted to talk about being emotionally present with your kids. Your emotional presence as a parent is the nutrient for...
Sep 30
39 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - Anxiety Elephants with Caris Snider
I talk a lot about child and teen anxiety and how to help your kids not just manage the stresses of childhood/teen years but thrive through them… but what about us parents? Parenting is hard, stressful, and easy to feel like giving up some days. Parents...
Sep 28
48 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - Guess What? Your Daughter Looks at Porn, Too
“Only boys struggle with porn.” “Girls only care about social media not porn.”“This is just a guy issue.”*Dwight Schrute voice* FALSE. Countless times I have read messages from tween/teen girls saying “Collin, I’ve been struggling with pornography for...
Sep 23
1 hr 22 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - Screen-Free Kids with Author Greta Eskridge
Have iPads and X-Boxes been around the house so long you forgot how to entertain the kids without them? We all know our kids need LESS screen-time and not more, but how do you rewild your child back into human form? :) My guest today is Greta Eskridge,...
Sep 21
43 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - What About My Older Teens? with Andrea Davis
Question I get a lot is "What do I do about my older teens who I gave a smart phone to years ago, they've been on Snapchat/IG since 11, I know it hurt their mental health so much, but I'm afraid to just take it all away. How do I go about putting the...
Sep 14
49 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - Guest: Therapist Joe Dennis, CMCH
Joe Dennis, LCMHC, is back in studio today with his new J's for one of my favorite conversations thus far on The Collin Kartchner Podcast. We discuss 9/11, how hate is not a mental illness, the despicable things TikTok does to create trauma bonding...
Sep 11
1 hr 39 min
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - Protecting Childhood with Chris McKenna (PYE)
My guest today is the founder of Protect Young Eyes and father of 4, Chris McKenna. We talk about what's happening to an entire generation of children/teens/young people right under our noses, and what parents need to do to save their kids' childhoods....
Sep 8
43 min
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