The Clovis Culture Podcast
The Clovis Culture Podcast
Justin Nault
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Thank you Justin!
This dude is loaded with valuable information. He's made a dent in my RA/inflammation where others haven't been able to...and he has an entertaining way of getting the info across. This podcast comes highly recommended! Just listened to the Mark Bell interview and it is a game changer. Sometimes I feel like I'm just spinning on a hamster wheel...this interview knocked me back off. Thanks for that!
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I am loving The Clovis Culture Podcast! Every episode is jammed packed with awesome content, topics, and interviews on all things health, wellness, and more. Keep it coming!!
It’s not just about the Paleo lifestyle.....
Justin Nault is the whole package deal. All about life in general. I am currently remodeling my house with intentions of making it an AB&B. This will support my retirement. All because Justin talks about the importance of other sources of income. His passion and energy comes out in these shows and you will want to keep him in your ears all day.
Must listen
Justin is so incredible in his way to touch and change lives. He’s been a huge part of my life just through these podcasts over the last 6+ months. I turn to him not only for health and nutrition advice but also for his opinions on current events. I recommend each and every episode. He will change your mind and life for the better.
The Clovis Show Is The Real Deal!!!
Justin is the real deal. I love how he’s able to dive deep into a topic, leverage his network and connections to dig up the truth, and present it in a simple, actionable format. Thanks brotha!
Must Listen
If you want to transform your health, you absolutely need to be listening to this podcast!
Donny Kimball
Great resource!
The Clovis Culture has quickly become my favorite podcast to listen to. If you’re ready to learn and to be honest with yourself, then you’ll gain knowledge that can help you live a better life. I appreciate that the content is well researched and shared in a no-nonsense way.
Awesome Podcast!!!
Justin, host of The Clovis Culture Podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Healthy mind, body, and soul
I started following the clovis culture podcast looking for help in healing my body, not just to lose weight. The help I received from listening to the podcast led me to becoming a Clovis member and learning not just about health and nutrition but also helped me focus on my personal/mental growth and health as well.
Game Changer
Justin’s podcast and individual coaching has seriously revolutionized my life. Everything has changed for me. As for the podcast, it’s well developed. Always insightful, high quality audio, and entertaining.
Butt kicks with some hugs thrown in
This podcast has helpful and useful information. Really nice balance between a butt kicking and hugs! I look forward to the new episodes every week.
Best Pod cast for Healthy living!
Justin not only puts content out on his own reasearch and experiences but he brings on some of the most intelligent folks in the healthy living space! I recommend a listen or 12!
All of Justin’s podcasts are so interesting and helpful too so many
Packed with valuable information!
Love Justin’s hard hitting style busting through the nutritional misinformation that has been keeping people from experiencing true optimal health and well being!! Tune in - and prepare to learn and be challenged!
The real deal!
Justin knows his stuff. Always learning something new from this guy! He brings passion to all of his topics and I don’t feel like I’m just listening to a lecture.
Sustainable change!!!
I lost bout 45 pounds and fixed my high cholesterol since following and adopting Justin’s nutritional advice. Justin is knowledgeable and entertaining. Give it a listen, it just might change your life.
Life changing
If your looking to totally live life to the fullest then The Clovis Culture Pod is your jam. I’ve been listening to this pod and following Justin’s advice for two years and I’m down from extra large cloths to small! From nutrition to life style design, Justin is the first person I go too! Justin isn’t just funny and entertaining, his style and delivery can take mundane, dense facts and lay them out that is simple and easy to digest! Thank you Justin for such amazing content and life advise!
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Great Podcast
Very Real Talk From Someone Who Wants To Serve
This show is my go-to for so many things. I started tuning in for weight loss and optimized nutrition advice, but now I listen to hear Justin’s take on all things lifestyle design. He gives so many references and supporting literature, podcasts, programs, and articles so you can dig deeper for yourself. He's the hockey coach who is REALLY hard on you when no one else thinks you have it in you because he knows you do. I can say with ease that this podcast has changed my life. It also doesn't hurt that he's handsome, and I don't have to pay extra for that ;)
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So much great information
This podcast is so great to dispel the myths of nutrition we have all learned growing up! He is entertaining and informative at the same time. Every time I listen to a podcast I need to go back and take notes!
Crystal P.N.
Full FIVE stars!!
I have learned so so much from listening to Justin’s podcast. I always play it in the background at work and I have listened to them all numerous times... each time I take away something new. I’m super grateful for his extensive work and I thoroughly enjoy following his successes and life secrets.
Nutrition is much easier when you know the science. Cheers for helping us learn about Biochemistry! Just rocks.
One of the greatest podcasts out!
Lifestyle changes that WILL impact your entire life for the better! Definitely something to listen to if you’re looking to become a healthier you OVERALL!
Full of knowledge!
Mrs. MLB
I’ve lost 30 pounds!
And that’s only the start! Justin is a no-bs approach to a healthy lifestyle. Sure, I started listening because I heard him talk about the amazing results his clients were getting with fat loss...and I kept listening when I started getting those results too. I highly recommend my friends, colleagues and anyone I meet to check it out. What’s to lose?
Hands down, best podcast out there
I’ve learned so much more than I ever realized I needed to. Literally life changing stuff here.
A wealth of information
This is seriously one of the most informative podcasts on the planet. Justin takes his research seriously and then we all get to benefit. Trust me - take some time and listen and then watch as your life changes.
Awesome !!!
These podcasts are amazing. Packed full of awesome mind blowing information. Worth the time to listen to them and learn from one of the best!
Stay on track
As a member of the Clovis Culture, Justin has introduced me to the world I've been searching for. These podcasts keep me moving forward with my health and wellness journey and keep my motivation and focus aligned to the task. I feel the best I've ever felt... well since I was a kid on Christmas morning... The truth is out there, and also here, in this podcast!
Straussie Comedy
Justin is honest and vulnerable in all of podcasts! These need to be shared and heard by all. This is life changing information with no filter! Authenticity is a rarity and Justin is authentically himself every time.
C. M. Smith
My favorite podcast!
Justin has a great way of telling you liked it is. He does his research and shares it with his audience in a way that anyone can understand. I have learned so much from him and have grown so much in the year that I have been listening to his podcasts. I recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone!
Clovis forever
Life changer
If you take the time to listen through Justins’s material and learn to do a little research, you will be amazed as to what your body can do. Everyone likes to joke about living life like your check engine light is on and you’re just ignoring it. You don’t have to feel sick, tired, or uncomfortable. You just have to be ready to open your mind, take what you learn, and act on it.
My favorite Pod Casts
Justin has literally changed my life for the better in so many ways! I look forward to his knowledge every Wednesday, AMA Day!!! Following Clovis has made my food choices much easier. I not only lost weight but no longer suffer from migraines or IBS. And I feel amazing!!! Can’t recommend his PodCasts enough!
Life-changing podcast!!
In every episode I learn so so much!! I highly recommend everyone to listen! If your looking for something different and sick of all the BS out there, you need the The Clovis podcast in your life! Listen to this podcast and apply what Justin teaches to your life. You will be way happier and amazed with the results!!
Love this podcast. So informative with a twist of funny! Clovis has changed my life.
Insanely good content in language you can understand!! Justin breaks down all the leading topics in nutrition and fitness and encourages his listeners to do they’re own research. He’s got the credentials and the expertise to boot! The only problem with this podcast, is binge listening!!
Michelle Norman
Changed my Life
I absolutely love this Podcast. I used to be afraid to eat food until Justin broke nutrition down and exposed the mainstream nutritional flaws.
Killa Cam'ron
Clovis is the bomb
Justin! Love your podcasts. I learn so much and I’m entertained! I listen them everyday in my car lol
Life changing!
Thank you Justin for changing my life, and therefore, my entire family as well! You are incredibly knowledgeable and have taught me so much about my health. I am a nurse and a nutrition student and there is so much you have taught me that I did not know. You have encouraged me and given me the drive to want even better health and for that I will always be grateful! ❤️
This guy knows his stuff!
Awesome podcast!!! Justin has an incredibly deep understanding of fitness and nutrition. Unlike many other health podcasts, Justin's science and evidence based approach will give you clear and actionable advice to help you create a lifestyle you can be proud of. Keep up the amazing work!
Chris JTB
Highly Recommended
Revolutionizing how I think about nutrition, fitness, and fat loss. I’m always excited to hear a new myth-buster or the science behind what we should do vs. what we shouldn’t. There’s an #AMA for practically everything. I’m trying the lifestyle change and I already notice improvements just a day in. 👏🏾👏🏾
Andra Renee
Learning so much!
After getting turned on to the Perfect Paleo podcast, I feel like I’ve just learned so much about nutrition! I enjoy the format and interactiveness of the AMAs. Justin is not afraid of sugar coating the truth. Looking forward to more episodes!
I’ve been educating myself and through my son who has been researching all of this stuff and is very much like you Justin,for the past 2 years . This program has helped me focus , simplify and stop thinking I can get away with things( Tweaking) that I know I can’t ✅👍👏
Incredible information!
I found Justin’s podcasts a month ago while driving weekly to Jackson and wanted to learn better gut health. WOW! So much great information and motivation to do better! Listen to one and see for yourself- I’m half way through them all and changing my habits for the better!!
Must Listen
Justin is an excellent source for health and nutrition information. He is fun and easy to listen too and I learn so much with every weeks podcast. Give it a listen!!!
The best nutrition and life advice I have heard in a long time! Have to listen to this podcast! You won’t be disappointed in the passion Justin has in teaching you about nutrition!
Incredibly accurate and informative
Always learning something from Justin.
Jason Fogt36
Must listen
Great podcast and very informative! It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle and not a fad diet. I highly recommend!
Amazingly Informative
This podcast is so informative. I have learned so much in a short period of time. Justin Nault provides the knowledge you need through science and the inspiration you need through passion. He clearly is on this journey to truly help every person he can. It's been a month and a half now and although I am just at the beginning of my journey I can say definitively that I AM CLOVIS!!! Thank you Justin Nault!!
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No BS, this content is phenom
I’ve been binge listening to this podcast for over a week now. Justin has researched the crap out of nutrition, biochemistry, biohacking, and human physiology and created a podcast that is entertaining and insanely educational. It’ll change the way you live and think about your body and nutritional choices. You’ve got to start learning what he’s teaching, and then live Clovis.
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