The Classical Ideas Podcast
The Classical Ideas Podcast
Gregory Soden
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27 mins in, still don’t know what I’d learn from author’s book
I’m twenty seven minutes into “EP 189: The Lives of Objects w/Maia Kotrosits,” author of _ The Lives of Objects: Material Culture, Experience, and the Real in the History of Early Christianity_ and it's still unclear exactly what one would learn by reading the book. They talk about the author’s background for eleven minutes, then why she wrote the book, then about material culture in general. Twenty seven minutes in and still not the slightest hint what if anything the book has to say about how any of it relates to early Christianity. I give up.
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Too political
It's an interesting and informative podcast, covering a variety of religions. However, I wish the host would not bring up his political beliefs. If the guests want to bring up theirs, that's fine, but hosts of educational podcasts should leave their own beliefs out of it. It's also noticeable that of all of the guests that have brought up their political beliefs are left-wing like the host. I wonder if the host will ever interview someone who does not share his political beliefs. He's clearly interested in understanding different religious beliefs, but doesn't seem interested in understanding why people might hold different political beliefs, and gives the typical left-wing strawman representations of different political beliefs.
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Educational Inspiring and irresistible...
Consistently educational, rich in content, the purpose to make the world more peaceful and compassionate through promoting religious literary around the world, Greg Soden’s inspiring series the Classical Ideas Podcast is an amazing piece of work that you don’t want to miss! 1000 thumbs up!
Yujiro Seki
Love It
This podcast is fantastic. Greg is a great interviewer and always finds a way to get his guests to translate these big ideas into very clear summations.
Rich content with a down to earth vibe
The host, Greg Soden, asks thoughtful and provocative questions. I always come away having learned something new and appreciate the wide variety of scholars, educators, and interesting people he has on his show. Thanks, Greg!
Acoustic Guru
Thoughtful, well produced and insightful
Greg does a wonderful job of maximizing the impact of the conversations that he has. So many podcasts feel like they are thrown together at the last minute, but his episodes are meant to offer you a ton of bang for your buck because he has done extensive work to prepare. Truly outstanding stuff about some very deep topics!
Give it a shot!
Struggling to say how much I love it
I absolutely adored all the episodes I could get my hands on! World Religions was one of my favorite classes in high school, and the fact that he was just so in depth with everything— ah, it’s perfect!! I keep coming back, and I just love them all!
Pearl Van Etten
Greg asks great questions of his guests and he interviews people who represent a much broader spectrum of religious thought than the standard Western canon.
Unique content!
I love the variety of this podcast's content as far as the different religious members, groups, and authors Soden has interviewed. Very interested to see where this goes! <3
Listen to this podcast!
Great podcast on important topics!
This one matters
Too often you will find podcasts that emphasize a continuity of consensus. This podcast excells in its effort to provide ideas, thoughts, and experiences outside of an echo chamber. The contributors range from highly respected and established to obscure and far removed from the mainstream. The setup of this podcast enhances the listeners ability to engage in a safe but meaningful way with the wider world, with new (or alternative) ideas, and to learn more about themselves as they do so. A+
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Galagina Usdi
Heard every episode
I feel smarter after every listen. Thanks for info and for modeling ways to have great dialogue about what some see as a challenging topic.
Great Podcast!!
Great job Greg! The production is good and the guests that Greg interviews are outstanding! I’m drawn in on subjects I might not have sought out otherwise!
Amazing Podcast!
Greg Soden does a great job on this podcast! Glad to have met him in graduate school!
This is my podcast and I hope you all like it!
Classical Ideas
Tremendous resource!
I love the far-reaching look this podcast offers into so many aspects of our world’s religions! Gregory is an excellent interview and I am looking forward to hearing more!
Skipper Kim
Cool podcast and concept!
Love this idea to inform and educate on religions!!!!