The Classic Pinball Podcast
The Classic Pinball Podcast
Two guys discuss Classic pinball with an emphasis on pre 1997 pinball machines.
#96 Turkey and Bull - The Classic Pinball Podcast
Dave and George talk Turkey and Bull. No one is surprised. Holiday themed game: Turkey or not? Discussion and play on this episode features the pinball El Toro. (Now you get it?) Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 22
39 min
#95 Light the fuse - The Classic Pinball Podcast
Dave gives a preview into a game he is currently trying to bring back to life: Williams Phoenix. Listener suggested new segment. A bird story. Word. What’s up doc? Don’t move the game!Tales of woe.
Nov 15
1 hr 7 min
#94 Horror Show 2 - The Classic Pinball Podcast
This is a first for Dave and George. They talk about Halloween and a bunch of games with a horror theme. Dave sneaks a questionable game into the mix. They review almost 20 games and then pick the games they like best. What’s up doc? Please join the boys on a Horrorfest like no other: The Classic Pinball Podcast.
Oct 25
1 hr 15 min
#93 Long Time - The Classic Pinball Podcast
George and Dave share a cornucopia of stories and game fixes accumulated over the last month. They talk about the Bond girls instead of the game. ( sort of). A pinball from a famous band is picked up and lots of other topics discussed. Please join us for another Classic pinball podcast adventure.
Oct 11
1 hr 27 min
#92 Stern Ali - The Classic Pinball Podcast
Add another Classic Stern to the list: Ali. Dave and George review the game. Dave’s upcoming Warehouse Sale! Time to go to the basement and play a few games.
Sep 27
44 min
Breaking News Pintastic 2023 - The Classic Pinball Podcast
Breaking News. New Pintastic dates and location for 2023. Dr Dave
Sep 18
1 min
#91 Stern Flight 2000 - The Classic Pinball Podcast
The guys continue to review Classic Stern titles with Flight 2000. An unexpected call from Bill Davis and a podcast promo. Dave continues with stories and adventures of pinball repair.
Sep 13
1 hr 15 min
#90.6 STARGAZER revisited - The Classic Pinball Podcast
This shorty or minisode was part of a multi game recording session. Dave suggested that we add to episode #6 Stargazer. He recently set the game up after 3 years of sitting, due to lack of room. Please join us in revisiting the game that was at the beginning of this podcast.
Aug 30
30 min
#90 Sega Harley Davidson - The Classic Pinball Podcast
Dave recently acquired this game and had some time to restore and potentially sell the game quickly. Then came the unsolicited call from a customer looking for a Sega game. Please join us as we review and then play this game with a unique story.
Aug 23
1 hr 7 min
#89 Gorgar - The Classic Pinball Podcast
In this episode we explore the world of Gorgar. Can you hear the heartbeat? We continue with the new segment: What’s up Doc? Then we play the obligatory game or two to round out the podcast.
Aug 9
1 hr 5 min
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