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The Clark Howard Podcast
Clark Howard
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The microphone is awful, the man is ancient, biased views
This podcast is a default for the elderly, the unbearable for the youth. Super low energy biased vibes on every podcast. I hope they learn to step it up. To go on-top of that, the microphone sound like they got them out of a cereal box in the 2000s...
My absolute favorite
Clark is the best. His personality toward money closely matches my aspirations so accurately it scares me!!
My favorite podcast
I’ve been listening to Clark for years while working night shift. He’s saved me a bundle and gives timeless investment advice.
Six stars
He knows how to save you money
ernest goins
The genuine article
For a very wide span of money matters, this is a very informative, valuable and trustworthy resource. There many fakers or folks promoting their own interests. Clark Howard and his excellent staff give you information that is current, accurate and easy to understand. Want to save on regular expenses? Want to consider investment, credit, or insurance options? Want to avoid all kinds of scams and ripoff? Listen for a week, you’ll be glad you did!!
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Ernie Burger
Addicted to this show
I listen to quite a few different financial shows but Clarke's show is the one I always hit refresh on the most just to double check if there’s any new episodes. It’s always the first financial show I listen to every day and I absolutely love it - he gives the best usable advice and he always lifts my mood even when he’s giving negative news about the market or banks lol
Good stuff
Great source of information on a lot of different subjects in relation to money Thank you Clark
4BN Frugal
Thankful for Clark Howard
So appreciative & thankful for Clark Howard’s knowledge! Thank you for being honest and helping the consumer!
Clark’s advice & recommendations are priceless! This is the only podcast I subscribe to, & The Clark Howard show is the only podcast I recommend when others ask me for advice on everything from finances to consumer debt.
G in CA
Clark over the Dave Ramsey show
Clark Howard now has all of my time. He actually speaks unlike Dave Ramsey with all of his sales people acting as co-host. Keep up the good work Clark
Clark never stinks!
How refreshing for Clark to voluntarily and encouragingly solicit feedback from his listeners!!! Proposing that the show is so much better when listeners challenge Clark’s comments/ideas is stupendous. Thanks Clark and team !!!
Advice that has impacted my life and others
I will have to be careful to be brief because all the amazing things I could say about Clark and his team could go on to be a long essay if I don't reign my comments in a bit. First of all, I started listening to Clark on the radio some 25 years ago. At that time, I learned to live on less than what I make and invest the most I could in my 401K and make sure my husband did too. I saught out ways that we could live an amazing life while still creating a life changing level of wealth for my family. When I graduated from college I had about $16K of debt. I worked to pay that off and then continued to agressively save money. My husband did too and we went on to buy our first house. I never took money out of my house and work to improve it yearly. We built up several hundred thousand dollars in our house in equity over the years. This again, while pushing to put as much into our 401K. Over the last several years I have shared his words of wisdom and the podcast itself with dozens of people. I know it has helped them to be more informed as well! I was recently able to retire... a little early and hope to spend a good portion of my time helping others with financial advice and working with Habitat for Humanity. This is a great way for Clark to have "passed it on"!
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Statements by Mail
After listening to your show, I changed all my accounts to have monthly statements by mail. Some banks don’t make it easy to switch from electronic to paper! (Cap One 360: I ultimately had to speak to a supervisor to have it done). Thank you for the tip!
Ginagina Smith
Financial Advice Was Right On!
When the market hit the skids in March...I almost panicked. Clark was cool and calm...”don’t change your long term strategy” he preached. Wow was he right! has been an up and down ride...but the lesson is Follow Clark.
Clark is the best!
I grew up in Atlanta, listening to Clark on local radio with my parents. His show is a piece of home, but even more, his advice is my financial compass. Grateful to be able to listen to his show via this podcast. He’s the best!
G Edgar
Love This Podcast
Love the Clark Howard Podcast! Wish it was longer. Can’t get enough.
I love this podcast
Great advice!!!
Life Changing
I’ve listened to Clark for almost 20 years since I was in college. Clark’s practical advice and tips have really allowed me to save more, spend less, and avoid being ripped off. I have traveled to so many places for very little money, have ample retirement savings, and almost have my house paid off. Clark is a true blessing and a genuine person. Clark doesn’t do paid endorsements or try to push you toward one of his paid affiliates. Clark could be a much wealthier man if he operated like other syndicated talk show hosts. Clark is objective and just wants to help his fellow humans he doesn’t let bias influence the narrative. I dread the day when Clark can’t do the show anymore. His advice will continue to pay dividends for the rest of my life.
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Clark has saved me so much $$$
I’ve been listening to Clark Howard for years, first on the radio and then via podcast. He has saved me so much money, helped me make some legit good decisions with credit cards, retirement savings and more... and my credit report is now in the 800-815 range. Sweet! So thankful for the good advice and his neutral way of dealing with issues and hot button topics. So much respect and appreciation.
I prefer Dave Ramsey over Clark Howard.
Great podcast.
Clark, I love your podcasts. They are very educational and the way you talk makes it feel like a caring family member is talking to me. I love it. But please, eat healthier food and learn how to cook.
Good Job
Clark, does a great job warning folks about bad value int he marketplace. It's amazing how the term "Consumer" is so broad and affects us all.
Love Clark’s Podcast!
This is my favorite podcast. Being in the financial industry and advising consumers on credit and ways to save, I find Clark to be a wonderful resource. His delivery is fantastic and considerate. Great Podcast!
Listen Everyday
I have been listening to Clark Howard since I was a kid riding around with my dad. Clark is a very personable host who brings you the latest on ways to save money. Probably the podcast I would recommend most out of all of the ones I listen to.
Jj swift
OK info, but repetitive.
A lot of the same things over and over again.
Great man with great advice!
Clark Howard is a very humble man who has our best interest in his mind at all times. He really seeks the best information to help you and I know what’s affecting our money today. I really enjoy the show!
Mr. Logan Jones
Great Advice!
Listened to Clark for years! Love his solid common sense advice. He has been a tremendous help in educating me about ordinary consumer finance issues as well as investing for retirement.
CS from Oklahoma
Making a Positive Impact
The Clark Howard Podcast is a huge asset to listeners. Through well-researched and clear-cut information, we listeners continue to gain valuable support to positively impact our lives. His humble manner and honest articulation help create a sense of trust in the advice given. I’ve listened to several other financial gurus, and none compare to Clark Howard. Much gratitude to Clark and his talented team!
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Great for consumers!
I first heard Clark in the early 2000’s on our local radio station. I thought “what a nerd”. When I retired in 2008 I started listening to his podcasts. He got me through the recession and I continued to listen. Great consumer advocate!!
I’m a long time listeners. I understand you don’t like Trump and wanted Hillary as president. I’ve tolerated that. I can not tolerate you joining the list of trolls who have developed 20/20 hindsight as an infectious disease expert. Bye.
Covid-19 and Clark Howard
This gentleman offers calm rick solid advice. His ability to create confidence and calm amidst this unprecedented conflict is so gratefully felt. He is just the tonic, to create hope in what seems to be a hopeless situation! Bravo Clark! You are a hero!
Truest wonderful person and advice
Clark is perfect for telling his listeners reality- not viewed through some horribly tinted lens. Excellent timely advice for rational people. He’s solid and I turn to him every time I have a question- and he’s already said the answer! Very solid in every way.
Clark Howard for President
He is such a beacon of rationality. We need him to navigate these troubled waters.
Interested bystander
Mistakes no more!
We’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past. With Clark’s excellent advice, we’ll not be making those financial mistakes again! He’s entertaining and gives good travel advice, also. Well worth listening to!
I really enjoy listening to Clark. He gives very well thought out opinions while also being entertaining. Love it!
Doug Stanhope
Old Dog
This podcast can truly teach an old dog, like me, a new (financial) trick
Old F'er
Great service to anyone who listens!
Have enjoyed Clark and his staff for years and enjoy his wit, his humility in Clark Stinks and wide range of knowledge that he shares to everyone who wants to learn something you don’t have to research.
Tejas fob
$ 8.01
“You want to make me mad, you want to fire me up ?” Great guy ✅
Bad advice
This guy gives terrible financial advice! Advising people to stay in debt for some score in a credit reporting bureau? In my opinion he is either woefully ignorant about how to REALLY build wealth or deliberately dishonest for something reason. Stay out of debt, save daily and only buy what you can afford.....simple.
Super Clark
Clark does a great job keeping all his listeners informed and that equals money in their pockets. My Team loves the Clark minute in our staff meeting each week. Thank you for all you do!
Clark Howard
Enjoy 😊 listening to Mr Clark Howard on WSB 95.5 FM. The few times I meet him in Costco it’s true no Buggy Cart. Hand carry items- yes he does!
She much valuable info!!!
Honey in your tea
Clark Howard is nothing but useful. He’s like the free nectar which is natural sweet and pure. Thanks a lot Clark.
Clark Gives Great Advice
I have been listening to Clark for a long time, and thanks to his advice I am in a no-fee credit union, I have a Roth and a 401k, and a budget. I listen daily on my drive because of his relentlessly upbeat attitude and kindness. He will turn you on to many scams to avoid, and creative ways to save money. There are a lot of forces out there happy to take you away from your money. Clark will keep them at bay. Thanks, Clark!
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Practical Money Saving Tips
Very practical tips and info on saving money.
Crucial podcast
This podcast is great!
Clark is extremely knowledgeable and humble unlike many in the financial industry. I look forward to listening every single day!
Well rounded finical advice
I’ve been listening to Clark advice since I was a child in the 1990’s. He is intelligent, kind, and offers advice from everything from banking, retirement, travel, and scams. I highly recommend his podcast for all!
Vets denied coverage
So? No solutions are offered...hear it and weep. Why listen?
September 12 Epsode
Hello team Clark, This is an epsode that I think every income earning America must hear. In fact, I want to permanently keep an audio copy if this Pudcast, but I don’t know how to do it.
No-Cal Carson
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