The Clark Howard Podcast
The Clark Howard Podcast
Clark Howard
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Thank you for what you do!
Love your show Clark. Please look into getting a better microphone.
I tell everyone about Clark
I’m 37 and I started listening to Clark last year. I love his advice and alerts to consumer issues. Sometimes my mom, who listens to talk radio, will tell me something about a scam or deal and I’ll tell her that I heard about it already on Clark five days ago. Ha! Keep up the good work.
Clark Howard believes in mandatory service to the country. Meaning he believes in more government I believe in less Clark Howard. Hitler believed in mandatory service. 👎
Stephan Laker
Information onLife
Clark gives guidance on so many events of our lifes,
The Daily Signal
Clark’s the dad I never had!
It means so much to me that I can trust Clark’s advice, as he is un-bossed & un-bought by anyone! The way to help people to be prosperous is to educate them on financial matters & help them avoid being scammed. Clark does this each & every day.
Stopped working on iTunes
I love Clark. I have listened to him for years. Now his podcast stopped working on iTunes. Please help!!!!
BMD 1987
Grew up with him, always a pleasure
I grew up listening to Clark Howard since I was a child in my parents’ car. I’ve also met him in person—bumped into him at the mall—and he’s just as kind and friendly as you would think. Great advice, great personality, and a comforting voice. You’re the best Clark!
The first one I listen to
Clark Howard’s podcast is the first one I listen to, sound advice, friendly and upbeat. Good stuff.
Enjoy the podcast more than the previous radio show.
Loyal John in Virginia Beach
Love Clark!
I love Clark and his invaluable money advice!
Jen Melt
Great JOB!
Awesome podcast
Long time listener ! I would tune into this as a teen when my dad would drive . At that time I used to always want the music stations . Now as an adult I’m here and an active listener ! Thanks for everything Clark and team ! #clarkdontstinkherocks
jacked & canned
Thank you Clark team!
I really appreciate the hard work you and your team do to help us all save money. I really like your more realistic approach on how to utilize money.
Great Podcast
Thanks for the information that protects the consumer. Appreciate the hard work and research your team does. You all have saved our family money on several occasions.
Clark is my Hero!
Clark and his staff provide timely and practical advice on financial matters. I have been listening for years! I have saved a lot of money. I am a thrifty person butt Clark is on another level. His podcast has been a blessing during this pandemic. He is a voice of reason and calm. He makes me smile and laugh!
Clark Howard Rocks
It’s the only podcast that I regularly listen to.
Solid advice for years
Clark knows his stuff! His knowledgeable advice has helped me so much, along my financial independent life. From simple spend less than you make, freeze your credit, Roth IRAs are magical, to PPP loans and straightforward advice during the “Great Recession “ and pandemic. Thank you Clark.
old Alaska Karen
Best Source of Financial Information
Clark Howard is a genius and a genuine caring person. Don’t let him talk you out of it. His Clark Howard team is phenomenal. Listen to entire episodes and don’t fast forward anything because just when you think that a call or a question doesn’t apply, to you it certainly does. Great for advising family members and friends also. Used most of his advice from my entire life and at age 55 I’m RETIRED! He scoffs at it and this podcast has nothing to do with politics but but our country needs a Clark Howard for president.
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Scotch Gourmand
Love it
The best podcast
j rzeznick
Really appreciate Clark
I've listened for years and I have taken notes and followed Clarks advice.
gal from CT
Listener from 2000-2005 just discovered the podcast
I started to listening to Clark’s radio show in 2000 when I graduated from UGA. I started a sales job that required travel by car. The highlight of my day was at 1pm and hearing the instrumental of “She Drives Me Crazy”. From 2000-2004, I soaked up all of the financial advice Clark offered. I started a 401k, bought a house at 25, got a credit Union account, learned about 529 (years before I had children), we went with the Utah plan due to low fees based on Clark, radically paid down my debt and so much more. Basically, I received a financial education from Clark Howard University:) I moved from GA the summer of 2004 to South Florida, and I was unable to get the show. I tried to listen via internet but this was in the early years of streaming. But what I learned stayed with me and helped to solidify my financial house. Fast forward 15 years later, I discover the podcast, in that the time I got married to my college sweetheart, progressed in my career, had two lovely kids, and moved a few more times. I’m working my way backward catching up shows. However, I’m in a much different financial situation—, no debt except my mortgage, owner of multiple rental properties, decent net worth. All possible because of what I learned from Clark in those early years. I hope this message finds it’s way to you, Mr Howard. Your financial advice has helped me to build generational wealth for my family. I recently refinanced my primary residence and used the calculator on your site for guidance. I’m so glad to have Clark’s guidance again as I make important financial decisions.
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We appreciate you Clark
I’m never disappointed Clarke. Thank you for continuing your very sound financial advice via the podcast
I’m converted
As a former Ramsey listener I’m a recent convert to Clark Howard. I’ve been aware of Clark for years but never listened to his show or podcasts until now. I find Clark entertaining, down to earth and real. Clark is a real person living in the real world. His advice always seems reasonable. Plus it’s quick and to the point. Thanks Clark. You’ve got a new fan!!!!
bigggggg diikkk
So great!
Love this podcast andI have always really enjoyed Rob Lowe since the 80s. The problem is I listen when I walk in the morning and people think I’m crazy because I usually have a smile from ear to ear or I’m actually laughing out loud.
Phony and Disrespectful
I am unsubscribing. I have always suspected that the wholesome everyman routine is just a schtick and I now know it for sure. You had the opportunity to apologize and pronounce the name of our new Vice President correctly but opted to play dumb and simply not say her name instead. You can keep your racist, libertarian and Trumper fans, but I’m done. HER NAME IS KAMALA HARRIS
Great information about financial stuff that is down to earth.
I’ve been listening to Clark for over 20 years & like the podcasts because I can listen to them at any time!
Educational and not boring
Newly discovered this podcast - heard of Clark Howard when he visited the Dave Ramsey show. Enjoying his podcast so far.
Alans wife
Changed my life
This show was found by me on my wedding night in 2004. I have learned how to use money as a resource. Clark and his team have helped us off air as well. This podcast is awesome!
Basses Ipad
Senor Howard Is a Treasure
The FIRST podcast I listen to 90% of days! Sometimes I desire more content within each podcast, and dislike the advertising. (I know there is an option available.) The only podcast (of 10+) that I have rated 5 stars! So many positives! And, Clark Stinks to laugh at!! Kudos to all involved.
Great Consistent Advice
Good simple financial advice, through the peaks and valleys of our economy, Clark’s advice has remained consistent and a good teaching to play the financial game like chess and not checkers.
The clarkster
I’m amazed by how knowledgeable Clark is in all aspects of life! Can’t get bored with the dry humor and financial life hacks. Just perfect.
Clark is extremely knowledgeable regarding finances and provides very useful advice.
Great advice, great host!
Clark Howard is the best financial and consumer podcast out there. He is super smart and also super nice so it’s fun to listen! He has saved our family hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars and many headaches. Pro tip: don’t assume that Clark approves of a company or product just because there’s an ad for it during the show. Thanks Clark and the Clark Howard team for such great content!!
Consumer guru
Clark Howard is the ultimate consumer guru. I love this pod!
Best Financial Podcast
I have been listening to this show for a few years now and listen to every episode. It is hands down the best financial podcast out there. Format is great and I never get tired of it. This is how I start my day every weekday.
Unlike the disgusting likes of Dave Ramsey who constantly pushes his products. Clark Howard is truely unbought and unsold. While Dave Ramsey proudly built a 200 million dollar complex selling get out of debt programs. Clark Howard is absolutely free and even suggests reading his books used or from a library.
The microphone is awful, the man is ancient, biased views
This podcast is a default for the elderly, the unbearable for the youth. Super low energy biased vibes on every podcast. I hope they learn to step it up. To go on-top of that, the microphone sound like they got them out of a cereal box in the 2000s...
My favorite podcast
I’ve been listening to Clark for years while working night shift. He’s saved me a bundle and gives timeless investment advice.
Six stars
He knows how to save you money
ernest goins
The genuine article
For a very wide span of money matters, this is a very informative, valuable and trustworthy resource. There many fakers or folks promoting their own interests. Clark Howard and his excellent staff give you information that is current, accurate and easy to understand. Want to save on regular expenses? Want to consider investment, credit, or insurance options? Want to avoid all kinds of scams and ripoff? Listen for a week, you’ll be glad you did!!
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Ernie Burger
Addicted to this show
I listen to quite a few different financial shows but Clarke's show is the one I always hit refresh on the most just to double check if there’s any new episodes. It’s always the first financial show I listen to every day and I absolutely love it - he gives the best usable advice and he always lifts my mood even when he’s giving negative news about the market or banks lol
Good stuff
Great source of information on a lot of different subjects in relation to money Thank you Clark
4BN Frugal
Thankful for Clark Howard
So appreciative & thankful for Clark Howard’s knowledge! Thank you for being honest and helping the consumer!
Clark’s advice & recommendations are priceless! This is the only podcast I subscribe to, & The Clark Howard show is the only podcast I recommend when others ask me for advice on everything from finances to consumer debt.
G in CA
Clark over the Dave Ramsey show
Clark Howard now has all of my time. He actually speaks unlike Dave Ramsey with all of his sales people acting as co-host. Keep up the good work Clark
Clark never stinks!
How refreshing for Clark to voluntarily and encouragingly solicit feedback from his listeners!!! Proposing that the show is so much better when listeners challenge Clark’s comments/ideas is stupendous. Thanks Clark and team !!!
Advice that has impacted my life and others
I will have to be careful to be brief because all the amazing things I could say about Clark and his team could go on to be a long essay if I don't reign my comments in a bit. First of all, I started listening to Clark on the radio some 25 years ago. At that time, I learned to live on less than what I make and invest the most I could in my 401K and make sure my husband did too. I saught out ways that we could live an amazing life while still creating a life changing level of wealth for my family. When I graduated from college I had about $16K of debt. I worked to pay that off and then continued to agressively save money. My husband did too and we went on to buy our first house. I never took money out of my house and work to improve it yearly. We built up several hundred thousand dollars in our house in equity over the years. This again, while pushing to put as much into our 401K. Over the last several years I have shared his words of wisdom and the podcast itself with dozens of people. I know it has helped them to be more informed as well! I was recently able to retire... a little early and hope to spend a good portion of my time helping others with financial advice and working with Habitat for Humanity. This is a great way for Clark to have "passed it on"!
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Statements by Mail
After listening to your show, I changed all my accounts to have monthly statements by mail. Some banks don’t make it easy to switch from electronic to paper! (Cap One 360: I ultimately had to speak to a supervisor to have it done). Thank you for the tip!
Ginagina Smith
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