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Join Chad Prather for ”Chad Prather Show,” where humor meets the heat of today’s burning issues. Each week, Chad brings his signature Southern charm and witty perspective to the table, engaging with a diverse lineup of guests. From political pundits to cultural influencers, and from grassroots activists to celebrities, this podcast is a melting pot of opinions and insights. Expect lively debates, unexpected laughs, and an in-depth look at the topics that are setting social media on fire. Whether it’s the latest in politics, social trends, or entertainment, no subject is off-limits. Tune in, as Chad Prather and his guests unpack the complexities of our world with a blend of humor, honesty, and a touch of Southern hospitality.
American Cities Are CRUMBLING Under Pressure of Illegal Immigrants
Was Jesus really an illegal immigrant? I hear this argument all the time, but I think Jesus would have a few words to say about that...In this episode I show you some devastating clips of immigrants from all over the world flooding out of buses into major cities like San Diego. Our infrastructure and government programs cannot take more people than it wasn't intended to care for in the first place. Take a look at what's happening folks.
Feb 29
54 min
The FBI is Creating False Realities and Getting Roasted For It Online
Let's get To The Point on another episode. More information has emerged about the death of a "trans" teenager in Oklahoma. What does it prove.  Pfizer has been doing something sneaky and hiding information you probably want to know. Hint: It's about your kids. Another manifesto has been found for a potential church shooter and you will TOTALLY BELIEVE what the authorities did to him. We will also explore a public service announcement from 1961 and try to figure out what Ralph did to Jimmy. Buckle up!
Feb 28
26 min
America Will NEVER Look the Same After This (w/ Sara Gonzales)
Chad is joined again by Sara Gonzales. They catch up on the current state of politics in the U.S. and trash a bunch of RINOs in the process. They talk revisionist history and the weird diversity inclusivity that's for some reason more important than the truth or common sense.
Feb 27
56 min
Who Wants to Live in Venezuela? Me Neither!
The barbaric murder of University of Georgia/Augusta University student Laken Riley is yet another consequence of Joe Biden's open border policy.  Venezuala has now invaded the US and the results are catastrophic. Chad provides you with an argument as to why this particular death is different from others that happen in the country.  What is the media hiding from you and why? Thanks for tuning in.
Feb 26
27 min
Biden Won’t Make it to November – Who’s Going to Replace Him? w/ Buzz Patterson
Chad Prather and Buzz Patterson dive into a range of pressing topics and crazy stories, from the treatment of Clarence Thomas to the mental state of Joe Biden. They explore leaked stories from the White House, the legal battle against Trump, and concerns about Ron DeSantis supporters. With insights on potential presidential candidates like Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom, they also discuss the challenges facing the American military and the state of government accountability.
Feb 22
1 hr 9 min
Libs of TikTok Blamed by Activists for Death of Teenager
We get To The Point (sorta) and discuss the tragic death of a "non-binary" student in an Oklahoma school fight that is now being blamed on Libs of TikTok owner Chaya Raichik.  We will unpack the mental gymnastics necessary to reach such a ludicrous idea on the part of so-called "journalists."
Feb 21
22 min
Traditional Southern Values Ain't Dead Yet w/ Stacy Lyn Harris
Get Stacy’s New Cookbook!   Today I’m joined by Stacy Lyn Harris, the prolific cookbook author, blogger, TV host, gardener, and public speaker. She’s the total embodiment of southern hospitality and values. Her accomplishments speak for themselves: 4 cookbooks published, 7 children raised and homeschooled, and 1 epic southern legacy.    In this episode we discuss grandma’s biscuits, southern history, generational relationships and wisdom, the best chili recipes and so much more.
Feb 20
1 hr 4 min
The Legitimacy of the Trump Ruling and America's Judicial Tyranny
The Chad Prather Show gets To The Point to discuss the legitimacy of the NYC court ruling against President Donald Trump by AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron. What will happen next?  Check out what's going on with residents of Massachusetts being asked to open their homes to illegals and you WON'T BELIEVE what the Biden administration is doing at the southern border. One hispanic woman speaks out!
Feb 19
27 min
Lawyer Defends Citizen’s Freedoms Through U.S. Constitution w/ John Hullihan (JAG)
Chad is joined by John Hullihan, a lawyer who fights for legal battles for citizens. With over 13 years of service as a Navy JAG officer, including work with SEAL teams and Special Operations units, Hullihan brings a wealth of experience in law and policy. He believes our constitutional republic is at a tipping point and seeks to lead an America First agenda to preserve individual liberty, respect for state sovereignty, and freedom of speech. We unpack the souther border crisis, and how the left has strategically branded it as an immigration issue. We also discuss what will happen in the 2024 presidential election and much more.
Feb 15
1 hr 5 min
The Government Just Doesn't Love Me No More
Happy Valentine's Day...or whatever. Let's get To The Point today on The Chad Prather Show: Alejandro Mayorkas has been impeached as Secretary of Homeland Security as the southern US border remains wide open with no relief in sight.  Joe Biden refuses to take a cognitive test and we are going to make fun of the reasons why. The American Dream may be dead to all of us very shortly.  Good luck, everybody.
Feb 14
22 min
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