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The Catholic Feminist
Claire Swinarski
151: Giving Thanks and Letting Go ft. Danielle Bean
35 minutes Posted Jun 2, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

My name is Claire + I’m a control-aholic.

It’s true! I love control like the Julia Child loved butter. And although parenting is basically one long exercise in letting go of control, the truth is, I do have some control over my little ones. I decide we’re going to Mass on Sundays, and we go. I decide we’re having broccoli for dinner, and we do (although whether or not they eat is a whole ‘nother issue.) I decide we don’t watch movies that don’t align with our values, and we don’t. But there will come a day when I lose even that small, semblance of control.

On today’s show, writer Danielle Bean is talking about parenting older kids, and the grief that comes with letting older kids make their own decisions. We talk about the importance of realizing that our kids are their own people, and not letting your motherhood role become your entire identity. I love what Danielle has to say about the importance of letting yourself feel your feelings, as well her wisdom on raising teenagers. I hope this episode reminds all of the mamas out there that one day, our kids will grow up—and if they already have, that we are still mothers, even as we let that last inch of control slip from our fingers.

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