The Caroline Gleich Show
The Caroline Gleich Show
Caroline Gleich
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Thoughtful discussions with people who like to be outside!
Great conversations around all the aspects of spending time outside- gear, environmentalism, raising kids, anti-racism, training, injuries- you name it! Love these talks- they always motivate me to find a way to get outside.
anne eileen
This show is a shining light in my day!
I absolutely LOVE this show. I continue to be impressed by the variety and diversity of guests that Caroline interviews, and I love how unique each episode is even though there is also some similar structure to each episode that provides continuity. I laugh and smile when I listen to this show, and it inspires me to be a better person to other people and to our planet. I used to try and “save” episodes so I wouldn’t go through too many too quickly and have nothing left, but I recently decided enough with that! I’ll just re-listen to them as many times as I want! That’s how good it is.
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I look forward to each new episode!
I think each guest has brought important education and light to pressing issues of our time. Caroline is a passionate advocate for the environment and equality and it come through in her interviews. I especially liked episode 2 😉
I’ve been searching out any podcast episodes that features an interview with Caroline for years. This podcast is what I’ve been waiting for! Thank you!
the real pickle
Really enjoyable!
Loved your conversation with Sunny- you two are a couple of my biggest outdoor inspirations!