The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography
The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography
Ibarionex R. Perello
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Wonderful Conversation with Joel Meyerowitz
Ibarionex, episode 615 was amazing, for two fundamental reasons in my mind. First Joel is such an interesting and thoughtful individual. He so openly shares his thought processes about making pictures and prints! It was very interesting to hear such candid information from such an experienced and acclaimed photographer. Secondly, you did a great job of asking questions which directed Joel to those areas of conversation which got to the heart of photography and decision making every photographer must go through. Well done!
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The best podcast in photography
The highest quality conversations in photography. My favorite show, hands down. Thought provoking, inspirational, challenging, unapologetic.
One of the best!
Thank you for your wonderful show. You are a gifted interviewer and make the guests feel at easy, thus giving a good listening podcast. Bravo!
Great stories
I stumbled on this podcast through another photography podcast I listened to and now have been listening for a year or two. Ibarionex is like the Terry Gross of photography podcasts. He comes in well prepared with great questions. What I like about this podcast is that the Ibarionex asks a question, and then gets out of the way, letting the photographer give his or her answer. I learn more about the person that way. With some podcasts, there is too much jumping back and forth as the host—even if out of enthusiasm—cuts in before the answer is given. I recently caught up with all of my podcasts, and downloaded the Candid Frame app to get access to the complete library (going back to 2005!). Definitely worth a listen.
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My review!
I really enjoyed your conversation with David Hume Kennelly! I’ve been listening to your congratulations for the last 5 years and have enjoyed most of them. My question is why not congratulations with some of the other styles of photographer Las such as Motorsports. I would like to suggest my longtime friend David Friedman who worked for Carroll Shelby as well as a cinematographer for movies such as Tom Horn to working as a Ballet photographer.
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D&W Images
Great Conversations
Fantastic conversations with photographers. Sometimes a bit much on the backstory or issues behind a photo project, rather than the photo process and practice, but overall informative and inspirational. I pretty much listen to every episode.
Most listen for lovers of photography
I reconnected to photography as a serious hobby during the pandemic. I chanced upon TCF via Instagram and since then, I must have listened to atleast 20 episodes from the archive. I look forward to listening to probably every episode and am glad to have a vast library of material to learn from. My favorite episods so far in no particular order are with Gus Powell, Valerie Jardin, Sheila P. Bright and Alex Webb. Thank you Ibarionex for all your hard work! ❤️ - dogwalk_photographer
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Episode 551
Oh my god it’s not destroying feminism it’s strengthened it showing how important women are in the household and for creating the next generation . Also for every 10 men that die on the job 1 woman dies. Men work longer hours, take less vacations and sick time. It gets old hearing how under appreciated men are in today’s society
True Liberty
Dotan Saguy
Listened to the interview with Dotan on my morning walk. Quite interesting. I’ve watched and listened to Dotan previously, but this interview added depth to his work. Thanks! Philip
Philip Shucet
Insightful and engaging conversations
The Candid Frame is one of my favorite podcasts and always a great listen. Ibarionex’s questions give a rare insight into the why of each guests’ photographs. He is an engaging interviewer and has a great voice to boot. I can’t recommend this podcast enough.
Thank you.
The conversations that flow through this podcast have helped my young photography journey in so many ways. Thank you for all that you do to inspire so many.
Fort Wayne realtor
Great conversation!
Really enjoy the show and especially the conversation with Brooke Schultz - very insightful and provided a new perspective on creativity and making an impact in the world.
Thoughtful + Refreshing
Ibarionex is a gifted interviewer. He puts his guests at ease while extracting so many valuable nuggets from them, and his genuine curiosity is infectious. THANK you ibarionex for all the work, research, and thoughtful energy you put into the show, and thank you for having me! -Brooke
The heart of a Photographer
Ibarionex is an excellent host. His tone is pleasing and his questions are spot on. I love this podcast! The interviews address real issues facing photographers and gets behind the scenes to the heart of photographers...their background, thinking, inspiration. Keep it coming!
Can wait for the next episode
Without question this is currently the best photo podcast out there. The host is thoughtful, inquisitive, and considerate. He cares about the podcast and about photography. As a former broadcaster, pleasing me is hard to do. This show does it.
Conversation Among Photographers
As photographers, we are often solitary workers - either out photographing or working behind a computer. And we are dispersed across the globe. In this podcast, Ibarionex presents the type of conversation that we would want to have if we could more frequently set aside space for discussion with each other.
Hands down one the best podcasts out there!
The Candid Frame podcast is one of the most inspirational podcast out there for photographers that are searching for deeper meaning in their photographic process. Ibarionex is a truly brilliant human being that has helped me understand the language of photography. He selects amazing guests who have all opened my eyes to the many forms and type of photography. Thank you for this gem!
Simply the best photography podcast
I love this podcast. I look forward every week to a new one to be published. Ibarionex has such style and grace to his interviews. He takes you on a journey into the mind of the photographers on the show.
The Candid Frame
Is an extraordinary podcast series for photography lovers to enrich their knowledge and insight into the art, craft, and soul of this discipline. Ibarionex is a skilled interviewer asking questions and drawing out guests into the nature of their work. I look forward to each new episode.
An Inspirational gem
Ibarionex is the Terriy Gross of photography podcasts. He asks great questions, he picks great guests and his soldiers on with his photographic art. The content makes me think about my own craft and how to get better by using thought and purpose. This is in stark contrast to other blogs, podcasts and youtubers hawking the latest gear or showing off a flashy technique with no body of work to go with it. Keep it up! These are masterful and important!
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Desert island podcast!!!
A little bit of every type of photographer, always deep into their work and lives. Outstanding
This podcast is exactly what I was looking for. Engaging, intriguing, and educational interviews with some of the best photographers. Some of the ideas and insights I learned are what most pay for in photography classes or schools.
Inspirational and informational
The Candid Frame is a fantastic podcast as well as an exceptional photography podcast. It’s great to hear why a photographer does what they do, what motivates them, how they got started, where and how they make their images and who inspires them. Ibarionex has a great interview chemistry with his guests and has a way of making them more comfortable and open in the interviews. I can’t say enough about how good it is, you’ll just have to listen for yourself.
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Amazing podcast
Very inspiring podcast, really enjoy the storytelling, and the voices of many photographers!
Incredible Podcasts
The most common phrase in all of these podcasts is,”Wow! That’s really a great question.” Ibarionex goes way past f stops and composition to draw depth and meaning from the photographers he interviews. It’s a full hour of thoughtful, spontaneous conversation rather than checking off a list of prepared questions. I’ve learned a lot listening to these podcasts, not just about photography, but about life.
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C Timothy Floyd
Happy to support the show
I have been supporting the show for a couple of years but neglected to write a review until now. First, just listening to Ibarionex’s voice makes the podcast a joy to listen to but, the fact that he is so knowledgeable and truly interested in his guests makes the interview worthwhile.
Feeds the fire when I can’t be out shooting.
I’ve been devouring the catalog of episodes since I discovered The Candid Frame this year. I have been turned on to so many great photographers and received heaps of inspiration. Eric Weaver
Eric Weaver
Like the most inspiring workshop every day
Ibarionex is a real teacher, mentor, a genuine caring photographer. You can hear his total interest and curiosity and compassion in every phrase and in every show. Photography can be hard, cuz right, we do it alone, under different sorts of circumstances, and it can be so isolating. And then there’s the doing the work itself and how people receive it, or don’t. There’s a lot of management of expectations on all sides. There’s a sense I know I can have as a photographer, thinking you want to make a difference for good and there may be lots of voices offering different opinions about what you’re doing. I think we have to decide how many voices to listen to, paring it down, trying to see what is at the heart of your own work, if you believe in it, others will too - but we have to persist. And always keep trying to make it better. And staying focused and humble. And filter out what doesn’t really feel true. And this show, for me, helps me stay positive and inspired, no matter what’s going on. Thank you to Ibarionex Perello. You’re making magic.
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My Favorite Photography Podcast
I’d say Ibarionex is a master interviewer. This is such a informative podcast to any photography enthusiast at all levels. I feel as I’m right there, a fly on the wall in the room, soaking up a great conversation between two talented and skilled photographers. The host of this podcast always has the right questions, which even his guests are excited to answer. After listening for a year, I still look forward to each new episode.
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Focus among us
Subscribe today. Listen weekly. And shoot with inspiration.
If you’re looking for a podcast with the latest specs on your favorite camera gear or opinions on which manufacturer is pushing out the best features... please look for another podcast. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for those podcasts but this is not one of them. This is a place to get inspired, to listen and learn from people who have mastered the art of photography in their own special way. The host, Ibarionex, takes you on a weekly journey with professional and amateur photographers who have “made their mark” on the photographic-world. Inbarionex is a host who knows how to let the artist speak for themself without inserting himself into the dialogue. If you’ve been shooting for over two decades like me and you yearn for an honest dialogue between two great photographers (the host and guest) look no further than this podcast. Subscribe today. Listen weekly. And shoot with inspiration.
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Inspiring stories, insightful questions by a masterful interviewer create an engaging conversation to sit and listen to. Put on a pot of coffee, have a seat and prepare to see how you approach photography in a new light.
Anthony M Photo
Really inspiring
I just listened to the podcast with Trey Ratcliff and it was amazing! I was very inspired by the positive outlook Trey has in life. The interview really brought it out and I’m grateful for that tonight.
The Best Photo Podcast
The best photography podcast out there! Very thoughtful, unique, and meaningful questions that probe deeper into the world’s best photographers and the why behind what they do.
Fantastic interview with Sean and even more captivating Angela Bassett story! I’m listening thanks for sharing.
10/10 would recommend
No show leaves me more inspired. Ibarionex's ability to ask great questions and step aside to let the guest speak is special
This show has a look into the thoughts and vision of the photographers that get the photographs that move us. Where they come from, what they see, what they look for. If you want to understand how a photograph is made this show will take you there.
Robert C79
The "thinking photographer" podcast
I stumbled upon this podcast a few months ago, and I admit I am addicted to it. With over 400 episodes, my addiction will be fed for a long time to come. Though I am thrilled to hear insightful coversations with some photographic heroes (Ralph Gibson, Elliott Erwitt) I am always pleasantly surprised when I hear a great interview with a photgrapher I have previously never heard of (Ali LeRoi, Olaf Sztaba.) Ibarionex Perello is a masterful interviewer, always asking deep, important questions. Techie gearheads might be turned off by the more philosophical discussions, but it would be their loss not to listen. Essential listening!
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One of the best photo podcasts out there
I’ve spent the last couple weeks binging photography podcasts and this is one of if not the best ones. Deeply satisfying content, interesting guests, thoughtful interview questions, and quality sound production :D
A powerful podcast
Photography, to me, is more about the vision than he gear. This Podcast is dedicated to the vision of real photographers, and I love to have the oportunity of listening to them.
Rafael de la Uz
Incredible conversations!
A continuous source of knowledge and inspiration in compelling conversations with a wide variety of photographers. For me photography is a way of exploring, connecting and sharing, and Ibarionex does exactly the same thing with his podcast. Exploring different aspects of photography, connecting with his guests and listeners, and sharing the journey. So much to discover!
Craig Engelking
Most Thoughtful Podcast
This is the most thoughtful podcast on photography I have found. The interviews with artists deep dive into how the photographer thinks, what motivates their art, and their philosophy. The questions are excellent.
Bizman Japan
Worth every single second of your time.
A fellow photographer introduced me to this podcast several months ago and I instantly became a faithful listener. Not only is each episode insightful, but the interviews are well balanced dialogues between Ibarionex and his guest.
Keenon Perry
Interviews with Substance
Engaging conversations with photographers about their work and why they do what they do. No camera gear reviews or meaningless babbling. I just found this podcast and am listening every commute to years’ worth of episodes. Quite interesting and entertaining.
Golden Standard
As a fellow photographer and podcaster, I cannot recommend The Candid Frame enough. Such an exhaustive archive of inspirational conversation. Massive thanks to Ibarionex for the heart and soul poured into this program over the years. To many more years! - Wes Bowker (First Person Shooter Podcast)
The "Fresh Air" of Photography Podcasting
I found "The Candid Frame" by chance about a year ago as I began to seriously try to improve my ability to express myself through the medium of photography. Ibarionex is as much a master of the interview as his guests are master's of the photographic medium. When the two masters meet, the listener is granted access to, what I would argue is, the soul of photography. I cried as I listened to John Free and return to that interview everytime I feel my work is losing it's meaning. I return to the many of Joel Meyerowitz's interviews to be reminded of how to rekindle passion in my life. Ibarionex deserves a seat next to Terry Gross and Charlie Rose. Ibarionex's legacy will be that he has preserved, just like a photograph, a moment of deeper understanding in which the contemporary master's of photography opened their souls so that we can become better photographers and human beings. Ian Hunt
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Excellent, informative and inspirational podcast for photographers
I've listened to The Candid Frame for more than a decade and find it to be as informative and inspirational today as it was when I first started listening all those years ago. Ibarionex's style, insight and low key approach is refreshing and keeps his guests at ease. I highly recommend The Candid Frame podcast to anyone interested in photography.
Awesome Podcast!!
Ibarionex, host of the Candid Frame: a photography podcast, highlights all aspects of photography and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
A Key Part of Any Photographic Education
The Candid Frame is almsot like a contemporary history of photography, from established photographers and elite photographers of our time like Joel Meyerowitz and Donna Ferrato to young photographers like Castro Frank among others. I love that the discussion is about photographically centered lives and explores the liffe paths of photographers. There is so much diversity in cultures, genres, paths its such a wonderful education. With over 400 episodes, you will drive yourself crazy trying to decide where to start! One of the best podcast in any genre and definelty the best in photography. I cant recommend it enough.
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Thoughtful - Even More So
I discovered this podcast about a year ago and have now listened to all the past issues. Ibarionex is a thoughtful interviewer of photographers. Unlike most media interviewers today, he has the uncanny ability to draw out the person he is interviewing without himself interrupting or dominating the conversation. His interviews are about the interviewee and not some ego trip about the interviewer. I look forward to each new podcast and wish Ibarionex continued success. Update: after all these years, listening to nearly all of the 400+ podcasts. Ibarionex continues to get better and better and better as an interviewer. He can ask leading questions, he can ask probing questions, but he never gets in the way of connecting us to the interviewee. No one does it better. If you listen to just one photography podcast, make it The Candid Fram.
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Outstanding Resource!
Insightful interviews with photographers about their art and ideas are going to be a big help in upping my photo game!
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