The Cabral Concept
The Cabral Concept
Dr. Stephen Cabral
The Cabral Concept by Dr. Cabral was created for you, the health conscious individual looking to discover the little known factors to ideal wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging. We uncover the root causes of why you're feeling stuck and unable to attain your goals and the action steps needed to live the life you always dreamed of. Plus, every day I answer your natural health wellness, weight loss, mindset, product review, and longevity questions. By following the Cabral Concept of "Change Your Body - Change Your Life," our community believes that by first rebalancing your body and mind, you will then be motivated to conquer any goals you set for yourself in life. I look forward to sharing these real world, proven, holistic strategies with you straight from my Boston Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Functional Medicine practice!
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Dr Cabral, since the first day I heard you on Allison Melody’s podcast food heals, I fell in love with your podcast . Each and every episode is so informative. You are so knowledgeable and update the community on so much health related areas. Thankful to have found this podcast Flossie Njama
Flossie Njama
Easy to understand and educate yourself
This is one of the most in-depth, yet easy to understand and apply, health podcasts out there. Love the house calls and playing detective with the health questions people write in. I’ve learned so much to improve my health and my family’s health here.
Life changing
Dr. Cabral has truly changed my life! His knowledge about the body and health is second to none and he explains things in a way the average person like myself can understand. I truly feel empowered but what I have learned from him.
Looking to live a better healthy life?
Look no further! I stumbled on this podcast on my quest to achieve a better healthier lifestyle that will carry me through my fifties and beyond. I’m on day 14 of my first 21 day detox and am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you for shedding some light on how to balance our bodies to achieve optimum health.
Kelly fooled
Life changing podcast
Dr. Cabral and his team have changed my life. I have become empowered to strengthen my immune system, change my mindset and reduce fear of current circumstances. I have become an IHP practitioner, reduced toxins, completed protocols and had lots of fun. Thanks Dr. C for helping me find a new, healthy passion in my 50s.
A doctor who changes lives free of charge
I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across Dr Cabral's podcasts. He has set out to make a dramatic difference in lives of many and he is doing just of charge! The advice and wisdom this man offers on these podcasts is out of this world. He has a way of making sense of seemingly complicated health issues. He has an honest, fact based answer to every question and you can feel in his voice that he truly does want to heal the world. I am floored by the wealth of knowledge he has to offer.
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Honest and open minded
Thank you for always generously sharing so much information, Dr. Cabral! I sincerely appreciate that you are always open to exploring new ideas and are truly looking for the very best way to heal people. Your willingness to explore and discuss every treatment and testing option make you truly unique. I am so grateful to have found you. A++++
“DR” Cabral literally says masks aren’t beneficial, we need to get to herd immunity quickly so “this thing doesn’t drag on for years”, and vaccine phase one trials are not to be trusted. This is so ignorant and dangerous on so many levels. This is why we have so many idiots in this country. People hear this garbage and won’t wear masks, will try to get infected because Cabral says they won’t die and it’s no worse than the flu, and they won’t trust a vaccine when it’s approved. Total quackery! Enough!
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Choosea nickname3
Trusted Source
I love Dr.Cabrals podcasts!! So knowledgeable and informative. His explanations make difficult concepts easier to grasp. A trusted source to gain your own knowledge so that you can be your own advocate when you step into a drs office. Love, love, love!!
Alyssa Tyburski
Virus Updates
I do appreciate the calm balanced thoughts on the virus updates. I can hear both sides of the story without all the fear mongering. Thanks Dr. Cabral!
Careless info
Listened to his podcast for years until he started discussing covid and that masks are unnecessary. C’mon, you can do better than that. This is not the time to encourage people to be careless. Will not listen to his podcast again.
Informative and Balanced
I love listening to Dr. Cabral's podcast. I also learn something new. He is extremely knowledgable and generous with the information that he offers. He is fully committed to spreading information on health and well-being so that people can access the resources they need to heal themselves. One of the things I really respect about him is that he never maligns or denegrates other perspectives, including that of western allopathic medicine acknowledging that there is a time and place for different healing modalities depending on your unique situation. He is very passionate about the work he does and has tremendous integrity in how he approaches his work. Every time I listen, I learn something new. Definitely check him out - you won't be disappointed!
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Life changing
I love this podcast and Dr. Cabral’s products! It has truly changed the way I view my health!
Thank you dr Cabral. Thank you for honest facts regarding covid. Also your podcast has changed my health and life. Never stop sharing your wealth of knowledge!!
On Being Well
If you aren’t listening to Dr. Stephen Cabral, you are missing a free daily education on the best wellness source I’ve ever found.
Best health podcast ever!
I do not miss a daily podcast! I have learned so much from Dr Cabral!
super soccer chick
Fantastic Podcast
Great information, great format - I love this podcast!
Great information
A bit obsessed with this podcast and appreciate the daily uploads. Such interesting information and Dr. Cabral is so giving with his information and time. Thank you!
I just found your podcast and am enjoying it. I just listened to your recommendation that women not take BHRT but everyone does need all of your detoxes and supplements. Which you make money from. Also I’ve listened to many practioners of various types say the human body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself without a canister of supplements.
Awsome book!! :D
Most Favorite Podcast
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Thank you Dr. Cabral for sharing all your knowledge; it is life altering and empowering.
clementines & dark chocolate😊
So thankful I discovered this!
I heard Dr. Cabral in an interview on another podcast that I used to listen to. THANKFUL! I’m just starting my journey but I’ve listened to many podcasts now and I’ve learned a lot. So much great, and in depth information given by Dr. Cabral. Easy to understand and implement. He covers many aspects of overall health, even outside of just nutrition. I’d recommend this to everyone!
Wellness genius!
I cannot thank Dr. Cabral for this podcast. I found it two years ago and listen to his 25 minute podcasts daily. He teaches on health, exercise, supplements, gut health, stress and even Ayurvedic medicine - a true integrated approach. I am learning how to optimize the health of myself and my family through his podcast and book, The Rain Barrel Effect. 💙
Great Podcast for Recovering your Health
Dr Cabral's knowledge covers the whole spectrum of wellness. He truly is passionate about his role as a physician. I always get some sort of gem from ANY podcast that I tune in to. Thanks, Doc!
Mick The Plantman
Love listening!!!
When I hear Dr. Cabral’s voice it is like a fresh breath of air. His podcast is a stress reliever for me. I trust his knowledge and his advice completely. Thank you Dr. Cabral for your selfless dedication to your patients, your followers and your staff.
Viral Epidemics Are Here To Stay
Your best defense to viral illnesses is to establish a healthy mind body and spirit. Cabral teaches you how as if you were his own paying client. The knowledge he passes on will change your life, and better yet, extend the quality of your life! Read his book The Rain Barrel Effect so you can fully appreciate the value of every podcast!
Informative & Inspirational
Dr. Cabral is a wealth of knowledge and uses a broad approach to health and wellness from his own personal experience and his functional and Ayurvedic medicine background. Not to mention, he inspires listeners to take control of their own health and life - an invaluable gift. I’ve learned so much from his book and podcast and highly recommend!
Best way to drive in to school everyday
Best podcast ever
I learn something new with every podcast. Dr. Cabral is very knowledgeable and has such a passion for teaching you what he knows. Amazing.
Claudia Kunkat
Dr. Cabral is a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to every episode! He is an expert in Functional medicine and so much more! A must listen!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Dr. Cabral, host of The Cabral Concept podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Episode 1446 is my new favorite! Such great information to help us understand our Ayurvedic body type to help us continue to improve our wellness and pass it along to others. Thank you for all you do!
I heard Dr. Cabral being interviewed on another podcast and looked him up. I’m so glad he has his own podcast. It’s so informative and not boring. I’m hooked. I have “binge listened”, if that’s a thing, the last few days. My favorite at the moment.
The biggest proponent to a healthier me
Have been listening to this podcast for a little over 2 years now. I am appreciative of the knowledge, authenticity and care Stephen and all of his team members on the Facebook group provide. Highly recommend for everyone!
Sam Matassa
Life changer!
I have been suffering from gut issues my whole life and this podcast has helped me a ton in learning the ins and outs about what I can do to help myself. So happy I found this podcast and so happy Stephen is able to share his knowledge!!
Long Time Listener
I've probably listened to more than 75% of all episodes and the integrative health and functional medicine education I've gotten is priceless. This is one of the easiest to digest, health and wellness podcasts I've ever listened to. Thank you for all of your knowledge and helping so many people.
Mike Lynn - Long Time Listener
A Trustworthy Source of Great Information!
This podcast has been life changing for me! I usually listen to 2-3 episodes per day. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Cabral has no hidden agenda. He’s not trying to sell his products or support any certain diet or industry. He truly wants to help people by sharing his wealth of information. I was feeling so confused about what to eat, what to avoid, etc, and this podcast has really helped me focus in on creating total wellness step by step.
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I have been listening to Dr.Cabral for over a year and his information is incredible. I can't believe he does a podcast every day, even with how busy he is! I appreciate all the free information, as I know it comes with years of study and experience. I am a health and nutrition nut, so this podcast is so helpful! Definitely reccomend it 100%
Life Changer
Dr. Cabral’s podcast has literally changed my life. Taking time to listen to this podcast for 30 minutes a day will expand your mind in so many ways. Thank you so much Dr.Cabral!
Dimitri Bergados
Transformed our weight and cholesterol
I can't recommend Dr Cabral and his team highly enough. He's the real deal and his passion for helping people get living their best life is such a gift. My husband lost 50 pounds, I lost 30 and my doctor was floored with the improvement in my cholesterol in 6 months. Everyone is asking us how we did it and all the credit goes to Dr Cabral and his coaches. They've always answered questions on Facebook and truly want to support the community. I know he'd help every person on the planet if he could! He's a treasure and I'm so glad to have access to his wisdom.
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I can’t go a day without listening to The Cabral Concept! I love all the information he shares with us. Everything is straightforward and not dogmatic. ❤️
Holly hobby22
This guy is amazing
Every single time I listen to an episode I learn something, this is one podcast I listen to on a regular basis!!!
Dr. Cabral changed my life
I was so sick with what seemed like random symptoms since I was little, and as I was growing up I was told I would have these symptoms forever. I was on the road to accepting that until I found Dr. Cabral and his team. I ran tests and took supplements and changed somethings about my lifestyle for the better and it didn’t take that long for those forever symptoms to disappear. My husband and I became certified IHP members and are now able to help those who think they have a “forever condition.” Thank you Dr. Cabral team!
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Excellent Excellent Excellent
Listening to the Cabral Concept is like hitting the lottery!
Not worth it
Some things about it I like and think overall the message is a good one but he claims to speak from an unbiased, studies based stand point and definitely doesn’t. Just in his review of Game Changers he talks trash about meat and references studies that refer to processed meats or just basically feed lot beef. None of this information applies to pasture raised, grass fed and finished, happy and healthy cows. He also references TMAO as changing the gut microbiome and putrefy in the gut but leaves out the fact that fish has higher levels of TMAO than red meat. This is directly after he says to eat more fish than red meat and praises it because the blue zones ate more fish. It’s all much more nuanced than he makes it out to be and seems to have his mind made up that red meat is bad, though there is nothing to really prove it if you eat the right kind of meat that isn’t processed or from a confined feed lot and you eat the whole animal as well as a broad spectrum of vegetables and some fruits. I could go on and on but that was enough to turn me away
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Jack Burton was taken
Highly Recommended
We have been listening to the Cabral Concept for a year. Throughout this time we have been slowly incorporating everything we have been learning into our lives. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has completely changed our lives. Losing weight, better sleep, less illness, etc. All of our children have shown great improvements to include their allergies going away. We are very grateful to Dr Cabral and his team for making this podcast available.
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Scott B 26
This information will change your life!
This podcast will tell you everything you would ever want to know about health and provide solutions that will allow your body to heal.
Very informative
I get so much information from Dr. Cabral. I listen to him every morning. As a holistic nutritionist and a health coach I love to get as much up to date information as possible and he delivers that!!!
cheryls natural options
What You See Is Not What You Get 🤔
I am one of those health-searching individuals, that when coming across Dr. Stephen Cabral and his pay-it-forward podcast, simply could not get enough of his freely shared, multi-faceted knowledge. As I started methodically working through all previous shows (starting with most recent, while also listening backwards chronologically and from the very beginning a few [or many!] episodes at a time), it was sometimes tempting to read a given title and think about skipping that one. But, what I found is that every show has unexpected “Easter Eggs” embedded within. A given title might indicate a subject I think I don’t need right then, or maybe never will personally, but upon tuning in I always get great and personal a-ha’s, background stories, fascinating tangents or just plain entertaining rants...well worth the price of admission! I am now ruined for other podcasts I used to frequent...they mostly feel inadequate, pandering to the latest “thing”, too looooooong to earn a space in my busy life, or just too one-sided for me to fully trust. I am unendingly grateful to have discovered this amazing resource! It has become my skillfully curated and POSITIVE lens to learn how to more healthfully navigate this regrettably toxic world we all strive to live in. I am happily in the Cabral Concept trenches, learning a little more each day about how to improve my health, fitness, mindset and happiness. 😊
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Singer PG
Excellent advice for balanced health!
Learning and inspired!
I listen to at least one podcast a day and I am learning so much! Each podcast inspires me to better myself. I am so happy I found this podcast because it has changed my life!
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