The C64 Take-away podcast
The C64 Take-away podcast
Jan Lund Thomsen
Commodore 64 remixes and original SID sounds to go!
Episode 058
Winter came and went, and then came back again. Perfect excuse to stay indoors, set up the recording “studio” and bring you the first podcast episode for 2023. Enjoy! Stream this episode:Download this episode: MP3 (43 minutes – 62 Mb) Music played: Johannes Bjerregaard – Zoom (subtune #1) Infamous – Creatures 2 Mr Weebl – … Continue reading Episode 058
Mar 10, 2023
43 min
Episode 057
Who couldn’t do with a bit of C64 remixes and SID chiptunes to take our minds off these troubled times? I know I could. After a bit of retail therapy, the podcast now has a portable studio setup. To celebrate, here’s a new episode for your listening pleasure. Stream this episode:Download this episode: MP3 (49 … Continue reading Episode 057
Jul 17, 2022
49 min
Episode 056
On a lazy Sunday morning in December, what was supposed to be a quick microphone test ended up as an entire episode. Stay tuned to discover if a certain tune gets to close the show for the 7th time since 2005. Stream this episode: Download this episode: MP3 (46 minutes – 67 Mb) Music played: … Continue reading Episode 056
Dec 6, 2019
46 min
Episode 055
Being a man of my word, here’s the second of the two episodes that I promised to release before the end of 2019, should the “8-Bit Symphony Pro” kickstarter fund. Enjoy! Stream this episode: Download this episode: MP3 (42 minutes – 61 Mb) Music played: ALPA – IK+ (Bergen Boogie Remix) Johan Andersson – Bomb … Continue reading Episode 055
Nov 23, 2019
42 min
Episode 054
On the final day of the 8-Bit Symphony Pro kickstarter, at 83% funded with little under 5 hours left on the clock, I posted a message on twitter saying: “If the 8-Bit Symphony Pro kickstarter funds, I solemnly vow to create at least two episodes of the #C64 Take-away before 2019 comes to an end. … Continue reading Episode 054
Sep 24, 2019
50 min
Episode 053
First episode in what feels like forever (according to Wolfram|Alpha it’s been 4 years, 5 months and 3 days).  In return for your patience this episode clocks in at a little over an hour, so expect the usual C64-related music goodness, hand-picked for your listening pleasure. Apologies in advance for any mispronunciations I made on … Continue reading Episode 053
May 14, 2018
1 hr 5 min
Episode 052
A full year later than originally planned, the podcast that refuses to go away no matter how many curveballs life throws at it returns. To compensate for the lack of recent outings, this one is a whopper containing a total of 15 tunes, all handpicked for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Stream this episode: Download this … Continue reading Episode 052
Dec 10, 2013
1 hr 4 min
Episode 051: Has it been 30 years already?
Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 1982, and available to the public in August of 1982 – it’s everyone’s favourite computer: The C64. To coincide with the “C64 Month” campaign (Twitter + Facebook), here’s my contribution in the form of a new episode of the C64 Take-away. As usual the mix consists of … Continue reading Episode 051: Has it been 30 years already?
Aug 10, 2012
47 min
Episode 050: Redefining ‘infrequent’ since 2005
Ho-ho-ho! Christmas comes a few days early this year. After passing my project manager exam on December 13th, I cleared the mountain of books and papers off my desk and started preparing this episode. In honour of this being the 50th show(!) here’s almost an hours worth of sonic delight – five remixes and five … Continue reading Episode 050: Redefining ‘infrequent’ since 2005
Dec 21, 2011
57 min
Episode 049: Everybody set the 8-bit spirit free
Greetings programmes! After another massive delay caused by too much going on at work, causing me to relax (among other things) in front of the Xbox rather than sit down in front of the microphone every month or two, here’s the first episode of 2011(!). Hopefully making up for the radio silence with nine carefully … Continue reading Episode 049: Everybody set the 8-bit spirit free
Oct 4, 2011
45 min
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