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Ep 22: Life is Hard; Self-Care is Critical
This year has been wild, to say the least, but here we are… still showing up. Still moving. Still shaking. Still doing what needs to be done. & some times, many times, in fact, that is hard. The simple act of showing up is hard. Couple that with the responsibility that we take for not only ourselves but for our families, friends, coworkers, and community and now we’re in a whole new fight. Notice that I am not saying that this responsibility isn’t needed –I’m only acknowledging the fact that it can be difficult from time to time. In the By Name Beauty Podcast’s latest episode, I share lessons and practical tips that I myself use to relate, relax, and release after being depleted. I’m hoping that sharing them with you is helpful in some way. Praying that you all are living healthy, joyful, and whole lives… Love Y’all Always, Coby TimeStamps  How Did I Get to Today’s Topic: 5:00 On Doing The Work Even When We’re Tired…: 7:59 On The Beauty & Pitfalls in Taking Responsibility for Others: 09:40 Why it’s Important that We Restore After Pouring Ourselves Out: 13:30 Three Steps We Can Take to Recharge: 16:05 If You Don’t Want To, You Don’t Have To: 28:30
Aug 18
30 min
Ep 21: 3 Black Girls & a Story About Their Hair
Hi Y’all. It’s Jocoby. Your favorite beauty activist/journalist and today I am back with another episode focused on something most women spend a ton of time on– our hair. Women of color, and particularly Black women, have always had a long and varied journey with their hair. For many of us, it’s kinky. For some of us, it’s curly. & for some, coily. We try to define it and type it. Hello 4c. 4a. 4b. 3c. 3b. 3a. Leave it uncombed for too long and soon enough you’ll have knots. Then tangles. But no matter what, we love it for its versatility. How it moves and bounces back. We elegantly and intricately place it into braids & twists or an afro or a perm. After all, it’s our hair and we can do what we want with it. My purpose in today’s show was to simply talk about the journey and relationship that we have with our hair with hopes that other individuals could relate and share in sacred space together. My guests for today’s show are two of my closest childhood friends, my complete Day 1s, Sade & Chioma. They are extraordinary Black girls who have ordinary stories as it relates to their manes. Ones that we can all identify with. If you enjoyed the show (or if you didn’t) be sure to leave us a show review on your favorite podcast app or leave us a comment on Instagram or Twitter. @bynamebeauty Until next time… Love, Coby
Aug 5
1 hr 8 min
Ep 20: Why It Is So Much Deeper Than Just Buying Black
About today’s show… Economic empowerment. Support small businesses. Support minority-owned businesses.  The way to freedom begins with financial freedom. While all of the above statements are true the path to equality for all isn’t a linear one. Jocoby realizes this while going on a quest to figure out the beginnings of beauty supply stores here in the U.S. Join us as we discuss the richness of culture that is Black Hair and why success is truly much deeper than just #buyingblack Timestamps: Gettin’ into the Comments: 1:30 Today’s Show Topic: 07:20 What is a Beauty Supply Store (aka Hair store)?: 9:00 Why do Black women make the beauty industry so profitable but lack in ownership?: 10:20 Hair Stores are cultural shops: 12:25 Why it’s so much deeper than just #buyingblack: 19:12 Black hair has a culture: 25:50 A look back at West Africa: 26:20 Challenge the systems that keep minorities from thriving in business: 30:00 Allowing myself to just “be”: 32:50 Resources mentioned/used in today’s episode: Black Hair Documentary by Aron Ranen Episode 16: Droppin’ Gems w/Brittney Ogike of BeautyBeez Hair Story by Ayana D. Byrd & Lori L. Tharps Want to talk/share your thoughts on today’s episode? Send us a note on social media! @bynamebeauty on all platforms
Jul 21
37 min
Ep 19: The Beauty & Burden of Being Black in Corporate America feat. Carolyn Whiteman
Hey By Name Fam! I write today’s blog post in a realistic yet encouraging space. No matter who you are, I am sure we can all agree that life has been hard. It may have always been hard but these past few weeks have felt even harder. Being a black woman in corporate America, I’ve felt as though I’ve been fighting two battles as of late. On one end, I’m trying to preserve my mental health while doing everything I can to support the Black Lives Matter Movement. While on the other hand, I’ve been trying to endure professionally. Yep. On top of all of this trauma, we’ve had to show up as our “best selves” every day on Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams call, and those weekly team check-ins. Again, did I say life was hard? This episode is particularly for those who have been managing everything that life has thrown at us while living or working in predominately white spaces. I see you and I acknowledge you. Join me and accomplished HR Professional, Carolyn Whiteman, as we hold space for our corporate professionals and share knowledge on how we can help advocate for change. Liked today’s podcast episode? Don’t forget to rate & subscribe, leave us a show review, and tag/mention us on social media! I read every single comment and note & I always respond!!! @bynamebeauty on all platforms Topics Covered w/Timestamps Feeling Pressure to Perform: 7:10 Advocating for Change in Corporate America: 11:56 Listen, HR is NOT the Cops (LOL): 16:58 Discussing Diversity & Inclusion heads: 21:59 The Importance of Having Allies: 23:09 Importance of an External Network: 27:29 You’re Not Crazy!: 33:08 It’s OK to Talk About Money: 40:41 Final Takeaways–Advocacy & Creating Brave Spaces: 47:38
Jun 30
57 min
About today’s show: With origins rooted in antisemitism and bigotry, the term “ghetto” has long been used to oppress others, pass judgment, and to ignore things that we simply do not agree with. Today, here in America, the term ghetto might be more often used to describe Black people rather than the Jewish community but the effects of the word are still the same; It passes judgment and insinuates that someone (or thing) is less valuable or important than the majority. Join us as we discuss the history and definition of the word ghetto and how it relates to fashion and beauty. For decades here in the United States the term has most often correlated with Blacks. Furthermore, it is often correlated with black beauty and culture including how black women style their hair and dress. Jocoby leaves the audience with challenging questions: What, or better yet WHO decides what is cultured and what is not? Who decides what is lacking refinement and what’s not? Why is that black beauty culture is considered ghetto until mainstream says that it’s cool? The only thing that’s #ghetto in our eyes is intolerance and ignorance. Topics Discussed in the Episode (with timestamps): Why we decided to release this episode: 0:00-5:46 Why is black fashion and beauty often considered ghetto: 9:12 The Definition & Origin of Ghetto: 12:14 Who Decides What is Ghetto: 22:13 What I’ve Been Up To: 29:36 Guests featured on today’s show… Actor: Chustin Wesley (ig: @chustinwesley) Creative Director: Ericka Jeanvil (ig: @wheniwasinvouge) Recording artist and songwriter: Rajah (ig: @st.rajah) Podcast cover art created by the amazing Jael Umerah-Makelemi of Nubiart. If you’re looking for original illustrations please check her out & tell her I sent you!
Jun 3
33 min
Ep 17: It is Well-ness; The Power in Knowing You are Already Enough
Have you ever been working on something so hard, so passionately, only to NOT get the results that you were looking for?•In this week’s episode, I get real on a recent disappointment I experienced and why it was important for me to remind myself, as well as all of you, that 1. There is power in being authentic & 2. That you are enough. With nothing taken away and nothing added. You are worthy. Your story is valid. And you are enough. Keep working and striving for what you want. All of the success you are looking for is right around the corner. I promise. If you enjoyed this week’s chat, please be kind and leave us a review on Itunes, Spotify or Google. & don’t forget to screenshot you listening to the show and tag us on Instagram or Twitter 🙂 @bynamebeauty I love you all forever more. Can’t wait to talk again, Co.
Apr 21
21 min
Ep 16: Droppin’ Gems with Brittney Ogike of BeautyBeez
& We’re backkkkkk! Hi Everyone! In this episode, I sit down (virtually, of course, because–#socialdistancing) with the founder and owner of BeautyBeez, Brittney Ogike. BeautyBeez caught my eye because of two reasons: 1. They are a #blackowned and #womanowned beauty supply store! 2. They are so committed to excellence in the way they serve and interact with their customers. Needless to say, I considered it a privilege to interview Brittney and learn more about her story and what led her to open this amazing store. In this episode, we talk about everything from her journey to entrepreneurship, the select group of people who typically own/control beauty supplies, and whether she would choose Lip gloss or Lip Balm during a fun game of #thisorthat. & after you’ve listened to the episode make sure that you check out BeautyBeez online by clicking here.
Apr 10
40 min
Ep 15: A Love For Beauty & Community
Hey, #ByName Fam! Can you all believe that this past week made a year of the #ByNameBeauty Podcast?! Woop Woop! Yes, you all. We have been on this journey with each other for an entire year. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned so much from each other and had a ton of fun along the way. But with every season comes new obstacles, right? In this episode, while I do take time to celebrate the momentous occasion, I also share with you why I was stuck on creating new content and the revelation that came to me on how to move forward. I guess we can call this By Name Season 2… In other news, with everything going on in the world right now with big #rona it’s more important than ever that I check-in & stay connected to you all. Please tell: How are you doing? How are you holding up? How many #tiktok videos have you made yet? LOL Feel free to respond to us on socials or in the show review. I really want to hear from you. As for me, I’m well. It’s Day 6 of #WorkingFromHome and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy but I can’t complain. Social distancing may not be easy but it’s definitely necessary. As always, I am praying that you all are safe, sound, healthy and that all of your needs are continually met. Here’s to another year of podcasting, another year of shaking up the beauty industry AND #Summer2020 if we can ever get there. HA! Love yall, always. Co. Connect with us on Instagram & Twitter: @bynamebeauty
Mar 24
27 min
Ep 14: Appropriation is a strong word, sis.
In this episode, Jocoby discusses the definition of cultural appropriation and is given a lesson on why it’s important that we “pull up” for each other’s issues. Inspired by the recent events surrounding the Uoma Beauty x Jackie Aina Carnival collection, we decided to focus on the larger picture which centers around one question: How can we empower others instead of only focusing on ourselves? Products I’m Genuinely Loving Right Now: * The Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush* Candles by LIT Bklyn As always, leave us a comment or a review to let us know what you think of the show! I read every single message and love the feedback. Talk soon, ladies and gentlemen 😉
Mar 10
28 min
Ep 13: Get to Know Me, Girl!
As the By Name brand continues to grow I thought it was only right if you know a little more about the shows’ host (i.e. ME) and how I really got started. Also, I was featured in #VoyageLA. Casual, girl boss type things. Check us out here:
Feb 25
22 min
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