The Brothers Binge
The Brothers Binge
Pedro Lopez and Alex Lopez
This is The Brothers Binge Podcast! A place where two brothers embark on a mission to Binge on all things TV, Movies and Comics! Join them as they talk about everything...and nothing at the same time! Podcasts released weekly!
Their Last Podcast
We want to thank you all for for listening to our show over the last four years. It was a blast to show up every week and report on all of the things we love to talk about. We love you all. See you next time! Pedro & Alex
Jan 16, 2022
43 min
They Recap 2021
This week we recap the biggest moments of entertainment in 2021!
Jan 9, 2022
44 min
They Find Their Way Home
We Finally get to review Spiderman: No Way Home! CHECK IT OUT!
Dec 19, 2021
52 min