The Brian Buffini Show
The Brian Buffini Show
Brian Buffini
Exploring the mindsets, motivation and methodologies behind true success.
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Irish Prayer
Love the Irish prayer at the end. Can I possible have the sound bite, to share with others?
Thank you so much!
I very much enjoy your podcasts! Yesterday’s episode was so inspiring and just what I need! Thank you for the light you are shining and the words of truth. It’s those little encouragements and insights that help me through each day! Thanks for the hope of a brighter future!
Millie Bar
Love Brian’s message!!!! Pure Wisdom.
I have been listening for a year now, but just went through all the episodes back to 2016 and picked a few “old ones” (new for me) to listen to.
Bender CPA
Always on point
Great content, Inspiring and educational. Highly recommend !
Angel's review
Down to earth and truth driven in such a way that pushed me towards excellence.
Life Changing
The advice you’ve been wanting and waiting for. Please do another episodes on the basics and how to get started.
BB Rocks!
Stumbled upon BB by a friends recommendation...or referral...and haven’t stopped listening! Great information on personal growth and business, definitely not just a real estate podcast. You rock BB... and one day I’ll have the pleasure to thank you in person! 🤘😎🤘
Like Christmas, I Can’t Wait for next episode
Recently, I discovered these podcasts when I took the 8 week Buffini course with a local lender. Up until then I must have been living in a cave because I’d never heard of Buffini and his fantastic crew. Great timing too. Our classes wound up on ZOOM calls because of stay at home orders. We had Quarantini-Time and I have been truly enriched by the methods. Now I have a treasure trove in the archives of podcasts and I can’t wait to get stuck in traffic or get out on my walk equipped with my ear buds and iphone. I binge on Buffini back episodes. It’s like Christmas. I can’t wait for next one!
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If Only
If only more people would tune in, we would have a more united America. We would have more fiscal responsibility. We would have more grace towards others. We would hold ourselves to a higher standard. Thank you, Brian, for giving of yourself and not taking the easy way out. Your podcast is a beacon of light, encouragement, challenge to change for the better, and common sense that is not so common. Please keep the good stuff coming!
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Grateful Farmer
Loved The Hero Effect
I loved this podcast! Kevin Brown has a powerful story of redemption and victory. As a grandmother of a child who struggles I was very encouraged as he talked about his determined wife and the success their son has had in his life. We are all great fans of Disney too. Thank you Brian! You never disappoint. Always bringing content and guests to help and entertain at just the right time. God bless you! Give my love to Bev & the A Team! Marni Smith, PA Broker Sales Associate Keller Williams Realty Palm Harbor, FL
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Marni Smith
I love love love this show! I have been looking for something to listen to in the car that can make my drive more productive! I've honestly beeing listening to 3-4 episodes a day (even around the house too)! I feel more motivated and encouraged than ever! YOU need to listen to this podcast!
Must listen
My husband told me about this podcast about a year ago and it’s changed my life. I love all your stuff including your early stuff. Your wife’s encourages me in so many ways including taking more time to read in front of my children. Y’all are awesome and I pray for the success of this podcast!!
May 2020
Great podcast today. Now I’m going to watch the first Rocky tonight!
Thank you!
I have been listening to Mr. Buffini for about three years now. I actually started listening consistently after someone recommended it and kept listening because the information is great and his Irish accent reminded me of my grandmother, who was a first generation immigrant to the United States. I look forward to every podcast because it is both informative and entertaining. Mr. Buffini always spreads a message of positivity that I have taken into my own daily life. Can not recommend this podcast highly enough. Thank you!
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Thanks for reminding me as I get ready to cash close on 3 properties.
I thought it was inspiring. What if I hadn’t bought my first residence at 25. Would I be able to withstand a divorce at 63. Unlikely. Property ownership is a pathway to real wealth. Get on board.
Ben Carson?
I love you Brian Buffini!!!! And have so much respect for you...but Ben Carson? Not a credible guy
not an exp agent
The Brian Buffini Show
Is a great source of information and Inspiration. No matter the time of day when I listen, it lifts my spirits and gives me positive information to share with my family, friends and clients. Thank you Brian, your team and especially your mom. I love hearing her give the Irish blessing. What a treat!
The Hard Working Nice Guy
Prolific thought leader
Thanks Brian for all that you do to be a light and a leader in our world! We love you. #HowdyFromHouston #ThePropertyJoes
Baby shark do do do do do do dodoo!
always moving, learning and flexible, as an independent brokerage owner, after 15 years working for larger national brokerages, I opened my own shop last year. Immediately I found that constant motion and learning was a survival technique. I also agree teaching, I am a certified Buffini mentor, was not just fulfilling but needed, to grow my business and brand. Keep the great inspiration coming!
Victoria with Amaré
Positive and motivational
Thanks for the opportunity to see the possibilities I am truly grateful for.
Mark Kalstrup
#1 Podcast
Must listen weekly. Great wisdom, insight, and inspiration. Thank you to Brian, the team, and Mama Duke for her blessings.
Simply the best!
You owe it to yourself to listen to Brian’s podcast weekly. It’s inspiring, thought provoking and sometimes just a good ol kick in the butt!
Realtor Rick B
Very inspiring
I am not a realtor, but this podcast has given me so much inspiration, and contacted me with great resources to grow myself and my business.
Very grateful for wisdom
I would submit Brian and his team bring the wisdom from people who have been their and done that. Very grateful for his wisdom.
Content for everyone!
This Podcast is for everyone! Even if you are not in the real estate business, the messages that you receive will relate to all areas of your life. I listen weekly to stay at the Top of my Game. Thank you Brian & team for delivering a great show each week!
Brian Buffini moves me to action
I have just discovered this podcast and the man is a power house of wisdom and motivation and tools over the years of listening to all sorts of podcasts I have never heard anyone more convincing more focused and driven to change the course of human life. You are my guiding light. I am changing my course of thinking and your words are the guidepost the light house and moves me. Absolutely love this
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Do the hustle!
Recent motivation to hustle without burnout: showing up to local offices with my hot pierogi I make at my bakery and offering them to buy it for lunch. Thank you for reminding me to hustle well! Always inspired by your podcasts.
Ready for the challenge!
Always ready for Tuesday! Love the podcast and all the guidance from the Buffini team!
CDC Coleman
Wow I am so moved! You have taught me so much! The 2 episodes I’ve listen to have changed the trajectory of my life. I am so grateful you were recommended to me and I am more grateful that I listened to you!!! I am still wiping the tears away and blowing my nose. Powerful and life changing. Thank you!! I can’t wait to sit down and watch Shawshank Redemption again! Thank you Beverly episode 187! I am working my achievement muscle!
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Persistent / Consistent
I am no stranger to growth and battling odds, with a MBA and 3 small business’s, two teen age children every day seems like a challenge. I have never written a review for a Pod Cast, but 5,4,3,2,1 I am writing one. I am very driven, but at times we can become comfortable and we know that is not good for growth. As John Maxwell states true growth comes outside our comfort zone! Jim Rohn and John talk about the inner circle, I feel that Brian, while audio is a part of my inner circle. Exercise is an outlet for me and at the end of this year if I make it will be 2002 consecutive days with out missing. I feel that is how Brian is towards helping others by being consistent and intentional. I have listened to every POD cast and several more than once. I loo forward to every Tuesday morning. One of may goals is to meet Brain and his family inn Person some day. What an inspiration. Keep up the phenomenal work and until we meet may God hold you in the hollow or his hand!! Dominique Youakim
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Beverly you Queen!!! Thank you
Hi there! I can not tell you how much your latest podcast helped me this morning at 5 am in Telluride Co. I listened to Alberts quote 5 times, wrote it down and am going to live by it.... It’s crazy that you literally know what I am going through right’s was like this postcard was intended for ME :). You guys are amazing! I look forward to every episode. Thank you so much, warmly, Katja// rapaport group/ luxury real estate / telluride co.
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Brian knows what he’s talking about
I have been involved with Buffini and company for over 20 years. He does his research and knows what he is talking about when it comes to predictions in the real estate market and the economy. He has never been wrong and before the market crash in sept of 2007 he tried to prepare us...I listen to Brian he understands and cares about preparing his clients!!
K missle
Not only is this one of the best podcasts I have encountered in the area of personal development, motivational speaking, success training, podcast episode #175 is absolutely exceptional. It is informative and so inspirational containing information supported by clear science and so many other disciplines. It is a fantastic blend of philosophy, practical science and even theology (considering I am an agnostic) ; just fantastic!!!! A “MUST LISTEN”. Thank you Brian, for such a well spoken episode and great podcast.
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The good stuff
Brian’s contribution to this big world of podcasting is just about un-matched. In fact, he might be the best at bringing value to all of us. I have become big fans of many of his guests, as well. Thank you, Brian and thank you to the TEAM that supports you. It all shows. Tony
Excellent content. Despite his achievements, Mr. Buffini conducts his show with grace and humility. Seems to remember where he came from and have a genuine interest in empowering and improving the lives of his fellow man. Highly recommend
John W. Favors
Consistently fantastic
I discovered Brian while he was being interviewed by Dave Ramsey. So glad I found this podcast! The content is applicable and consistently of the highest quality.
Evangelist Michael Lusk
Mind blowing! I love this episode! I want to volunteer my brain for study. I think I can offer a unique mind of exceptional strength of character Trust me when I say if you’re legitimately studying screwed up brains then you want to study my brain. I have been battling Complex PTSD, not a veteran, for most of my life, unbeknownst to me until recently. Anyways, I’m on my way back to life now and I think it’s fascinating what you do dr. And Brian I think you’re incredible I love what you’re giving because it creates a much desired result for everyone involved. WOW! ❤️❤️👍👍
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I look forward to every Tuesday!
This is my favorite podcast. It is always hard hitting, has a great variety of topics, and gives me what I need to continue on my path. You always come away with nuggets that are great suggestions for your life, personal development, business, and finances.
A heart of gratitude
The is the #1 podcast period. Brian delivers the best content with a heart of gratitude. I know my children’s children will thank you for adding value to my life. And the voice is an added bonus
CEO of your life..
Amazing content and always a wake up call in a land of complacency! Thank you Brian.
CEO your life
Thank you! thank you! Thank you! I was at Peak, watched Shawshank, filled out the workbook during the session, with plenty of notes in the side bar, and still heard things I missed, learned new lessons, refreshed the ones I learned and enjoyed all over again throughly. I’ve listened 3 days in a row to the same podcast, tomorrow I am going to sit down pull out the workbook and go to class again. I really appreciate when Brian brings these sessions back again. So much to learn we need refreshers all the time!
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Awesome and life changing
A storm came crushing in my life and I was faced with a decision to either wallow or be challenged. I never knew it would become a springboard for taking my life journey to the next level. So many revelations! During my personal development journey I came across this podcast about a month ago and have already listened to all episodes from 2016. Thank you Brian for your coaching, mentoring, humor, and introducing me to so many other gifted people - awesome interviews! God is good!
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Buffini & Company
Always on point. No nonsense information that you can use right away for a better life and better business!! The BEST money I have EVER spent on my business!!
Great career impact!
I have been listening to Brian’s podcast for a little more than a year. It has had a significant impact on my life by motivating me to be better and invest in myself. Brian provides many great speakers and introductions to books & topics that I would not have discovered otherwise. I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into providing this extremely valuable content. Now I need to attend one of Brian’s events in person!
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The car song
My wife and I listen to the show so much in the car that our three year old calls the show the car song and ALWAYS asks to listen to the car song. So not only do you have a loyal three year old Buffini head but now a new fan of Brogue Wave!! We love what you all do , thanks so much and we look forward to mastermind summit!! Nic Crew
Niko Au Augustus
This podcast has helped me reach ongoing success in my business !!
I can’t recommend this podcast enough to anyone I meet ! This podcast is my number 1 recommendation! It’s the reason I’m doing well and joined a Bni ! My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption! And I love how he’s always referencing back to that movie!! I look forward to one day to attend a live event ! This is my momentum mover!!
Steven Djembe
Outstanding program!
Brian Buffini is an engaging presenter, and the information he brings is always inspirational and life changing. Being coached by Buffini & Co. since 2012 has brought my bank balance up, my weight down, my bucket list items to fruition and much more overall joy to my life. Thanks David Lally and everyone involved for this great program. I’m listening avidly with gratitude! Kitty Stockton in North Carolina
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NC Fan
Great! 💯
Mr. Buffini came to speak at a Pathfinders event that I attended and gave everyone his book. This book was so valuable but I only recently came across his podcast. I am not a real estate agent but an attorney. Thank you Mr. Buffini this podcast is exceptional and inspires me to keep going and be better than I was yesterday.
Love it!
I love this show! It is life changing! Thank you!
Stel D
Truly an Emigrant Edge in EVERY Show
What a great source of information to have a well rounded approach to life - business, personal, and spiritual areas of life are all covered, many times within the same show. The focus on growing is great. The focus on action to grow is inspiring. The focus on owning what you make of life, or maybe a better way to say it your response to life,is a great reminder that your mindset is extremely important to how you approach and live life. I know every week my time is well placed in listening to the show.
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