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Political distractions, tangents, and a sad heart.
I sincerely love “Buffers” but the political distractions and paranoia have gotten to be a bit much. I listen for the unbelievably focused and perceptive insights as to living the good life and how to make that happen. So, when there’s a tangent every 5 minutes about “cancel culture,” or “kids today,” it’s frustrating. I’ve listened to almost every episode but had to stop 3 or 4 months ago as the show descended into fever dreams that people with real power are being dethroned by the opinions of 15 yr olds on social media. Bad behavior has always netted bad consequences. Isn’t that how it should be? How is that a conspiracy? I would be overjoyed to give 10 stars if “Buffers” would get back to business and the impediments that we all face on the road to self-actualization. A charitable heart exudes a charitable interpretation of the world. Mathematically, there will always only be 1% at the top. So, I would sincerely hope that the show can stop concerning itself with the vast swaths of people who cannot or will not self actualize. The judgement for minimum wage earners isn’t instructive.
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Uplifting, positive & straight talker
I look forward each week to Brian’s podcasts. If you’re in sales or just want a inspirational boost Brian covers all aspect of everyday real world life. Never a dull podcast with a different theme every week. What a great gift he shares . I learn something new each week. His podcasts help keep positive & focused.
I Love the Irish
This review is long overdue, so it’s a little long. I have been listening to The Brian Buffini Show religiously for the last 4 years at least. Brian’s words of wisdom, his interviews and honesty have made me a better human and a better business person. The honestly, the comedy and the heart-warming/breaking stories from Brian’s own journey leave me feeling worthy and empowered to be of better service to my clients and myself. Side note: This summer, I had the pleasure of visiting Dublin, Ireland for the first time. My experience with the lovely people, the delicious foods and wild pubs left me with some of the best memories with my 2 best friends. I can honestly say all around from Brian (the most Irish guy I kind of know) to the Dublin locals, I love the Irish even though I am 100% Italian, and I left a piece of me heart in that beautiful country. My Real Estate business has flourished since being introduced to The Brian Buffini methodology of success. I am now a proud resident of San Diego and 8 years in the business with the hopes of achieving some of the great success that others have through following Brian’s mindset, motivation and methodologies for success. Thank you Brian and the Buffini & Co team for all you do!
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Inspiring and Impactful
I’ve been listening since the first episode and can’t say enough of about the impact Brian’s podcast has had on me. I’ve listened when I was feeling down and it lifted me up. I’ve listened when I needed some juice to get me going and it motivated me. I’ve listened not expecting anything and have been inspired to to more and be more. Impactful doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word. The best part…I’ve been able to share it with others who have made positive changes in their lives and I feel incredibly blessed by that. Keep it up Brian!!
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Great way to start the day!
Brian’s podcast have become a staple of my mornings. Positive, uplifting and informative.
RTR Debbie
My favorite podcast of all time!
I am a real estate appraiser. One day I was visiting with an agent who told me about this podcast. After listening to a couple of episodes, I am hooked. Brian speaks the truth. I appreciate his positive approach to life. His words of wisdom are practical, meaningful and beneficial. I also appreciate that his goal is simply to help others benefit themselves. I highly respect what Brian is doing with this podcast and will most certainly share his show with others! Thank you Brian, for all that you do! I appreciate you!
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Beverly you Queen!!! Thank you
Hi there! I can not tell you how much your latest podcast helped me this morning at 5 am in Telluride Co. I listened to Alberts quote 5 times, wrote it down and am going to live by it.... It’s crazy that you literally know what I am going through right’s was like this postcard was intended for ME :). You guys are amazing! I look forward to every episode. Thank you so much, warmly, Katja// rapaport group/ luxury real estate / telluride co.
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I Can’t Thank You Enough!
Thank you Thank you! I started listening to this Podcast a few months back and it changed my life. After working for 18 years I’ve decided to become a stay at home mom (SAHM) for a year with my 2 & 4 yr old. I highly debated what I needed to do but after several months of listening and deepening my religious conversations and journaling I decided the corporate world is no longer for me. While I’m staying at home, nap times and child chauffeuring for carpool and activities have been turned into my Buffini podcast study time so I can use the August 2022 event as the launch date for my new career. I am listening to every podcast and bookmarking and re-listening to several! At first I was fearful of cutting our household income in half but this podcast has motivated me to bet on myself for God and for my family. I can’t leave any blessings on the table!!!
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Highly Recommend!
I have been listening for years. Always helpful and motivating. Thank you Brian and team!
Thank you
Thank you! These podcasts have helped me more than you will ever know. Episode 291 the Gift of Giving set me free from helping until it hurt me. Thank you.
Kristina Whalen
Best Hype Guy Ever
It doesn’t matter how rough my day or the world seems to be, I know I can turn on this podcast and get my mindset turned around. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, this podcast and Brian’s shared wisdom will be a big benefit to you. Thank you Brian for the work you do!
You are missing out!
Brian is amazing. As a business owner or entrepreneur or just a human being you must listen to this show because it stands above so many other shows.
ALL your awesome Podcasts & guests
The best info on running our businesses, keeping our minds focused & best tool to be successful in business, family, life in general. Thank you Brian for the 16+ years I’ve been running my business the Buffini relational way!
Tina Daniel, Realtor
Thank You
I have loved listening to this podcast. I am an independent minor league baseball player, and Brian and his crew have given me lots to think about. I have skipped around on episodes, but I have found so much of what is said resonates with everyday life. It’s not newfound knowledge, but it reaches all audiences, which is the best part. I love listening to it before or after work, it is easy listening and really does benefit the mind and soul. Thank you so much guys and gals.
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Cheers from a Licensed Contractor
Relevant and aligned resources, wise counsel, loving encouragement. I love this guy and the team he’s assembled!
The best real estate coaching company!
I have been part of the Buffini system for 15 years and have listened to and followed other real estate coaching companies. Others are good- but, Buffini is top notch! Brian speaks very eloquently and speaks from the heart. I listen to his Podcast every week and have a notebook full notes I take each week. I refer back to these notes often and always learn something new every time I look back at my notes.
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Life Inspiring Content
I had the pleasure of seeing Brian live in Seattle mid February of 2020....perhaps the last live event before shutdown. He was a touch under the weather that day yet still top notch! I am amazed at how the same charisma, showmanship, and energy transmits over the air in podcast form. Brian, you make me laugh, cry, and challenge myself daily. Thank you for your faith, spirit, and example of man and husband. Thank you for one to one coaching, thank you for 250+ positive messages to begin most every day with a dose of “vit-imin B”. I have started all over again at the beginning catching more nuggets.
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Buffini is the real deal.
He’s done the work and pays it forward it wondrous ways. One of the best podcasts ever.
Always inspired when I listen to Brian.
NC Podcast Listener
The made up mind
Everything Brian does makes a difference in my world . In fact , any human being who listens to him , has had their lives changed . Gratitude and gratefulness are life affirming attributes Thank you so much to Brian Buffini and company
strong heart commited life
100 days
Great program, very inspiring.
Five stars
Thank you!!! No other podcast has been as impactful to my life than this one. I appreciate every episode.
Dan Pusch
Awesome Podcast
I highly recommend this amazing podcast! This show is very motivating and has phenomenal guests!
Sarah Friess
Matthew McConaughey interview...
Who knew he was more than a pretty face? Brian is great at bringing out parts of people we would never have known. I’ll listen to this one several times!!
Inspiring and informative podcast! Love it!
Excellent podcast! Brian packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!
Stacey Shapiro
I listened faithfully in 2020 every Tuesday morning with some episodes on repeat throughout the year. 2021 will be no different. Thank you, Brian and company for all you do.
Loved The Hero Effect
I loved this podcast! Kevin Brown has a powerful story of redemption and victory. As a grandmother of a child who struggles I was very encouraged as he talked about his determined wife and the success their son has had in his life. We are all great fans of Disney too. Thank you Brian! You never disappoint. Always bringing content and guests to help and entertain at just the right time. God bless you! Give my love to Bev & the A Team! Marni Smith, PA Broker Sales Associate Keller Williams Realty Palm Harbor, FL 11/5/20 Awww Mr Buffini - great job of crooning like Bing Crosby! 🥰 Loved that song growing up. You are definitely right. We are light weights compared to that generation. We need to stop whining and get to work. Thanks for always coaching us up. Marni Smith Awesome podcast! Shared it immediately with my kids and grandkids. This is what the next generation needs. Thanks for having Dr Nido Qubein on today. Marni Smith 1/7/21 Thanks Brian for the magnificent New Year Podcast! Great motivation to get us started after 2020! I have shared it with many agents and family/friends. Also, loved the interview with Jon & Kathryn Gordon. Such great advice from all three of you on keeping marriages alive and well. Starting Pathways to Mastery this month - can’t wait to see you all at Mastermind! God’s richest blessings to you and your family. Hugs to Anna on the loss of her horse. 💜
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Marni Smith
So motivating and uplifting!
I love this Podcast, and I am not really a podcast person, but Brian’s show makes me want to be. I love listening to his show. This show really helps you learn how to have a great life!
Bucket List: Meet Brian Buffini in person
Brian has changed the coaching game forever.
From gratitude, to guests it’s all here.
I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple of years now and I’ve always enjoyed the consistent message of gratitude and how such little gestures can take so little time from your day but give so much to someone else’s. Brian often has great guests on the show to interview and many of them have done books, because if you listen and you know Brian loves to read. The recent episode pull from the archives I November 24 was a wonderful episode on gratitude with some stories and information I had not heard before. This was one of my favorite episodes along with last year’s Christmas episode. Brian really knows how to move you to be more grateful and appreciate what you have almost to the point of tears. Definitely listen around the holidays to grow and appreciate what you have, what you receive, and minimize what you didn’t. Thank you to Brian and his great staff for the work they put into this free, not ad supported podcast, and a special thank you to his parents for raising such humble, wonderful human beings.
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Grateful for Buffini
I highly recommend this podcast not just for real estate professionals but just everyday people. Buffini offers huge benefits and insights in his podcast episodes. This podcast has helped change my mindset, motivation and methodology. Extremely grateful for Brian Buffini and The Buffini & Company group. Thank you!
Forever Grateful
I will forever be grateful for finding this gem! I have been a loyal, weekly listener for over 2 years. I have to get my dose of Buffini every week! It’s my favorite habit and my daughter loves the Irish accent 🥰
Ariel Schroeder
Irish Prayer
Love the Irish prayer at the end. Can I possible have the sound bite, to share with others?
Thank you so much!
I very much enjoy your podcasts! Yesterday’s episode was so inspiring and just what I need! Thank you for the light you are shining and the words of truth. It’s those little encouragements and insights that help me through each day! Thanks for the hope of a brighter future!
Millie Bar
Love Brian’s message!!!! Pure Wisdom.
I have been listening for a year now, but just went through all the episodes back to 2016 and picked a few “old ones” (new for me) to listen to.
Bender CPA
Always on point
Great content, Inspiring and educational. Highly recommend !
Angel's review
Down to earth and truth driven in such a way that pushed me towards excellence.
Life Changing
The advice you’ve been wanting and waiting for. Please do another episodes on the basics and how to get started.
BB Rocks!
Stumbled upon BB by a friends recommendation...or referral...and haven’t stopped listening! Great information on personal growth and business, definitely not just a real estate podcast. You rock BB... and one day I’ll have the pleasure to thank you in person! 🤘😎🤘
Like Christmas, I Can’t Wait for next episode
Recently, I discovered these podcasts when I took the 8 week Buffini course with a local lender. Up until then I must have been living in a cave because I’d never heard of Buffini and his fantastic crew. Great timing too. Our classes wound up on ZOOM calls because of stay at home orders. We had Quarantini-Time and I have been truly enriched by the methods. Now I have a treasure trove in the archives of podcasts and I can’t wait to get stuck in traffic or get out on my walk equipped with my ear buds and iphone. I binge on Buffini back episodes. It’s like Christmas. I can’t wait for next one!
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If Only
If only more people would tune in, we would have a more united America. We would have more fiscal responsibility. We would have more grace towards others. We would hold ourselves to a higher standard. Thank you, Brian, for giving of yourself and not taking the easy way out. Your podcast is a beacon of light, encouragement, challenge to change for the better, and common sense that is not so common. Please keep the good stuff coming!
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Grateful Farmer
I love love love this show! I have been looking for something to listen to in the car that can make my drive more productive! I've honestly beeing listening to 3-4 episodes a day (even around the house too)! I feel more motivated and encouraged than ever! YOU need to listen to this podcast!
Must listen
My husband told me about this podcast about a year ago and it’s changed my life. I love all your stuff including your early stuff. Your wife’s encourages me in so many ways including taking more time to read in front of my children. Y’all are awesome and I pray for the success of this podcast!!
May 2020
Great podcast today. Now I’m going to watch the first Rocky tonight!
Thank you!
I have been listening to Mr. Buffini for about three years now. I actually started listening consistently after someone recommended it and kept listening because the information is great and his Irish accent reminded me of my grandmother, who was a first generation immigrant to the United States. I look forward to every podcast because it is both informative and entertaining. Mr. Buffini always spreads a message of positivity that I have taken into my own daily life. Can not recommend this podcast highly enough. Thank you!
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Thanks for reminding me as I get ready to cash close on 3 properties.
I thought it was inspiring. What if I hadn’t bought my first residence at 25. Would I be able to withstand a divorce at 63. Unlikely. Property ownership is a pathway to real wealth. Get on board.
Ben Carson?
I love you Brian Buffini!!!! And have so much respect for you...but Ben Carson? Not a credible guy
not an exp agent
The Brian Buffini Show
Is a great source of information and Inspiration. No matter the time of day when I listen, it lifts my spirits and gives me positive information to share with my family, friends and clients. Thank you Brian, your team and especially your mom. I love hearing her give the Irish blessing. What a treat!
The Hard Working Nice Guy
Prolific thought leader
Thanks Brian for all that you do to be a light and a leader in our world! We love you. #HowdyFromHouston #ThePropertyJoes
Baby shark do do do do do do dodoo!
always moving, learning and flexible, as an independent brokerage owner, after 15 years working for larger national brokerages, I opened my own shop last year. Immediately I found that constant motion and learning was a survival technique. I also agree teaching, I am a certified Buffini mentor, was not just fulfilling but needed, to grow my business and brand. Keep the great inspiration coming!
Victoria with Amaré
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