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Brian Buffini’s Bold Predictions: Mid-Year Update #163
50 minutes Posted Jul 16, 2019 at 12:01 am.
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Show notes

“Change is not that scary if you’re working your plan and you know where you’re going.” – Brian Buffini


Are you ready for what the second half of 2019 has in store? In a rapidly-changing marketplace, real estate professionals need to be more prepared than ever if they want to successfully navigate disruption and better serve their clients. In this episode, Brian gives his mid-year analysis of the economy and reveals his bold predictions for the industry for the next six months. He shares the most extensive economic data and research available, details changes happening with the major real estate companies and explains how you can stay in control and win. By the end of the episode, you’ll know what to expect and how you can capitalize on great opportunities while working by referral and living the good life!

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Inspirational quotes from today’s interview:

“I’ve never seen so much change, and there’s more change coming.” – Brian Buffini

“Not all change is bad!” – Brian Buffini

“Change is not that scary if you’re working your plan and you know where you’re going.” – Brian Buffini 

“It’s time to be extraordinary!” – Brian Buffini

“Negotiation is the most important skill for a Realtor and is, by far, the worst practiced one in the marketplace.” – Brian Buffini

“It’s time to be a pro. If you want to be good, you better get good.” – Brian Buffini

“Advertising is the price you pay for not being extraordinary.” – Andy Andrews

“Don’t just show up – work on your craft!” – Brian Buffini

“Focus on relationships. Technology has its place, but it takes skills to have relationships.” – Brian Buffini

“Be better with the fundamentals.” – Brian Buffini

“Peaks and valleys in income are the price you pay for not mastering the fundamentals.”  – Brian Buffin 

“You’ve got to practice and learn how to do it right.” – Brian Buffini

“Highly-skilled, relationship-focused professionals will make a fortune in the future.” – Brian Buffini

“We have an economy that’s in a good state, an industry that’s in a changing state and an agent environment that we can control our state.”  – Brian Buffini

“Bet on yourself, invest in yourself and get after it!” – Brian Buffini


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