The Bowery Boys: New York City History
The Bowery Boys: New York City History
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The best!
Our family loves the Bowery Boys and we can’t wait for the next episode to come out. Proud to be Patreons for the past 10 years. Looking forward to years of education and humor in episodes to come.
Interesting in parts
This duo can wear thin- they are not as charming as they think they are. The best episodes have more historical context and less banter.
Little Syria
As with each episode of The Bowery Boys, I, a new listener, learn a lot about each particular aspect of New York City, and share the following two salient details to add to the listeners’ understanding of information in the Little Syria episode: 1) In the late 19th century and for some portion of the 20th century, the part of the world which now comprises Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, for instance, was designated in the West as the Near East, moving eastward to the Middle East (including current-day Iraq and Iran, for instance) and then the Far East (including current-day China and Japan, for instance)—very sensible geographically, yes? 2) As for the use of the terms “Orient” and “Oriental,” these were paired with their opposites of “Occident” and “Occidental,” referring to the West, and originated in academia.
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Best podcast ever!!!
Learn & laugh at the same time, must listen before plan visit to New York City or just if you love history! Amazing podcast- honestly this is one of the best podcasts!!!
Great storytelling!
Long time listener to this podcast. Consistently high quality episodes told with context, facts, interesting nuggets - and love for New York and it’s characters and quirks. Great at uncovering and highlighting unusual and overlooked stories. Great companion website and Adventures in Old New York book, too. 📻🗽
Excellent Podcast for New Yorkers (Whether You Live Here Or Not)
Excellent podcast on New York, with a wide variety of topics, viewpoints. Well-researched & always compelling you listen to. I highly recommend it.
Rock Creek Werewolf
Best Podcast about NYC History Ever
I am a native New Yorker. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from Greg and Tom over the years about the history of my great city. They are not only entertaining but also fans of the subject matter, which shines through in every episode.
Great show
How did I not start listening to this show years ago? Very informative, excellent topics.
I love these guys
It’s not an understatement to say that I love this podcast and that it’s an enormous source of joy. I loved it before the pandemic but my love has blossomed even more over the last year and a half. Smart, quirky, funny, it’s got it all (including awesome puns). Question: what happened to the “previously listened” feature on Apple podcasts? The Bowery Boys have a deep backlist and it made it easy to find specific episodes.
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The all time best
The Bowery Boys was the first podcast to which I was ever listened and I have been hooked since to The Bowery Boys (and really impressed with the quality after hearing scores of podcasts by other people). I love every moment of the series and have learned so much.
Parker Toby
Used To Be...
Used to be a great adverts. Now the excessive amount low class advertisements ruins the whole show. Sad that you guys sold out. Stick to your street tours and let the podcast RIP.
Great fun history podcast
I am a late comer to this podcast but my wife and I discovered it while on vacation trying to find something mutually Interesting to both of us. I have since gone back and started from the beginning listening to all of their original podcasts and I find it they do a great way of telling a lot about New York history in a fun creative and exciting way… If you’re looking for a fun podcast pass the time definitely check them out!
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Thank you Boys
I love this podcast so much. It’s intelligent, well researched, and has so much heart. I love the recent series that ventured Long and Fire Island. Well done!
The greatest city in the world
Greg and Tom I am proud Patreon member. You guys are fantastic… I love your podcast You guys do your research , you’re funny , you’re informative I can’t say enough ,you don’t cut corners keep up the good work guys -jaime D from the Bronx
binkys dad
Delightful Discovery
I had a delightful discovery of your podcast. I love it for its details for I am a history buff. I lived in New York 20 years ago. I miss it especially Astoria my old neighborhood. I had such memories when I heard the episode of Astoria for I watch it change. I still visit every year to Astoria, until the pandemic, to visit my former neighbor who is now 93 years young. Thank you and I hope to see New York soon and my neighbor one more time. I regretted leaving NYC/Astoria. ❤️
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A treat for the senses!
Thank you Greg and Tom! I just finished listening to episode “Gatsby and the Mansions of the Gold Coast.” Your masterful descriptions of the areas hay days, and tour through WR Coe estate transported me from my suburban home in California to the Gold Coast of the early 20th century. This is very much appreciated as we have yet to travel very far from our homes in the last year. Your attention to detail and history surrounding the subject is so well crafted into the podcast. I felt we could have stepped right off of the pages of Gatsby itself. Thank you for what you do!
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Love this show!
And so does my eleven-year old who has learned so much about his city with these guys!
So good
Love these guys!
Excellent & engaging! Fascinating stories, history, NYC classy gossip all well delivered!
Edith Wharton
Love this episode! My favorite author, recalling a special time and culture in NY- just great! Thank you!
Bowery boys yea baby
The Bowery boys podcast I came across about five or six years ago and it is really a wonderful podcast about the history of New York City. I highly recommend anybody who is interested in history at allWe’re interested in New York City to definitely check out this podcast is very very entertaining I mean seriously I love these guys
Worst podcast ever! Just tell the story without trying to be the Car Talk guys.
Takes me back to my days in New York!
I love Bowery Boys! The hosts have a great chemistry and are fun to listen to. There’s so much history in NYC that, fortunately, I don’t think they’ll ever run out of material. Keep up the great work!
Cure for homesick New Yorkers
Keep up the fabulous programming. Thank you!
JAmerican in the Midwest
Excellent job by both hosts!
Still one of the best
Strong show!
Truly one of the best podcasts out there.
An absolute treasure!
I discovered this pod about 6 weeks ago and I can honestly say it has vaulted to my favorite. Production values? Check. Interesting & engaging content? Check. Light hearted but not too goofy hosts? Check, check. I've lived in Colorado my whole life but have visited NYC 1000's of times in the last 40 years. This podcast brings to life obvious and not so obvious stories about my home away from home. Great job guys!!
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Thank you!
What a great podcast! So interesting and informative. It makes me want to come back to NYC!
Bad voices and callous picking of history.
Amy True Crime Review
Love the Bowery Boys!
What is going on lately?
Great Podcast
Love the podcast and especially enjoyed the episode about the Beatles. I thought I knew a lot about the Fab Four but wasn’t aware of some of the NYC factoids. Thanks so much!
Fun and interesting way to learn history
I have been enjoying your podcast. Today, your episode brought back a memory of being with my grandmother in the Essex Street Market. I must have been about four—so this would be the mid-sixties—and the memory is of holding on to my grandmother’s rolling cart as she navigated us through the hustle and bustle of the crowded market. Although my mother grew up on the Lower East Side, our generation were “out-of-towners”, so this quintessential New York experience was a bit overwhelming, though not unpleasant—as long as I held on and didn’t get separated from my grandmother, I knew I’d be ok. My visual memory is of being led to and fro at hip height through the throngs of determined shoppers. At the time, I didn’t know the place was called the Essex Street Market, and I didn’t even know it had a name. It was unlike any other place I’d ever been. It was only years later when I went to college in New York and visited the Market that I realized that was where that memory was from. I had again forgotten about it until today when listening to your podcast. Well done!
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Keep it neutral.
Being a native New Yorker these guys really put a lot of work into each episode. Sadly, every blue moon The hosts will throw their own personal political overtones into some episodes. Keep it a neutral podcast then I would definitely give it a five.
Bill Torino
Hard work on research and details and humor!
Amazing work guys, great job!!!
Warning: Extreme Liberal Bias
I want to love this podcast so much, I really do. However, the hosts snarky dose of hard left rhetoric puts a damper on what otherwise would be a fantastic cast.
A gem and a lovely antidote to homesickness
Tom and Greg are so knowledgeable and passionate about NYC history. Love the series and some day aspire to join one of their walking tours. I lived in NYC throughout the 90s, and miss the city every day. Bowery Boys keeps the city a little closer.
I love this show so much. I look forward to every episode. It’s really helped me connect with the parts of the city I haven’t been able to get to this year. Keep up the great work!
One of my favorites!
I checked out the Bowery Boys podcast after hearing about it from the History Chicks podcast. I’m sooo glad I did! It’s fantastic! VERY well produced and performed. I just listened to the live episode... flawlessly spooooky!
Sarah LMM
Having grown up heading into the city I missed a lot of what makes NY tick. This show has made me appreciate the city more. Now I take trips in to see the sights that are talked about on the show. Almost up to date(6 months of shows to go till I’m caught up). Even have my son hooked. Great show. The banter between the hosts makes it. They are not just telling you what happened, they are sharing what happened.
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Not a fan
Not a fan of how the Bowery BOYS talk about some historically important women.
Great Antidote to Today’s News
I discovered the Bowery Boys while planning for a solo trip to the west coast. A great way to pass time in airplanes and airports and take the mind off traveling. Now I am hooked. Haven’t turned on a television in over ten days. Soon discovered that even episodes which didn’t seem to be of interest were fascinating. Great job guys! I’m sending money as soon as it get home -I want all of it!! SJ
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sj, NC
If you love NYC
Great perspective on NYC and how it historically developed over the past 200 years. Well done!
A New Yorker now living abroad, your podcast is a real way for me to feel connected to my city. So interesting and so fun, thank you guys for your hard work ! Your podcast is amazing !!
Love this podcast and always recommend to friends.
This podcast brings me so much joy! Always interesting and fun.
Bowery Boys
I love these boys. I listen over and over to their shows. I love the city.
Mrs Spink
My favorite podcast for 10 plus years. Love these 2 guys and love New York
Lani G fan
Best history podcast ever!
Love the two hosts, well researched and fascinating. I also appreciate that they don't use distracting sound effects like so many other podcast do. Keep up the good work Bowery boys!. I live in Austin Texas but I'm a native New Yorker and my father was a New York City police captain
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