The Bowery Boys: New York City History
The Bowery Boys: New York City History
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New York City history is America's history. It's the hometown of the world, and most people know the city's familiar landmarks, buildings and streets. Why not look a little closer and have fun while doing it?
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I love this show so much. I look forward to every episode. It’s really helped me connect with the parts of the city I haven’t been able to get to this year. Keep up the great work!
One of my favorites!
I checked out the Bowery Boys podcast after hearing about it from the History Chicks podcast. I’m sooo glad I did! It’s fantastic! VERY well produced and performed. I just listened to the live episode... flawlessly spooooky!
Sarah LMM
Having grown up heading into the city I missed a lot of what makes NY tick. This show has made me appreciate the city more. Now I take trips in to see the sights that are talked about on the show. Almost up to date(6 months of shows to go till I’m caught up). Even have my son hooked. Great show. The banter between the hosts makes it. They are not just telling you what happened, they are sharing what happened.
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Not a fan
Not a fan of how the Bowery BOYS talk about some historically important women.
Great Antidote to Today’s News
I discovered the Bowery Boys while planning for a solo trip to the west coast. A great way to pass time in airplanes and airports and take the mind off traveling. Now I am hooked. Haven’t turned on a television in over ten days. Soon discovered that even episodes which didn’t seem to be of interest were fascinating. Great job guys! I’m sending money as soon as it get home -I want all of it!! SJ
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sj, NC
If you love NYC
Great perspective on NYC and how it historically developed over the past 200 years. Well done!
A New Yorker now living abroad, your podcast is a real way for me to feel connected to my city. So interesting and so fun, thank you guys for your hard work ! Your podcast is amazing !!
Love this podcast and always recommend to friends.
This podcast brings me so much joy! Always interesting and fun.
Bowery Boys
I love these boys. I listen over and over to their shows. I love the city.
Mrs Spink
My favorite podcast for 10 plus years. Love these 2 guys and love New York
Lani G fan
Best history podcast ever!
Love the two hosts, well researched and fascinating. I also appreciate that they don't use distracting sound effects like so many other podcast do. Keep up the good work Bowery boys!. I live in Austin Texas but I'm a native New Yorker and my father was a New York City police captain
Holy crap
This podcast is so good! WE NEED MORE MURDER MYSTERIES!
Simpsons fan123
Informative and entertaining
Always very well researched and clearly presented. Easy to follow and fun to listen to, I can listen for hours and it doesn’t get old.
Worlds Greatest Podcast
Awesome podcast
History Buff 7637
Great podcast
Been listening from the beginning and these guys are great. They keep coming up with excellent shows after all these years. They have a passion for the topics and it shows. One of the last truly great independent podcasts.
The perfect history podcast.
It’s amazing how many of these perfect little history podcasts they can put out
Mr. Yagoobian
Outstanding podcast
I am always enriched by the Bowery Boys. Their podcasts are always informative and entertaining. Well researched, they always able to open my eyes to new places and stories that I, as a native New Yorker, have never known or knew about before listening. Thank you!
A podcast rich in New York City history
I have learned so much about the city’s history on this podcast. The two presenters are fun to listen to as they add to each other’s narrative. Anyone who loves NYC would love this podcast.
I can relax with this podcast
The quality of this podcast surpasses others. It inspires curiosity and intrigue and I often finish the podcast feeling positively inspired. Other comparable podcasts drain my energy and I walk away feeling more anxious and conflicted. I can relax into The Bowery Boys, which is a rare effect amongst the burgeoning generation of new podcasts. Thank you to the moderators for being so different!
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does anyone have this nickname
Great show. I just love it. I was thrilled to find in your archives one on Greenpoint, because my mother and her two older siblings all had worked at the Eberhard Faber factory at one point during the Depression. I must take issue with your pronunciation of EE-berhard. My ancestors always pronounced it ebb-erhard.
Glotia M
My new favorite podcast
I love history and I love the way that The Bowery Boys tie in history with present day NYC.
mere sturkie
The history of home
My family and I moved to Manhattan nearly two years ago. I was wanting to find ways to teach our kids about the place we now call home. I stumbled across this podcast and we love learning about the historical events and places that helped create this great city. This is as EB White said our “final destination”. Thanks for helping us develop a deeper understanding of our new home!
Jaime Panton
Love, love, love!
I lived in New York City while going to graduate school; while I don’t live there anymore, this podcast reminds me of my home. It’s entertaining, well researched, and I learn something new each time I tune in. Thanks for creating this podcast- it helps to bring my city a bit closer to my current home.
Wish I lived in NYC
Hi. I’ve only recently begun listening to these podcasts. I’ve never been disappointed. They’ve been able to bring history alive and interesting. I think they have captured the many facets of an amazing city. I also love their friendly banter. Great job! CharlesJoseph
My favorite podcast!
The episodes are so thorough and informative, and they cover such a wide range of topics! My mom was born and raised in the Bronx and I got her hooked on this podcast. I absolutely love Greg and Tom and enjoy listening to them so much. They have the perfect amount of witty banter. Best Podcast award!!
Bowery Boys
I love the topics but the sophomoric bantering between the Commentators ruins the entire episode for me. Stick to the story.
Makes me appreciate the city
I’ve lived in NYC for almost 10 years and the Bowery Boys have given me an appreciation of the city I would never have otherwise. I love learning about the rich history behind the beautiful buildings and terrain. Every chance I get I love to walk down Stuyvesant St now that I know what it is. Tom and Greg strike the ideal balance between conversational banter and well researched history. Edutaining.
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Hooked since hearing you on American History Tellers. Love the different episodes on a potpourri of topics. Helps on long quarantine walks!!!
Better than the Hearst building
You make history fun. Educated and relatable, you are able to bring to life content that could easily be too complex or layered and make it easy to understand. The puns and banter makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my best friends.
Love these guys!
Totally generous-will be posting multiple episodes each week to hopefully alleviate the terror of isolation. Thank you to The Bowery Boys!!!
Bethany J. Mahan
My favorite podcast! Fun and informative
I love the Bowery Boys! The content is excellent, and puns are my favorite:) also, thank you so much for putting out a twice-weekly show during Coronavirus, it’s such a needed escape. Keep up the good work!!
I consider you guys friends!
I’ve been a loyal listener for as long as you’ve been available...I look forward to your shows and totally drawn in to the nostalgia. Thanks for all the shows. I’d love to see this as a YouTube channel.
Double Episodes
From Olympia, Washington, thanks so much for doubling the episodes during the Coronavirus outbreaks while I’m staying close to home!
Love your podcast
It took me quite a while, but have listened to your entire back catalog of podcasts. I love you guys. Really looking forward to visiting many of the places you have talked about.
I enjoy EVERY show. So happy history is being shared.
Pepper Rothesay
It’s a wonderful town
So interesting and entertaining. Love the BBs
See Jane Illinois
The best!
Our family loves the Bowery Boys and we can’t wait for the next episode to come out. Proud to be Patreons for the past few years. Looking forward to years of education and humor in episodes to come.
Such a great podcast
Just want to thank you for such a great podcast it really is a great show
gina trent
A new appreciation
This podcast has given me a new appreciation and understanding for the historical richness of my city. There is plenty of invaluable history here despite the shiny new high rises and endless chain stores - you just have to know where to look for it! Incredibly grateful to this podcast and the fantastic hosts for opening my eyes.
The most comprehensive NYC history ever
This is the best and most in depth history of very specific NYC centric history including neighborhoods, politics, and public service. Want to know about a neighborhood or land marking or waste management? They’ve got it covered
Ryan Ilano
New York
I enjoy listening to you both and the knowledge you have of New York. I’m finally coming for a visit .... I can’t wait ...I feel like I’ve already walked the streets and routes with you both . Keep up the great work 😊
History at its best!
One of the most informative and enjoyable podcasts around!
Drama the cat
Bowery boys bring me home
Grew up Queens New York now in ft Wayne Indiana and listening to the Bowery boys brings my New York spirit to life and the knowledge I learn of things I never knew is absolutely fascinating . Thanks keep up the great work enjoy every episode.
Highly recommend!
I’ve listened to Bowery Boys for more than 5 or 6 years now, I think. I’m mesmerized by how much they know and how much I learn from them in every episode. I live in NYC and purposely head to neighborhoods and spend a day meandering about, with my earbuds in, taking in the culture and history of this great city. I recently started teaching an undergrad course in society and food cultures and have recommended this podcast to my students to help them broaden their understanding of the many immigrant populations that make up the varieties of neighborhoods in these five boroughs. Thanks for all you do, guys!
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Simply Fantastic
Found this podcast only recently...sad that I hadn’t found it earlier but super excited that I don’t have for new podcasts I can listen to all the past ones, one right after another!! I drive a lot for work it’s all I’ve been listening to for about a week now. Very informative and fun, as a native (Upstate) New Yorker it really peaks my interest to visit NYC more often and have a better knowledge of the history and stories of such an amazing city!
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Love this podcast
I love this podcast even if I am from rival Philadelphia. This is my favorite podcast. History in a very interesting and fun way. Subscribe, you won’t be sorry.
Very interesting
One of the hosts...
Has a vocal tone and pace which is slightly irritating to my sense of flow. It doesn’t keep a steady pace and disrupts my conscience flow when listening. The story content is some of the best in podcasting. Well thought out and executed with no personal opinion in way of story telling.
Fractural history 😪
Elderidge episode? Really?? Give me a break! Stay away from religion please. Over simplified story telling. Entertaining but not historically correct. They copy what they read and over simplify. Very staged. I would appreciate it if they would really report correct history. Too many puns and not enough real history. Take more time to get the history correct. Great entertainers! Still like the show even if the history is weak. Favorite show was about neon signs.
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