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Love love love
Amazing. I'm on Day 2 of a one year sabbatical from social media and my husband is taking a year off TV as those are our respective vices. My friend sent me this podcast and I'm two episodes in and loving it!!
Flipping the light switches on social media.
said "amen" after every single episode. thank you thank you thank you for every word and for approaching the topics around social media from so many angles.
Just Like Old Timey Radio
This podcast is like fresh air on a laundry line, if I had one to hang laundry on. Such great music and musings and a perfection to editing that few other podcasts rival. I just wish there were more!!!
Refreshing Thoughts
This is such a wonderful podcast about learning how to get back to the simplicity of life. What is life like without social media? Great question. Here are a bunch of witty, fun interviews and sound bites that make you think more about your busy life. Thanks guys! :)
Honest and Current
Ash and Jeremy are honest and real and a joy to listen to. Thank you for your hearts.
Such a great contribution
I love this podcast. It would be great as a supplement to a class on the ethics of social media or something. I'll definitely be using it as one of my resources when talking to my kids about social media as they get older. I don't really get the super long sound bytes, honestly, but maybe that's considered normal for this type of podcast. It's not going to deter me from continuing to subscribe, however. I'm still on social media at this point to keep in touch with family long-distance, but the topic has certainly gotten me thinking. Thanks for a great podcast, guys. Looking forward to more interviews.
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This is one of the only podcasts I actually keep coming back to! It's challenging, real, insightful and inspiring. What more could you want than to listen in on little peaks of this journey showing how less can be more?!
Shailey Murphy
A true inspiration!
It's crazy to say, but logging off all social media outlets for a year is counter-cultural and certainly not the norm. I feel your experiment has been telling, intriguing and each episode has given me just a bit more food for thought for my own journey toward being more present and mindful in my daily life. Keep it up!
Counter cultural and pure delight!
Thank you for tackling a tricky subject with so much beauty. Confronting our collective attachment to electronic virtual reality could be considered meddling, except you aren't preaching. You are just practicing and taking us along. Keep it up!