The Podcast
The Podcast
Nick Collias, Heather Eastman & Krissy Kendall, Ph.D.
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Episode 94, great information and entertaining!
Great information! Truthful and straightforward. Best part was was with heather “can you come over, I wanna make up like 50 exercises we can do with this bed sheet”. Lol, I almost drove off the road choking on my drink.
Smarmy Music?
What's with the lame music that's been playing underneath some of the non-interview stories lately? Is it supposed to be inspirational? Wish you'd stop. I had to turn off a couple of episodes without listening.
Good material, just hate the language
You’re providing professional recommendations, tips, information to the public. The very least this podcast could do would be to clean up the language and the vulgar comments. Young teens listen to these and not everyone else likes to hear the unnecessary verbiage either.
Nice app
I would like to be able to sample the music before buying it.
It's called a bodybuilding podcast but they don't talk about bodybuilding. And the hosts are twigs that don't bodybuild. Very disappointing
I can’t get enough!
I listen to this podcast when I need inspiration. I listen to this when I’m on the way to the gym and while I’m lifting to keep me motivated. All the bodybuilders are so edifying.
Old thinking. Nothing new
Dr. Kalman was a tool. Why have sexist guests like that.
Please stop saying "uh huh"
Great content but it's annoying lol
Helpful Insights
A well done podcast with some really great guest & host! A great way to help your understanding of strength, fitness & health.
I learn something new every time I listen!
Loving this podcast! I'm a CPT always looking to absorb every bit of knowledge that I can! Keep it up, guys!
New York Muscle Radio Podcast Approved
Great podcast with great guests! The episode with Layne and Dr Dom was awesome!
Worth the listen for sure!!!!
I'm a college student majoring in kinesiology and I love listening to this podcast while I study and workout. It's informative and funny, the host are great moderators as well Keep it up👏🏻👍🏻