The Blunder Years
The Blunder Years
Ted Bauer
Episode 7: Aging parents + "People are nuts" + 20-40-60 Rule
34 minutes Posted Oct 16, 2019 at 7:43 am.
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Show notes

Aging parents is a concept that people are starting to talk about more and more. I’ve seen stats about 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, but they’re retiring to lives that will last longer than they ever lasted before -- potentially we’re adding the equivalent of a third of life to people these days. Now that’s great in terms of time with loved ones at one level, but there’s a huge financial piece of the puzzle that we haven’t totally figured out yet. And this is all happening at a time when wages for most people have been stagnating for at least a decade.

That’s part of what I discuss with Brandy Henry in this episode. She’s an independent business owner in the Portland Oregon area and she hosts her own podcast about engaging on social media. Here we talk about aging parents, about the difference between 22 and 30 and 38 and 46, about how everyone is nuts, and about dichotomies around women at work and at home. Hope you enjoy it.