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Hard Truths With Josh Trent
This episode is for courageous people only. The topics we discuss in it are going to challenge you deeply Josh and I touch on deep Truths that many people would rather distract themselves from than face them, sit in the discomfort that may form, and learn the lesson to be learned from overcoming them From sharing personal experiences that have taken years to accept + work through, overcoming sensations of guilt, shame, insecurities, and resentment to Universal Laws and Truths that humanity is slowly waking up to…  …this episode has everything someone wanting more from their life could ever ask for
Jul 28
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Tolerance Sucks with Mike & Max
00:00.00 Max Shank All right? Welcome back to Monday morning with max and Mike we're talking about launch pads. We're talking about ramps. We're talking about Trebuches. We're talking about flinging things a mighty distance this applies to both physics and also business That's what I'm excited about. I don't want to go out there and go fishing. You know one pole at a time I want to be able to deliver a tremendous payload at a great distance. You know what I mean and have it create a very massive effect. But in order to do that. You got to spend a lot more time with the building of it. It's like fishing pole pretty easy to build water wheel significantly harder to build but greater impact lot more work ahead of time and then you take it all the way to something like a rocket which can or a power plant. Can deliver a tremendous amount of power but it requires a huge amount of upfront work and because I've done a lot of biz coaching with people I feel like that that is the number None thing that. Separates people who create an exponential growth in their business is the ones who are willing to do the setup time to make something that is a more sophisticated leverage and force multiplier. You know what? I'm saying. 01:27.51 mikebledsoe Yeah I Think the None thing you got to consider in that case is does what you want to build actually solve a problem and um I think a lot of people you know think I think a lot of people start businesses based on something they Like. Or something you know around what it is that they want to do which works sometimes because they figured out. They've solved some problem for themselves and they they can help other people through a product or service. Um, but I'm a big fan of of seeing if it's the right Poll. Before I go launch a hundred of them like I don't want to put the wrong bait on my hook I could be I could be catching the wrong fish or I could be catching no fish at All. So I would use one pole make. 02:16.13 Max Shank I like I like the fishing analogy. The fishing analogy is good because people are about as smart as fish. 02:24.18 mikebledsoe Ah, it's true. Ah so no, but like it's good to put figure out if if it you know test with one poll or maybe test with 20 polls all with different bait. What um, keeps popping off is now we're pulling the hooks out and we're replacing all them with that one Bait I think that. That's like the I've been thinking about the business as ah, especially like a coaching business as a triangle at the bottom you have you have your offer and then one of the sides is marketing and the other sides is the fulfillment. The coaching aspect. Find that most people and the way this would work is like what are you selling? How do you market it and then how do you fulfill on it whether it's a coaching business or not and. 03:12.98 Max Shank Ah, right? How do you? How do you educate them about it and how do you get it to them. So like the bottom is what is it and then one side is how do you tell the right people about how do they know about it and then how do you get it to them I like it. 03:19.16 mikebledsoe Right. 03:25.32 mikebledsoe Exactly exactly so but I find them I know you do triangles are the best sturdy pointed can penetrate well and super hard to tip over. 03:31.46 Max Shank Also I like triangles. 03:36.87 Max Shank So I mean they're not hexagons. But they're really cool. 03:44.95 mikebledsoe Ah, so well depends on what kind of time go with oh let's hear it. 03:46.11 Max Shank You know my favorite ah Buckminster Fuller joke he's ah he goes ah is well. It's more of a statement I guess he goes. Ah why do architects build square houses. So engineers can put triangles in them. 04:08.49 mikebledsoe I I like it I like it. Yeah yeah, tons of triangles. Yeah, None of triangles. Yeah yeah, without that your shit's going to get fucked up. So um. 04:10.73 Max Shank And if you you've done a bunch of house framing and stuff like that too before right? So you have these rectangle boxes that are just full of triangles. You better have those fuckers in there. 04:28.22 mikebledsoe Well, it just won't even look right. 04:31.44 Max Shank No oh it's going to go over without some triangles in there. Yeah. 04:32.86 mikebledsoe Just kind of push it over Ah yeah, so I like thinking about this because I more often than not when I bump into an entrepreneur either a new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur suffering None times out of None It's the the bottom. Part of the pyramid. It's the offer. It's the it's the what they're selling. Um, yeah, yeah sand at the beach. Yeah, and so so somebody you know it's like somebody has these air things people think that it's a marketing problem. 04:55.12 Max Shank Sand at the beach like why would you want to do that to yourself. Ah yeah. 05:10.66 mikebledsoe And I'm like it's not a marketing like does anyone want what you're selling in the None place when it's not a marketing problem like your offers should be the thing you're offering should be an obvious solution if it's not obvious solution then there's more work to be done there. Um, some people in business would say that the development of the offer is a function of the marketing department. Which I don't necessarily disagree disagree with but so is the fulfillment. They kind of all bleed into each other. Yeah, So so if you so if you nail down a solid offer and then you just. 05:33.74 Max Shank I Think marketing marketing is part of the offer for sure. Yeah. 05:49.30 mikebledsoe Funnel as many people towards that that one offer not now you got a winning formula. 05:53.48 Max Shank Well, and even even better. Is you you set up your shop within a current flow of consciousness directed at that specific thing and I mean Youtube has been a game changer in this because. There's just such a bigger library of things that are searchable if you have questions that need solving and if you if you meet people where they're at and you match their pace. They don't notice that you're a fisherman. Basically you just kind of enter the conversation that they're already having. 06:16.72 mikebledsoe Yeah. 06:31.96 Max Shank And the the finesse of that offer is really.. It's the same as seduction for the most part. That's why so many of these great copywriters were like pickup artist stuff before then because it's all about getting someone from I don't know. To yes, right? And so however, you craft that that story that is entering that person's mind is going to guide their next decisions. 07:02.20 mikebledsoe Yeah, what are we talking about toy forgot about our topic since you made it you may you you made it up. Ah oh yeah, oh. 07:09.95 Max Shank Triangles we were talking about lot. No no, we were talking talking about launch pads launch pads rocket ships trebute none fishing from fishing poles to ah nuclear power plants. Ah we're we're just trying to eat and fuck right. That's really what it comes down to we want to make sure that we're safe. We want to get enough calories. We want to continue our genes we we insist that the genes get carried forward every animal and plant is like None sure about that part of the equation like definitely more of us and we just that's life baby more of us. Ah so it's all about energy. It's all about conserving calories. It's always it's also about um, expanding the mass. 07:49.71 mikebledsoe That's life. Yeah I. 08:05.26 Max Shank Of the tribe which is also like a stored energy kind of calorie thing. It's like ah it's like the size of the tribe is your energy bank and actually in dune they talk about how the tribe shares the water ah like everybody shares all the water and then if 1 guy dies they suck the water out and like it's all about. 08:07.27 mikebledsoe Yeah, um. Yeah, about if. 08:23.63 mikebledsoe Well, it's ah yeah I mean unless you have a tribe where half of the tribe ah is useless Now that's a drain on the energy. 08:24.97 Max Shank Just ah pooling those re pooling those resources. 08:36.65 Max Shank True but that has happened for a long time I mean we we ah well and it's and it's ah it's uncertain of what the utility is in some of those cases like ah, there's that grandmother idea where there's the wisdom that. 08:40.64 mikebledsoe I Know that's why I bring it up. 08:56.24 Max Shank Passed on like why would I'm not saying this to be crude, but like why would a lady stay alive and go through Menopause like why would they stop being able to bear children and maybe it's ah like physical. Ah. Power but I think ah that is only exhibited and I think like Orcas and elephants. There aren't that many creatures that go through Menopa and maybe chimps. Also I can't quite remember exactly but it's this idea that there's a ah huge value to. 09:25.88 mikebledsoe Um. 09:33.55 Max Shank Them teaching the next generation how to do stuff and with orca they have different hunting techniques based on where they live they have different languages between these different pods. So there's a utility that's not strictly. Ah, hunting gathering or procreating. But I know what you're talking about too. It's like the bigger the percentage of freeloaders are the heavier. The wagon gets and it's still and a simple energy equation right? If you have one ah hundred kilograms in the wagon and you have None guy pulling. It's. Totally fine. But if you suddenly have ten Thousand Kilograms unless it's very ah, good piece of machinery that None guy won't be able to move it. 10:15.94 mikebledsoe Yeah, it feels like that's where we're at now. So a bunch of people are just jumping in the wagon and not pulling it. But I'm not yeah and um, while'm not blaming them I get it I get it. Well here's the thing. Ah if you lack if you lack. 10:25.46 Max Shank Um, hard to blame hard to blame. Yeah yeah, who would very few wouldn't do that. 10:35.90 mikebledsoe If you lack the skills to demand a certain amount of money I mean this is what happens we're in inflation right now and but like. 10:42.82 Max Shank Oh God here we go again. It's all it's all just about show me a better offer. That's what it's about because if so to be a freeloader to be a freeloader. It's got to be a better offer than the other thing that you are thinking about doing. 10:48.50 mikebledsoe It. It's It's exactly right. 10:55.85 mikebledsoe Exactly always goes back to incentives with you as well. But the thing is what we have is ah the cost of living is outpacing salaries. So it's not like people's salaries are inflating at the same rate that that's historically. 11:00.75 Max Shank Totally. 11:14.28 mikebledsoe Been untrue. So like what is true is that the salary state. You know you'll get a 1% raise and you get your dopamine hit and you stick with it but inflation is 10% and so your lifestyle keeps decreasing the people at the top get more money and then so I think a lot of people are just like. 11:15.00 Max Shank Right? ah. 11:29.48 Max Shank Right? Well if. 11:34.22 mikebledsoe Why I can't pay my bills at Fifteen Twenty dollars an hour I can't pay my bills so why work you know it's so I get it. 11:38.50 Max Shank Right? right? Don't totally I there's like ah a Bob Newhart joke from like a really long time ago where he talks about working at the ah unemployment office and. He it didn't take him too long before he realized that he was handing out these $60 checks and he was only getting fifty bucks a week and he had to he had to be there all week I mean this has been going on for a long time and the thing that has increased people's quality of life has been technology and maybe quality of life is actually a stretch because I think that you can perhaps live a much higher quality of life with some lower tech. 12:26.57 mikebledsoe Well ah, technology technology allows us to leverage its leverage to increase power. So if you put the if you put power in somebody's hand who's going to make choices that don't take them towards a higher quality of life. They're actually going to go to a lower quality life. 12:29.52 Max Shank Even though you know there are people you know what I mean exactly more leverage. 12:45.88 mikebledsoe Much faster and because there's dopamine that's associated with the tool the technology the dopamine will create the illusion that their lifestyle is improving because now they got a fancier phone or whatever the fuck or more people like their their photo today. 13:01.21 Max Shank Um, well they're using that tool but they're just using it at a very like low level way. 13:05.46 mikebledsoe Ah, and so so like they think they think that having the tool They think that having the tool is the increase in quality of life when it's the thing that can increase the quality of life exactly. 13:20.52 Max Shank It's not the tool. It's what you do with it. That's what like all like every every girl I've ever met has always said that to me, it's not about the tool itself. It's what you do with it. But. 13:26.56 mikebledsoe Um, and making you feel better. How the yeah so that's it's not the size of your tool max. 13:33.14 Max Shank Ah, yeah I don't know I don't know why I Assume it's ah like this with everybody. That's what I've been told I've been told that so much so much I Wonder if it is though if they're just saying that like. I Just meet all of the most considerate ladies ever. Is there a common denominator here that I haven't considered who so so we're talking we're we're we're talking. 13:54.66 mikebledsoe Ah, oh he's going into reflection folks. Ah, we'll see him back in a week absolutely 14:05.93 Max Shank We're talking money though. Also right and the size of your wallet is way more important than the size of your genitals fellows for the record fat guys with tiny cocks fat old guys with tiny cocks are out there right now with the most beautiful women in the world If that's your if that's your thing. 14:11.11 mikebledsoe When it when it comes to getting getting and having ladies. 14:23.98 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 14:25.19 Max Shank You know Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the truth is how you do professionally and how you ah carry yourself is going to be way more important and that kind of leads us back to the launch pads. It's this. It's the same kind of thing. Can you defer the gratification. 14:33.11 mikebledsoe Yeah, you know I um. 14:43.72 Max Shank To build what is necessary so that it has its its own momentum without you pushing it all the time and I think that's what what everybody wants or at least everybody I think maybe should want is something that. 15:00.25 mikebledsoe Yeah, there's um, man see if I can find it real quick. Nope Um I was thinking about the ah the myth of it takes money to make money. There's like that that famous phrase. 15:00.60 Max Shank Can sustain itself. 15:16.61 mikebledsoe It's a meme that floats around in in our culture and it's It's not true. It's ah you need resources to make money and money is also a byproduct of using those resources well and ah you are your primary resources. 15:16.79 Max Shank Um, yeah. 15:36.53 mikebledsoe Um, are basically your ability to observe critically think and problem solve and most people I bring that up because I don't want people to get stuck in the way of thinking that oh I need to have money before I can make money because I think a lot of people. Or or in that mentality by that's exactly right? It's exactly right? So I think that there are certain common phrases out there that are almost intended to keep people from being successful and that's one of them. 15:56.89 Max Shank I Need to lose some weight before I join the gym. 16:09.15 Max Shank Oh almost or certainly I mean there's mind control everywhere um depends how deep you want to go down that rabbit hole. But even just ah like let's say regular Tv especially as a dude. 16:12.46 mikebledsoe Most certainly? yeah yeah. 16:27.99 Max Shank It's like how many Tv shows have you seen in your life where the father was a powerful figure with a good set of values and a good. It's ah it's never that it's like some whiny bitch. It's like some whiny bitch like. 16:39.83 mikebledsoe Not since the early sixty s. 16:47.15 Max Shank Who's always like oh can we have sex wife and the wife never wants to and the guy always does and in reality and in reality in reality. It's like as soon as you get to that age. It's the exact fucking opposite. Are you kidding me like None 50 year old ah in a couple. 16:50.10 mikebledsoe That is interesting I never thought about that. 17:06.69 Max Shank It's not going to be the guy who's like scrounging for it all the time he's done. It's just it's just a funny ah example where it's not just the commercials. It's just it's not like those rap videos and all that stuff That's ah mind controlling us. It's even um. 17:09.82 mikebledsoe Yeah. 17:26.61 Max Shank Like a Tv show where that's your model that you see and believe and now you think oh that's normal. Not this other thing and whatever you think is normal. That's what you're going to like reinforce. 17:32.32 mikebledsoe Yeah I've thought I've thought about this is I remember the first movie I went and saw in a theater I was five years old I don't remember seeing it but my mom told me that the first movie I saw was bambi and. 17:49.51 Max Shank Ah. 17:51.43 mikebledsoe And like I remember growing up and hunting and then people were like oh but you're going to kill bambi you know and I and I was always like well yeah I mean and I think that ah Disney movies are probably primarily responsible for veganism. At this point. 17:58.67 Max Shank If yeah. 18:09.57 Max Shank What whoa somebody saved that clip Jesus What a claim is off the wall I Love it go on. 18:09.76 mikebledsoe Is and. 18:13.35 mikebledsoe Well but it's well I mean so if we're talking about mind control and programming how many Disney films have talking animals that have the consciousness of human beings right? And so now what you have is a bunch of adults that think that the animals. Are equal to humans and there's nothing different about the 2 of us and they're people too and these are the types of things that you would most people would never be able to come to that conclusion unless they were None None 3 4 5 none watching animals talk and. This and that I'm not saying that animals don't think and don't have feelings and all that stuff but they're not us. 18:57.89 Max Shank I think the main difference is the talking thing I was thinking about this the other day like for example, it's okay, in some cultures to to eat ah a dog right? and and here it's totally okay to eat a pig. And right now that's fine. But if you were to have sex with a pig people would I think that's illegal I think it's ah or at least frowned upon if it's not illegal if it's not illegal. It's at least frowned upon in today's day and age it's because there are a lot of bigoted people out there who are discriminating against the yeah. 19:22.57 mikebledsoe I Think it's too legal. 19:36.84 Max Shank Beastie Alllet Tours I don't know whatever now picture this tomorrow tomorrow. You know what really grinds my gears is that Ah now imagine tomorrow Switch flipped pigs can speak english. 19:38.39 mikebledsoe Got a bone to pick max. Um. 19:52.54 mikebledsoe Ah. 19:56.22 Max Shank My guess is that the rules would exactly flip I think if pigs could speak English It would be perfectly legit to have sex with them and not okay to eat them anymore I think it's all about whether they can communicate. 20:08.35 mikebledsoe Well that that falls right in line with the Disney thing if you're witness lobsters having conversations with squirrels then you know like I can see what could happen for you anyways. 20:23.13 Max Shank Which one was the lobsters and the squirrels. 20:27.16 mikebledsoe Yeah I was mixing up my movies. So the back to the triangles and fishing poles the the max and I were talking about right before the show is we we would like to put together something. People are listening to this show. They like it I've gotten a few dms of people offering to send us money which we still haven't set up the donation page yet, but it'll get up eventually and um, watch should be None of those things where. 21:00.56 Max Shank Please please I'm hungry Please I'm hungry I'll eat I'll eat food. 21:02.10 mikebledsoe Thousands of dollars start rolling in and I'm like ah I should have set this up max is he's he's losing weight a pound a week right now he's gonna be nothing here by by Christmas and. 21:18.89 Max Shank I'm going on a food strike until those donations start rolling in. There's no way I'm doing that. Ah, okay, so we got the triangle We got the offer. 21:22.57 mikebledsoe No, ah so ah so I'm curious I'm curious about what it is that people people want I'm always curious about what is it that people want. Yeah oh well, a I look both. 21:36.60 Max Shank Our listeners or or all people. Okay I'll tell you what they want it goes back to um my my 3 levels theory here lizard mammal wizard people. 21:41.99 mikebledsoe Both So okay, let's go. 21:56.32 Max Shank In Lizard mode. They just want to be safe. They just want food. That's it. They're stuck and if you don't get out of that lizard Brain Mode. You're fucking lizard and you might thrash Around. You might have some sharp fangs and claws. But you're not going to fuck around with love or self-actualization which are the. Higher orders of thinking right? you go to the None tier which is the Mammalian brain the mammal wants to be loved So the lizard wants to be safe. The mammal wants to be loved and of course people will try to substitute ah food for love if they can't find it. At that level. So Let's just go back a step and so if people can get love I'm just always shoveling ice cream trying to fill the void in my heart with frozen cream out of a cow. Ah I Love it. Okay, so. 22:36.72 mikebledsoe This explains your ice cream habit. 22:54.55 Max Shank You get love as a mammal.. That's what you want and if you can go even beyond that your Self-actualization. You're following your Bliss. You're finding the intersection between doing what you feel totally blissed out doing you're in a flow state and it's good for the tribe. And you're safe. All that stuff is happening. You feel like you are expressing your most authentic or unfiltered self that feels good and of course in order to get to that point you usually need to be safe so secure The lizard Love the mammal. Free The Wizard. That's what people want and the form it takes can be different. Um you know sex and food and whatnot. 23:39.39 mikebledsoe Yeah, that's what they that's what people want they want they want safety love and after that it's yeah, um, be their best self. 23:48.30 Max Shank Self self actualization legacy. Maybe yeah. 23:53.72 mikebledsoe Find a lot of people hit self-actualization and want to help other people get the self- actualualization but don't There's not enough people. It's like we've had ah we've hit a tipping point or like ah we've slid back in society a bit good correct. Yeah enough people. There's not enough people that are. 24:03.22 Max Shank What do you mean? there aren't enough people who are trying to self-actualize or. 24:13.44 mikebledsoe At that point I think with the last couple years. Ah people slid back into survival and so a lot of a lot of the ah lot of people stopped spending money on things that were more in alignment with self-actualization and started. 24:15.61 Max Shank Ah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah. 24:31.61 mikebledsoe Buying more toilet paper now now we're in a depression. 24:32.70 Max Shank Word totally and it's interesting. How the word so closely mirrors the way that people feel when they're um, less Expressive. I Really hone in on that juxtaposition or that comparison between um, shoot I Just lost my train of thought depression expression. Yeah, exactly so being able to fully express yourself like I have a little note Card. It's just a. 24:53.33 mikebledsoe A. 24:58.85 mikebledsoe Depression expression. 25:09.97 Max Shank A small list. It's in ah, a copy of the doubtaging. It's like pocketsized and I realized a while ago for business for fitness the the list of of stuff should be pretty short overall like the general list that you follow through on and for me, it's like. Have sing I have dance I have climb I have swing like a sword or a rope or something like that. So I Just have these like little bullet points. Basically for what I want to do on a daily basis and the more I sing and dance the more expressive I feel and the less. Feel like filtered or damped down and the word expression itself is all about standing out. So It's like to stand and to be like expressed and it's um, it's important to harmonize that I think with. 25:50.59 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 26:07.40 Max Shank A feeling of oneness So like the exact opposite of expressing this expressing this unique ah sensation of an individual self and sync back in to the all-encompassing soup. 26:20.92 mikebledsoe Yeah, it can be done takes practice hold both. Um. 26:27.51 Max Shank Oh yeah, you were talking about how we're in a depression now and I don't know if it's that far yet. It's not ah I'm like. 26:35.24 mikebledsoe Yeah, well, there's there's more jobs available than there are people willing to work the jobs and. 26:42.56 Max Shank Now that that sounds like Greece a few years ago where it was like 50 I don't know if there's exact statistics but it was like just an overwhelming amount of people who were working in the government and an overwhelming amount of people who were just getting paid by the government and there was like nobody left who wanted to work. 26:57.69 mikebledsoe Yeah, well there I think it's just this. Ah this is one of those and this is just one of those times where you're. 27:02.23 Max Shank And I get it. 27:09.65 mikebledsoe In in business you have to be really good at having that solid offer you actually need to be solving a problem because I think yeah luxury items luxury services be the first to go. 27:18.50 Max Shank The less necessary. It is the sooner. It goes gone depending on the demographic. Yeah, and then it almost never changes for them. 27:28.50 mikebledsoe Um, unless unless you're serving the 1% and never changes well people. 27:36.40 Max Shank It's more individual changes. It's like ah individuals slide in and out of the 1% but as a group the 1% is always there. They're always super wealthy and it always has been since alpha males. 27:44.64 mikebledsoe Um, yeah, in fact, even during it during it during a downturn. They become even more wealthy and that's. 27:52.55 Max Shank Yeah, because they have the dry powder to be able to build rocket ships while you're just fishing furiously in the stream with your one pole because you're like fuck I I need to catch None fish today to feed my family I ain't got time to be building a fucking water wheel or a rocket ship or any of that. So you're just furiously swinging your pole in the water and what about him. 28:12.36 mikebledsoe This makes me think about ah Jeff Bezos talk about a guy talk about a guy who like set the plan in place. He may not have known he was gonna do what he's doing now but he was a online bookstore. 28:23.60 Max Shank Did. Amazing! amazing. 28:29.75 mikebledsoe That just slowly added more and more categories of shit to sell and now oh no, they they probably dwarf any other retail. There's no retailer that stands a chance against them. So. 28:36.26 Max Shank Here. 28:45.27 Max Shank Um, they're so there's they have such incredible economies of scale because they can provide such a crazy value now right? They have that bulk. 28:52.97 mikebledsoe Well I think I point that out because I think people think about scale before they think about solving the 1 problem he solved the 1 problem which is you can't find a book at your local bookstore right? once he once he crushed that then he had the ability to to scale. Both. 29:00.25 Max Shank I see. Right. 29:12.87 mikebledsoe Vertically and horizontally. 29:14.64 Max Shank Yeah I mean I remember him saying once people never want something to arrive slower. They never want it to be more expensive and he's like we just basically focus on that and it's not quite like Youtube. Um, but he's connected the buyers and the sellers in a marketplace he is the marketplace and he's got such a huge market share and the delivery. So actually one of the sides of the triangle you were talking about which is the delivery. 29:37.87 mikebledsoe Yeah, um. 29:53.11 Max Shank Of that offer or that good or service to the person is I mean what's better. What's better. You can get it same day. You can get it 2 day for free and usually it's a pretty seamless process to return that shit like you go into a coles you fuck. They. 29:56.77 mikebledsoe Yeah, the feature. 30:11.78 Max Shank You print out a label 1 ne-click ordering I mean there's a lot of utility there and it's all software based for the most part that's what's so great because we know that's outrageous leverage and of course Youtube has created um, created a marketplace. Right? A media marketplace where the creators like you and I and the advertisers also like you and I but usually different things can ah basically work together to use that flow of consciousness. So. It's really, a. 30:43.30 mikebledsoe Yeah Youtube Google Facebook Instagram yeah. 30:48.56 Max Shank Oh my god Youtube is such a home run. That's like the most insane I'm so hot on Youtube as a user and as a creator because like the videos I've put up five plus years ago are still getting lots of views and those views a small. 31:01.50 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 31:07.84 Max Shank Percentage converts into people who buy something from me and they're just there they're they're there like I don't even have to pay to have those things there like speaking of you don't need ah money to make money. Of course it's better to have more. It's easier to make money when you have a lot. 31:14.20 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, um. 31:25.63 Max Shank Like that's always been the case you know so. 31:26.60 mikebledsoe Yeah I want to go back to that the Amazon you're talking about people don't want things never want anything slower um in ah Alex hormose's hundred million dollar offers book which is one of the best books on offers I've ever read. Um, if if you're a coach. It's probably the. Like it. It very fits our industry but he talks about getting the 2 things that make something more valuable is speed and effort so less effort faster. An example that he uses in the book is. Why will so why would somebody spend $20000 on liposuction but have a hard time spending a couple thousand dollars on a trainer even though like it's obvious to everyone listening why you wouldn't want to get liposuction. But why can they charge that amount of money and there's. 32:20.79 Max Shank The speed and the ease. 32:22.67 mikebledsoe No, yeah, there's no um, shortage of people getting their fat rearranged by a surgeon. So. 32:31.97 Max Shank Well, it's like a different value system for that individual right? So they think their time is valuable. They don't think that um the cost of having their body sliced open is too high right. 32:47.11 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 32:50.25 Max Shank And they think and they believe the cost of exercising for a long time is is too high So simple cost right? It's simple cost benefit and when we talk about cost um calories in time are almost synonymous right? because without calories you're dead. 32:54.63 mikebledsoe It's too expensive. 33:07.83 Max Shank But you could also think of time as the resource and actually it's a little more practical to think of it that way like how many hours per day you can invest you have a fixed amount Yada Yada and then you have dollars and as far as. Investing is concerned mean your your stuff and your time is basically all you got right. 33:31.11 mikebledsoe Yeah, so two things I've been thinking about in regard to offers recently I've been asking myself None questions. The none question entered my mind. Um as I was talking to a buddy who's in the cosmetics industry and he found. He found a product that if he walked into a room 80% of the women wanted his product and that got me thinking I go wow what is a product that if I walked in a room more than half the room would want it. So. 34:07.38 Max Shank Just start hanging out with me. But um. 34:10.20 mikebledsoe That's right, that's right? Ah, but there's there are certain products. Um you know, 80% of the people are using toilet paper 80% of the people drink water you know at least um at least 80% but yeah so like ah. 34:18.16 Max Shank Wait only 80% do the ah I mean I guess some people use the wet wipes but like in America at least a lot of people wipe their ass with their hands. 34:29.50 mikebledsoe Learnings We got bad days and wet wet wipes. Yeah in hand. Yeah yeah. 34:35.80 Max Shank Also that yeah and hand for talking global. It's better to just focus on North America or America for the sake of these conversations right? That's where our audience is. 34:47.50 mikebledsoe Most of them I think we had someone listening from Chad someone from Chad was listening yesterday I'll show you the stats. Yeah so Chad um the ah so I was thinking about like what is what is it that. 34:51.27 Max Shank I apologize to all of our audience in Sudan fucking from from Chad no way that's funny. Ah. 35:06.49 mikebledsoe That almost everybody wants to have and then and then a couple months ago I started asking myself the question of like how would I add a zero to every time I sell something how would I how do I make it 10 times more valuable. So. 35:22.97 Max Shank Oh. 35:24.76 mikebledsoe Some people may hear that and go how do I make it 10 times more expensive. No 10 times more valuable at least so valuable that someone had to have it so those are like 2 thought experiments I've had around offers I think that you know. 35:38.73 Max Shank You have. 35:42.60 mikebledsoe 1 is what's the total addressable market. So how many people out there want or need yours and also looking at how many people are offering the same exact thing that also impacts the total addressable market. So if you can offer something that's truly unique. Your marketing doesn't even have to be that good that truly solves a problem. 35:51.67 Max Shank 9 36:01.49 mikebledsoe And ah, a lot of people want it. It doesn't have to be that great and then um I think it's also much easier to create good marketing when you have that really special unique offer. Um and then also the thought experiment. I really like to do is the the 10 x how do I make this None times more valuable. What would what would that product or service look like for those people or what are those people spending that much money on. So if I go okay, what do people spend none on the majority of the market that spends that kind of money. 36:31.00 Max Shank Oh. 36:39.37 mikebledsoe Usually a home wine. Yeah so ah anyways, and then and then the other experiment too is what would your? what would your offer look like if it was a None of the price. 36:40.35 Max Shank Wine. 36:47.13 Max Shank Individual bottles. 36:55.47 Max Shank Yeah I like the decimal. The decimal imagination is pretty good across the board for any of those like can we get it 10 times faster to them. Can we get the results 10 times faster can we make the experience last 10 times as long, you know all that. 36:56.65 mikebledsoe What could you deliver. 37:11.80 mikebledsoe Yeah, um, yeah. 37:14.78 Max Shank Is ah it's a clean visualization for some reason it it expands way more than thinking of doubling it I mean of course mathematically. 37:19.44 mikebledsoe Well doubling doesn't work doubling doubling doesn't work because people I believe that people's minds will start gravitating towards working twice as hard. It's It's a lot easier to work twice as hard that if I say. 37:32.10 Max Shank Oh here. 37:38.36 mikebledsoe the the 10 x thinking is a governor on how much work you can do because you can't work 10 times more than you're already working I mean unless you're only working an hour a da hour then then you could shut up max. But then. 37:46.62 Max Shank Yeah I mean I could. 37:54.70 Max Shank Ah, hey this is work is my work for the day. 37:55.57 mikebledsoe But then um, yeah, there you go? Ah so so the 10 x thinking really does force people into a high leverage way of thinking. It's a higher order of thinking. 38:05.42 Max Shank I agree. You also said something that I was just talking about yesterday which is huge is you don't want to identify with suffering I mean you can if you want to but I feel like it is a major inhibitor in the results you get. Because instead of your ah result being proportional to the result itself your your metric is how much you suffered and the ratio of how much you suffered to what you produced and I think that um holds a lot of people in a. 38:38.16 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 38:44.92 Max Shank Really diminished state because the the value that they were taught either implicitly or explicitly is that suffering is the value. Not the value is the value and hey that's fucked and I'm sorry if that's you ah. But you can change your mind if you want to. 39:06.58 mikebledsoe Ah, you're you're spot on. Yeah there there was a period of time where I didn't yeah. 39:13.72 Max Shank That's what I learned I mean full disclosure. That's what I learned like if you suffer more you're more good and the reality is ah like that's kind of true historically like when we tell stories if a guy suffers a lot. We're like man that Martyr was a real badass. He got. Drawn and quartered for what he believed in or this guy got crucified for what he believed in I mean crazy right? So you don't want to identify with suffering. It's way it's way more It's kind of a ah weird selfish thing. 39:34.23 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah, wild. 39:49.29 Max Shank And if you really focus on solving a problem for somebody else. You'll recognize that your suffering is totally irrelevant except for the fact that if you suffer more you'll probably be able to produce less. So so. 40:00.32 mikebledsoe Yeah, the um ah in my in my trainings a lot of times I have students they do a journaling about how about the the collapse distinction of sacrifice and service and. 40:16.62 Max Shank Oh shit. That's a good one I hope you have that written down. It's nice. 1 40:19.67 mikebledsoe Yeah, So there's yeah, there's there's this it happens a lot with people with military Backgrounds Blue Colar Backgrounds I mean such as max and I come come from these types of backgrounds and the idea is that. Sacrifices and service are like intermingled constantly in the language. So as you're getting older because here's the thing we learn definitions of words through context we don't sit Down. We weren't taught each word and sat down and. Go Oh Let's look at the dictionary so we learn everything through context and so unconsciously a lot of us when when people hear about service their mind automatically translate that to be associated with sacrifice as Well. And so. 41:12.82 Max Shank Get right. 41:14.92 mikebledsoe What ends up happening I see this a lot with mothers is if they like they they can't enjoy themselves because the moment they start enjoying themselves. They're not being a good mom. Yeah, exactly exactly So this. 41:18.34 Max Shank Oh yeah, the Sufferin mama. 41:27.80 Max Shank They're a bad mom. You're a bad mom. What are you fucking enjoying yourself bad mom. 41:34.74 mikebledsoe This idea So I have everyone journal out you know, ah the definition of each go look it up just go look it out and write it down now. Can you have service without sacrifice. Can you have sacrifice without service. Yes, on both. So. 41:40.86 Max Shank M. 41:50.24 Max Shank Depends on how you define sacrifice 1 of the definitions I think for sacrifice is just ah like what are you? What are you paying right? I'm sacrificing this in exchange for this. So it really depends on the. 41:53.71 mikebledsoe Um. 41:57.89 mikebledsoe Yeah, well my friend Jesse just yeah well Jesse Elder defined the sacrifice is that you the difference between sacrificing and investing is. 42:07.32 Max Shank The definition. So what you said is right? You just have to have it there. 42:16.53 mikebledsoe A lot of times people use the word sacrifice when they're talking about giving up something now for something greater later and that's yeah and that's technically an investment. Not a sacrifice sacrifice is when you give up something for a lesser value. So that's. 42:21.74 Max Shank Like in a chess game when you do a sacrifice for a gambit. 42:35.33 mikebledsoe That's a distinction that he's created that I that I find to be really useful that may not necessarily be true, but it's a really useful way to think possible. What. 42:39.58 Max Shank Um, you know I don't even know if it's possible to sacrifice something for a lesser value because in that moment you are making a value estimation. On what you're going to get out of this behavior. So I think you are always ah basically gambling. Um, it kind of is similar to yeah I think I mean people always do what they think is going to get them. 43:04.90 mikebledsoe Ah, sometimes people know that they're gonna I don't know it's hard to say I. Well, let's get out. 43:15.94 Max Shank The the most for the least if we want it if we want to simplify it down people want the most for the least and sometimes what they give up is not worth as much as what they got is like my friend Rob says is the fucking you're getting worth the fucking. You're getting. 43:32.52 mikebledsoe Um, or going like this. Yeah. 43:33.84 Max Shank Ah, ah what you made me think of you. What me? what you made me think of though um was why I think ah tolerance is the worst thing in the world I think being able to I think. 43:48.85 mikebledsoe Dude you live in California you're supposed to be tolerant of everything everybody all the time you you should have a flat flat set of values. Everything should be the same value all the time. 43:52.76 Max Shank No okay so go go ahead and lump lump me in lump me in with tens of millions of people in a sweeping generalization because I'm such a normal such ah because I'm such a normal fucking dude in the None place right. 44:02.66 mikebledsoe I Just did I. 44:11.11 mikebledsoe Ah. 44:12.38 Max Shank Jesus fucking Christ so being able to tolerate physical forces. That's good. That's athletic, right? But when people tolerate something. Ah let's say psychologically or relationship. Wise it's ah it's one of the worst things you can do because you're not what you should do is you should reject it or you should accept it and I think people make the mistake of they tolerate. Which is like they're being wounded constantly and they build this resentment from this little barbed wound so you should either accept it fully or reject it but you should never tolerate never tolerate behavior you don't want accept it. Let it go or reject that shit. 45:02.91 mikebledsoe Ooh. 45:07.80 Max Shank Don't fucking tolerate. It's the work tolerant. You heard it here first. Tolerance is the worst thing for a relationship. That's what's up. 45:13.70 mikebledsoe I Love it I Love it. You're right I like the acceptance or reject it. Tolerance tolerance is like I don't want to make a choice I don't want to. It's a lack of responsibility in the context your. 45:25.60 Max Shank Um, yeah, no, it's even worse. It is a choice. It is a choice I'm gonna I'm gonna watch I'm gonna watch this thing that a person does and I'm not gonna like it and I'm gonna Harbor resentment because of it. 45:32.42 mikebledsoe Well, every non-choice is a choice. 45:45.00 Max Shank And it's going to feel like and it's going to feel like a perpetual cost is's going to feel like ah, a perpetual suffering. It's going to feel like a sacrifice. That's what made me think of it is like you're you're you're now in a psychological energetic debt because you are tolerating instead of accepting. 45:51.37 mikebledsoe Ah. 46:02.80 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 46:04.66 Max Shank And it's like that French phrase to know all is to forgive all like you know full acceptance is going to allow that energy to flow full rejection is going to allow you to flow your energy elsewhere but Tolerance is just this like parasitic energy leakage where nobody's winning. Out of that Deal. Tolerance sucks. 46:24.55 mikebledsoe I Really I Really like that perspective. That's that's brand new for me I'm gonna write some things down. But I think that's just gonna be the title of the show is tolerant sucks. 46:41.64 Max Shank I knew I stumbled onto something good here. This is a new thing for me too. It's when within the last week some headline shit. Yeah. 46:42.95 mikebledsoe Yeah, some headline shit. Oh yeah, yeah, what did you? What did you? What caused you to stumble across this one. What we got you thinking on this. Do you remember you might be like me, you just wake up and you're like ah. 46:55.54 Max Shank So my my my special lit I mean I'm kind of like Richard Feynman in that sense where like I just get a kick out of thinking about things I like to dance around with sticks and ropes and clubs and swords and that kind of shit. But. 47:06.10 mikebledsoe Ah. 47:14.72 Max Shank I also get a real kick out of just sitting in a big comfy chair and thinking about shit you know, but this time ah I was talking with my special lady friend. None of her friends. Ah, just recently broke up with her boyfriend right? And so. She went to go console this friend. She told me a little bit about what's going on nothing like no grizzly details or anything like that just in um, you know generalities. How do you interact and relate to another person and. You realize that it's ah it's rarely something like all at once that sends it to hell there is a straw that breaks the Camel's back but there's always something in the background that is being tolerated. That's the problem is like something has been tolerated instead of accepted or rejected. Accepted boom floodgates are open rejected boom the gates are closed and so as far as like ascribing fault to None party or the other like the the alleged offender or the one who's just quietly suffering those offenses. It's like. You got to take away that resentful tolerance and accept everything whole heart as it is or you got to reject it a little bit more forcefully and the longer those boundaries get ah, blurred and fuzzy and. You move your boundaries in and you feel resentment because now you're not really comfortable because your boundaries aren't where you'd like them to be um, it. It just seems so clear to me now even looking back at all my past relationships and I've never felt better about that. Personally because you just learn something from everybody and you appreciate the time for what it was and it's it's very easy to become ah resentful and I think that's ah all because of tolerance instead of acceptance or rejection. 49:21.30 mikebledsoe Love it. Love it. Thank you for that one all right? What's have do with ah fishing poles. Yep. 49:24.63 Max Shank And yeah, man, Thank you, You want to know so people often ah resent their circumstances and they tolerate their circumstances but they don't fully accept them either. And that's like having a big chip on your shoulder. Ah and and you're stuck in this ideology rather than just accepting where where you are here and now and realizing that what you have is here and now and whatever you have. That's what the fuck you have. And if you're like but that other guy has more. It's like Okay, yeah, yeah, he does so like a thousand years ago. The guy who had. 50:08.62 mikebledsoe What are you gonna do about it anytime anyone complains about something I ask them? What are you gonna do about it and a lot of time that throws people off. 50:19.83 Max Shank Um, well look. You should either be ah like asking for help or offering help Really if you're not sure what to do like ask for help or offer help You're not going to get anywhere. 50:29.63 mikebledsoe Yeah. 50:35.87 Max Shank By complaining unless you go into politics then you can get a tremendous amount you can actually get more power and money than anyone else in the world If you just come That's professional level complaining. 50:43.67 mikebledsoe Could you imagine if if ah could you imagine? ah like ah a Ceo going out in the world and complaining for his marketing just going out there and complaining about shit. 50:59.28 Max Shank Ah, Amazing. You can only complain as part of your marketing If. You're complaining about the state of the market I Can't believe how horrible this market is. That's why I came in here to change the game with my new and improved version of what this market is lacking like there's a., There's ah, there's a place for it for sure. But yeah I I think ah, you don't want to tolerate your situation you fucking accept it or you reject it and you come up with a new one. But I think I Really think Tolerance is like ah a really bad value. Ah, in the sense that we're talking about and in the sense of physical forces. It's one of the best ever means you can tolerate a huge amount of force without ah deform ah plastic deformation right? without breaking or deforming. So That's that's a good thing physically and then energetically acceptance not tolerance but acceptance so I think that applies to where people are in their lives. Professionally I think Also I think a lot about. A lot of acceptance is about seeing things for what they truly are and when it comes to putting an offer together. It's like it's great if you like something but it doesn't mean that other people have to like it and the same thing is true for like a solution that worked for you. It. It may not be the solution that everybody else wants and I think that's ah, that's how a lot of people get sucked into some sort of weird fanaticism or zealotry I'm trying to think of a less fancy word but they get they get really hyper about something. Because it really worked well for them and then they start basically using a hammer to bash down every screw that they find because they don't know the difference in what is being presented in that other person versus what happened to them. They're like oh my God I did hamstring curls and it cured my life. Everyone's doing hamstring curls and I've I've attended maybe 50 weekend seminars in my life. No. Well I mean as a student I've taught like 200 but I I would ah I would notice it in myself. I'd go to a seminar I'd come back and I would just be like parroting that shit I couldn't help it you know and as I started teaching more seminars I made more and more of a point to remind people to not just like brain dump. 53:31.78 mikebledsoe Yeah. 53:46.65 Max Shank Everything I told them on their new clients and think that you know it's a 1 ne-size fits all approach to everything. 53:50.90 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah I had a ah talk with a guy the other day where I told him just that in his marketing is focus on the benefits. Not the features. He had all these features it was revolutionary for him. 54:05.10 Max Shank Revolutionary Revolutionary Revolutionary The features just need to be a bullet point to justify the price I think unless it's part of the story. 54:08.55 mikebledsoe But it's well this is this is the problem. Well None problem is people are focused on the people people know the features and they think that if I they tell other people the features they're going to get the value of it but they need to hear the benefit they're going to get from the features. But the other thing is is going back to being in touch with reality I'm not sure. There's you know I think there's some coaches out there that are telling other coaches that you know they can make a million dollars you know following their their bliss type of thing. But. 54:45.90 Max Shank Some of them some of them. Yeah. 54:47.64 mikebledsoe Some of them some of them can and I think part of it is like some of them did and then they turn around tell people do the same thing but that doesn't always work. So for instance, yeah. 54:56.64 Max Shank It's like multi-level marketing. It's like multi-level marketing like 90% of the people. Ah, it didn't have what it takes in the none place and did nothing with it and then a small percentage are like fucking rock stars and they're like. What is this an electric dildo some fancy antioxidant berry juice I'll sell None of them this month I'm on it. You know what? I mean it doesn't it doesn't matter even what it is. There's just that crew that will always do well. But. 55:14.20 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. But I get for instance I'll get a I'll get a coach as I'm like um I'm like okay, what are your goals. Oh I want to be able to make x amount of dollars. I was like okay your business needs to make this amount if you want to take this amount home and there and then it's kind of like a oh shit and I'm like okay who's your who's your client like what type people are you serving is like well mma fighters in their early twenty s trying to go pro. 55:32.25 Max Shank Well. 55:50.50 mikebledsoe And I go Well do those guys have money. Do they have and and do they valueate? Yeah I mean and well I think most guys trying to go pro and mate don't have money I I. 55:54.28 Max Shank Do they want this I mean a lot of them may have money but do they want it. 56:05.48 Max Shank My experience is the same I used to want to train those guys like my gym at the very beginning because I was into all that shit I was like a fucking retarded testosterone out 21 year old when I started my gym I was I was fighting in the cage. 56:08.46 mikebledsoe Okay, yeah. 56:25.37 Max Shank Was like I am a tough motherfucker and I'm gonna fill this gym full of guys just like me and you know what those guys didn't pay a God damn thing those guys suck Those guys are those guys are always about like. 56:30.30 mikebledsoe Yep. 56:39.51 Max Shank Ah, dude I'll tweet you bro and I'm like oh Jesus fucking. It didn't take long for me to head down to the country clubs and swoop up some of the 45 to 65 range there are easier businesses and hard businesses. Let's just say it that way. 56:41.49 mikebledsoe I'm great people. 56:46.79 mikebledsoe Exactly exactly? Yeah, so like what I. 56:59.15 Max Shank There are easier businesses. There are things that people already want and there are things that are a tough sell. 57:01.69 mikebledsoe Yeah, well here here's the thing I I do 2 things for free. So I get.? Yeah yeah I did 2 things I have 2 offers for free that I give people and both of them tap into my expertise that I normally get paid for or at least used to get paid for and I am he ruined it as. 57:11.61 Max Shank I'm excited by whatever these 2 things are going to be by the way. Ah. 57:25.76 Max Shank Is it prostate massage is that one of them. Sorry. 57:31.23 mikebledsoe Um, so I give these things away and I and I love it because I don't charge a dime for it whereas a bunch of other people are trying to figure out how to charge what I'm doing when I'm offering for free and the only reason I can offer it for free is because I have. Paying customers somewhere else people that actually do have money. 57:50.81 Max Shank Oh shit, he's flexing on y'all right now I give away better stuff for free may maybe better. You don't always get what you pay for, but it's because you are so confident. 57:57.60 mikebledsoe Well not yeah, probably but like maybe better you don't always get me pay for it. 58:08.12 Max Shank In your ecosystem right? that you have created that once they experience something you've given them for free. You got None of value down the road right? no. 58:15.17 mikebledsoe Well well here's the thing is thinking about like um, well yeah, maybe but actually I don't have a plan for it at all with the 2 things I like I have no plan for either None of these things to ever make money and these are. But types of thing people want to help people who it's charity. That's not really it's not it's not really charity um oh no, what? what? I give away for free is I do a Tuesday night workout for a handful of my buddies at my house. 58:32.25 Max Shank Um, so it's so it's marketing. No fuck you. It's not char you it's marketing a free book is great marketing. 58:48.71 Max Shank Oh that's nice. Yeah, that sounds great. 58:51.82 mikebledsoe Right? And then we grill some meat afterwards and we kick it and they get world-class training. You know most of them never been exposed to like a coach that's been exposed to things I've been exposed to so they're getting their minds blown. They're learning more about their bodies for an hour once a week and. 59:09.18 Max Shank I dig it. 59:10.76 mikebledsoe I and I never care to train pay you know accept money for for physical training. So I do that So I give that away for free and then I give away which I give that to people who don't know that they could get training right? like they don't even know to go get it but because. 59:25.58 Max Shank Right. 59:29.20 mikebledsoe My friends I'm like come over to my house I'll I'll I'll treat you and then on Thursday mornings I have I meet with these guys who are blue collar and these guys could can't afford me for for the types of of advice and. Coaching that I would give but if they can figure out a way to make time out of their day at None a m on Thursdays I meet with them at the park. We kick it for an hour and I just help them with whatever it is. That's going on in their life. Well I just kept on coming across all these guys so like ah it was like I was getting like all these blue collar guys like. 59:59.36 Max Shank No kidding How do you set this one up. 01:00:08.40 mikebledsoe I'd be at a cafe student just couldn't stop talking to me so I was like I Well I guess I'm not supposed to work' going to supposed to talk to this guy. So I talked to this guy I'm like oh you start sharing his problems with me is like I don't know why I all a sudden look like a a target for other people's problems. But then. 01:00:16.86 Max Shank Ah. 01:00:26.97 mikebledsoe I Got a guy that came to saw saw me solar and you know the the conversation turned and he needed some help so I was able to give him some help and then another guy I met ah you know at the at the gym same thing like you know he's he's. Somehow what opens up to me and starts talking and then so I got these guys and I'm like look if you have any of your other friends that you know and some of these guys are dealing. You know they're dealing with some heavy like legal stuff and all sorts of crazy shit and so I'm meeting with them and. For most of them the benefit they get is just understanding that whatever they're experiencing internally other guys are experiencing that same thing internally too. I mean that that by itself is just so healing because most of these guys they screwed up something we Well we all screwed up. 01:01:14.37 Max Shank Ah. Lost Boys their lost boys. 01:01:23.26 mikebledsoe We we all screw up in our life. Yeah, we all screw up in our life At some point right? and then we then we judge our s ourselves for having screwed up and most guys they just clam up and never share that with anybody because they think that their situation is truly unique. 01:01:33.28 Max Shank Often. Talk about suppressing right? I mean who suppresses more than dudes with their feelings. Ah. 01:01:41.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, So um, so just just the act of getting out and hanging out and talking about it and then realizing that other dudes have the same problems and then and then I'll obviously also offering strategies for dealing with. These things. Yeah, so these are 2 things that I like to I just do for for free that I know other people are trying to charge for and if you're trying to sell coaching to somebody that doesn't have money like I don't have any interest in trying to sell something. 01:02:02.70 Max Shank It's like a feeling of a community. It sounds like. 01:02:18.38 mikebledsoe To the blue collar I'm not gonna go sell coaching to the blue collar community one. They're not really looking for it. Um, and ah because they don't know it exists. They just don't even know it exists. Yeah. 01:02:22.90 Max Shank But now. 01:02:31.73 Max Shank You're talking about using the right bait for the right fish basically and the fact that not everything has to be ah, a monetary exchange because my guess is you get a tremendous amount out of these experiences every week otherwise you would not do them. 01:02:38.25 mikebledsoe Not everything. 01:02:44.47 mikebledsoe I Absolutely so but the only reason I can do them is because I am using the right bait with the right fish somewhere else that feeds me it pays my bills it. 01:02:53.96 Max Shank Exactly you got a crew of guys out on a fleet of boats. They're catching fish you're shooting the breeze with the guy at the diner and if you don't free up your time. Ah, you're always stuck with the pole. 01:03:02.32 mikebledsoe Exactly. 01:03:11.21 Max Shank In the River You don't have a chance to tell other guys about fishing. You don't have a chance to just relax on the beach yourself. Um, yeah, that's a really interesting way to use our resources right? It's like you're using your resources to get something that. 01:03:29.84 mikebledsoe Yeah, well, ah, there's ah this this actually happens in like a lot of the the medicine world like I learned about this from Ashley she's psychotherapist and they have this thing called a sliding scale. So you know they may charge. 01:03:31.12 Max Shank Ah, you can't purchase. 01:03:49.28 mikebledsoe Two hundred bucks, two hundred and fifty three hundred bucks an hour as as a psychotherapist to their clients. But if someone comes in There's a certain number of spots they have allotted that they're allowed to go down in a sliding scalells like you know I'm only in charge you a hundred bucks because I know you can't afford it in this and that and I look at it I go man. Ah, sliding scale is too narrow I want a sliding scale where I'm charging this person $3000 per hour and then I'm giving this person the thing for twenty bucks an hour or five bucks an hour or free ends. 01:04:20.22 Max Shank Well, that just means you're good at drawing a boundary of what you feel comfortable with my my thing is people pay full price. Ah for what I'm doing or they pay nothing and I I I like that I like that idea better. 01:04:31.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, that's that's pretty much I don't I don't do discounts either. You know. 01:04:39.83 Max Shank Because um, when I was when I was coming up when I was just a young book coming up I was ah you know started out coaching people for burritos. So not a very high rate of pay per hour and then over time it went up. Fifty bucks an hour sixty buck hour an hour hundred two hundred three hundred an hou hou hour sixty buck hour an hour hundred two hundred three hundred an hou hou hour sixty buck hour an hour hundred two hundred three hundred an hou hou hour sixty buck hour an hour hundred two hundred three hundred an hou hou hour undred two hundred three hundred an hou hour um but I had grandfathered a few people in and I didn't and I did it too long I tolerated that shit because I thought I was doing them a solid and so I was training people at three hundred an hour and then I was training. 01:05:08.19 mikebledsoe So yeah, yeah. 01:05:18.26 Max Shank Ah, a couple guys. One guy was training it 60 and the other guy was training at 150 and I just remember I just remember being like ah I just had to draw the boundary 1 time and that's that's the ah the aftershock. 01:05:25.98 mikebledsoe It's 20% and yeah. 01:05:37.92 Max Shank That the other person experiences because I didn't draw boundaries soon enough. It's the same as in a relationship they were like whoa. Oh my god from 60 to 300 I was like yeah, it's like my bad because I was stupid and thought like to not raise your rates the whole way. So now you're 10 times more upset. 01:05:54.96 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:05:55.82 Max Shank Because I tolerated and avoided it for so long and then also I'm not feeling good about those sessions where I'm making sixty bucks where the other ones I'm making 300 now now I feel like a charity case. It's like I almost subliminally want to do a worse job. 01:06:05.88 mikebledsoe It's hard to walk away feeling good. 01:06:11.93 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:06:14.40 Max Shank So it's more appropriate value like I want to like fucking abuse him or something you know what I mean like like if he's only paying sixty bucks but if I like hit him with a stick or something like I'll I don't know whatever it's like I think ah you know people probably beat their wives. 01:06:17.91 mikebledsoe Ah, maybe I should be paying my trainer more Maybe that's what's happening. 01:06:29.36 mikebledsoe You get a little resentment you start resenting them a little bit. Yeah husbands. Yeah. 01:06:34.21 Max Shank People probably beat their wives for the same reason or beat their spouses or say mean things to each other I don't know it. It does seem like it always comes back to that clear setting of boundaries fucking accept it fully or reject it but don't tolerate it. Don't tolerate it. 01:06:42.43 mikebledsoe Boy how did you? Ah, how do you have? How do you have that conversation. 01:06:51.37 Max Shank How do you have it. You just got to have it. There's no easy way. Um, there's no easy way to have it. Oh um, I'll tell you exactly what is because I want them to like me. 01:06:54.48 mikebledsoe Ah, but how do you do it? Not I know there's no easy way. Yeah yeah I mean it you know why? it's not easy by the way people people. Yeah well, there's that but there's there's like well there's. 01:07:10.29 Max Shank Yeah. 01:07:12.17 mikebledsoe We we play out the worst case scenarios in our minds before the conversations I find that the conversations are rarely are as bad as what I think they might be so it's all the time leading up to the conversation is that suffering The conversation itself is actually not that bad. 01:07:14.25 Max Shank Now they hate me. 01:07:24.40 Max Shank Totally well and if you're more and it's like more geared toward looking out for the negatives most high performing guys usually are Anyway, they're looking out. 01:07:30.41 mikebledsoe Totally. 01:07:36.97 Max Shank What are my weaknesses. What's the worst case scenario I got to look out for and you just play this probability tree in your head like you've probably and folks listening like played out different ways. A conversation could go before you go have it right. 01:07:47.20 mikebledsoe Totally it almost never goes the way I think it will like I'll I'll I'll like these are the 5 different scenarios and then the sixth one that I didn't think it pops up. 01:07:50.95 Max Shank You're like okay maybe there's like a 20% chance this will happen 40% chance this. 01:08:01.80 Max Shank It almost always goes the way I think it will I'm not just trying to like bullshit either like ah probably because I think about it too much too much. Ah, but yeah. 01:08:07.57 mikebledsoe Maybe maybe I find that whether I thought through it or not really doesn't matter about the outcome you know? yeah. 01:08:20.57 Max Shank I think that's typically the case also that I would agree with um, at any rate it's it's the same. It's like I made a mistake I ah I'm charging this much now you're the only one you and None other person are the only people paying this. I don't feel comfortable doing that anymore. So this is the new rate if you want to continue great if you don't also great. Ah, no, not those not those None other others did ah just like the. 01:08:39.64 mikebledsoe Did they stay. 01:08:47.62 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, the the gap wasn't so big. 01:08:53.53 Max Shank Late I mean between 60 and like a couple hundred is ah a gargantuan amount that person ended up that person ended up paying a None and working with another coach so he still stayed with the gym but he like yeah um. 01:08:57.70 mikebledsoe That's a big jump. Totally Okay, that's even Better. You probably still took home the same amount without having do any of the work. 01:09:10.97 Max Shank Yeah, is way better. Um, ah, but once again like I'm I'm in a lucky place because I coach people because I I like to not because I I have to and when you have to it feels like you're less able. 01:09:18.70 mikebledsoe Bright new. 01:09:27.77 Max Shank To say what's really on your mind and draw those boundaries you're like fuck I I want to draw I Want to set good boundaries but I need the fucking burrito like exactly um, same same thing with having ah resources available time money which is. 01:09:32.46 mikebledsoe Right? right? hungry None 01:09:46.96 Max Shank Ah, claim check on other people's time. Basically I don't know if you ever heard that term I Love that concept. Um, you know when things go a little bit haywire like they have in the world. Economically if you have resources available. That's the time to capitalize because ah. 01:09:47.94 mikebledsoe Um, yeah, yeah. 01:10:06.71 Max Shank Basically who whoever needs does not have the power and whoever does not need has the power in any kind of. 01:10:12.95 mikebledsoe True Dad Well when he I also want point out like when you say resources. It's not just money I think that in what what we're time well time as part of it but like the the ability to to ah perspective and how you're perceiving the situation. 01:10:20.12 Max Shank Time time money effort energy. 01:10:32.81 mikebledsoe Is Also really huge because in times like these one of the things that's happening is there's a massive shift right? The way I see it is We did a really good job of fighting to keep things the same for like 20 years. It's like okay, it's the same. It's the same. It's same I can expect this I can expect this I go to work I Do this kind of job. Expect expect expect and then we ran out of like the we we weren't able to hold the floodgates back any longer of change which the universe is just always delivering change and so more change happens. 01:11:03.21 Max Shank 4 01:11:09.82 mikebledsoe More quickly than what we're used to which which looks bleak but the reality is is that we have a huge opportunity in those moments and if you can stay out of that lizard brain take some deep breaths realize and look around and say. Okay,, there's still a roof over my head I still got my iphone in my pocket and I got enough money for groceries. Maybe not all the groceries that I want to get but some of them so like okay all right? Well you're safe take a breath. Nobody's taking that away from you and what can you create? Can you.? Can you? Um, what problems are emerging in which you can participate in a solution and so there are there are and everything is at a discount right now too. So if if you're if you're right. 01:12:04.72 Max Shank I Feel like I'm at the blue collar meeting now. 01:12:09.12 mikebledsoe Ah, everything's at a discount So like um for somebody who has a resource of a big bank account. They can come in and swoop up and bite real estate crypto stocks everything everything's at a discount right now Commodities every. 01:12:24.74 Max Shank Penny pennies on the dollar pennies on the dollar. Ah. 01:12:28.41 mikebledsoe Well not all commodities. But um, a lot of things are a discount right now and they're going to get swooped up now if you don't have the bank account to swoop up and get these things then you have you have to use your mind and you have to use your time and your energy and your. 01:12:42.35 Max Shank Energy reserves. 01:12:47.41 mikebledsoe Problem solve the number None thing I want to point out is problem solving skills. What problem can you solve for other people because the more you can do that because what we have is we have an increase in problems right now. But it's not the same problems that we had two years ago so you got to change the type of work that you do if you really want to capitalize. On what's happening right now. 01:13:09.48 Max Shank It's like who moved my cheese. You know that little management book. Ah, it's great is who moved my cheese is basically like. 01:13:10.26 mikebledsoe Now. 01:13:20.13 Max Shank If you lament that the cheese got moved. You're going to fuck yourself up. But if you just keep looking for where the cheese went off to you're going to find it a lot better. Okay, so like you you find the reward somewhere. 01:13:25.43 mikebledsoe Hang on. Oh yeah, okay, an exits. 01:13:33.80 Max Shank And then you go back the next day and it's gone. You're like what the fuck who moved my cheese and then you go on this tirade Meanwhile the other mouse is just like continuing to look for the cheese. So it's really about um so there's resource allocation which is how you use what you got and then there is resource. 01:13:39.65 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:13:53.58 Max Shank Acquisition which is what can you? How can you trade that what can you trade for that. Um, and I would say that as far as resource allocation is concerned man if you were even like 50% efficient with your resources. You'd be very rich. 01:13:55.72 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:14:11.24 mikebledsoe Most people. 01:14:12.27 Max Shank Like you be fucking crazy rich. You don't have to do that much. You just got to do something that people really want and the more swings you take the more likely you are to figure something out but don't get um, don't get stuck in like None idea and think like oh that. This should work forever. Then you're the last guy selling horse and buggies in a street full of cars and you're fucked. You're like who moved who took away all the horses. What's going on here. My carriage business is fucked and it's like no, you got to adapt adaptability. So chief attribute of survival. 01:14:49.78 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, ah and this brings me back to feedback loops people are blind to feedback loops and that's why they wait too long to change and so one of the things I like to do with people is we create a ninety day dashboard where we're tracking. 01:14:50.44 Max Shank Adaptability Change I mean that's that's it. 01:15:07.24 mikebledsoe The work that we're doing over the next ninety days to take us specifically towards our goals and I just had a I mean going back and forth with one of my clients this morning where he he's like he's like why I have all this stuff that I've been doing but it's this other thing that's actually creating the result and he's like complaining they're like. Ah, he's like he's like I'm not sure this program is working I'm like this is a demonstration of the program working but you have figured out what doesn't move the needle and you figured out what does move the needle so on your on your ninety day dashboard 01:15:33.45 Max Shank Hey. 01:15:40.67 Max Shank Right. 01:15:45.73 mikebledsoe Just take off all the shit. That's not working that's taking up your time and energy and put this stuff in that is working and do that instead and so the idea of planning out ninety days at a time and then doing the work and then getting the feedback if you've never done that the none time you do it. You're going to realize that 80% of the work you do is useless and then you you revise it in the next ninety days it gets a little better in the next ninety days it gets a little better and that's why I like to work with people for at least a year is because we get through 4 revisions. Or you know one None initial and None revisions of their ninety day ninety days of work at a time and within a year you've made 3 revisions. It looks pretty good. You got a good handle on what moves the needle but a lot of times you know. 01:16:34.82 Max Shank You got to do your own experiments. You got to do your own experiments and you can't get attached to doing it one way or another what you said before was really good too. It's like you have ah why do people take so long to change it's because ah. It's unknown people prefer the familiar pain to the unknown, a lot of the time and that's why if you're afraid ah which is uncertainty about the future. Um in ah in a negative sense then the solution is curiosity which is. Ah, a happy uncertainty so fear is like a scary uncertainty and curiosity is like a happy uncertainty so you basically um, you know as a coach as a marketer as a fisherman you're basically trying to instill people. With that level of enthusiasm which is like a fire which is like inspiration There's a sense of excitement about the future I mean you can also just full on like scaretactic people into buying ah bulk food barrels and shit like that. But but but but even so you can get them. Curious and excited about how safe you could feel if you had 15 years of food in your cellar or some shit like that I don't know but ah basically you have the fear and the curiosity which is all about the future and then the past you have like resentment and nostalgia. 01:17:53.89 mikebledsoe FF. 01:18:08.88 Max Shank And nostalgia is kind of like a weird trap. It's nice. Ah, but actually I think um appreciation is a little bit better Nostalgia is almost like the past is better appreciation. 01:18:21.17 mikebledsoe So yeah, you're wishing when I think about nostalgia is like I think about a good old day I remember I played that football and. 01:18:27.85 Max Shank The good old days the good old days I remember I score 3 touchdowns in the single half it at that a has schoolll football game and ah Mvp ah fuck that head cheerleader and now I got a baby bubba junior. Yeah. 01:18:38.92 mikebledsoe Ah, the. 01:18:46.39 mikebledsoe I Hope I want to I hope everyone appreciates our range so takes a really special person to have made it this far. 01:18:46.80 Max Shank That that is like the classic move. 01:18:57.71 Max Shank Ah, it sure does I feel like there should be a special prize to anyone who who listens to this long. 01:19:03.60 mikebledsoe Ah, if you're listening just let me know I I think the special prize is just is just me knowing that you made it here. That's really yeah. 01:19:14.60 Max Shank Yeah, let us know what you want for a prize I mean we're good at drawing boundaries. So we'll tell you no but I mean maybe we'll say yes, no ask no get. That's what I have noticed. 01:19:19.75 mikebledsoe We might say yes, yeah, here's the thing max and I want to give you something. We just don't know what it is. We don't know what you want and we don't know if we're willing to give it to you but you know yeah shit load. 01:19:32.96 Max Shank That's fact, we're willing to give quite a lot I mean there are a lot of win-win opportunities out there. So I think one of the things that you and I ah definitely have a talent for is more result with less effort and building. Ah, launch ramp or a water wheel or a rocket ship or something that will really ah deliver a lot of results per the amount of energy put in and um, physically business wise too. I certainly enjoy doing that it feels pretty simple and straightforward. But that's probably just something about having like 15 years of experience with it. Yeah. 01:20:18.60 mikebledsoe That helps you're 15 years in 01:20:25.41 Max Shank Ah, into like training itself I'm ah like almost 17 but I didn't start well I started doing like free ebooks like about fifteen years ago like I I I took. Ah. 01:20:27.85 mikebledsoe What about business. 01:20:36.74 mikebledsoe Okay, we start about the same time then. 01:20:43.68 Max Shank Ah I did I tell you about the real stoneliing manual at some point. Yeah, just fucking Sunglasses Jujitsu Rash Guard shaved head looking tough horrible quality photos ridiculous claims about lifting rocks. 01:20:44.25 mikebledsoe Um, yeah, yeah. 01:21:02.60 Max Shank It was just such the perfect stamp in time for how tough I wanted to appear it was. It's like awesome. Yeah yeah, and. 01:21:06.90 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, go Youtube that folks max shank lifting rocks I don't know what you search for to get there but that might take you. 01:21:19.30 Max Shank Yeah I mean if you look at my Youtube channel and you go ah, here's a little easter egg if you go from ah like date oldest to newest. It's such a fucking trip I mean I was doing shit at Crossfit Enciitas back in the day. So ah, you know. 01:21:28.25 mikebledsoe Oh yeah, ah. 01:21:37.54 Max Shank That's the other thing I got I got to say like I've just tried so many things and the internet doesn't know about the fucking Encyclopedia of Colossal failures that I have been a part of but I think like also let me. 01:21:47.49 mikebledsoe Yeah, ah. 01:21:56.65 Max Shank Let me clarify even further the colossal failures often took about 10 times the effort of the things that were raging successes so like I've spent so much energy on some things and then they just like lose money lose more money. Take None of my time. 01:22:02.22 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:22:15.80 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 01:22:15.46 Max Shank Lose even more money and then I fucking quit because so I've just hit my limit and then something that was like just a casual publishing of some shit that I wrote is a None times better. We're talking like you know 20 k launch. It took me a week to put this shit together. You know. 01:22:35.13 mikebledsoe That's that's how the strong coach was it was very low effort big reward and while I was simultaneously I was running the strong crutch for close to a year and then I'm simultaneously launching a different company and the launching the company was like five weeks of 01:22:35.23 Max Shank Ah, that kind of thing. 01:22:43.53 Max Shank Um, yeah. Yeah, what. 01:22:52.29 mikebledsoe Just felt like torture and then at the end had like a a really shitty launch and in the same month where I was I barely gave my primary business much attention. It had a record breaking month and I go I had to sit down with myself and go okay. 01:23:07.00 Max Shank Yeah. 01:23:11.91 mikebledsoe You're being silly just focus on the thing that works or we or maybe don't focus on just let it keep on breaking records without you working I don't know. 01:23:15.91 Max Shank Yeah, it's like it's like thinking I mean we could get super philosophical here and just say let the universe pull you in whatever direction you're supposed to go but I do at the very least agree that the amount of. Effort that you put into something has very little to do with how the people like it I mean sometimes it's related but sometimes they're completely independent and also kind of like we were saying for the sacrificing and the suffering Ah don't don't imagine that you get more points. For working harder or longer or suffering more or not liking the shit that you're doing like you don't get points. It's it's like fake points in a fake game. It makes no sense whatsoever. 01:24:01.74 mikebledsoe Yeah I said we are. We're almost an hour and a half in let's shut this baby down. Yeah you got any final thoughts here. Holy shit fishing poles and triangles. 01:24:08.29 Max Shank Wrap it up. So ah, what's what's the topic fishing poles and triangles. Ah okay I'll so I'll sum up what I think um. Anyone can put together an offer an offer is going to involve some marketing which is basically storytelling and helping the person understand the value of taking the action you want and then of course there's fulfillment on top of that I would like to reiterate. That ah tolerance is the worst thing ever because when you tolerate something you're not rejecting it. You're not accepting it what you are accepting is a burden that will help grow resentment in your heart. This is a problem both relationship wise and business wise which is. Another. It's it's just a commercial relationship. It's still a relationship um give give people what they want and if you give people what you want ah don't expect if it's a little more challenging and and that's okay, too. Look for the intersection between what you love doing and what people put a high price on there's an even better venn diagram if you look up the word eki guy into Google images and. Ah, if you're always flinging your pole in the stream because you're always hungry. You're never going to have time to build a fishing boat or a fishing net or a rocket ship or any of that you can't build that stuff unless you know how to build it so you need plans to do it. But you also need to defer a lot of gratification into the future. Which if you're in lizard mode good luck. No chance you pretty much need to be in a more ah wizard-like state which means you need to secure the lizard love the mammal so you can free the wizard and you know performing at a high level like this is related to a lot of. Very simple things I like to use movement and music and singing and dancing to express and get into a flow state and I know I perform better just by getting better blood flow. You know, singing open ins the throat chakra there are all kinds of things you can do. But. Ultimately, you got to think about your resource allocation and that's what's going to lead to that resource acquisition if. That's the goal and yeah, that's that's that's what I got. 01:26:48.92 mikebledsoe So good I'm not gonna add anything because that was was extremely comprehensive. Yeah yeah, you take your brain drugs today. 01:26:52.96 Max Shank Um, yeah I fucking nailed it there I nailed it that was good. Great talk I Love I Love these talks by the way I don't care that no one's donated anything yet because there's so much fun. 01:27:02.90 mikebledsoe People have offered I just haven't sent them our benmos but I ah. 01:27:09.36 Max Shank Dude I'm starving over here come on dude just take care of it. Jesus fucking Christ man starving over here I'm giving you gold Mike I'm giving you gold. Ah. 01:27:20.19 mikebledsoe I hope the guy out go to he's got some products over there. 01:27:26.37 Max Shank I. 01:27:28.58 mikebledsoe Ah, and I have ah a live summit happening here in Austin Texas September sixteen through None It's an all inclusive retreat I ran out a summer camp got paleo chefs coming in and we start off our morning swimming in a spring. So um. Should come hang out. We can chat about business talk about how to get out of that if you're stuck in that lizard mode or even the mammal mode we can. We can help get you into that that wizard mode where you can create some shit. So. It's going to be awesome. 01:28:02.99 Max Shank It's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be awesome and now I want you guys to I Want you guys to contemplate. Ah how your relationship with pigs would differ if they could suddenly speak English Love you. 01:28:05.30 mikebledsoe Can be better than the last one. 01:28:11.75 mikebledsoe Oh that's right, keep that one in mind. Love you later.
Jul 25
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The Little Known Powers Of Ice Baths With Jason Stauffer
Ice baths have expanded into wider markets in recent years with the emergence of Wim Hof & others preaching their benefits for the masses   Today’s guest is an Army Combat Veteran with a background in game theory & analytics for optimization; making him potentially the last person you’d think to be a leader in the world of ice baths and cold immersion   Listen in as he shares how their company is revolutionizing the industry and making ice baths more accessible for all
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The Power of No with Mike & Max
00:00.00 Max Shank Us folk who call up customer support not knowing what to do sometimes turning it off and on again solves the problem and that's pretty weird. 00:10.23 mikebledsoe Yeah I worked in I t in my late teens early 20 s and 9 times out of 10 that was the solution. So. 00:22.98 Max Shank I remember recently maybe like a year ago getting a new router installed and like a wireless thing a router and a modem I suppose and trying to understand how that shit works is. Really there's a lot of shit going on back and forth between a lot of different places with that little box. It's insane. Um, sadly, it's one of those things I really don't feel like I've made much progress on I feel like I made a little bit of progress learning about. 00:44.89 mikebledsoe Yeah. 00:50.27 mikebledsoe It. 01:02.30 Max Shank Computer coding plumbing that sort of thing. But as soon as you start getting into the the cell signals and the wireless linkups and where everything's going. It gets a little hard to follow. 01:14.10 mikebledsoe Yeah I think ah well the basis of troubleshooting to be a good troubleshoter. Is you just have to understand how the system works in the None place it is binary all the way through it's it. But anytime like when I help Ashley with something. 01:25.13 Max Shank Binary all the way through. Yeah, that's what's so interesting. 01:33.72 mikebledsoe Some type of troubleshooting thing. Ah, it's ah it's basically because she doesn't understand how the whole system works. You don't know if check this and then this and then this um but we had um, we had a loss of water in our house a couple months ago I call the I call the city all this stuff. Guy comes out tells me I just need to clean my you know the filters and my faucets. Whatever that didn't work and come to find out that my hot water heater has some type of sensor that gets triggered when I have heavy rain that turns off the hot water heater. So. 02:07.95 Max Shank Aha. 02:10.64 mikebledsoe And' have I had cold water I didn't have hot water but I didn't didn you figure it out but there was a part of the system in which I didn't even know existed that I ended up discovering because there was an alarm going off in my attic where the hot water heaters at and it was faint. 02:11.92 Max Shank Ah, hi yeah. 02:27.52 Max Shank Aha. 02:29.81 mikebledsoe So yeah, troubleshooting is an interesting thing if you don't if you don't know the system knows detail. It's going to be difficult to figure out what's going on but sometimes when you need the troubleshoot. That's when we figure out how something actually works. 02:43.18 Max Shank Well, it's like the Layman doesn't even know what to check? let alone how to fix it. He he doesn't even have a checklist. You know if you at least have a checklist then you can maybe start somewhere and I think that's how I approach fitness. It's a little bit mechanical. Still. 02:49.69 mikebledsoe Um. 03:03.20 Max Shank Um, I feel like I'm torn. A lot of the time between just telling people to like go hike and dance and if you occasionally carry something heavy while you're hiking and climb on stuff. It'll all work out and then there are other times where I think of ah, a checklist for ah daily. Um. Movements that you might want to focus on like roll bounce balance crawl climb carry rub squeeze shake these different like little things that you can just check off None at a time and I guess it's good. It works for different personality types. But it's funny how they're sometimes very analytical like none you have this topic you have these 3 movements per topic boom boom boom very regimented and then other times I'm like yeah if you bounce around and shake your arms out. You'll you'll move your lymph so you're not in this stagnant toxicity. 03:41.88 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 03:56.54 Max Shank And then ah you know throw £20 in a backpack and go hike and climb on some stuff and you'll be relatively good enough. Just go enjoy that. 04:03.12 mikebledsoe Yeah I think that um you know this brings out the topic for me is structure and flow and if you don't have enough structure in place then finding flow is gonna be like flow that actually works So There's people who you know. Ah I'll see people preaching online about intuitive eating and and I go that actually doesn't work until someone has done some pretty like I'm an intuitive eater but I've done a bunch of hardcore diets where I've restricted myself heavily and I. 04:36.72 Max Shank Right. 04:41.57 mikebledsoe Tuned into when my body needs something or doesn't need something but the only you know if you were living off ice cream bars and and snickerdooodles then he's triggered folks then. 04:49.68 Max Shank I Feel attacked. 04:58.55 mikebledsoe Like your your a ability to tap into what your body actually needs is is diminished and so I think the same thing happens with with fitness like you and I both have a really deep understanding of like we've gone through like really structured stuff for so long that we worked on stuff. We would not normally have worked on. But now that we have we can tell like when I go in the gym I go yeah I don't work this this skill or this part of my body feels weak like I need to I need to shore it up and and do some stuff but I'm preparing for a spartan race. And run the beast at the end of September by the way anyone I'm doing a spartan race doing the world championships in Tahoe September Twenty Fourth anyone who or yeah, love ta ha any excuse to go so I'm gonna run the race and. 05:36.85 Max Shank Is this a real story. You're gonna be doing a Spartan race. 05:45.60 Max Shank I was just there last week oh my god get out of here. 05:55.19 mikebledsoe Ceo of Spartan Joe Decenna he gave me an unlimited amount of free registrations for my friends who all want to run it with me. He said I could have 200 people if I want and so ah, by the way if anyone wants to go run that race with me the. 06:02.30 Max Shank Wow in Lake Tahill oh my god. 06:14.75 mikebledsoe Will be the strong coach team will be just Dm me I'll send you the links to to get registered and yeah I want to have like 200 people running that race. All of us start together finish together. 06:24.29 Max Shank Wow Same t-shirts on everybody like a excellent little ah tribe cult something or other I mean look it's a group. There are a lot of words for group Cult is a bit of a trigger word right. 06:33.17 mikebledsoe You know what? I just ordered a bunch of t-shirts we can do. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, our cult is the best and ah so we're. 06:42.69 Max Shank But that's what it is None rule in every cult. Our cult is the best thou shalt have no other cults or cult masters above me god the beakram yoga guy same same same rules. 06:50.53 mikebledsoe Yes. 06:55.33 mikebledsoe Ah, yeah, ah yeah, probably so I'm preparing for that race and I've run it a couple times with very little preparation I did okay but I noticed that every time I run the race. The thing that bothers me the most is my knees hurt the last. 07:04.11 Max Shank Or. 07:13.16 Max Shank Of. 07:14.60 mikebledsoe Quarter of it lot of downhill on rocks but I can make my knees stronger. There's things I can do to improve that My grip strength is definitely a limiter near the end. There's so much climbing so much picking and carrying things and um, like. 07:27.46 Max Shank Interesting I am. 07:34.39 mikebledsoe Overall cardio doesn't seem to be that big of ah a limiter I mean it it is but compared to just ah yeah, because near the end of the race you're picking up a None tire too. So you've run a dozen miles up and down hills carrying sandbags and buckets of sands and shit. 07:50.20 Max Shank The. 07:52.00 mikebledsoe And then it's like okay now flip this tire. So yeah, the the things I notice I'm like oh what I need to train for is I need to improve my grip strength endurance I need to improve my knee health and strength and I need to be able to pick up just heavy shit. And need to pick up something heavy every once in a while in in I say about three hundred pounds three hundred 08:11.78 Max Shank How heavy we talking I think it's I think it's a great topic that we just touched on here because it's nice to get practical because kind of like it. It all comes full circle. It's very similar to. Knowing how to make a great recipe so you go from a guy who just chops up the vegetables to the guy who's assembling everything together the line cook and then you got the head Chef who's doing you know flavor profiles and combinations and he's the artist and that kind of ties us back to that intuitive eating. 08:44.69 mikebledsoe Yeah. Yeah, yeah. 08:50.26 Max Shank You were talking about if you have no intuition to intuit like what the fuck are you doing like I've I've been really mindfully eating these twinkies and I'm really intuitively you know I feel like I could walk about None steps and burn these up that seems like a reasonable. Exchange you will never you I'm still surprised how efficient we are at utilizing at saving calories. Anyway. 09:13.33 mikebledsoe Yeah, what you can um ho that makes me think you can hone intuition and the only way to hone it is you got to be paying attention to the results. So so the twinkie 10 steps thing. It's a great idea. But say someone eats twinkies does ten steps day after day after day and they just get fatter and fatter. Then if you're paying you go? Oh well so the intuition is something that gets calibrated and it gets calibrated by results. So the people who lack intuition. 09:38.35 Max Shank Totally. 09:50.96 mikebledsoe I find just aren't paying attention to the results because if you're paying attention to the inputs and the outputs then you're going to be honing that intuition. But if you're not paying attention to those things then you'll never have it and you'll just suffer and struggle through life. 10:05.50 Max Shank Is it I think of it like intuition is a certain openness and then the way to hone it like you said is to take that intuition and harmonize it with your wisdom which is. 10:23.31 mikebledsoe You know. 10:23.90 Max Shank All the stuff that you've learned with respect to who you authentically are which which is some combination of your genes and your experiences and the weird stories you believe. But I think it's about harmonizing that like openness gut. Instinct Raw like Curiosity spark of inspiration. Whatever and then passing it through okay is this is this congruent on some level with what I have experienced and then from there having the openness to try something new or having the resolve to. Go is something that you have good experience with so ah, intuitive training is where I was going with it so we went intuitive cooking to eating to training now. 11:00.42 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, agreed but going back going back to Spartan Race and intuition and I I know that yeah yeah so now it's I know that I need to work on a handful of things if I want to enjoy myself on the race more I'll experience less pain and suffering I know I'm Goingnna finish. But how much pain how much pain am I going to finish it. So yeah, so. 11:18.67 Max Shank Oh. 11:29.90 Max Shank We all want that for you. 11:37.15 mikebledsoe Basically just start mapping it out and I have an idea for like what things I'm going to train on one day's but I'm not writing out the specific exercises and if I get to that day and I realize I still haven't recovered from this or that or whatever I'm making adjustments along the way. So I got ten weeks 11:37.78 Max Shank Um. 11:47.50 Max Shank Um, so so you'll so you'll have ten weeks until that I mean look I'll take any excuse almost any excuse to go back to Lake Tahoe ah although as a rule I typically only run when I'm chasing something or being chased could I be a chaser I feel like that's more my nature honestly. 12:05.13 mikebledsoe We can. We could make that work I think we should just find a really fast hot girl to run in front of you and. 12:17.96 Max Shank I'll catch her so fast. It will be game over I'll I'll run one fortieth of the race. Um, no, but so is your checklist then for. 12:26.31 mikebledsoe Oh. 12:34.75 Max Shank You're let's say you're like filling in the gaps right? And that's another thing I would love to talk about at some point is the difference in mentality between just fluffing up your ego and a few certain things versus really looking for like really looking for. Where you have the ability to improve right? Ah, it's It's a checkup. 12:54.71 mikebledsoe Well, that's why I run the spartan race every year I go to tahoe every fall and I run it. It's and it's an annual checkup I only have to go once a year and I know yeah. 13:04.31 Max Shank Um, Dr Spartan Doctor Spartan Dr Spartan says he fucking suck it hanging. 13:11.19 mikebledsoe Yeah, So it's like well it's a good check because there's very few skills that you're not going to practice out there. Um, So there's some that are going to be left off for sure. But in ah in a single day you're going to know a lot about yourself. And so I really love it for that. 13:30.39 Max Shank Well here's ah, here's a little phrase I like it's ah done today able tomorrow done today able tomorrow and it's kind of a shorter version of if you don't use it. You lose it. 13:39.60 mikebledsoe M. 13:49.53 Max Shank And ah, a positive version. So I'm guessing for your annual tahoe checkup that you do almost nothing related to the spartan race for about ten months and then you do two months of like. Very dedicated training for it is that would you say that's correct. 14:11.46 mikebledsoe Yeah, you're spot on. Maybe even let maybe more like eleven months typically this is is it's 10 weeks I'm I'm um, this is the most prepared I've gone in so far I even ran this past weekend. 14:17.24 Max Shank Ah, you did just say eight weeks so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. But. Are. 14:30.72 mikebledsoe And um I don't do that ah very often at all. 14:33.79 Max Shank I I feel like you have this knowing that you can do nothing activity wise and still finish that Spartan race. Yeah I see it. 14:46.24 mikebledsoe That's the problem. Yeah. 14:50.67 Max Shank I Wish you guys could see his face right now. 14:53.28 mikebledsoe Ah, ah. 14:56.80 Max Shank Ah I was just thinking strategically if I were going to recommend to someone how to prepare for such an experience. Ah it wouldn't be the way that you're talking about. It's far from optimal in terms of a progressive. 15:03.82 mikebledsoe No, no, no, it's definitely far from optimal. Yeah I Just want to not hurt I Want to see because last time my knees. 15:15.50 Max Shank Adaptation right? So but not that bad right? like like ten months off a year hey I think that's totally a fair trade quite honestly, it's. 15:23.31 mikebledsoe Yeah, like it's only one day of pain one one day of pain. Yeah. 15:33.36 Max Shank It would be a lot of hours throughout the year otherwise but let's say you train five days a week for the next ten weeks is that about right. 15:42.37 mikebledsoe Ah, we'll call it 4 But yeah, None is aggressive for me I'm ah I need a lot of time to recover. 15:45.15 Max Shank Um, okay, so none a lot I was just thinking though if instead of forty days out of sixty days if you did. Fifty two days out of none what the difference in bet because that would be once a week just thinking mathematically, that's probably what I would recommend somebody do. But then again the thing I really recommend is move around a little bit every day. Why wouldn't you. It's like. 16:04.20 mikebledsoe A. 16:18.66 mikebledsoe Do yeah well I already do that. So that's why the that's why I liked. That's what I do I I move nice and easy every day and then when it comes to something like this do some sports specific training ramp it up. 16:21.87 Max Shank It's like you get to make it's like you get to make deposits and compound daily instead of weekly. E. 16:36.26 mikebledsoe And then I go back to being lazy. It's great. Definitely not running too far. 16:38.76 Max Shank And not running too far I can I can run after a tennis ball or like a soccer ball or frisbee or something like that. But when it's like hey just run over there. Part of me is like why. 16:51.93 mikebledsoe Yeah I like to I like to eat a little bit of mushrooms at the starting line and hang. You know it's a time to hang out with my friends in nature. That's that's really the way to go don't tell Joe that I do that the start of his race. 17:01.50 Max Shank Nice and it. 17:08.64 mikebledsoe Take performance enhancing mushrooms. 17:09.54 Max Shank Yeah I won't tell him on our public podcast. 17:14.44 mikebledsoe This is the members only section. What do you want to talk about today up out showing the nipple. 17:17.25 Max Shank Oh there's the members only section hang on that's the nipples Lefty writing. Okay, if you have a formula that works you stick with it. 17:31.47 mikebledsoe That's right, still don't have the membership side up you but we'll get there. Um, it's probably good that have a number of these banked since they' probably 15 toy minutes piece ah topics for today 1 um. 17:33.80 Max Shank Perfect. It's coming. 17:46.73 mikebledsoe 1 that is on top of my mind is ah I don't know that's what fit in maybe this will be just good for the members only to to hear but my brother is currently in Washington d c on trial for January six yeah Yeah 18:03.10 Max Shank Bumbom bum. 18:05.51 mikebledsoe He is according to some bumbling idiots a domestic terrorist that is a very scary phrase. 18:11.77 Max Shank Oh good God That's a scary phrase I've hey ah you're you're breaking up I I can't be seen talking to you anymore I'm out of here. 18:20.31 mikebledsoe Um, ah anyways, yeah, um, he he got caught up in the crowd that walked into the the ah was it called the capitol building and ah. 18:31.80 Max Shank Point life. 18:39.49 mikebledsoe Yeah I was. 18:40.18 Max Shank I'm sure that happened exactly the way they say it happened right? Sure it happened. However, folks say it happened come on I Hope he's okay I hope it works out. Okay for him. 18:44.99 mikebledsoe Whoever they are. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it. So that's he's in good spirits. He's um, yeah, he's my mom's up there with him and it's It's hard of my mom. That's the worst part. 19:02.20 Max Shank Oh yeah. 19:02.80 mikebledsoe Because I my brother. He's even my brother hat here's the thing is everything that I know that if justice prevails he walks away scott free but I don't yeah, we're not witnessing justice and you know that the United States department of justice. 19:08.60 Max Shank Ah, but. 19:22.89 mikebledsoe Doesn't It's like the opposite of that. So. 19:23.60 Max Shank That was a big weight off my shoulders when I stopped expecting Justice to happen and then getting frustrated when it didn't now it's more like if it does I'm pleasantly surprised but I kind of have this understanding that it's a doggy dog world and some people use. 19:28.18 mikebledsoe Um, to bonus. 19:41.99 Max Shank Dicks and some people use language and really people are just trying to help some help each other out fuck each other over dog eat dog. Whatever it's fine like but don't don't live your life expecting like oh that's not fair. Someone should make this fair. It's like yo don't don't expect that. 19:59.20 mikebledsoe That's you're gonna be miserable if you think if you want things to be fair. 20:01.74 Max Shank I lived that I lived that life a man in search of Justice got fucking idiot. 20:06.71 mikebledsoe Ah, yeah, so that's going on this week so I'm going to be I'm lucky that I'll be spending the majority of my time this week hunting. So I won't be cut up and I'll be off off grid for a few days. 20:19.51 Max Shank A. 20:24.50 mikebledsoe I mean I wish I could do something support him I Really don't have any like he's kind of like where he's at. There's not really much I can do at this point. So. 20:33.49 Max Shank There's a lot of situations like that where people say what's going on. You really have nothing to add. You're like I guess talk to an attorney and no one else and don't say anything and that's it like what else can you do. 20:43.74 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, um, yeah, have no idea. So yeah, that's an interesting thing So I'll be I'll be witnessing that and probably getting messages through the family text message thread. Yeah. 20:47.64 Max Shank Yeah. 20:56.21 Max Shank While while you're hunting What are you hunting for. 21:01.54 mikebledsoe Wild boar. So um. 21:02.71 Max Shank And your true self. 21:07.64 mikebledsoe My truest self I ought for sure. So yeah I don't know that really I mean that's not really a topic I think I part I already said everything that there is but it's all my mind. So no. 21:10.13 Max Shank Ah. 21:18.38 Max Shank Um, definitely something on your mind though Yo that's a man, especially for your mom too. That's tough. 21:28.20 mikebledsoe Yeah, real tough. Well he he also has 2 daughters. So yeah, yeah, it's ah. 21:32.20 Max Shank Oh my God they opened the door for him did he knock down a door. No come on you walk through a door. What's the big deal. 21:40.83 mikebledsoe No, no, they walked through a door that police officers were holding open. There's it's ah it's pretty ridiculous. That's and it's ridiculous. 21:52.12 Max Shank Yeah, that's what I mean it's like let some lawyer do that I realize it's like ah mathematics is so that you can explain more with less and law is so you can explain less with more. It's like the exact opposite. 22:08.38 mikebledsoe Yeah. 22:12.40 Max Shank Of the language of the universe. It's such a fucking cluster fuck. It's disgusting that that's where my shadow self comes out. It's like oh let's just skin those fuckers alive for abusing the language to rape the people. 22:17.11 mikebledsoe It's it's disgusting. 22:24.68 mikebledsoe Yeah, well if you if you're initiating violence then I think that it's in who are you know whoever is experiencing the violence from somebody else has a right to defend themselves and I think what we have is a bunch of people who've twisted up some words that. 22:37.36 Max Shank Hundred percent 22:43.76 mikebledsoe And then convinced these people who are supposed to be peace officers to go conduct violence and it's ah it's really frustrating. It's really frustrating situation. Yeah, it is outrageous. Yeah. 22:50.10 Max Shank Um, it's outrageous. Yeah I mean it all depends what you compare it to like before the King could just say off with his head and you're like huh This is I get this is better than that for sure like it's way better for a lot of reasons. But. 23:04.58 mikebledsoe It is better than that. Yeah, the the principles the same. The principle is the same. Yeah. 23:09.48 Max Shank You know, still you got to hold the line on some level right? and I think that's what you and I that's kind of what you and I talk about right is it's not that like we want to help people free themselves like I often say I don't want to be your mama like I don't want to control anybody I don't want to be responsible for them either. Like I don't think that's a ah good trade. That's what makes these folks who think they know best for everybody their existence So sad is they believe that at some point they will finally feel safe or good enough or whatever when they tell enough other people what to do with their meddling ways. But. You know it's just never enough and they're always feeling totally um at odds or at War within the present Moment. It's pretty fucked up actually. 23:56.63 mikebledsoe It makes and makes it for those of us folks that just mind our own business. Just yeah, it can be irritating. But if you get really good at mining your own business. They usually leave you alone. 24:10.64 Max Shank Yeah I would agree with that I think ah like most people that just leave alone I mean minus like the the fractional. Slavery that we all participated but there are positive aspects undeniably. So It's done horribly bad but there are positive aspects so you like got to keep that optimism though. Maybe no no opt fuck man. 24:24.00 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 24:34.10 mikebledsoe Yeah, maybe we'll see yeah walk. Yeah. 24:41.37 Max Shank If you have no optimism you just don't do anything. That's that's the line is if you don't feel like there's a hope or belief for something positive in the future. Even if it's like I'm going to paint a picture later make ah sausage macaroni and cheese. You know you you got to have some. Ah. 24:58.57 mikebledsoe Yeah, what I I think I think the reality of it is is like we we look at the entire system and it's and it's really gross, but the what I look at like the the way we got here is because people didn't stand on principle. 25:00.71 Max Shank Belief or hope for the future. 25:17.49 mikebledsoe Ah, long time ago and so this thing is blood so far in and if you try to take it back on principle all the way back to where it should be to where the consent you know I give consent or not if you take it all the way back to the principle which is what happens is people snap out of it and go oh my God I never gave consent. 25:24.37 Max Shank Um, right. 25:35.44 Max Shank Right. 25:37.19 mikebledsoe And ah, you know they realize they're being rape and they then they go Oh I'm going to draw the line back where it should be and that's jarring like Society Society has a really hard time going adjusting to where things should be. 25:47.86 Max Shank Right. Oh Man So true. 25:54.97 mikebledsoe And yeah, so we got to like when I look at I go. How do we like stare step this thing back gradually the same way it got in which is going to be way harder to do than how we got here. It's kind of like losing weight so much easier to get fat. 26:10.27 Max Shank Yo you know what? it's like it's exactly like someone finally drawing boundaries with another person and the person who has been infringing on the boundaries unknowingly. 26:20.20 mikebledsoe Right. 26:27.67 Max Shank Because that None person has not been drawing those boundaries. They're totally shocked. They're like whoa this is a completely different person because it's such a big separation from that false ah boundary that you had that false front. Um. 26:40.91 mikebledsoe Yeah I what do you want? Do the show today. You want to do boundaries I know if we did boundaries or not yet. 26:48.35 Max Shank Ah, probably I mean I think the the power of no is like None of my favorite none principles concepts and um, ah. Feel like I almost drone on about that all the time but that's almost the only important thing is like can you say no and then can you can you hear No the no callous. Um I don't know if that's a full topic but we could talk about tahoe. 27:15.30 mikebledsoe Yeah, all right I like that the power of no, we don't have to go. You know we have to go like an hour hou hour hou hour fifteen every time we can just say the power of no and we got the. 27:31.38 Max Shank Have we done the power of no before. 27:31.97 mikebledsoe This section which is almost a half hour already I don't think so I don't remember writing that one down. Yeah. 27:37.43 Max Shank Ah, okay, well let's let's try a power of no slash like tahoe. Yeah, sure. 27:44.79 mikebledsoe Yeah, all right? you want can get off. 27:52.65 Max Shank Oh you mean like right now. Okay hey everybody welcome back to Monday mornings with max and Mike Today we're gonna talk to you about the power of no and the power of 1 of the most beautiful places ever. Lake. 27:53.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, like right now. 28:12.56 Max Shank Tahoe on the border of Nevada and California thanks for tuning in everybody mikey. Thanks for joining me again. 28:19.00 mikebledsoe of course. of course so um we're going to get that power of no, but yeah, just a quick quick note I will be arriving in tahoe the week of September Twenty four to run a spartan race. 28:26.98 Max Shank Are. 28:36.90 mikebledsoe And anybody who wants to join me. They get a free registration Joe Decena the Ceo of Spartan Race basically gifted us as many registrants as we want. So if you want to run the race with me shoot me up in the Dms and ah I'll be prepping for that I don't know if I'll be posting my training. Ah, hate posting training online but people fucking. Love it. 28:57.25 Max Shank I want to see tupper wares fully your food all lined up in a row for this I want to see you get serious like 1 of those like actual you know, athlete folks. Ah. 29:11.60 mikebledsoe I I kind of enjoy I enjoy that I don't have to do that and I'll still beat some of those people like I remember I remember. 29:20.57 Max Shank Um, oh yeah, we know? ah. 29:26.24 mikebledsoe Remember 4 was it four years ago I was running the race and I had ah None my buddies with me and 1 of the guys he bought and sold cannabis for a living so he may or may not have been classified as a drug dealer now we halfway through the race. My edible. Was wearing off and I was like oh no I'm feeling sober and he looks over and pulls out a little plastic wrapped joint and whips it out on the trail we blaze it halfway through gets me through the end of the race and um. 29:55.36 Max Shank Wow. Um, how long is this race. Oh a spartan race is eighteen miles holy god 30:03.46 mikebledsoe Eighteen miles well they have different links but this 1 is eighteen miles with four thousand feet of elevation climb. So. 30:15.96 Max Shank Sounds horrible. 30:18.84 mikebledsoe Yeah, it's pretty largerous and you're gonna do a swim at the top. It's it's like ° at this pond at the top of the hill they say 21 k but it could be as long as some years. It's longer than others but the year they. 30:22.68 Max Shank Jesus None obstacles for this spartan race. Um, good god. 30:35.26 mikebledsoe The year that they told me it was gonna be thirteen miles and end up being 18 Ah so at least well it's 30 obstacles. So it's we'll say it's thirteen miles so hop marathon plus thirty obstacles. 30:42.96 Max Shank Dude, that's that's like a None marathon at least is what we're talking. We're talking about a None marathon. 30:52.92 Max Shank Oh. 30:54.39 mikebledsoe Where you're carrying heavy things up and down the mountain. Ah, you know, maybe a hundred to two hundred yards at a time. So it's. 30:58.73 Max Shank Wow I'm interested to look into the obstacles a little bit more it sounds exciting but it doesn't sound like what I would want to actually do it. It does seem more fun. 31:12.67 mikebledsoe Yeah I mean that's why I. 31:17.99 Max Shank Then a race I saw that went through Death Valley 120 or something miles finished started in Death Valley hottest place in the world and then finished at the base of Mount Whitney in California and I just happened to we just drove through it. On the way back from tahoe and we saw these ah skeletons covered in ah bright white underarmor clothing from head to toe stumbling. It was just I was just thinking I can't think of a worse. Ah, athletic event than. Ah, hundred plus mile run through Death Valley that's obscene to me amazing that we can do it amazing that people can push to that limit. 31:57.25 mikebledsoe Yeah, it's tough. It's tough. It is obscene. Yeah, yeah, but yeah, well anyways, yeah, a few years ago I ran the race. We peeled off smoke the joint and there were half the people running by were jealous and the other half were disgusted. 32:21.87 Max Shank Yeah I think it'll be a different percentage now. Probably I think less discussed more more jealousy. It's one of those things. 32:23.28 mikebledsoe That we would do such a thing during a race.. What do you think?? What do you think it's going to be probably probably people people are having to learn how to enjoy themselves and the people that are gonna come out in race right now. Probably. Ah, a little bit looser. 32:46.89 Max Shank I'm surprised that ah Spartan had that many prudes Anyway I think it's more of a judgment call because I bet there are a bunch of booze bags judging that right. 32:53.20 mikebledsoe I Don't you know I don't know I don't think so I think a lot of them are pretty clean. 32:58.29 Max Shank I Mean not personally like you know I'm not into kink shaming like whatever you want to do coffee ah cocoa puffs like that's a cereal right? Coco puffs like chocolate Chocolate Mu Balls essentially. 33:15.61 mikebledsoe It's a it's a dessert disguised as a breakfast. 33:17.67 Max Shank But food is drugs. Coffee is drugs alcohol is drugs weed is drugs you might as well take something that's going to make your endurance better I mean that's that's definitely something right? That's what you're talking about that's what weed's for endurance. Wow. 33:30.70 mikebledsoe That's what the weeds for yeah oh yeah, for sure. Yeah, um, t hc binds the same receptor as ah, the name of it is eskating me but it's up. It's it's what causes the runners high and so Tc binds are the same one so you basically fall into that groove a lot sooner and the more time you spend in that groove the better your endurance is going to be because your nervous system is in a rhythm and it's. 33:48.80 Max Shank 1 34:03.29 Max Shank Um. 34:04.90 mikebledsoe It's calm and you're breathing really well and so ah, yeah, cannabis is ah you know amongst the people who know about it. There's a lot of endurance athletes who use it and it's it's great for that. Not great for picking up something heavy None time or moving incredibly fast. But for for repetitive motion over a long period of time. It's ah it's a wonderful substance. 34:31.63 Max Shank Um, definitely an endurance performance enhancer. 34:36.51 mikebledsoe Yeah, one of my favorite things to do when I was living in California was eating edible wait an hour and then just go run on the beach until I got tired I like go run on the beach I'd get tired I'd go swimming I'd run a little more go swimming crawl around. 34:53.80 Max Shank Um, sounds pretty complex and scientific ah program design there. Ah. 34:53.88 mikebledsoe Ah, was fucking weird about there. 35:03.81 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, um, you do we want to get in the power of no. 35:09.15 Max Shank Yeah, because you need to set some boundaries so that you can make your spartan race training a little bit more serious none of this like I'm going to sit on my ass for ten months and then just train for two months we need. We need to set boundaries. For spartan training year-round. It's time for you to take this seriously. 35:30.56 mikebledsoe Yeah, Well I Think what you're getting at is you know when I when I think about boundaries and the power of no like boundaries is your ability to say no and there's internal boundaries and then external Boundaries. So Most people I find that I get ah angry when I. When I cross my internal boundaries I might project that out on somebody else, but the yeah the internal boundaries I got to tell myself no to staying up late when I know I'm gonna train the next day I gotta be able to tell myself no to eating that donut or whatever it is and. 36:00.44 Max Shank On here. 36:07.55 mikebledsoe That can be really really difficult. But I think that at the core of that is really good I'm surrounded by good stuff. It's um, it's unfair. 36:08.92 Max Shank Especially if the stuff is really good like like saying no to broccoli is way easier than saying no to crack probably probably I think ah. 36:18.94 mikebledsoe Yeah I. Oh Man I Once had a friend who had tried crackout and he was like dude you should definitely try it because it's so good and don't know like make sure you don't know where to get more because you'll go get more. Oh go. Okay. 36:43.00 Max Shank Um, I mean he clearly doesn't think you're a very good detective but like you have this mind altertering experience. That's like nothing you've ever had and you're. 36:43.61 mikebledsoe That sounds like I'm not going to try it. Yeah. 37:00.30 Max Shank Willingness to do some detective work to find someone is like 0 I mean you could find crack. 37:02.96 mikebledsoe That's what you got like have someone drop you off on a desert island for like a week and then you know hit it on the first day. So I think that's the way that's how you have to go. 37:11.92 Max Shank Um, how to do crack by Mike Blood so how to ah. 37:17.74 mikebledsoe Um, but yeah, going back to the boundaries. The no is like telling yourself no is basically parenting yourself most people don't have good internal boundaries and they do a bunch of shit that they know that if they let children do that same thing. They would be doing that child a disservice. 37:41.20 Max Shank I've heard that when you can parent yourself is when you are considered an adult. That's one definition that I like of it I'm I'm not there yet myself. Um. 37:46.79 mikebledsoe Yep. Um, that's a definition I like to run around with. 37:56.50 Max Shank With everything ah or or or am I I mean something I think about is like you're really just making bets cost benefit analysis. So as long as you're getting what you want out of it. That's. 37:56.51 mikebledsoe No, not with everything I think it's a lifelong thing adulting. 38:15.15 mikebledsoe Yeah, and over time though. 38:15.58 Max Shank It's all good like do I drink too much coffee. That's that's a question I've been thinking about lately because I drink a lot of coffee maybe like four four ah diluted cups a day. 38:22.32 mikebledsoe Why have you been thinking about it. 38:30.70 mikebledsoe So what? What? What? What? Why could that? be bad for you. 38:33.12 Max Shank Pour in oh I have no idea I mean I've I've read into like some of the reasons why but I just wonder if it's if it's worth being such a regular part of the routine and and there's not really ah, a clear and definitive answer on it. 38:49.00 mikebledsoe I think that coffee was popularized as a healthy thing by bulletproof Dave Asprey did a really good job of making it. Okay, um oh yeah. 39:00.88 Max Shank Um, you think so I thought I thought it was like reasonably healthy before. 39:06.71 mikebledsoe Um I don't think it was held on the same pedestal I mean it's considered like a health product. At this point if you buy the right coffee you're drink you're drinking the smart intelligent healthy coffee. But if you drink the other coffee. You're just a. 39:14.91 Max Shank In. 39:20.99 Max Shank Um, well, it's like how about smart water. How about that brand Are you kidding me as Genius The bottles are very liked by hikers because they're pretty sturdy and very lightweight but we were thinking about the branding of smart water. 39:25.66 mikebledsoe Yeah, muggle. 39:31.57 mikebledsoe Blew it away. 39:40.92 Max Shank That that takes a lot of balls right? Smart I mean you would think someone must have thought of that before but look at that smartwater the smart coach. 39:48.50 mikebledsoe Maybe maybe I should have called my business. The smart coach instead of the strong coach. 39:58.97 Max Shank I Mean technically that's more what you would want. 39:59.00 mikebledsoe Ah, the smart Coach fuck. 40:03.36 Max Shank You just have you just have pictures of these like really buff idiots. Ah I ah man. Okay, so look boundaries being able to say no. 40:12.35 mikebledsoe Ah, er. 40:23.30 Max Shank To yourself is that's basically wisdom right? because you're not going purely off instinct and we talked a little bit about intuition and instinct in the pre-show today right? Well, there's a pre-show and you'll see my nipples. 40:34.10 mikebledsoe Ah, we didn't mention the pre-show. 40:42.69 Max Shank I at least show them on camera. So if you're listening, you'll know when they're there and we talk about some pretty cool stuff I liked the pre-show today. 40:50.17 mikebledsoe Yeah, the pre-show was loaded with good content today and and personal sharing information. so yeah yeah yeah so um at some point. 40:59.95 Max Shank That's true. There was some good personal sharing. It's like a little therapy session for all of us there. 41:07.75 mikebledsoe The bloodsideher dot Com I'll have a link set up so that you can get access to the ah the membership site which will be donation based. That's all all back to boundaries. 41:13.65 Max Shank Um, Boom back to boundaries boundaries with yourself say no to drugs such a funny phrase right? I mean that's why I always love coffee as the example, right? they're they're talking about like crack and that stuff. Um. Being able to say no to other people is not a skill that everyone has. They're really concerned that people won't like them anymore if they draw the boundary they actually want and what's funny is sometimes that's true because you're growing up. People are pretty immature. And then you're an adult and people are still pretty immature and if you do something that someone doesn't like they'll treat you different. So It's normal that you would try to be either accommodating or more dominating in order to get.. It's like whatever ah strategy you learned. And so if you're one of the accommodating Types. You're going to feel really nervous to say no to people and I can I can take a lot to get back into the rotation and like I said earlier the people who you draw those boundaries with suddenly are going to feel ah like whiplash. 42:14.92 mikebledsoe Yeah. 42:29.12 mikebledsoe Yeah, the um yeah, you're you're when you set a new boundary or you know, maybe it's a boundary that you've had internally that you've never communicated and then you say you know what I'm going to communicate this boundary right now and people. 42:29.30 Max Shank There's gonna be a shock. 42:48.33 mikebledsoe Are expecting you to behave a certain way and when you verbalize a boundary for the None time you break that expectation and when people expect something to happen and it doesn't happen. They get they get attached to whatever story that. They have you in and when you when you fuck that story up by setting a new boundary. They yeah is really interesting how they might respond I think that's one of those things where ah that I've learned through a lot of the personal development work I've done is. I I might come out of a workshop and go. Oh Yeah I I have not been I discovered this boundary I've had I haven't been communicating it and then now my homework is to go communicate it and the process of and it takes a lot of courage to do that because the process of of. The unknown like by doing that you're stepping into the unknown you have no idea how the other person is going to respond and it's going to cause that person some level of stress consciously or or subconsciously and that's to me the practice of surrender is really. Saying what's true for you and then just again, we go back to paying attention paying attention to what how people respond to that and then adjust from there but there's no way to predict how someone's gonna ah respond to a new boundary I say most of the time when I'm. When I have a worst case scenario in my head about how someone's gonna respond to me. It almost never comes True. It's like that. The anticipation of how this person might respond to this is way worse. 44:31.54 Max Shank Right. Well I've been holding back a lot. Actually I don't want to hurt your feelings you seem sensitive to me. Ah, all joking aside, um I agree with you completely. 44:43.47 mikebledsoe Ah I am very sensitive. Yeah. 44:55.10 Max Shank I think that when you are used to being accommodating and I'm not saying it's bad to be accommodating, but basically you fall into what I call a predictable strategy. It's just a predictable strategy or predictable plan. I learned that if I do this thing then I get this response and like you were saying we prefer that known pain or discomfort of not being true to ourselves to the unknown of holy fuck will will this person say that they hate me will they tell me to go fuck myself if i. Draw the boundary that I actually want to draw and there's even that that Mark Twain quote because I know you're big fan of Twain. He said that his tailor was the only reasonable man he ever met because he took my measurement new each time while everybody else. Measured me against who I was and I always thought that was a really nice None expectations not being met is kind of the root of all disappointment necessarily right? So people get mad when their expectations are not met. They get sad and their expectations are not. Matt but really, it's just an attachment to this future outcome and if you can get curious about the future to me. That's the best forward thinking mentality because it has a little bit of. Joy a little bit of excitement and it also kind of I think harmonizes the relationship with the unknown a little bit. It makes it a little more of a positive thing like when you say oh the storms can be unpredictable. You're like whoa. It's like a scary unknown almost. But. You're like I'm curious to see um, what the what the weather is like tomorrow. It feels very different. Yeah, so basically you're. 46:53.82 mikebledsoe Very different energy. 47:01.72 Max Shank By not drawing your boundary. You're admitting that you're attached to the response of the other person and and you think that is actually more valuable in your cost benefit analysis than saying what you really feel which would be drawing a boundary. 47:06.14 mikebledsoe Yeah. 47:17.71 mikebledsoe Saying No yeah I think I think um, ah yeah, big big part of the the pinch we're in in the world right? now is a lack of people I think sought out. 47:21.19 Max Shank Yeah, it's pretty big. It's big month. 47:37.55 mikebledsoe To be to to harmonize and to not rock the boat and so there's kind of like a death by a thousand cuts is like oh you know what? because values and boundaries go hand in hand this um that this value has been. You know I'm doing something or going along with something. It's not really in alignment with my values but it seems like the rest of the group want Yeah yeah, yeah. 48:02.98 Max Shank The greater good the greater good the greater good. It's same old story man the great the greater good. You can convince people of just about anything if it's for some sort of greater. Good. 48:18.58 mikebledsoe Um, how vague is the greater good like when people say the greater good. 48:24.13 Max Shank What's more vague. Nothing is more vague. The great or bad I mean like it's It's a ridiculous phrase. It's this. It's this totally. Um, unscientific assumption that if you concentrate the decision making. 48:30.22 mikebledsoe It's a ridiculous phrase. 48:41.76 Max Shank To this guy. It'll be overall better off and we still don't know demonetized here. We come de you monetized. We still don't know if our ah emergency break reaction to whatever the fuck has been going on the last couple of years actually is better than doing literally nothing other than saying hey if you ah if you want to stay home. You can we? We don't know which would have been better and I'm not saying that would have been better but historically speaking. Ah. Bureaucrats usually make things about None to None times worse with what they do than if they had just done nothing and let people figure it out through consensual exchange. 49:34.70 mikebledsoe No yeah, the the but I think the greater good thing is also interesting is I don't think most people see it as ah, giving control to a centralized group of people or individual. It's.. It's like um, it's when they say like they you know they say they're not even talking about an individual.. There's this.. There's this ominous so that's how I know that someone believes in God is when they they say things like the greater good like there's some. Magical being and my definition of God is different. But when I I run I Run I run into atheists all the time that believe in a in a being a magical being that knows what's the best for everybody and so. 50:12.34 Max Shank So so it's like a unifying idea for you. Ah. 50:27.56 Max Shank Um, does this magical being have a name. 50:28.79 mikebledsoe But they're not. They're not even um, well it's it's probably whoever their favorite anchor is on the news or the you know or the newspaper that's in the the blue package the blue. 50:38.59 Max Shank Here. 50:47.93 mikebledsoe Rapper the New York Times you know as long as the New York Times said it you know now. Yeah, so it's like late they actually they they actually don't have. There's no end of they're not. They're not in recognition that they're even giving power to an individual because there's this. 50:52.94 Max Shank I see Yeah so I God is like. 51:06.74 mikebledsoe There's this mass media machine that is is spitting out this narrative and so anything. That's not that isn't for the greater good like that's that's in service of the greater. Good. So The fact that I think it's it's ah it's an interesting little trap that people find themselves in is because they're. Saying it's for the greater. Good. They believe it's for the greater good but they don't actually they're not I don't think most of those people are in recognition that they're giving power to a centralized control of people who who may not actually be that informed or that Um, what's the word I'm looking for. 51:27.67 Max Shank Right. 51:45.43 mikebledsoe Altruistic You know they they they believe that the people are doing the best they can. They're like them. That's that's the most that that's the they're like me. It's a lack of it's ah it's an inability for things like empathy. So the people who feel as though they're the most empathetic. 51:45.60 Max Shank Um, right like them this they're like me. 52:03.49 mikebledsoe Are usually the least empathetic because their their empathy is the projection of themselves instead of recognizing that people are different. 52:08.20 Max Shank Well, it's elevation through depression like you have these victims and that elevates you you put yourself as the hero you have to put them as the victim. That's why I don't want to be anybody's savior. It's It's not a cool role. 52:22.92 mikebledsoe No. 52:25.11 Max Shank You know you don't want to be victims I don't want to be a hero just be a guy I think the way you're thinking of God a phrase struck me. It's intrinsic belief or intrinsic believability and that's kind of what God is. Like who who's your God is who you trust without really understanding. There's no reason to a lot of people worship money kind of like God or Worship. Um the state as a God Yeah yeah. 52:54.10 mikebledsoe It's probably the biggest God I know of yeah, well when I say the biggest I mean the majority of the population is it. Worships money anything. 53:02.46 Max Shank Way more people believe in money than believe in a Christian Catholic or whatever like any one of those. 53:09.00 mikebledsoe Yeah, anyone well any any Christian like 99% of christians believe more in money than they do they do in the Christian god. 53:17.72 Max Shank Oh snap smackdown. 53:22.32 mikebledsoe Do you spend more time thinking about money or do you spend more time thinking about God where whatever you wherever you spend wherever you spent your attention is what you worship and that is your god. 53:27.19 Max Shank Oh My God roasted I think you're probably right. Let he who is without Sin cast The None stone. 53:41.81 mikebledsoe He. 53:43.20 Max Shank Let he who is without sin cast the None stone. Oh you're you're calling out these non-believing christians for their lack of true faith right? they're they're pretending 53:47.12 mikebledsoe Was was that in reference to. 54:02.15 Max Shank They're pretending to love their religion but really they love money way more and they're not open and honest about that. 54:04.93 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, it's a it's a it's a something that makes people feel better about themselves. 54:11.44 Max Shank Oh yeah, I mean and I think ah in many cases I've seen religion be super constructive for some people. So yeah. 54:18.39 mikebledsoe I Think it's I think it's constructed for most people I think most people lack order in their lives. They they do want someone else to tell them what to do how to live their life. Most people have zero moral compass. Ah. 54:31.50 Max Shank Ah, but they don't do it at the barrel of a gun right? I Think that's what I like better about religion is it still giving you structure for the flow kind of what we were talking about before ah you need to have that structure for the flow. 54:37.10 mikebledsoe They're not. 54:48.14 mikebledsoe And what you're saying is it's voluntary. 54:50.62 Max Shank Um, yeah, it's consensual. It's consensual is awesome baby. Nothing's hotter than consent I think it's pretty cool. 54:58.63 mikebledsoe The the yeah yeah, what I what I think is funny. Is you got a bunch of ah I was in a conversation last night about ah blue states versus red states and getting in the conversation now. 55:12.25 Max Shank In like a fight. It would be no contest be over so quick. Can you imagine if we just reverted to like an all out battle every 4 years. Amazing. 55:17.51 mikebledsoe Um. 55:23.40 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, ah the yeah. 55:30.83 Max Shank Who we'd be more civil. The rest of the year too if we could just get it out. Not quite purge. Love not not purge like you know you get in the ring. You take a few punches with boxing gloves on. 55:34.76 mikebledsoe Like ah like ah one day a year like the purge. Yeah. 55:44.52 mikebledsoe Yeah, ah ah the reason I bring this up is like that the left and the right are interesting because like on the left. They really believe in consent when it comes to anything that's sexual in nature like there's but but when it comes to anything else. 55:58.12 Max Shank Ah, yeah. 56:04.56 mikebledsoe There's complete blindness to it and on the right? yeah and on the right they they want consent for certain things but completely disregard other things like people. 56:06.64 Max Shank Um, it's like a mental illness both ways like how could you believe it's so weird. 56:19.61 mikebledsoe I say this regularly like when people I'm talking to someone and they go what's wrong. Why do those people do this but then they do this. It doesn't add up and I go yeah most of what people are doing doesn't add up because they lack principles. They they. 56:32.44 Max Shank Well um, almost everybody's a hypocrite on some level by the way like let's not put even ourselves up on like that high of a pedestal right? like everybody's working with that. 56:36.20 mikebledsoe On some level. But percentage wise the amount of our life that we make decisions around are more principle based than the average person. The average person is going with Pop. Whatever's popular right? people go people want to be accepted by the group so they do what's popular. They don't. 56:51.78 Max Shank God I Hope So yeah, true, true True true. 57:00.59 mikebledsoe They're not running it through a filter of what are my values. What are my boundaries. What are my principle. What are the principles and by the way you don't get to choose the principles. The principles are are around us. Yeah, as I that's. 57:10.32 Max Shank My body my choice across the board. My body my choice across the board that is what you're talking about that's why that's that's the only example because the only question the only important question just to cut through all this bullshit is who decides that's it. 57:17.87 mikebledsoe A perfect example. 57:29.33 Max Shank Do I decide or does some other guy decide. That's the only question that matters politically ever is who decides anytime it starts to get confusing. Just ask the question who decides and the argument crumbles for people who want to I don't know Gatekeeper A lady's vagina. People want to add some experimental fucking injections into your skin ah with the shortest track record of any kind of thing like that ever I mean these are both signs of mental illness to believe 1 about 1 and another about the other. It's ah. It's really weird. It almost forces people who are hyper left or hyper right to be mentally Ill like you have to shut off your thinking brain to think those are like some but. 58:19.30 mikebledsoe Yeah there's um, you know we look at like Socrates and talking about what what makes someone human it was ah practicing having the practice of being in touch with reality being in greater contact with reality. And this and this inability inability to see ah the principle at play like just completely unable ah is is being out of touch with reality. 58:38.84 Max Shank Pretty pretty nebulous. 58:46.20 Max Shank A. 58:53.84 Max Shank I Like the dune experiment for figuring out if he's a human where they put his hand in the pain box and say if he takes it out. They'll cut his throat with a poisonous needle so he has to withstand tremendous pain. 58:56.13 mikebledsoe In which. 59:01.65 mikebledsoe Yeah. 59:11.60 Max Shank Thinking He's like sacrificing his burning hand in order to keep his life and I think that is kind of the secret to wealth and planning and any of that is can you see can you see the big picture. Can you see the forest for the trees and the trick is you can't see the forest. And the trees at the same time so you have to alternate you have to cycle you have to hone in like a laser on something and then you got to open up your awareness like a lantern and take in everything around you to make sure that you're still focusing your energy. In the right direction kind of like we talked about with structure versus flow structure as the pipe flow is water if you don't have ah that that rushing water channeled somehow. Well you're just moving along with the River and that's fine, but you're going to go in the same direction as the rest of the water. 01:00:03.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, and I the some my practice over time is I've had a easier time in my life being zoomed out than zoomed in and um I don't know if that's. 01:00:15.98 Max Shank Are. 01:00:21.86 mikebledsoe I would say that I could spend more time zoomed in I still spend more time zoomed in but I noticed that the amount of time I spent on considering when I think about expanding my awareness around something that lantern there's there's 2 ah dimensions to consider one is space and the other one is time. 01:00:23.57 Max Shank Indian. 01:00:41.80 mikebledsoe And so there's there's what's happening right now and there's what I want to happen in None ears There's also what's happening right now in the space that I'm in but what's happening in you know, Dc right now or just right down the street like how much. How much space can you consider and how much time can you consider when you're making your decisions when you're setting the vision. What how much can you consider? most people don't practice that expansion of time and space when setting the vision. 01:01:04.70 Max Shank How many variables go into your decision making equation right. 01:01:18.30 mikebledsoe Or making decisions. Um and because of that for anyone who is unable to do that. They're more easily to be controlled by someone who does do that. 01:01:29.19 Max Shank Absolutely Um I think the average person is constantly pushed and pulled by a variety of forces to do things that are as frictionless as possible and for them as Motionless as possible. And those are forces. Um from a software engineering standpoint from a psychological engineering standpoint and also from an evolutionary standpoint.. There's nothing better for a curious lazy Monkey mind who's trying to maximize efficiency to just sit around and Watch. An Endless stream of crazy shit. So if you don't draw that Boundary. You're never going to pick your head up and ah like I'm not trying to call anyone out or anything but you see some of these kids these days. Fucking kids I hate that phrase. What am I doing that for these kids these days I feel old saying that feel silly I don't feel old until I talk like that. But basically they're like looking straight down into the telephone and it's adults too. Don't get me wrong while they're walking. Maybe they walk. 01:02:26.28 mikebledsoe You're so old. 01:02:42.30 Max Shank Into traffic. Maybe they walk off a cliff something like that. But it's the perfect visual of someone who's so ah, locked in psychologically onto something that isn't even really good for them and when we talk about drawing boundaries for ourselves like I'm going to say no to crack today every day I'm like. I'm going to say no to crack and every day I have so far and it feels like a little like a little victory like I didn't do crack again and ah if I do crack though. It'll be bad. 01:03:02.63 mikebledsoe Yes. 01:03:10.84 mikebledsoe We also you also have like ah we have a record breaking ah amount of kids on things like Sslris on antidepressants and anti-angolytics things that things that dep. 01:03:21.60 Max Shank Yeah, those are good drugs Mike those are good drugs. They're just good for you. Everyone should be on those right? They're on the Tv isn't it like 75% of commercials pharmaceutical ones. 01:03:30.80 mikebledsoe You know what's interesting is think about this? Yeah, it's It's a lot. Ah every news. 01:03:39.84 Max Shank There's got to be something wrong with you. Are you watching the Tv there's something wrong. 01:03:42.48 mikebledsoe Um, well,, there's ah, there's a theory that ah one of the reasons that the government is so friendly to pharmaceutical companies is that when under the influence of these these drugs that. People become docile way more easy to control like like please pass the xanax out please pass What I don't know these drugs are called anymore. 01:04:01.33 Max Shank Holy yeah, totally totally. 01:04:09.90 Max Shank If I was going to get a bus full of people on a field trip and I had the choice between giving them heroin or crack at the beginning I would clearly choose heroin every time they would be mostly still. 01:04:20.86 mikebledsoe Exactly. 01:04:25.87 Max Shank Could be like hey we're going over to this bench over here way easier to control that that doesn't surprise me one bit. 01:04:31.26 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, so yeah I've heard discussions of you know? ah the food supply being fucked up in certain ways intentionally as well to reduce the amount of testosterone that men have because. 01:04:46.70 Max Shank When people get afraid also like a ah scared stoned guy. He'll do anything. He'll do anything you want that guy is scared and stoned. You're like hey I need your left leg but I'll protect you until tomorrow. Thank God you're here. 01:04:59.19 mikebledsoe Yeah, could you imagine I was I was the last couple years I've just been thinking about people popping and all these pills and then watching Tv so you're you're popping pills and watching Tv you have no autonomy you you are. 01:05:03.20 Max Shank Ah. Oh My god. 01:05:15.70 mikebledsoe You are a hundred percent slave at that point and pc what's that. 01:05:17.73 Max Shank Npc Baby Npcs a non-player character I'm ah showing my nerd card here. But ah when you're when you're playing ah an rpg or a role playing game I don't play a lot of them these days but there were some good ones. A non-player character is character in the game um played by the computer software. It's not another person like you or me it's just like a software thing and they they respond very predictably. You know. 01:05:45.78 mikebledsoe Um, well isn't this like some somewhat of the premise of the matrix and. 01:05:50.65 Max Shank Very much so the premise of the matrix even more so the premise of that was it free guy I think I saw it free free free guy. It's like ah ah no, no, no, it's deadpool it isn. 01:06:01.39 mikebledsoe What's that oh is that the Markie Mark film Ryan ran oh yeah yeah I saw that. 01:06:10.55 Max Shank Ryan Reynolds and he's ah he's like a video game character that comes to life somehow with some general ai code and it's kind of a fun like a rite of passage I guess his rite of passage is going from like a. Ah, computer character like ah do this I go to the bank. Whatever to like a regular. 01:06:32.80 mikebledsoe Yeah, and he wakes up and he's like like something something wakes him up. Yeah. 01:06:37.63 Max Shank Something clicks different I can't remember exactly what it yeah matrix same way as like wake up Neo and then so you're right. 01:06:43.57 mikebledsoe Well, that's a think the thing that I that I that I um get curious about because I I think these movies are good. Analogies is in the movie. The matrix he talks about how like anyone who. Has not woken up yet has to be considered an enemy but you're also trying to turn them all the time you're trying to wake them up the whole time. So. It's a very.. It's an interesting.. How do you approach people who are the was an npg Npc how. 01:07:06.40 Max Shank A.A. 01:07:20.57 Max Shank Npc. 01:07:22.50 mikebledsoe How do you approach Npcs with compassion. You know they're while also recognizing and when I now now that I'm speaking out loud I'm thinking they're not necessarily the enemy. They're just dangerous. 01:07:26.31 Max Shank Um, yeah. 01:07:35.18 Max Shank Yes, that you know it's funny. You said that because as soon as I heard the word enemy it felt wrong, but dangerous feels absolutely right? You have to set those boundaries like we talked about before but then that's where compassion and curiosity come in. 01:07:41.50 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:07:54.72 Max Shank Like do you blame a dog if it was beaten its whole life and for me I look at folks and I just don't tolerate their behavior but I also don't like judge them as evil for it like I don't tolerate Behavior I don't want. 01:08:08.12 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:08:12.64 Max Shank But it's not about that individual I don't judge that individual just the same way I don't judge the dog that had bad owners and you you think about how many generations of Shitty Shitty parents on every level not just biological parents. But also. The prevailing myths of the land and time that we're in the people on the Tv all that shit just generation of generation of people doing anything they can to like feel safe and maybe even loved. Let alone self-actualized fuck that for most people loves love is a stretch for most people and I think the more you ah the more a person is kept in lizard mode in that fight or flight the faster and less. Um. 01:08:52.89 mikebledsoe That's terrifying. Um. 01:09:09.80 Max Shank The faster they'll respond and the less ah thoughtfulness rationality and logic and wisdom. They'll use to make that decision. They'll just react fearfully. 01:09:15.98 mikebledsoe Well yeah, because it's a reaction. Well one it's quick and 2 It's predictable like if you if you know somebody pretty well if you know an individual pretty well I mean we've all did this. Ah you know I've done this when I was a lot more when I was younger and I was a little more cruel. 01:09:22.89 Max Shank Right. 01:09:35.71 mikebledsoe Like oh watch this I'm gonna say this something to this guy and he's gonna fucking flip his shit right now and I would say it and they would flip their shit I'm like and I would get kicks it make me make me laugh. You know. 01:09:41.64 Max Shank Oh really. 01:09:49.33 Max Shank Ah, so you fucked with idiots for sport How very cool. 01:09:52.49 mikebledsoe Well yeah I mean this was this was something in the Navy to like in the military. It's you know there's a little bit of like brotherly cruelty going on. Yeah I don't do it anymore. But but it it. 01:09:56.49 Max Shank Um, ah I'm not saying it's bad. Yeah I think mockery is really good I think mockery is like a lighthearted form of criticism. 01:10:12.39 mikebledsoe Yeah, it. It comes it. It comes with a lot of predictability though and I always love um, extrapolating the individual out to culture and so you have these people who've been studying How does society React. Society doesn't thoughtfully pause and respond they society draw cold is it? Ah yeah, yeah. 01:10:35.56 Max Shank Fish Tail Fish Tail I think is the term for it when you over when you overcorrect if you're a skidding in the car and you overcorrect you start fish tailing a little more back and forth mm. 01:10:49.17 mikebledsoe Why they always talk about the pendulum swinging in culture. So it goes from you know one side to the other. Yeah we definitely I mean just look at what ah went from Trump to Biden like as about as opposite as you can get right? It was a hard swing. It's it's not like they went from 1 person to the center. 01:11:03.97 Max Shank Um, yeah, right. 01:11:07.91 mikebledsoe And went like complete left wing puppet mode and um whereas Trump was the uncontrollable bull in the China shop and so it was like people were like okay I don't we don't like this mess I don't like like this makes me. 01:11:17.76 Max Shank Any. 01:11:27.18 mikebledsoe Uncomfortable like what's who's going to be the least threatening person who's just going to go along with everything possible. Oh it's this guy So like the fish tale The the fish tale like it's right. It's like that. There's an overcorrection. 01:11:33.20 Max Shank Um, well ah man. 01:11:44.43 mikebledsoe So does it. There's just keep swinging harder and harder like are we going to get like ah I think I think it I think I think the next Ronald Reagan is next in that case. 01:11:49.41 Max Shank Typically I think that's how it works. 01:11:55.71 Max Shank I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that. But ah. 01:11:56.89 mikebledsoe What was he yet. Ah Jimmy Carter he was a 1 term democrat the end of the seventy s he was probably he was considered the worst president ever by a lot of people and then um and then Reagan came along in just it was a landslide and ah. 01:12:08.20 Max Shank And. 01:12:16.13 mikebledsoe I mean I think who who's coming in next like yeah I'm just I'm just throw it out. There's like I think we're gonna see like a a pretty right winger come into Desantis. Yeah. 01:12:19.81 Max Shank It's a good question. Yeah. Probably that Florida guy will win at some point in the near future. That's my guess he seems like like some kind of war veteran seems like pretty squeaky but I don't I don't really follow it I just have this understanding that. Along with the idea of god being intrinsic believability. We have the same thing with the wings. Unfortunately so as soon as someone puts on the blue t-shirt and says I'm on the blue team. Even even if that guy is fucking a rapacious idiot. Everyone with a blue t-shirt ons like yeah, we like that guy. He only fucking rapes those red guys like okay and then and then the red guys will do like the same thing and they're like yeah fuck those gay guys putting on wedding rings or whatever I don't I don't know exactly what it is but but it's stupid. It's like why. 01:13:08.92 mikebledsoe I. 01:13:19.26 mikebledsoe Ah, a. 01:13:22.59 Max Shank Why we?? Ah, but it's um, it's specialization just like you get the Electrician to do your electrical shit because he has better specialization. We have this idea that someone will choose better, but that's just not the case. That's why you vote with your feet you vote with your dollars. It's never going to be better. The only. Like the smartest thing The founding fathers did was the separation of power separation of church and State Boom Boom right? off the bat that was huge and then they tried to separate the the state itself even more. So So you're trying to divide up the power. But of course the ultimate division of power is called. 01:13:49.73 mikebledsoe Or they were boop. Yeah. 01:14:01.41 Max Shank The customer. So the customer just buys. Whatever the fuck they want to and no one can force them to but whatever the pendulum swings I don't want to talk about fucking constitution every week Mike okay I get it. 01:14:12.65 mikebledsoe Ah I want you did that to you. You did that to yourself. 01:14:19.33 Max Shank I did to myself and I'm mad now. 01:14:22.38 mikebledsoe Ah, he's so red in the face right now folks so red in the face. He's he's worked up. 01:14:34.68 Max Shank Ah, oh God It's awesome. 01:14:37.46 mikebledsoe Oh I know we're to take the show now. 01:14:41.31 Max Shank We went off the rail so long ago we didn't even talk much about lake to Lake Tahoe was beautiful I was just there. It was really nice. It was one of the most relaxing times I've ever had I was there. Ah there four days ago. 01:14:49.20 mikebledsoe What are you doing late tahoe. Ah, then we whip last you back here you got me on the show and just like. 01:15:00.18 Max Shank I'm experiencing my boundaries being crossed really hard right now. Ah it was amazing I sat in a river at the top of a waterfall overlooking ah Lake Tahoe and Cascade Lake is 1 of the most beautiful views ever. 01:15:17.23 mikebledsoe I Know what you're talking about where where do you? where do you like to stay when you grew up there. 01:15:18.17 Max Shank So um, you know lately. We've been going up to ah heavenly. So right on the state line. Um I've stayed in a vehicle a couple times also and there's ah on on the Nevada in Nevada. 01:15:28.50 mikebledsoe Yep, that's where I stay most of time I I used to say where. 01:15:37.35 Max Shank So you know how there's that imaginary line between the places called Nevada and California you're you're legally allowed to sleep in a vehicle in Nevada so rent divan rent an Rv Boom Boom Boom Nevada site there are also like really nice campsites everywhere. But if you're just looking to. Ah. 01:15:38.56 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:15:56.60 Max Shank To be there. You just go pop over to the Nevada side hang out there and then do whatever you want in the California side but usually a heavenly state line area on the southeast side is beautiful and that cascade falls in Cascade Lake overlook in ah. Overlooking like tahoe. It's one of the most epic views ever. The fact that you can just like climb in also and get that cool river running around you the sound the view. The feeling of the cold water. It's something that is truly indescribable. 01:16:22.70 mikebledsoe Yep. 01:16:33.78 mikebledsoe know know I stay heavenly most of the time when I go I go to 3 times a year I used to go to incline village a lot but which on the Nevada side. But yeah made some friends it really just depends on where my friends are located has. 01:16:34.78 Max Shank With words. Yeah, it's awesome. 01:16:44.73 Max Shank Um, that was where I first went to. It's totally man. It's not as ah pop in incline is more quiet for sure much much smaller town. 01:16:53.20 mikebledsoe Because I got a friend and I got a couple friends and incline I got a couple friends and heavenly. Yeah. 01:17:03.42 Max Shank Like if you want to like it state line. There are those like 4 or 5 casinos right? right? on the line where it's totally illegal to gamble versus where it's completely deeply encouraged to gamble as much as possible I love lake tahoe. 01:17:06.74 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:17:20.92 mikebledsoe It's like heaven. 01:17:22.94 Max Shank It is. It is a beautiful place I found the greatest breakfast burrito ever of all time. Ah at place called Ver Day bear day mexico oh man Teresa Breakfast Burrito I had ah addd 3 01:17:28.14 mikebledsoe Oh yeah, ver day. 01:17:40.93 Max Shank Of them in about 24 hours and they were not small, but if you find something that's good. You stick with it. So I'm like taking burritos on hikes now I ended up in a caloric surplus after all those breakfast book burritos. 01:17:52.76 mikebledsoe There's a there's a place that does sells solely beef jerky over there I'm not remembering the name of it right now. Highly recommend it. Some of the best jerky I've ever had which is great for hiking when I go hiking I Usually just take beef jerky and honey with me just. 01:17:55.75 Max Shank Is. Wow. 01:18:06.72 Max Shank I Think you might get a lot of people going to this ah this tahoe Spartan I Think that's your I think that's your crew, a free entry come on. It is one of the greatest places I've ever been in the world and I've I've traveled a lot of cool places. 01:18:15.27 mikebledsoe Free entry, beautiful race look and you can now you can now buy weed in both California and Nevada so you can join me on my I suggest thought you know if you're a newbie. 4 or five Milligrams at the starting line if you're a season veteran of of the cannabis game I'll let you make your own decision on how much you take. But I'll be taking around ten milligrams at the starting line and just enjoying the day. 01:18:45.80 Max Shank Mike is gonna Mike is gonna be selling cannabis kits for the spartan race at the starting line that will get you guaranteed to get you from the start to the finish high as a kite. 01:18:54.13 mikebledsoe That's right. 01:18:59.52 mikebledsoe Ah, we're gonna set up a little station along the way is like just in case just in case your joint got wet. We're gonna you know, light you up ass it bring your cash folks. 01:19:02.46 Max Shank That sounds fair. Oh my god but the price just gets higher every mile further along the road. Oh my gosh. But seriously if you haven't been to Lake Tahoe and you get the chance you gotta to go to Lake Tahoe is 01:19:14.94 mikebledsoe We only accept Bitcoin actually. 01:19:21.28 Max Shank Ah, beautiful, Beautiful place. 01:19:22.10 mikebledsoe Absolutely thanks for selling it? Yeah yeah. 01:19:25.55 Max Shank Yeah I love lake Tahoe is I think I've been back there more times. Ah, maybe than any other play like I love yosemite also but I just keep going back to Lake Tahoe even though it's an 8 our drive it just it's like nothing else. You can get a nice airbnb up there too for like none to 53 and then of course there's really nice stuff like 1500 ten K a night but for for two hundred bucks you can have a really nice. Base camp with view of the lake showers I'm I'm sold. It's it's maybe maybe my favorite place to actually go so power of no yeah power of no if you don't set boundaries people are going to tell you what to do all the time. 01:20:09.64 mikebledsoe Yeah I can cur I can cur well wrap it up. 01:20:21.62 Max Shank And you probably won't even notice because it'll just be a really enticing offer saying no internally to your own actions that continually fuck you up can be really valuable I think that goes all the way from crack to The. Cellular telephone which is just another way that we pleasure ourselves to take our minds out of the moment so we can go be somewhere else and then externally it can be difficult to say no to people. Because their reaction may be unpredictable, but ah, you don't you don't really have your own life If You're always just saying yes to everything. So if you draw those boundaries. Also you will be shocked at how much extra time you have here's ah, here's living proof that I do draw some boundaries. Well. A piece of fabric that I knitted just learned how to knit over the weekend. Pretty nice. You can see the excellent knit stitch there is where I cast on and then bind it off learning the new Lingo So ah, juggling. 01:21:20.53 mikebledsoe Ah, okay. 01:21:37.32 Max Shank Knitting prepping for a Spartan race If you draw boundaries you can do it all if you don't draw boundaries you will do ah exactly the most predictable thing with the least amount of effort all the time the natural way. 01:21:51.95 mikebledsoe Well said I have nothing to add. Um go to Lake Tahoe and um I want to mention that the weekend before lake tahoe spartan race I have the strong coach summit. 01:21:55.38 Max Shank Um, also go to Lake Tahoe oh 01:22:09.70 mikebledsoe It is a allinclusive retreat happening here in Austin Texas I rented out a summer camp round 2 I'm doing 2 a year I'm doing a spring and fall. So again, it's ah it's gonna be 3 nights two days of all inclusive retreat and. 01:22:10.91 Max Shank Um, oh round 2 yeah baby hell yeah. 01:22:28.24 mikebledsoe Um'm bringing in killer speakers people who have been in the coaching game are going to help people become better coaches learn how to grow their businesses all that stuff and we're gonna have a great time doing it. So I don't have the. Sales page up for that yet but be on the lookout folks market on your calendars September sixteen through None anything you want to mention there max where can people find you max shink dot com there you go. 01:22:58.78 Max Shank @maxshank. Thanks Mikey! Thanks guys! Love you guys. Bye. 01:23:04.65 mikebledsoe Love you I.
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Freedom with Mike & Max, Monday Morning show
00:00.00 mikebledsoe Welcome to Monday morning with Mike and max and today we're going to be talking about freedom because you know what it is the fourth of July and we are americans and so of course not only are we totally into the conversation today but we're into it. All the time max and I are both lovers of freedom and in our own ways which is kind of like how freedom works you get to do it your way. So thanks for joining me Dave Max so you are begin this topic with you since I think you and I are both. We've spent a lot of time focusing on this topic. 00:41.30 Max Shank Well thanks for having me once again, it is certainly my favorite topic. It's also what I would like to impart or share with people. Basically when I think about what I would like to share with folks I would like to help them become more free because I don't. 00:54.71 mikebledsoe Hang on. Yeah. 01:00.59 Max Shank I don't I don't I don't want to be your Mama I don't want to be responsible for you and that's the beauty of freedom is there's you are responsible for yourself and this other person is responsible for themself and there's interdependence that comes through agreements. 01:03.23 mikebledsoe I am. 01:19.29 Max Shank Volitional choices and I think that's amazing. That's what allowed us to get everything going. That's what allowed us to do so well basically hands writing and cooperation. Otherwise we would still just be you know lion food pretty much. 01:30.17 mikebledsoe I. 01:37.50 Max Shank You know I'm saying Ah so I I think I would like everyone listening to this to become more free and I think a good way to understand it would be the different types of freedom and then also what's the opposite of freedom and who are the key players and how this all worked. 01:37.97 mikebledsoe Definitely. 01:56.30 mikebledsoe Yeah, um. 01:57.16 Max Shank So if you don't mind I'd I'd love to kick things off. 02:00.43 mikebledsoe Kick things off when you got more to say right now is that what you're saying oh well None I want to mention if you want access to the pre-show you have to go to go over to the bloodso show dot com we'll have a link over there to. 02:03.16 Max Shank Yeah I mean ah yeah I Just I don't want to drone on and on too much. But I think about it like free freedom is a new go for it. 02:20.10 mikebledsoe Sign up. Ah, we're taking it's a donation based thing I hate word donation. It's value for value pay what you want if you find what be what you want look pay what you want to be in there. Whatever you however, much value you find from this show just you know. 02:24.56 Max Shank Um, pay what you want I like that phrase. That's that's a better 1 pay what you want. 02:37.52 Max Shank Well, they can't pay that much. This show is invaluable so pay the intersection of what you value the show and what you can afford. 02:39.37 mikebledsoe Make it make you know pay as much as you possibly can is. 02:50.61 mikebledsoe Ah, yeah, so that keeps us ah, trucking along. And yeah, if you go up there if if you're listening on the day that we post this that link is not going to quite be up yet. But if you're listening in a few days from now I should have that up in the next week so 02:57.20 Max Shank It will have. 03:08.77 mikebledsoe We're Goingnna give some exclusive content there posting some short videos of our pre-show which sometimes I think what's happening in the preshow is more valuable than what's happening here. There's a little more put together. But you miss all the ramblings. That ah happened and in fact, if you go listen to today's pre-show you get to hear max's poem that he wrote this morning. Yeah yeah, so he shared a poem to kick that off. So I just want to mention that first. Ah so I appreciate everyone who's I've had. 03:30.89 Max Shank Oh that's right. 03:44.95 mikebledsoe I've had ah people already reach out in the Dms asking me how the hell do I donate someone asked for venmo accounts I was like hold on I was like hold off we're gonna set something up I want to do this proper from the very beginning. So um, they do like us. 03:47.58 Max Shank Um, oh Wow cool. 03:57.65 Max Shank They like us. They really like us. Thanks everybody. That's so nice I feel validation that I I used to only feel from the affection of a woman I'm sure no other guys out there ah tried to get all their validation from the affection of women right? That's a mistake. 04:02.88 mikebledsoe Yeah. 04:14.70 mikebledsoe Yeah I've never done that I've never done that. Yeah yeah. 04:17.39 Max Shank I mean I think that's only a mistake I've made I don't think anybody else talk about a type of slavery right? you you are your sense of self is ah enslaved by the whims and affection of women that's brutal. 04:31.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, which I mean women are pretty much the whole reason we do anything at the end of the day. So yeah, and you know what if I'm a slave to that then fuck it I'm I'm down. 04:37.70 Max Shank Yo Absolutely for sex and food. 04:46.22 Max Shank Um, yeah, they're they, they they look and feel nice. Don't they totally worth. Ah, ah. 04:50.78 mikebledsoe Totally worth it. Totally worth it. Well um, we we had a little conversation during the pre-show that really lights me up which is ah max brought up the word. No. Which I think is at the center of the freedom conversation and there is the internal experience of saying no and that is ah being willing to disappoint others or not meet the expectations of others when someone asks you to do something or be somewhere. 05:25.62 Max Shank The. 05:27.57 mikebledsoe You say? No I don't want to um and then there's um, and then there's the the lack of violence when you tell somebody? No,. There's the the external experience of freedom which is. The ability to say no and people actually honor that. Yeah. 05:48.43 Max Shank Well, it's drawing a line in the sand right? I'm I'm pretty sure the origin of drawing a line in the sand was basically if you cross this I will fuck you up and that's that's really if we have ah differences. That's how we resolve them. We can do it like you and I are doing right now we can talk it out say no and if that knows not respected The only thing left is physical violence which force is the language of cells and the language of life and ah. Even inorganic stuff like rocks I mean force is really what what moves things along which sounds like a funny phrase. But if you draw solid boundaries. You also won't become resentful. That's a big part of it and the biggest part I think. And it's a really hard concept to understand and I bring it up all the time which is opportunity cost if you neglect to say no when it matters then you will prevent yourself from saying yes to things so the cost of not drawing boundaries. Is that you don't get to use that energy for the things that you really want to say yes to so freedom and focus are both related to the word. No and this is true with your health. It's true with your finances. It's true with friendships. It's. Really really important. Um, so that's a big part of it I would also like to today just thank everybody involved for the freedom experiment that you and I are now enjoying in America I think a lot of us. Ah, it's very easy to forget that this is a pretty new concept in terms of how nations are organized. This is a big big group of people united around the concept of freedom. Probably the biggest None ever actually and. Certainly deteriorated a little bit but before that the only type of freedom there was was probably like nomad nomadic tribes and stuff like that. But you're still going to have some sort of a hierarchy. So this idea that everyone is free to do what they like. The pursuit of happiness is a type of magic really and that code and all those people involved set in motion a series of events that allowed for the greatest possible comparative advantage and specialization. 08:37.41 Max Shank If You are super ambitious about baking muffins and that is all that you want to do you can do that and no one can tell you to do anything otherwise and the cumulative effect of everybody being free to choose out of love what they most want to do. Led to the highest advancement Possible. You're always going to get a much higher passion and performance if the reason or the mission is derived from a place of of love right? so. 09:09.79 mikebledsoe Yeah, wells gone. 09:13.44 Max Shank It it wasn't just the people who thank you? It wasn't just the people who wrote the declaration of independence it was a lot of people before that also a lot of it was actually just because of the book common sense by Thomas Paine ah from what I've read and understand. A lot of the guys who signed the declaration of independence just earlier that year were basically thinking. Yeah, we should get back with England we should. We should get back with them and then common sense came out and it's it's worth a read. It's still good. It was the most widely read book ever at the time it it sold more copies than the literacy rate it was outrageous how popular this book was and so it just goes to show the power of an idea. 09:57.40 mikebledsoe Oh. 10:05.58 Max Shank Ah, so I I thank Thomas Paine I think the people who who risked a lot I mean there was a lot of bloodshed There was a lot of risks being taken and it's like freedom is basically never given right. It's only taken. And so I I guess I really because I don't have a frame I've ever been to war I've done none of fighting like in a ring with the rare scuffle outside in the world but man I have a really deep appreciation for. All of the people involved and it's still right now there are a lot of people involved with preserving this idea that we are free to do as we please and everyone else is free to do as they please because that's that's not how it went right? right? before this experiment. That's not how it went and I think. 10:56.43 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 11:02.51 Max Shank A lot of what happened there was a catalyst for the industry and technology that give us different types of freedom I mean you are free from doing your laundry by hand if you have a. 11:21.48 mikebledsoe But well tech What ah tech comes um I mean I've seen instances where the tech is what preceded the freedom. So for one we can agree on that. 11:21.48 Max Shank A washing machine and a dryer. It's incredible. So all that tech was because of the freedom I believe. 11:34.39 Max Shank Freedom Freedom is a technology. Also I think we can agree. 11:40.81 mikebledsoe Yeah but ah so there's 2 things that really led to ah the the declaration of independence and following that the constitution and ah, what the 2 things that I see that led to that one was the enlightenment period. And that's where guys like John Locke and some other philosophers really laid the groundwork. Um for there was a lot of things happening in Europe and there was these ideas this idea of equal rights was emerging ah in Europe. And it was causing a lot of friction and that's None reason a lot of people came to America was like you know what? I don't want to deal with all this stuff in Europe let's get out of here. Yeah, it's three or four weeks on a boat we might die but fuck it. Let's go and so ah, very bold but the. 12:32.97 Max Shank Bold very bold. 12:37.88 mikebledsoe There were these ideas from the enlightenment period that that took hold and the idea of equal rights is that no one person is more has more rights than somebody else which in the end means that I have no right to tell you how to live your life as long as you're not impeding on my. 12:47.32 Max Shank Oh. 12:57.50 Max Shank Right. 12:57.22 mikebledsoe Right? to do what I want so the idea of negative rights comes into play which never exists before. So if you go to Europe now the it the way the their minds work and a lot of americans it works like this too because the the european mindset is you know. I think you and I as long as we've been alive. It seems like a lot of americans think that europe has it more figured out than we do which is kind of weird. Um, yeah, and so. 13:23.16 Max Shank The grass is greener on the other side. Um, but they don't consider the fact that you pay like a 20% value added tax on like basically everything you know so we have like fractional servitude with these taxations and it's just different place to place right. 13:31.92 mikebledsoe Everything every step of the Way. Ah. Yeah, so the um, ah so the idea of negative rights comes into play and that is ah everybody had the the negative right is I don't have the right to do anything to cause you to do you know. 13:42.27 Max Shank Yeah. 13:57.99 mikebledsoe To stop doing anything you want to do as long as we're not harming each other is basically at the end of the day. That's how negative rights work and this was not a concept that existed prior to about None it was new up into that point everyone believed that the king. 13:59.72 Max Shank And a. 14:17.80 mikebledsoe Or the pope or somebody had been granted this authority from god and this is why Ah, this is why so many almost every country has this official religion that's affiliated with and America was the first one that came along. It was like you know what we're not going to do this whole religious thing. Because we're not going to try to tie up the idea of authority with the government and so um and so this whole thing of negative rights comes along and there was if you read the federalist papers and this is a thing that most americans I think really miss out on is they don't. Get the context of the constitution. They don't have the context for the declaration of independence both are are very important I took constitutional law 1 year and the the none month we spent studying the declaration of independence and I was like what is like they told us at the very beginning. 15:11.48 Max Shank The. 15:16.62 mikebledsoe We're stuck in declaration of independence first because this actually laid the groundwork for the constitution. So first a lot. Yeah, a lot of people are only looking at the constitution with 0 context. So then so you have the context of the declaration of independence so you need to have that context first. 15:22.91 Max Shank It's like the sperm and the egg. 15:35.58 mikebledsoe Most people don't have that and which you know today is the day that you know the the declaration of independence was was made a thing and then um, which was primarily written by Thomas Jefferson I believe and i. 15:42.17 Max Shank Right. As I understand it. Yeah. We don't know for sure of of course. Well you said something big too which is content without context I Think that's one of the biggest traps that people can fall into like it's It's fine to. 15:53.88 mikebledsoe No, there were no cameras. It's not an Instagram it's not on Facebook who knows. 16:10.67 Max Shank Believe you whatever you want to believe but I'm pretty shocked Still you'd think I'd be desensitized to it by now by the by the strength of opinions held based on Absolutely no context whatsoever. It's it's just ah, it's basically just ah, a bird sound. 16:23.36 mikebledsoe Right. 16:29.15 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 16:30.60 Max Shank That is repeated like they hear this combination of sounds and then that comes back out again and it's impossible to take into account all of the variables. But ah, it really is if you want to understand something.. It's so important to have context for. What that is and when that might actually be correct. 16:49.83 mikebledsoe Yeah, so so the context of something like the constitution is really um, a big topic right now because the supreme court whose primary job is to find out if a law is constitutional or not. That's that's about it. 17:05.89 Max Shank Right. 17:09.18 mikebledsoe They don't create laws. They just they make rulings on whether this law is something that could be upheld or not so. 17:15.39 Max Shank And let's get clear real quick. What's the point of having a state and laws in the None place. It's just to protect property rights that's it. It's that part hasn't changed that is that's the core purpose. 17:29.84 mikebledsoe That was but but the. 17:34.56 Max Shank Same with pirates and gangs. It's like basically the guys are like hey we'll offer you protection in exchange for a little bit of your stuff. So It's really like no different than that and when you were talking About. Um. The interplay of negative rights. It. It made me think like okay, well yeah, that's that's the rule is that according to the law. You can't infringe on somebody else's property which is their self and their stuff. 18:09.51 mikebledsoe Include your body. Yeah. 18:12.94 Max Shank Yeah yourself and your stuff and but here's the thing like natural law is anyone can do anything. They want any time. So this whole idea of law is really just about consequences if they catch you and that sounds like a little funny but but that's really that's really all it is. If if they catch you. There are consequences if they don't There are basically no consequences So natural law is anyone or or everyone always does what they want and they can they can kill you they can punch you they can say mean things to you. They can steal your stuff. Doesn't matter the whole reason we would put faith in a higher power is if we believed that they would improve our property rights and decrease friction and decrease assault on our persons and so you have to look at the cost Benefit. Of What you're giving up versus what you're getting and I think it's really, um, certainly has split the crowd because a lot of people would agree that for what we ah give or for what we have taken. The ah return on that investment is very bad and not transparent either. 19:29.55 mikebledsoe Yeah, very bad and and that was actually and that was that was definitely not transparent and that was one of the reasons that you know the the revolutionary war was fought was he's not doing shit for us. He just and just taxing us. 19:41.72 Max Shank Why should we pay the King he's not doing shit for us over here. He's an ocean away fuck that guy. Yeah, right totally imagine. Yeah. 19:49.55 mikebledsoe No protection, not providing enough for what he's taking and so that was one of the things that that motivated them. Um, but so I like to bring up the idea of negative rights because there's no such thing as rights outside of negative rights. There's. Anything. That's not a negative right? is what I would call a wrong and so self logic man I'm I'm sorry so I'm really twisting you up here. The thing is is when I talk to people about this sometimes they do. 20:12.65 Max Shank This is tough logic to follow. Honestly, you got to write it down. 20:21.61 Max Shank Um, the opposite of a negative right is a wrong. 20:30.83 mikebledsoe That's right. 20:31.36 Max Shank I'm pretty I'm pretty sure a negative right is a wrong. But anyway that mathematically. 20:35.16 mikebledsoe No Ah negative. Well the the the reason well negative rights are rights and you have to the reason we have to use the language negative rights when we used to only have to use the word rights is because a lot of politicians have twisted up what rights mean. So people are confused that yeah that they've confused privileges with rights and you have the right to a really easy one to break down is medical Care. You have ah the right to medical care. It's like that's actually not. 20:53.73 Max Shank Oh privileges. 21:12.40 mikebledsoe True now because you have to take it from somebody else. So if if some authority figure comes along and says you have the right to medical care and then there's you walk into the doctor and the doctor says look I really. 21:12.73 Max Shank I see now because you have to take it from somebody. Yeah. 21:31.76 mikebledsoe I Can't afford to serve you right now for whatever reason the doctor doesn't want to do it and then an authority figure comes and says no doctor. This person has medical rights. You have to perform whatever it is on them that doctor that doctor has now become a slave. He's has to. 21:43.78 Max Shank Right? Which is coercion word. 21:51.90 mikebledsoe He has to conduct labor against his will and when I bring this up a lot of times people get really upset with me when I bring up that example because they're like but it would be wrong for the doctor to turn him down like look from an ethical standpoint when a doctor makes his his or her. Ah. Statement of what the hippocratic oath or whatever it is and they make the statement that they're going to. You know, help people who are in need and not turn anyone away. That's that's an ethical thing. 22:18.24 Max Shank Right? That's worth going to look at by the way the hippocratic oath you can look it up is really cool. It's like a really awesome little bit of Linguistic magic. So. 22:29.22 mikebledsoe Yeah, So so what? I'm what I'm getting at is like this whole this whole that you have rights to somebody else's labor cause at the end of the and and the medical thing is really touchy because people people do feel like everyone should have access to this like emotionally, it's like. Oh yeah, everyone should have access to this but the thing is is not everyone has access to this. 22:52.19 Max Shank It's just the image. It's just the image of it that sways people with rhetoric right? it like hospital rooms are scary death is scary. We don't want to face it so we have a scary enough image and then people are like you know what we should ah like steal from the neighbor. 23:02.60 mikebledsoe Yeah. 23:09.48 mikebledsoe Right. 23:10.90 Max Shank For the greater good right? And here's how you cut straight to the core of any issue like this and you know I'm gonna let the I'm gonna let it fly today because fuck it here's the deal every day in the media. There's some new bullshit that is trying to ensnare you. 23:18.57 mikebledsoe Ah, perfect. 23:28.64 Max Shank And enslave your attention and that's already a fucking bad bad thing right? here's the deal though if you want to cut straight to the heart of any issue you ask None question who decides that's it doesn't every everything else take it off the table. Who decides and then you'll figure out what the deal is going on. You just ask who decides and then eventually you go oh so that other guy decides for me. Yeah, no thanks and me saying no, that's that's freedom. But if you want to cut to the heart of. The important issues. What's really important. Ah I don't know if ah if it's important like ah there are so many things that are made to believe to be important. It's make-believe we make believe that these things are important. But the None thing that is important is who decides that's all cut through the bullshit. That's what freedom is is who decides if I can say yes if I can say no, that's freedom if I cannot It's some form of slavery fractional or otherwise simple as that. 24:38.10 mikebledsoe Yeah, totally agree I mean I think we're what ah probably around I'm like a 33% slave I think you're probably closer like a 48% slave because you're in California. 24:51.48 Max Shank Fucking rubbing it in look at him do that to me Jesus Christ wow good god I'll tell you what though I'll tell you I'll tell you. 24:56.30 mikebledsoe Um, just come to Texas already. Um, um, um, not only am my older but I'm less of a slave than you. Um. 25:07.95 Max Shank Oh you're way more of a timela than I am folks for those listening and don't know I have way more ah agency and autonomy over my schedule than Mike here does. But you know you're going to talk about California. Let's talk about it. Imagine. 25:12.83 mikebledsoe If. 25:26.80 Max Shank Being one of those guys who owns a business in California they shut you down and then they don't protect your shop while it gets looted what the fuck are you doing the whole purpose that you're there is like whoa so they they steal none your shit. They don't come to your aid when you need it and they stop you from doing business. It's like the antithesis of freedom. So oh my god look we could talk about this all day but let's let's get back to something practical. 25:55.21 mikebledsoe Um, a. 25:56.47 Max Shank Otherwise I'm just gonna sound like an angry old man I'm only 34 fucking years old for Christ's sakes 26:02.35 mikebledsoe Ah, all right? So ah, we'll get back to some ah something' a little more philosophical that'll help calm me down. So Ah anyways I bring up the the medical freedom because there's a lot of thing or medical rights Because. You got to watch out I want I want people to be aware so when they do come across these conversations when if they do get exposed to something a politician says and they say you have the right to this think about do they have to take something from somebody else to give it to you and if that is the case then it's not a right. 26:18.49 Max Shank And. 26:37.69 mikebledsoe Because you're you were in the end enslaving the other person. So yeah, another one that's popular in California is and I've had this experience because my my ah my fiancee Ashley she. 26:40.44 Max Shank Yeah, you're just getting the loot from their fucking plunder. 26:56.10 mikebledsoe Sold She had tenants in a building and she sold the building and she inherited the building from her grandmother and so she inherits like this commercial building. It's It's like mixed use commercial and residential and these she's like you know. Well if the tenants she's having to like she's learning about all this stuff in real time and going. Okay, the tenants don't make rent because sometimes they're late. She's like it's like can I kick them out because she's also trying to sell the building and if you have tenants not paying Rent. You're trying to sell a building then it's a fucking problem right? so. 27:26.81 Max Shank Totally yeah. 27:31.92 mikebledsoe She goes and talks to the lawyer to find out if she can kick the tenants out and they have to be so many months behind on rent then not only do you not get ah ah, get your money for what you own because that's her property she has to pay the tenants to leave. 27:49.62 Max Shank Oh yeah, oh yeah, right right. 27:51.31 mikebledsoe She has to pay them. It's like the opposite of ah property rights. it's it's crazy so um there's just another I wanted to bring up a None law. We'll we'll call it a statutory law that means it's ah it's an opinion of a group people not actual law that have been put in place. 28:06.72 Max Shank Well, there are so many things like that right? and it's all for the illusion. It's all for the illusion of the greater good. This is the only way you can understand how these things happen you have to imagine 3 neighbors and they all get to vote. 28:10.64 mikebledsoe That Ah, there's so many. 28:25.90 Max Shank And if None neighbors vote to Rob the none then majority rules and that's basically the problem is if enough people you know None people vote to Rob the none that's majority rule. It's also called mob rule. In ah in a different term but it's the same thing so you can yeah but that's what I'm that's exactly what I'm saying a democracy is not a good thing and people don't understand that because if you have the majority vote to Rob the minority I don't think that's like a constructive solution and it builds resentment in the. 28:46.80 mikebledsoe It's also called Democracy It's a pure democracy. Yeah. 29:03.84 Max Shank The group it doesn't allow I mean they're look. We could go off on that tangent for too long, but. 29:06.46 mikebledsoe Well well here's the thing is I think it's worth mentioning I'm glad you brought up democracy because the United States is not a democracy. It's a republic and the reason that it was not a democracy is because the founding fathers fathers were smart enough. The first republic I want to say was Greece. 29:13.54 Max Shank Republic. 29:26.29 mikebledsoe Um, and took a lot of the concepts from Greece in order to create what we have a lot of the same stuff but the idea is you got a lot of people who want to get rid of something ah like the electoral college They think the electoral college is robbing people of their votes and this and that. 29:29.22 Max Shank Um, lot of the same stuff lot of the same stuff big time. 29:43.31 Max Shank And those people live on the coasts and want to make decisions for everybody else I get it like of of course like you know you don't hate the player don't hate the player don't hate the game either. That's just like the the thing we're in like we could have just as easily been born in a feudal system. 29:45.35 mikebledsoe But yeah, yeah, if you're part of the majority. 30:00.43 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 30:01.33 Max Shank Of some kind where we had to like pay to a lord and he could fuck our wife on wedding night and all kinds of shit like that. So like look you got to you got to compare Apple's apples everything's relative but ah things are overall like awesome, but it's largely due to technology. 30:10.94 mikebledsoe Yeah, thank you. 30:20.20 Max Shank And our ability to trade easily and in fact, so you could say ah trade and technology are kind of the the work of the private sector and it's kind of like um, the public sector tries to fuck everything up. Maybe with good intentions by the way I don't know like that Handlin's razor idea of don't attribute to malice what you could attribute to ah incompetence sometimes yes sometimes no probably more people are stupid than evil and no one thinks they're the evil one. They always think the ends justify the means. Um, that's why that's why I'm not surprised when stuff like this happens because if you get a very powerful ambitious person. They can spin a story in their own mind and if they believe that they can improve. The life of 90% by murdering 10 probably they would do that and I and I could understand that it doesn't make it right? but I can totally understand and that's why it's never a good long-term choice to consolidate power into one area. Because you'll get more speed faster decision making so if you have ah an authoritarian or a dictatorship or some sort of ah collectivism where it's like None or None people in charge. You have a single point of failure which is a problem. So if you have an insane guy can like kill. Ah, 0 people with a famine just by accident right? Just by being a fucking retard. Ah like that's killed way more people than religion is just people who think they're smart getting in charge and thinking that they can make all the decisions that. We should all be individually making on our own that's the that's the value that's one of the major values of freedom is that it's like ah a shock absorber that can work in real time you know, supply and demand cost and benefit are made on an individual basis which is relative to. The individual values and it can adjust things much more quickly. You know if the if the Ceo of Target came out tomorrow and said I don't want any like jews blacks or anyone shopping at Target everyone be like holy god damn we don't like that and we would all go to Walmart. Out of our own free choice probably and and that's why it comes back to who decides. So if it's None guy at the top you can get things done a lot faster. You can boom declare war one None word kill that fucker and there's no. 32:48.40 mikebledsoe Yeah. 33:05.52 Max Shank There's no ah diversification of that decision making so you can get things done way faster hey ah clone those people over there and they're like yes, ah yes, dictator man I will I will clone those people over there hey kill those people and and you will so you can get things done way faster. 33:06.54 mikebledsoe Yeah, um. 33:24.48 Max Shank Which can be an advantage in the short term. But ah, you know now you're at the mercy of 1 guy and that's pretty scary stuff. So diversification is a big part of freedom. 33:30.40 mikebledsoe Yeah I don't get back to yeah I agree and I mean that's one of the I say the byproducts of freedom that that actually is in service of the whole over time. Um, so I me go back to. 33:46.91 Max Shank It's also profitable transactions. So if every transaction is done Volitiony then there's always ah, an energetic surplus like I trade you voluntary choice. Yeah volition means voluntary choice. But. 33:52.83 mikebledsoe He say he's volition. He means voluntary so be using such big words. Yeah, ah so ah. 34:04.35 Max Shank Dude, let me use my word a day calendar. Okay I bought the thing. 34:07.33 mikebledsoe So They ah it it being a Republic I mentioned the electoral college but congress the senate the Supreme court. All these things are set up to have checks and balances and everything is based off of the.. Basically the declaration of Independence in the constitution are these these base ah basis of all the laws that are written and most of them are not constitutional that are floating around these days but the whole point was to ah they realized that the average person. Needed to feel like they were involved in some way but they they do not. They shouldn't have like ah I guess an equal voice in how things should ah like be controlled by others because not everyone can see. View and there's there's That's why there's representatives and not everything's just yeah, it's a specialization. 35:00.19 Max Shank Um, it's specialization right? like an Electrician is good with electrical electrical work. A politician is supposed to be good with political work. Of course there are a lot of problems with that. But that's the idea. 35:10.90 mikebledsoe Yeah, and so that's why in my opinion up until this point a republic is the greatest form of government that's going to give somebody the greatest amount of freedom now. Ah you know. Is there something better probably with the with the way technology is moving with the decentralization of governance so things like the decentralized autonomous organizations daws. There are going to be things that we're going to be able to do with decentralized governance. And with Ai that is going to actually be able to make decisions that and ai is going to be able to croc information that no one human being can consider and so with the advancement technology. What I believe is we're going to be stepping into. A greater amount of freedom. Um, and there's also dangers that come with that of course. Ah and so going back. So I just want to make that statement about it being a republic not a democracy so on the news when they go oh this is a danger to our democracy which happens all the fucking time. Ah. Like sometimes youre like some I've had people tell me that I'm like well it's good thing. We're not a democracy and they they're like ah we're this one guy this german guy he yeah that this german guy he was like ah he was arguing with me on Facebook about something some guy went to burning man with. 36:30.79 Max Shank Um, yeah, well there's semantic precision for you right? People don't even know what the word means. 36:45.25 Max Shank Ah, yeah. 36:47.40 mikebledsoe I mean this is years ago and he's like he's like something about democracy this and democracy. Yeah I was like well None off, you need to know that you're living in a country that's not a democracy. We're a republic and he's like what's that have to do with anything um like like you know, ah. 37:00.21 Max Shank Ah. 37:05.75 mikebledsoe The entire basis of your point is is being built around the idea of democracy That's that that doesn't actually exist here. So um. 37:16.43 Max Shank Basically the Republic that was set up with Independence was to try to put as much shit in the way as possible from the government doing anything and and that's and that's the correct choice by the way it's. 37:26.17 mikebledsoe Yeah, if you and the and the constitution was the constitution when you read it was it doesn't grant any rights to anybody it limits the government from impeding upon the rights that every individual has. 37:31.86 Max Shank It's way more stable. 37:40.40 Max Shank Exactly and isn't it Yeah isn't it funny too. We even havent I think it's the ninth one that says ah there are also more rights that we didn't write down. 37:46.15 mikebledsoe And so yeah. 37:58.54 Max Shank Basically, there's there's one like that. It's like you know, free speech and firearms. And honestly, if you have those 2 eventually it'll rebalance. It'll be a little turbulent but the whole like you know troops in peace time and not ah incriminating yourself and all these things that ah go on up. Ah, to that one where it's like Also we this this list is not Complete. We have even more than we wrote down. 38:23.89 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, hopefully you get the idea and then people didn't but but the thing is yeah um. 38:31.69 Max Shank It's because they traded freedom for security and there's a quote about that people who trade freedom None security will lose both and deserve neither I think that might have been Jefferson I think it might have been Jefferson but maybe ah. 38:41.00 mikebledsoe So Benjamin Franklin I think I put money on franklin yeah, but I mean nonetheless. Um, yeah, that that is what's happened so the other thing I want to hit on which what we were talking about the technology leading to freedom or freedom leading to technology I think. 38:48.40 Max Shank Maybe it was Franklin I don't okay, yeah yeah. 39:06.12 mikebledsoe I think the desire to be free is what does drive a lot of technology but an example so what created so I'm going to go back to the 2 things that created the situation in 76 when the founding fathers go you know what fuck you? we're doing our own thing. Is they had 2 things they had the enlightenment period so they had the philosophy which was the the development of consciousness to the degree in which they they recognized equal rights amongst every human being That's why it was written was it executed that way. Absolutely not. But guess what? we fast forward to today. It's been corrected. Tremendously. Um I think that if anyone were to argue that it's not as good now as it was two hundred years ago they'd be an idiot um and then well I would say as far as. 39:55.52 Max Shank A lot of things are better and some things are worse. But I think Net net is better. 40:01.58 mikebledsoe Say as far as like equal rights like there's not we don't have discrimination. Ah you know discriminatory laws based yeah well you know? yeah you know people of color and women being able to vote and all these types of things. 40:06.17 Max Shank Oh that's a funny one. It's like the bros before hose amendments. You know that one. 40:18.22 Max Shank Well isn't it funny though that we gave recently ah freed slave black men the right to vote long before women like I think that's a funny thing and I I feel that too I mean right now there's a lot of tension. Ah between men and women. 40:19.82 mikebledsoe Um. 40:27.26 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 40:37.49 Max Shank Mostly manufactured. But I think there's a lot more commonality between men of different races than a man and a woman of the same race I don't I don't I don't really think ah I don't think that's it's really more about upbringing but Gosh ah being a man or a woman is like a really. 40:45.51 mikebledsoe I agree. 40:56.77 Max Shank Different thing but having a different but having a different skin color in and of itself is not really a different thing and the only reason I believe that is because I'm not a racist and I cannot be a racist and think that generally black people Run faster. 40:57.76 mikebledsoe It's a very different experience. 41:02.47 mikebledsoe Not in. Um, what. 41:16.84 Max Shank Asians are better at musical instruments and math and they become doctors more regularly I mean can't we all agree that this shit happens and not be racist at the same time seems so easy to me. 41:26.44 mikebledsoe Yeah, easy to you but not to people who were had their amygdala hijacked by the media. But ah, so so the 2 things the enlightenment period that gave rise to the philosophy and the way of thinking of equal rights. 41:33.10 Max Shank Oh. 41:45.59 mikebledsoe And the None thing that made the revolution possible was the decentralization of violence through the invention of the rifle and so hour to the people and so before the rifle came along. 41:53.85 Max Shank Power to the people. 42:02.64 mikebledsoe The amount of training and the cost of Weaponry and armor was too high for the average person to have the rifle comes along you require less training to kill somebody right? You don't need that much training to use a rifle fairly effectively like you can become deadly. 42:09.31 Max Shank Um, ha ha. 42:22.29 mikebledsoe You know in an afternoon of practice and exactly and so and. 42:24.70 Max Shank And totally fuck up some guy who's done martial arts for 40 years with a sword that that changed my whole outlook on martial arts training I remember when I had that realization I was like I got to stop this I got to go start learn how to use a gun I'm not going to let some fucking. Hundred and ten pound asshole shoot me dead after training martial arts for 20 years that's ridiculous so it's it's the great equalizer right. 42:43.83 mikebledsoe No, no, it is a great equalizer I think Smith and Wesson there's a quote from Smith and Wesson from the gun company has said men and women were created equal and. Smith and Wesson keeps it that way or something like that. Yeah yeah, it's like empowering women to carry a gun. You know like oh you, you don't want to have to rely on men for your safety. Well here's here's ah the great equalizer as you say so yeah, the the rifle would pierce the armor that was. 43:03.47 Max Shank Oh That's pretty fun. Right. 43:16.54 Max Shank Down. 43:21.92 mikebledsoe Previously made to deflect swords and and arrows but a bullet you know, traveling at a thousand feet per second you know it it makes it through and so it really changed how warfare was ah conducted and actually what was that Mel Gibson movie with ah. 43:25.13 Max Shank Ah. 43:41.73 mikebledsoe No no the patriot I just saw a clip of it on Instagram and in that movie one of the things that that happened is they ah in a revolutionary war is when guerrilla warfare really started up until that point it was like. 43:41.77 Max Shank Braveheart no the patriot. Yeah. 44:00.50 mikebledsoe I've got my army and we're going to just March up to your army because that's what worked when they had like swords and and arrows and all this shit but like warfare actually didn't ah didn't really ah evolve. 44:03.98 Max Shank Honorable. 44:13.12 Max Shank In many parts of the world in sophisticated warfare. It was like we're going to March in a line at each other and what's funny is in bravehe heartt another Mel Gibson movie it's also all about freedom like he gets disembowlled and he like yells freedom and. 44:18.95 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 44:26.31 mikebledsoe Yeah. 44:29.89 Max Shank They're like doing sneaky shit and coming around the flank and all that stuff. So it's kind of funny how ah those movies really parallel each other under the same banner of free of freedom. 44:37.58 mikebledsoe Oh for sure for sure. So ah, yeah, just thinking about that and like the scene I saw on Instagram ah, you know I follow ah an Instagram account called zulu fucks. So ah, you know it's a military you know some veterans put that shit together. Some sick fucks and who I enjoy and the ah you know they they have the scene where you know he's killing them with you know, rifles and hatchets and you know that was that was the weapon of his of choice right? He had the the hatchet he could throw and and all that um. 44:58.62 Max Shank Yeah. 45:10.68 Max Shank Right? It's like John wick. It's like murder porn right? for dudes John Wick 3 Keanereves fucks people up for 2 hours 45:14.95 mikebledsoe But yeah, yeah, it is dude I finally watched I watched I've been wanting to watch John Wick for like 10 years and the last time I flew it was on the screen I was like oh fuck I'll watch it now. Um good movie. 45:32.13 Max Shank It's funny. Yeah, yeah. 45:33.74 mikebledsoe Actually I really enjoyed it. Ah so ah, so yeah, the the this decentral ah decentralization of violence through the invention of the rifle really is what allowed. Ah the Americans to get together and be able to. Hold the British back and everyone can fight that did not happen back in the day you were either a trained soldier or you weren't and if you weren't a trained soldier. You weren't fighting. Yeah yeah, mostly farmers. 45:53.17 Max Shank Everyone can fight now I think that's even happening in Ukraine pass out a gun to everybody like. 46:07.57 Max Shank You're probably a farmer. You know you said something really cool there which was that philosophical change and I often have thought about the fact that slavery is largely due to the definition. In the Dao. Ah 1 of the none passages is that ah naming is the origin of all particular things. So when you say there's this philosophical enlightenment shift. What that means is without that adjustment. People will go on believing the same thing that they have been believing. It's just like momentum. There's ideological momentum just like there's physical momentum. So. It's interesting to look back and see how many people were controlled with. With the threat of violence mostly I think of like ah a plantation in the south right? or or you know even before that just using a whip. You know you got maybe None people ah fully commanding None people and all they have is like whips and these people don't even think ah a. They think I'm I'm a slave and this is normal and this is what slaves do this is like a superior man and this is a slave even the code of hamurabi allegedly the oldest text for law which is basically like if you steal something we'll chop off your hand if you poke a guy's eye out. We'll poke your eye out if you rape his daughter you got to marry her and pay the dad fifty Silver shekels that kind of thing but it would it would refer to people as a superior man or an inferior man or a slave and so there were different classes of people and the reason there were different. 47:45.91 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 47:59.12 Max Shank Classes of people was because that they believed and accepted those Classifications. So if you accept the classification of that. Ah, and you're and you don't have an. Imbalanced force kind of bringing it back to physics and Momentum. There's no reason that you would stop doing that. 48:19.20 mikebledsoe Yeah. Um, I just did a quick search for a quote that I saw circulating on on social media which was a quote from Harriet Tubman saying I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. 48:40.91 Max Shank Oh yeah, that's what I was trying to say but in a worse way I was I was saying it worse. 48:44.65 mikebledsoe Yeah, but then you know of course if I go to one of the things that popped up I Want to do a search on it to be you know to confirm I was correct and there's ah, a politifact. Um. 48:53.14 Max Shank A. Oh yeah, very reliable source. 49:00.73 mikebledsoe That this this is hilarious actually like I never I I rarely ever do this, but it's like I end up on um, to fact checker right? which is bullshit. Yeah, um. 49:10.18 Max Shank I Want that job that seems easy I Just get to say right. 49:17.63 mikebledsoe So. What's what's funny is like um, there's this explanation of how it was ah it was discredited in the none the none time ah like the the way it starts arguing that it was discredited is because um Facebook said it was debunked. And and fake like and then um, yeah, like their their primary sources and opinion from Facebook um, but ah, you know I don't know there. There is some more references and people. 49:39.34 Max Shank So that's their source is that Facebook said it wasn't real. 49:56.95 mikebledsoe Think that the comment's ridiculous. But of course if you don't know that you're a slave then of course that's going to sound ridiculous. 50:02.52 Max Shank Right? The most effective chains are the ones that you don't notice and you can be a slave to different thing I think addiction is kind of like slavery in a lot of cases. Um you become a slave to that behavior or substance or or person. 50:06.23 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah. 50:21.28 Max Shank Right? Like a code-dependent relationship like you're just totally totally a slave but you can't get out because you don't know. Ah what that would even look like. 50:29.83 mikebledsoe Yeah, well that that quote makes me think about I remember reading um I took ah by the way I took african american english literature in college. There were 2 white people in the class at the beginning at the beginning of the semester. 50:42.79 Max Shank Seems like a woke flex. 50:49.11 mikebledsoe And then I was the only white person left at the end of the semester. Ah so to the beginning one was left ah I was really curious I was really yeah I was really really curious. Ah I enjoyed the class I thought it was fun. 50:57.52 Max Shank Talk about being a minority. 51:08.16 mikebledsoe I like english lit no matter what like any type of literature. Um I just love it. Ah, but None of the things that I realized in that class because we were reading you know well african american english lit and is that a lot of slaves when they were freed really didn't know what the fuck to do. And the same thing would happen now as if the government took off. You know people are like well what would we do? if there wasn't if nobody was taking care of this this this and this what would we do like we need to have that and and basically what I got from what I had read back then the the general theme that I saw was that. 51:36.60 Max Shank Totally. 51:46.97 mikebledsoe A lot of slaves didn't really want to be freed because they didn't know what to do with the freedom like there was a certain level of comfort and safety and knowing that I do this thing I go to work and I work work I work. However, many hours in the field. And there's going to be a meal for me and there's gonna be a roof over my head and yeah, like some things really Suck. You know if you step out of Line. You might get whipped or whatever it is but what was more scary was the uncertainty of freedom. 52:11.75 Max Shank Right. 52:19.65 Max Shank Um, I think that that's the only thing people fear is unknown. Um, like if you knew for sure that you were going to die on a certain day you wouldn't even fear it you had just accept it as reality. So it's the uncertainty. 52:21.63 mikebledsoe Ends. Mostly. 52:36.99 Max Shank That's why people are more afraid of a shark in the water than a bear on the land because you can't see it right? um. 52:39.75 mikebledsoe I agree I've had the experience of both. Well I had the experience with the shark is like when I surf and I'm on top of the water. There's a I'm a little more like oh my God if something popped up I'd freak out but I've been diving with sharks and I was incredibly calm because I could see them and I was present with them and. 52:46.43 Max Shank Um, yeah for right. In the epic of Gilgamesh. That's the scariest part is he's in a tunnel where you can't see a foot ahead or a foot behind and I think that's the oldest epic novel written down was ah was the epic of Gilgamesh but that was you know he's fighting all these like gods and monsters and shit. 52:58.86 mikebledsoe Ah, yeah, encounter with bear recently and that wasn't so bad. 53:09.97 mikebledsoe Um. 53:18.72 Max Shank Not afraid. It's just when he's in the pitch black tunnel. He can't see what's ahead or what's behind and that's what the fear is really about I Think if you take what you're talking about um as ah as a leader something of a leader myself and often in the past very a very bad leader. 53:24.70 mikebledsoe In 1 53:38.71 Max Shank Ah, a lot of people are are craving direction. They're craving direction they want so they want a director just tell me what to do. 53:44.61 mikebledsoe Yeah, Ashley and I had this conversation yesterday we were talking about marketing. We were talking about marketing I was like like really we we were. We were driving down the road and analyzing billboards and I was and and um because it's a fun exercise for me, but ah. 53:55.72 Max Shank Ah, ah, ah, sounds really fun. 54:04.53 mikebledsoe Yeah, and ah I was like oh they could have said it way better and people would have taken the action they want them to if they would have said it like this and it was simply changing the language ah to tell people exactly what to do instead of telling people what I do like. 54:16.47 Max Shank Right. 54:21.77 mikebledsoe If I want you to work with me I don't tell you what I do I Tell you what you do with me and so. 54:22.94 Max Shank Well and even more you're gonna say here's what you're gonna do here's what it's gonna look like here's how it's gonna feel this is exactly because what you're doing I think of it like. 54:32.24 mikebledsoe Um, yeah, um. 54:40.82 Max Shank You're taking someone from one shore across a river to another one and that other shore across the river is basically like the the pot of gold at the rainbow. It's everything they want and everything you have and what you're doing is you are creating and manifesting. An image that helps them believe and see how they are going to cross that potentially very turbulent river so it's bringing certainty through imagination and having a direct action that is really clear to take. Like call this number now for your free blank is ah is a way better call to action than what I like to do is blah blah blah blah blah it's like whoa. No people do crave that direction I can absolutely understand. Why being ah freed after a life of servitude would be bad. It would be like ah Batman Batman telling Alfred to fuck off basically right and he's like whoa. No I've been I've been serving the batmans. The Bruce Waynes and all that stuff for years I think a similar example is ah. 55:40.95 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 55:50.40 mikebledsoe Well I want to I want to leave I go around. 55:52.85 Max Shank Ah, stay a stay at home mom a stay at home. This is my last example on this thing because like a stay at home mom you're 20 years as part of a functioning family unit and now suddenly you're like I think I'm going to reenter the workforce and that was a lifetime ago so that that uncertainty is. 56:05.98 mikebledsoe Yeah, my mom did that sheet I think she didn't work for 1819 years and then went back in and I think it was a little overwhelming for her at the beginning. But yeah, the yeah yeah. 56:11.51 Max Shank Very pf. 56:17.63 Max Shank What do I What do I Do tell someone tell me what to do and we're trained that way. You know we're crate trained in school obedience school I mean to do what other people tell us to do So it's no surprise that most people fall in line. 56:35.83 mikebledsoe Yeah, and I I bring all this up because um, you know some people are going to hate me for saying it. But like people we weren't joking at the beginning of the show. We were kind of joking we were weren't joking that we're fractional slaves in that if you don't. 56:36.34 Max Shank With that ideology. 56:52.70 Max Shank Yeah. 56:54.82 mikebledsoe If We don't if we don't voluntarily participate with paying taxes and doing some other things and we're going to get beat down with a stick and stuck in a cage. Ah so like so like I think a lot of times. It's hard. For people to hear a statement from a white guy about ah such things. Yeah. 57:17.77 Max Shank Only for racists only for racists if you discount the opinion of a person based on the lack or presence of melanin their skin. You're fucking racist just because someone's black doesn't mean we should think what they have to say matters and just because a guy is white. Doesn't mean that what he says doesn't matter the whole the whole idea of anti-racism is just racism by a different name that that is like a huge ah that's a type of ideological enslavement is thinking that that. Bullshit matters and those are burdens those are chains that you got to wear and like I was saying at the very beginning the news cycle is making you care about so many things that are outside your control and you're just going to get a greater and greater separation. Between your locus of control which is literally just you and then your radius of awareness of what is going on and they're like hey this important thing is happening a million miles away hey this important thing is happening to this ah gay something black. Whatever guy. And I'm not trying to like demean anybody it's just like those things don't matter. That's a person who should have rights just like another person. The idea that they should be different like adjusted up or adjusted down based on None of their features. That's fucking retarded basically like I don't know ben. 58:47.78 mikebledsoe Ah I agree I agree because and because at the end of the day is you? You are one of the few that actually believe in equal rights and anyone who who you know that's that's how I've I've started making a lot of my conversations lately when someone makes. A statement about something that's political I go Oh well, do you believe in equal rights and then I go tell me about like you know do do you have like a definition for equal rights and they never do and then I provide them with a definition and then. 59:16.80 Max Shank And. 59:24.50 mikebledsoe And then usually we can't get very far after that because the definition of equal rights is is so difficult for them to even have a conversation about that because it because it challenges all the ideas it it challenges their ideology because before. They heard equal rights and they that they don't know what equal rights means and then they build a whole ideology that assumes that it's based on equal rights. But then when you go and visit that that um that that thing at the core that everyone thinks they agree on and then you say well let's define it. And now we're we're taking the foundation of what they believe to be the foundation of their ideology and we just fucking take it out from underneath them. It. It gets a little shaky. 01:00:11.20 Max Shank Well, it's it's like is the game Fair I mean I used to do that and I thought it was pretty smart. It I thought it was like fun and kind of sporting to like ah slowly ah help people realize that everything they believe is fucking stupid and doesn't have any basis in reality. But it's not even fun anymore because it's so Common. It's not even difficult. But um, basically it does come I mean who who decides who decides? That's all who decides all of the other stuff So That's why I say it's It's not about so people conflate. 01:00:37.63 mikebledsoe It's so easy to be. You know these days. All you got to believe in equal rights and be weirdo. 01:00:49.91 Max Shank Or as you say there's a collapse distinction between equal opportunity and equal outcome and that's the big mistake because if you're looking to create an equal outcome then by definition the game can't be fair because you're going to be adjusting the rules based on the players. 01:01:05.40 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, you can't have equal. You can't you can't have equal opportunity and equal outcome. They can't exist at the same time. 01:01:08.77 Max Shank And that it takes us right back to who decides who if I'm a fucking referee in a boxing match and anytime one of the guys gets punched I stop the fight to give him a little rest. That's not a fair game. But I can make the outcome equal right? So basically comes back to who decides Well now the referee gets to decide the fight who would fucking watch that game. It's It's ridiculous and I I think what helps a lot is just to imagine a smaller. 01:01:28.60 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 01:01:47.25 Max Shank Group of people you know who is the None doing the stealing who is the None being stolen from who's the None profiting from that stealing you know you can easily sort these things out but trying to change someone's mind I think that's mostly an energetic loss unless you're really going to. Dedicate yourself to it. The best thing you can do is to free yourself from this idea that talking about that shit even matters I mean Mike and myself were hoping to illuminate this topic so you and us can all be unburdened. So that we can go do. What's really valuable and value as individual. Ah you know, bottled water at Coachella extremely valuable bottled water at Lake Tahoe Not very valuable. But if you focus on value. And values within yourself. That's good and you're going to get a much better return on your energy. But if you like spend time having these like arguments. It. It just takes away that that joy I mean if you find it fun like for sport. Ah you know, go nuts. But you're not going to. 01:02:55.21 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:03:03.18 Max Shank Make a really significant ah change in people's minds unless you're like okay I'm going to like there are people out there like Russell Brand for example he is like basically making a career out of illuminating what's going on in a pretty humorous way. So like. That's why I'm not going to try to do something like that is like he's already handling that plus is not really a good way for me to generate the most value because after freedom and love the best thing is to be generous really like. If you if you already are kind of wealthy. You already know this if you're not very wealthy yet you might understand this but I guarantee for those of you who are like on your way up to being like really wealthy. You're going to buy yourself a bunch of fucking toys. This is what happened to me at least. You're going to go god damn that is not nearly as fun as taking my friends out to lunch and you'll realize that the the generosity is what fuels you to do more things. So love freedom and then sharing that generosity is where it's at. But. If you get tripped up by all this bullshit about like genitals and colors and sexual orientation like is fucking. Tiresome freedom is about who decides and if it's you it's freedom if it's not then it's some slavery and it can be fractional. And I'm not I don't it's not that I don't appreciate what I have I am super appreciative what I have I am grateful every day and like let's not kid ourselves. There are a lot of things that happen that are just fucking stupid and it's okay to to recognize that. 01:04:51.17 mikebledsoe Ah, yeah I think at the core that is just um or what for me is ah, not having any expectation around say changing somebody's mind. It's like I'll engage in the conversation. But I'm not. 01:05:05.95 Max Shank Ooh Yeah, now you're talking. 01:05:08.97 mikebledsoe If I have the expectation there there should They should be thinking like me by the end I'm going to suffer. It's gonna I'm gonna be miserable. It's not going to be fun and the only way I can have fun in these types of conversations is to realize that I'm not going to change their mind and that's okay. 01:05:13.83 Max Shank Yeah. 01:05:27.70 mikebledsoe In the best case scenario the way I see it is the best case scenario is I plant a seed that they may wake up in a week and they go something happens and they go shit that thing Mike said that actually kind of makes sense. But. 01:05:40.42 Max Shank But your attitude your attitude in. That example is exactly freedom. You're not saying I need to change this person's mind you're saying I'm gonna say what I think is true. They are free. 01:05:48.61 mikebledsoe Right. 01:05:55.80 Max Shank But I mean that's what freedom of religion really is like you're free to think of whatever you want to think I mean there are a lot of different religions to choose from. So you're free to do that I think um, just respecting people's boundaries is so awesome If it feels good too like you won't feel. It's an extra burden. 01:06:04.19 mikebledsoe I yeah. 01:06:13.34 Max Shank To be the enslaver. Also that's what I was saying in the very beginning like I don't want to be your fucking Mama I want to have a conversation with my buddy Mike here hopefully bring into reality some of these nuggets that I work on throughout the week and there are times where a sentence. Or even a couple words are a catalyst for a big change and that's what I think is really cool like what you're talking about. 01:06:38.72 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, so yeah, never having the expectation making it fun remaining curious I think I think the ah the second part is the reason I get in the conversations is because I'm genuinely curious how they're how they've come to the conclusion. 01:06:53.78 Max Shank Oh. 01:06:58.64 mikebledsoe They've come to and 1 of the things I noticed is when I start getting really curious about how they got there. They usually ruffles some feathers so it's more like yeah I'm like um, like yeah because they don't know how because they actually don't know how they got there most of the time sometimes they do that conversation gets really enlightening. 01:07:06.10 Max Shank Oh yeah, it's not comfortable. 01:07:17.75 mikebledsoe But most people most people have no idea how they got to where they are Bait thought they actually haven't thought it through and so to have the expectation they're going to now think it through with you. That's that's a little much but also just like the curiosity I'm like how do I. For me I go How can I be the best communicator possible I have to know where they're coming from I can't have an effective conversation until I actually understand how they think about this or how they and how they feel about this and if I can really get in there and understand it. 01:07:39.42 Max Shank The. 01:07:48.91 Max Shank A. 01:07:55.97 mikebledsoe Now I might have a chance. But if you are going with the expectation to change your mind your ability to be curious is diminished because you have an expectation of an outcome. So it's yeah yeah. 01:08:07.24 Max Shank You're trying to ah you're trying to fix the game Basically like you're not really curiously looking for a solution you're trying to force your solution and if you think about where people derive these beliefs from it's easy someone else. 01:08:22.27 mikebledsoe Totally totally lot easier that way. 01:08:22.84 Max Shank Gave it to him. That's all someone else gave it to you. It's crazy you you hear the same phrases repeated and if you dissect it down. They have no clue why they're even saying what they're saying logical fallacies. False Equivalency is this false premise invalid thought process like It's no surprise. But I do think curiosity is the best way to approach it and detachment because then you can. That's how you really learn learning is mostly about ah curiosity and if you're really curious about something you'll figure it out. You have Youtube you have the internet. You can you can figure things out and having conversations is a good way to test these ideas out. It's like science is all about the scientists trying to prove each other wrong not about like slapping each other on the back and saying how right they are without any inquiry. 01:09:14.45 mikebledsoe Yeah I think that's a good point because a lot of these come I think back to one I had when I was in California last month with somebody and we nobody was sober but we were having a conversation and ah. It caused this is ah ah it was a rare occasion of someone who had thought through to a degree to where um I then left the conversation I go how do I better explain this or like like how do I better. Ah. Like these conversations where there's disagreement allows me to I sometimes use the word fortify but I don't think that's as accurate as just create more accuracy in what I'm saying and so it can be received better but also sometimes question like oh is my thinking right. And having someone challenge that is is super beneficial because if you leave me alone in isolation and I just have my thoughts so I like I have a friend who a friend that I have a friend that doesn't go out much and they're extremely judgmental about everything. Not you. 01:10:18.80 Max Shank Everything makes sense. Everything makes sense then. 01:10:28.40 mikebledsoe They're extremely but rent like um doesn't Um, they don't go out hardly at all and like they have all these ideas about how people are out in town. Oh this person's like this and this person I'm like I'm like. 01:10:28.64 Max Shank Don't talk to me about me this way. Dude What do you do this to me for we're on the air homie. 01:10:48.10 mikebledsoe I'm out in town I'm out there mixing it up like I actually and he says says something like like yeah I don't think that's actually what's motivating them. So like this if you're if you're not in the mix then you're gonna have a hard time note and and if you want if you choose not to be in the mix. 01:10:48.47 Max Shank Um, yeah. 01:11:07.18 mikebledsoe Just choose just be sure not to be judgmental of everyone in there because you don't know what's going on for them. 01:11:10.81 Max Shank Yo Well I mean that's an easy way to be happy is just don't judge people don't blame don't shame whatever but I think it's not that he is by himself. It's that his. Echo Chamber that he's created with technology because otherwise he's not he's got to get these ideas from somewhere right? So He's just got a really. 01:11:28.66 mikebledsoe How yeah it is is's definitely so it's It's basically text message shreds and social media and. 01:11:35.35 Max Shank Right? Which is which is basically like a ah like ah a poisonous feedback loop I would want to say because you are going to be optimized for things that outrage you. So I mean it's True. This is just like ah. The the reality of it. We're wired that way if you see a fucking naked chick on your left and a growling tiger on your right? Unfortunately, even you fucking pervert will look at the growling tiger and try to react to that danger None right. 01:12:09.76 mikebledsoe Totally and I'm perverted. Yeah and I'm perverted. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:12:12.79 Max Shank So it's the same thing when you create your own What's that you you are perverted in the nicest way possible I don't mean that as an insult folks. Ah, but so you create your own echo chamber the algorithm feeds you more of what you react to? So sadly. You will see more and more of what you dislike and that's not ah if we're going to talk about statistics which is already ah fucking bullshit mostly what that Mark Twain quote there are lies damn lies and statistics exactly that's right. 01:12:43.49 mikebledsoe Um, there are lives damn lies and then there are statistics. 01:12:52.10 Max Shank Ah, if if your sample size is just whatever the software shows you to get the most significant reaction you're gonna be just fucking swimming in a pool of the stuff you Hate. It's. Probably like the worst thing one of the worst thing this bad. 01:13:11.85 mikebledsoe Yeah, and and 2022 we have record breaking rates of depression anxiety all these things. 01:13:21.70 Max Shank Dude when they first closed things down I made a bet that more people were gonna kill themselves than be killed and you should have seen the gnashing of teeth and the wailing that people through there and it's like look I don't know for sure. But. 01:13:34.30 mikebledsoe Ah, a. 01:13:39.40 Max Shank It's usually better to do nothing.. It's usually better to do nothing like the the idea of unintended consequences. That's what I'm saying like no one is smart enough to figure that shit out So when you go like oh who decides the fucking benevolent. Genius He's still going to fuck it up. Because there are too many data points to Consider. So. 01:13:58.97 mikebledsoe Yeah I saw saw a meme the other day which was ah what we're experiencing right now you know time travel does exist and someone keeps going back to the year Twenty twenty and tweaking things and just making things worse. It's just like. Been a downward. It's been a fucking downward spiral since 2020 and in in society and I do think that it's leading to a ah, an awakening a revolution I don't I don't think it needs to be bloody I hope it's not ah. 01:14:29.41 Max Shank Awakening. Yeah. 01:14:37.20 mikebledsoe I Think it's going to be. It's so technologically driven that I think it's I think there's going to be some violent areas will erupt in the world like certain cities in the Us which is kind of. We're already starting to see that. Ah yeah. 01:14:51.44 Max Shank That had already happened right? We should talk technology next week by the way, let's talk technology next week I I saw this thing ah they had ah um. 01:14:55.31 mikebledsoe And technology. Yeah. 01:15:05.85 Max Shank Think it was like 6000 drones flying together. It was the world record for the most. Ah for the largest drone swarm that was being flown around and that kind of stuff when within the last year I would say it. 01:15:13.45 mikebledsoe Where was this? yeah okay because Bernie Man 2018 they we saw the largest drone show up until that point with a swarm of drones. It was. 01:15:26.48 Max Shank Um, yeah, wild right? different colors different shapes in 3 d space and these things can move so fast they can move so fast too. Yeah. 01:15:30.82 mikebledsoe 1 or two a m with different lights. There was an orchestra there was an orchestra playing there's an orchestra playing as they're doing it. It's fucking crazy. So 6000 which is more than what I saw mine was probably like a None 01:15:43.32 Max Shank None plus it might have even been 8 it was that it was this insane thing and it's like the average person has no idea how their refrigerator works and a refrigerator for how useful it is is a very like it's. Very elegant, simple machine a computer a drone electricity these things get so much more and more complex like silicon chips. These different things that we have available to us now is so far beyond what the average person can understand we have like we can. We can blast heat waves for crowd control but they're concerned that maybe it will like melt their retina and melt their eyeballs. It's It's really wild. So I think that's another ah good reason to diversify and divide the power up amongst a larger group of people rather than to just have None person with his finger on the button and that's um, you know. Chain of command is how organizations work and you need someone who's got the final say and it just gets a little bit tricky but. 01:17:02.30 mikebledsoe It's just I like I mean there's always going to be a hierarchy but can there be smaller groups of people existing inside of hierarchy. That's. 01:17:09.42 Max Shank I Like the hierarchy of the customer is always right because everything else is really messy. Everything else is really messy like you let people buy what they want to Buy. It's like that saying ah the love of money is the root of all evil or money is the root of all evil I Mean. No, like there are problems like printing money is a real problem I think but but money itself that allows me to trade a candlestick for a loaf of bread without finding a baker who wants a candlestick that is incredible. That's in. Credible How quickly we can deliver value to each other at a profit so there are all these amazing things and you know you don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is a mistake I made in the past is I would just be like fuck it burn it Down. It's bad. You know and that's not really the case either most of the um luxury and benefits in our life are directly related to technology because um, by and large. We don't need a lot of the bullshit that our tax dollars go to So. There's a problem there. But overall you got to be really grateful for the time that we're living in and certainly the place. But. 01:18:41.90 mikebledsoe No better time or place. No better timer place. Yeah, anything else seems ridiculous. Well let's ah, let's wrap this show up next week. We'll get in technology which. 01:18:45.81 Max Shank That's the right attitude. Yeah, yeah. 01:18:57.62 mikebledsoe We'll see if we actually follow through with what we plan on doing the next week this time we'll see yep. 01:18:59.51 Max Shank All right I got I gotta I think we did this time I got I got a wrap for you ready not an actual wrap. We'll save that for the the the member account I'll do a little freestyle and you can you beat box. Okay so Mike is gonna look. 01:19:12.10 mikebledsoe No you, you've seen me I might might. 01:19:17.21 Max Shank Mike is going to learn how to beat box before next week and I will do a wrap for our subscribers. So check it out here's what we have as far as freedoms. We have freedom of our our time we have freedom of location. A lot of people are doing remote work now. They're not tied to a specific location. We have financial freedom. Which basically just means you have enough to buy back your time and ah solve any money related problems. You have the freedom from and of beliefs I think a lot of people are enslaved by beliefs that are a not true and b destructive and then you also have. Physical freedom and this is something that I have a lot of experience with this is what all of my training programs are about is how to get you more physically free within your own body so you get to make the decisions not your sore knee. Not your sore back. Which is basically like a little tyrant who's like fuck you don't climb that tree. So unfortunately most exercise maybe ninety plus percent and maybe 95 plus they waste your energy and make you less athletic. That's that's real shit. Okay. 01:20:29.66 mikebledsoe Accurate. 01:20:32.76 Max Shank So freedom of time freedom of location freedom of money freedom to freedom of and from Beliefs and also physical freedom. That's that's what I got for you guys. 01:20:42.51 mikebledsoe Well said well son and remember get that context before the content understand you know why the constitution says what it says look here's the thing I don't think it's the end. All be all. 01:20:52.10 Max Shank Ooh Talk dirty. 01:21:00.72 mikebledsoe But it's the best we got So with that we'll leave it there go to Masank Dot Com Yeah and what's the go to the Bloodso show dot Com Hopefully I'll get that members area up soon when I say I I mean my team will get the members area up soon. 01:21:05.81 Max Shank Um, who the 01:21:16.95 Max Shank Yeah. 01:21:20.10 mikebledsoe And ah, we'll get it rocking and rolling. Love you guys. Happy Independence day. 01:21:24.66 Max Shank Love you brother take care Bye everybody.
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The Patterns Running Your Life with Mike & Max
00:00.00 mikebledsoe I Think yeah I did one of those um inner Tube River Lazy River thing never done it before been Whitewater raft and canoeing always in Rivers never did the I'm not can hardly do shit as I let the water take me. 00:00.00 Max Shank Sounds good to me. 00:08.26 Max Shank The Lazy river. 00:37.76 Max Shank Aha. 00:39.42 mikebledsoe Yeah, so it took a friend organizing it with a bunch of people who I actually like to spend time with to get me to do nothing on a river and I got out there I got out there and it was. Ah, there was a crowd it was it was like bumper boats for 4 hours in this river it's in Austin yeah south of off and Marcos and when we got there, we're like holy shit's busy and the people working there go oh hasn't gotten busy yet. So. 01:28.44 Max Shank This is in Austin. Well yeah. 01:58.72 mikebledsoe Anyways, yeah, that was ah that was my weekend that and barbecue and laughing with friends. 02:05.46 Max Shank Lazy River is exciting. 02:17.38 Max Shank I'll tell you what makes me laugh is your story about you having some very close friends give you permission to just float in a River it sounds ah like this joke about um, meditation and yoga. It's like. 02:45.76 mikebledsoe Ah. 02:51.56 Max Shank People in None world countries need someone from a None world country to remind them that it's okay to do nothing for 20 minutes it's like you get permission to do nothing for 20 minutes with meditation class or yoga or something like that. It's like. 03:07.20 mikebledsoe Yeah. 03:27.88 Max Shank You just do nothing. 03:28.88 mikebledsoe Yeah, we had a friend of her for dinner on Friday night and we talked about that which was you know talking about you know oh I got a meditation practice and I got a visualization practice and I got qi gong and it's like all these practices and talked about just. The value of not you know, getting trapped in the in the practices and the value of just sitting on the side of a lake and staring at the water and doing absolutely nothing and not worried about your posture or anything like that in just that space. 04:36.56 Max Shank Well, it's like not concerning yourself with the outcome right? Like you don't you don't care if you have produced more widgets or harvested more grains right. 04:44.40 mikebledsoe You know. 05:04.32 mikebledsoe Yeah, it's kind of like play. 05:09.82 Max Shank And that's what we're doing. That's that's like how we judge if if we're good in a lot of relationships because that's where we gain our judgments from is these relationships that we've had so we say it's good to do this. It's bad to do that and. What's interesting is how few people can balance out both and I'm speaking from my own experience as well. It's like None or the other typically and figuring out how to rive the natural cycles which is a wave. 06:11.80 mikebledsoe Yeah. 06:26.68 Max Shank Um, is super valuable. Skill no wind to float in the Lazy River and you know when it's time to climb up the mountain or dig out the gold mine or ah till the field you you go get that shit done with total focus and it. Kind of goes back to what we talked about with the the Jungle cats and the lions and predators of various kinds. It's like they they basically are in rest mode rest and recovery and form bonds with the family or focused. They're not.. They're not hurrying typically right? There's a difference between being hurried and being focused and that's what I try to do sometimes I even get it Sometimes I do it where I'm I'm just focused or relaxed and if I'm relaxed I'm. 07:42.62 mikebledsoe Yeah. 08:20.22 Max Shank I'm letting my focus diffuse into a soft glow like a lantern that you could look directly at it doesn't hurt your eyes or you can focus down like a laser pointer or a laser cutter and you can actually slice through metal with it so being able to. Lazy River or Whitewater Raft. You know that sort of thing or lantern versus laser. 09:10.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, um I think back in my early days of all a not not understanding the value of the space of doing nothing and just playing with no outcome and and how much benefit that gives me on the day. Ah. When I do want to focus the ability to do so is there and I like we were saying about the the lantern and or the laser yesterday is a good example that is I did float on Saturday but yesterday my fiance. 10:02.80 Max Shank Earth. 10:20.94 mikebledsoe So I got says I I need a lot I got a lot of work to do and I said you know what I got a lot of work to do too because I've got a summit coming up and you know there's a I've got a long list and I've got a couple podcast episodes to record this week so there's some things I need to prep for but I'm not gonna. You know it's Sunday and I know that I've got I'm working till next Sunday I don't have a day off between now I'm next Sunday and I'm going to take it easy I probably was more productive and enjoyed my work more without worrying about how much I got done that day. 11:33.44 Max Shank I mean. 11:36.74 mikebledsoe And yeah, it's I find that especially when I was younger a lot of time spent a lot of times spent chugging coffee and overstimulating myself for the purpose of thinking that was going to help me do something better. 11:56.46 Max Shank Totally power through baby well and you'll be more good as judged by all of your peers. It's all the program that's been installed and if everything is sacrificed for the outcome. 12:21.24 mikebledsoe Right here. 12:33.34 Max Shank The extreme example is someone who's going to blow themselves up because the programming was so effective That's crazy so being able to draw boundaries is really what it comes back to is can you draw a boundary for space for yourself. 12:44.32 mikebledsoe No no. 13:12.84 Max Shank And I actually remember a conversation I had with a member at my gym once and I watched this person transform over a period of time I learned about how their work and their life goes and things like that and they were you know real high performer Worker. And her her biggest challenge was to set clear boundaries for herself to do things that were for her I mean she was give give give essentially I'll I'll get all the work done and then just pile some more on and then I'll get that done too and. 14:03.52 mikebledsoe A. 14:29.96 Max Shank Always the last priority and I remember she was asking if she could drop the the personal training from her membership and just do the classes and I said look ah personal train do classes. Whatever you want to do but make an appointment for yourself every week. That you never miss Basically like you have to keep that as a priority and that's one of the reasons that personal training works is because the person is heavily invested to show up at the given time and once that billing and scheduling is all dialed in. 15:11.62 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 15:44.54 Max Shank It makes it very easy to show up every time but if it's ah, a group membership and no one really is going to follow up if you aren't coming in there. It's a totally different Thing. So I think it comes back to drawing boundaries. Between those times where you are allowed or allowing yourself to do nothing. 16:27.50 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, my None task on Monday mornings is to schedule out my rejuvenating activities for the rest of the week when am I going to work out when am I going to go song a cold plunge when am I going to hang out with my friends. 16:46.86 Max Shank He. 17:06.56 mikebledsoe All that scheduled out None thing Monday morning before I even look at what I need to do for work that week and yeah it for me it. It requires that level of of commitment to self in order to follow through on that stuff. 17:13.81 Max Shank Oh. 17:35.76 Max Shank Oh draw boundaries. That's why relationships don't work right? Well, that's why relationships go South is ah, people didn't draw boundaries quick enough. Basically. 17:41.36 mikebledsoe But most people never do it. Yeah, didn't yeah, they just don't even consider the boundaries in the None place. Yeah, you know? Yeah, they're not even aware usually like the the boundary most people. 18:12.96 Max Shank Right. 18:20.32 mikebledsoe Discovered that the boundary even exists when they get mad like ah, a boundary getting crossed it it triggers anger and then a lot of times the the right? the right person to be angry at yourself. But. 18:41.28 Max Shank Um, it's internalized like right. 18:55.16 mikebledsoe It's projected out and blamed on someone else when you know my big thing is anytime I get angry with somebody else I check in with myself to say you know what boundary was crossed and did I communicate that boundary and most of the time I didn't and then I got. 19:13.96 Max Shank Yeah, yeah. 19:32.70 mikebledsoe Check out in myself. But then I go have the conversation about where my boundary is with that person and you know it's always things usually clear up after that. 19:38.68 Max Shank Um, yeah, yeah, um I would I would agree I think people um often don't check their boundaries. Quick enough and hold true to those lines and it makes it very difficult. Ah, and it's kind of an ah accumulating Burden I think even and you don't really know how much you. 20:16.74 mikebledsoe Now just. 20:40.72 mikebledsoe Yeah. 20:51.56 Max Shank Like resentment and blame you can start hanging onto just just because 100% your responsibility you should have drawn boundaries. That's why anytime like what you're saying oh I'm mad at this person. It's like well that's silly because. Whatever happened happened and that was possible from from back when you started that relationship right? That's that's fine. Whatever just ah, try to learn from it and this back to the thing about being focused versus hurried or. 21:32.56 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 22:05.72 Max Shank Whatever there's a big difference between just putting all your focus onto something and being emotionally charged up about it. 22:17.40 mikebledsoe Yeah, so we want to talk about today. Yeah I think we've done boundaries before. 22:25.10 Max Shank What do I want to talk about I want to talk about the well. Okay, last week we talked about stuff basically which was cool. We talked about stuff. Making stuff. 23:01.80 mikebledsoe I Only remember what what stuff will we talk about. 23:10.30 Max Shank Um, we were talking about how come on you we were yeah but you're supposed to treasure mine forever. Whatever I say I'm sure you have like a separate diary just for the conversations that you and I have. 23:24.26 mikebledsoe I've had a lot of thoughts between last week and right now and it gets cluttered. Oh. 23:50.24 Max Shank I mean I know like everyone can tell that you get really excited throwing a word the round throwing around the word fiance now. So I know you got a lot on your mind. You're you're going to be this new person. You're going to be like oh well, you know now that I'm married. 24:08.94 mikebledsoe M. 24:24.28 Max Shank And it's going to be just like last week when you said well now that I'm you know a little older a little wiser I think it's just going to play in to that that guru status that you've developed because now you'll be older wiser married get some kids going and then your avatar. Will be complete so you can you know really have some authority on these messages for the men who listen to us significantly long that we shouldn't even see the neck on that tank top. It should go down at least ten more inches gandalph style. 25:12.22 mikebledsoe Yeah I need ah I need a longer beard too. 25:30.18 mikebledsoe Now see what Ashley says about that. 25:39.66 Max Shank No, we were talking about making stuff though last week like the the value of making stuff physically with your hands and there's and there's a lot of truth that is discovered when you do that because there and it kind of ties so I would tie back. 25:49.84 mikebledsoe Oh oh yeah. 26:04.98 mikebledsoe Yeah. 26:18.26 Max Shank We talked about last week into the so that was the matter or the stuff and maybe we could go into the pattern of things so we could talk a little bit about vibration and rhythm and frequency if if you wanted to It's kind of a. Challenging topic to really follow, but it's um, the reason it reminded me is father's day. It was father's day and you know the word father comes from the word ah pattern and the word mother comes from the word matter. So there's. 27:10.80 mikebledsoe Um. 27:28.20 mikebledsoe Yeah, why say we go with that. Let's go with that. Yeah I'm I'm down to tackle the pattern conversation that sounds good. 27:31.68 Max Shank Matter and pattern so it seems like a nice logical transition. 27:53.38 Max Shank Yeah, so let's say we try to break it down into ah patterns of human beings which is kind of like programs of human beings. So we have that which is I would say that's the most practical level. Is the patterns of humans. Ah we also have ah Dna is a pattern and another synonym for pattern is code. 28:57.40 mikebledsoe I think. 28:59.20 Max Shank So you have Dna you got computer programming you got programming human beings. You got the different ah frequencies and wavelengths of things as it relates to the materials we make. 29:28.84 mikebledsoe Yeah I think it's gonna be a fun topic Actually the more the more you're talking I'm thinking and yeah, this will be a full. 29:43.46 Max Shank Um, you could argue that matter and Pattern are the only topics that we could discuss. 29:56.40 mikebledsoe I think so yeah, everything falls under those 2 categories. That's right. 30:06.70 Max Shank Stuff and not stuff like okay here here's ah, an interesting example right? We have all these forces which is the way we describe. Okay, all right? No, we're Okay, we're we're kicked. 30:23.88 mikebledsoe Hang on hang on. Let's kick the show off and then get into it. Yeah I think I think we're set are we clicked I wrote the date on the top of the page. Um. 30:41.42 Max Shank Okay, you took some notes. 30:55.12 Max Shank I have this I have this fantasy in my mind when I see you looking down and writing something that it's like oh these like excellent notes are like a mind map or something like that or maybe a checklist of things to cover. Really you've just written your name in the date in the corner. 31:23.40 mikebledsoe Um, no half the time It's the date I'm practicing spelling my name. Yeah. 31:38.76 Max Shank Okay, so we'll talk about Pattern for in honor of father's day. 31:47.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah I said I say ah why don't you go ahead and do the intro and then we'll talk about the the membership site and then you can go into your explanation for. Father and pattern How about that and then we'll just go from there. 32:31.50 Max Shank And the membership site just so I'm clear is in the beginning of the show I put my camera to expose the nipples and then when the public show starts I tilt it back up. So the nipples are ah not visible is that. 33:03.86 mikebledsoe You got it. You got it? yeah. 33:09.94 Max Shank Is that right? I'm a simple man I like a simple plan. My nips are only free to me but not to you. 33:27.22 mikebledsoe All right? You want to kick off the intro today. All right? yep. 33:32.94 Max Shank Yeah let's do it already. Ah None 2 None welcome back to Monday mornings with max and Mike Today we're gonna. Follow up what we talked about last week last week was a heck of a fun conversation about stuff matter substance working with your hands a little bit about manufacturing. It was a crazy excellent conversation. Go check it out Today. We're gonna talk about the other side. The pattern. I think it's very cool that the words mother and father are actually derived from matter and pattern and so that's what we're gonna talk about today. We're gonna talk about how pattern is present in your Dna your cell phone behaviors of human beings. And much much more and welcome welcome again. Mike thanks for sitting down with me I'm very excited and a little intimidated to tackle this topic today. 35:20.58 mikebledsoe Well said. 35:41.48 mikebledsoe Ah sorry I can make a bunch of bullshit up. Ah so for for those of you who who love this show. 35:51.98 Max Shank I Don't like it for the record folks I don't like when he does that. 36:04.22 mikebledsoe Ah, but for um, all we we decide to open up the membership site and we're gonna be posting exclusive content. There's a conversation that always happens previous to this show today's show we had 16 minutes and 55 seconds of content. Of us figuring out what we were going to talk about. But of course we can't help ourselves from delivering gold at every moment. So if you yep, None nipples on the preshow. So do that one. 36:53.52 Max Shank There were also 2 nipples on the pre-show in case that matters I don't know why why should people do that one like what are they going to get out of that. Are they going to get some more interaction with us. 37:17.16 mikebledsoe 1 maybe it's exclusive content for now we're going to see where it goes. Yeah well I had a guy. 37:25.32 Max Shank Just exclusive content I Think yeah, we should see what people want though also because I could see ah I could see something really cool forming out of this So I just want to serve our our customers The best way I can. 37:54.20 mikebledsoe Yeah I had a guy ah on Instagram Atx window tent and clean. He sent me message it and said he would donate for more podcasts with me and you so um, what I want to do is we're gonna set it up. It's not set up. As of today. But if you're listening to this what I'm Goingnna do is I'm going to create a link on the So if you go to there. There's going to be a place where you can sign up for this and it's gonna be pay what you want so it's donation based anywhere between a dollar and $5000000 ah. 38:58.12 Max Shank Love it. 39:09.36 mikebledsoe And we'll set up a we'll make it a monthly subscription and as long as you're. 39:13.16 Max Shank Are we sponsored by Austin Tint and window by the way atx tint and window. 39:23.34 mikebledsoe You know we may mention him more depending on the size of his donation or her donation I'm not sure if it's a man or woman. So I the this. 39:49.66 Max Shank So wait. So wait, you're telling me they can pay what they want and we don't even really know what they're going to get yet. We know they're going to get exclusive content. There's no question. You're going to hear words there that you won't hear anywhere else but there might be even more than that is what you're saying So it's like. 40:14.90 mikebledsoe Yep. 40:24.34 mikebledsoe Well well part of this yeah part part part of this. Well the thing is the people that are going to donate to the show. They're going to contribute funds to make sure that this show keeps happening because you know what it takes a couple hours out of max and I week 40:29.48 Max Shank Ah, bonus price Mystery box That's incredible. 41:02.62 mikebledsoe And you know we got to keep the lights on and all that. But ah yeah, so the people. 41:09.12 Max Shank Well you vote with your dollars too I'm I'm a big fan of that. So if you like really want more of something then you know that's that's the only way you can really influence it I say that in your whole life too. You know, buy what you like. 41:36.94 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, spend money where you want things to improve So Ah so for one if you enjoy the show and you just want to Contribute. It's a great way to do it. You're also going to get exclusive content And. Ah, you are going to have the loudest voice out of everyone who has an opinion about what we should be doing So We're more likely to listen to those who are donating the most amount of money So That's all that's all on that So we'll get that set up I've got a summit coming up this weekend. So. 42:35.80 Max Shank Very exciting. 42:48.40 mikebledsoe My team is completely distracted with things that they think is important so that I can do the show. But. 42:59.82 Max Shank It must have taken a lot of ah instruction to organize all those people together for a summit. He segwayed perfectly because someone has to orchestrate. 43:15.70 mikebledsoe Instruction. Um, yeah, yeah, there's a ah lot of direction. 43:37.32 Max Shank Someone has to orchestrate the code for getting that job done and if you think about the Pattern. So the bread. The the dough is the stuff. The recipe is the pattern. The sperm is the pattern. The egg is the stuff. Matter mother Pattern father. So It sounds like you are the father of this event because you have determined the structure of its organization. 44:36.70 mikebledsoe Yeah, we create this structure and then I brought in a lot of speakers who are going to contribute so they they bring a lot of stuff and I organize it and I time it I announce it I create a container. 44:55.22 Max Shank Right. 45:10.16 Max Shank Oh. 45:13.70 mikebledsoe So it's a container of time so it starts at a certain time ends at a certain time we we do have a frequency of of time in between so this speaker starts here ends there. There's also a consideration for what type of content is gonna presented it. Be presented in what order to make the most sense so that we can stare step people through a series of understanding. So while I also have no idea what the speakers are going to say like I I know their topic but I and I know they're good because almost all of them been in the industry for twenty plus years 46:09.48 Max Shank Right? right. 46:27.00 mikebledsoe So I know it's going to be good I Just don't know what exactly that content's going to be and that's actually a lot of fun for me. 46:40.28 Max Shank And that's the that's the practical side of patterns. That's the most practical side of patterns because most of our interactions are with people or or with stuff but usually with people I would say unless you're just specifically with materials and. 47:04.92 mikebledsoe Um, yeah art. 47:18.36 Max Shank That's what teaching is it's basically ah, it's like the least substantial thing there is is pure instruction because there's no stuff being transferred. There's only code. Being transferred.. There's only the pattern that is being sent to another person. 48:07.80 mikebledsoe Yeah. 48:13.64 Max Shank But that's what drives people and the bible is a program. The constitution is a program these are patterns. These are these have their own ah force and vibration to them right. 48:44.12 mikebledsoe What I'm glad you bring that up. 48:49.16 Max Shank When it comes to the way that humans interact and behave and you take that plus it's like that plus Dna those are the None intersecting patterns that sort of weave together and you could I don't know I think the nature versus nurture argument is the wrong. Perspective I think it's nature and nurture and it's all the same kind of. 49:33.32 mikebledsoe Yeah, and and everything you were just saying right there and we look at the patterns that have had the longest staying power. So like we talk about the bible or christianity. It's a pattern that has had really long staying power a lot of other religions have fallen by the wayside. 50:07.36 Max Shank Relative to other human religions. It's had incredible staying power. 50:11.88 mikebledsoe And yeah, yeah, now the the patterns you talk about nature versus nurture. But what I one of the things that I've found to be ah, really powerful is studying the patterns of nature and then either mimicking that. 50:37.32 Max Shank Then oh. 50:50.84 mikebledsoe Or if we're going to be working with nature which we always are is how do we harness that if you try to create a structure that is not in alignment with nature. You're going to be. You're going to lose that battle and so there is and I think it creates some. 50:55.86 Max Shank I will know. 51:30.56 mikebledsoe Difficulty so one of the ways I like to think about patterns and frequencies and I think about frequencies specifically and I like to start at the macro and work our way down to the micro and then when we do that I think people really start getting an understanding of how the universe works. And this was pointed out to me by a guy named Daniel Schmackenberger he explained it to me and I go huh that act that that's in person in person. He explained it to me. 52:18.34 Max Shank Um, did he explain it to you in person. What an interesting character that guy is I've listened to a few of his things and he's a very interesting cat. But. 52:39.16 mikebledsoe He used to live down the street from us and I probably had a sit down with him every three months when I was living in Socal and we jammed and the guy. The guy is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Um, but ah, we were talking about seasons and cycles and. 52:54.60 Max Shank Um, about that. Yeah. 53:18.70 mikebledsoe And lunar and solar and we look at the yeah we look at the pattern and we look at the patterns of nature. We look at patterns of the universe and the the None one the one that's easiest for us to all be aware of is probably the lunar cycle. So. 53:24.66 Max Shank There's a pattern. 53:53.90 mikebledsoe Or the 4 seasons. Um, these are both cycles the 4 seasons all happen in an annual basis. It gets hot it cools off. It gets really cold. It gets warm. It gets hot. It does that ah to. 54:16.72 Max Shank So like the days and the moons. Ah, and the years are easy are like easy to notice. Outwardly. 54:35.80 mikebledsoe They're easy to notice and so you have the lunar There's you know about thirteen lunar cycles in a year. Um some may ah some do argue that the fact that we have twelve months in the year and we have 13 lunar cycles is actually fighting nature a little bit. And we might be better off if we had a little bit different system. But this thing is pretty ingrained the gregorian calendar. Ah we have the lunar cycles which are which are monthly and then inside of that they're really the the weekly cycle Monday through Sunday is. 55:21.94 Max Shank Oh man. Yeah, we. 55:46.18 mikebledsoe I don't really see anything demonstrated in nature that seems like to me a very human construct to divide up those 28 ish days ah between lunar cycles and we want to like look all the way back through history. Yeah into weeks. 56:10.26 Max Shank into into weeks um I don't know what the origin of the week is actually is kind of an interesting question. 56:21.98 mikebledsoe And days are obvious the the daily cycle the sun comes up the sun goes down and I have no idea I mean somebody Dm me let me know and the. 56:52.54 Max Shank We're just we're gonna trust your dude. Okay, this is why you are not in charge of the fucking research department I'll wait for the None direct message on Instagram to give me the answer and then I just get a fucking go with that you you lunatic speaking of moon. 57:09.48 mikebledsoe Ah, no I need a starting point I need a. 57:23.70 Max Shank That's where the luna lunatic comes from fucking lunatic. Yeah, so just Dm your effect that's like slightly less reliable than Wikipedia. 57:26.78 mikebledsoe I. Well no I want to I want to I want the people in the audience to participate in the process of us finding information. They said it to me I'll I'll still verify it I'll look it up but I I'm gonna let someone initiate. So um. 57:59.74 Max Shank Ah I'm just kidding I Love Wikipedia. Okay, so we have ah we have years we have moons so we have solar year we have moons. Let's forget about weeks. Let's go straight to heartbeats from there so we got year. 58:13.68 mikebledsoe So about. 58:34.60 mikebledsoe That's ah, that's where I was. That's where we're going is That's exactly what I've written down. Actually we're on the same page but it gets down to you get up and go to sleep. You have a Circadian rhythm you have a hormonal. 58:38.74 Max Shank Moon day heartbeat. 58:58.98 mikebledsoe Ah, rhythm throughout the day based on the sun coming up sun going down moon coming out all these things and then yeah it it comes down to heartbeat brain waves brainwave frequencies and so yeah. 59:22.96 Max Shank Which is a lot faster because hertz is the way we measure frequency and hurts is calculated in cycles per second. So if something is it and I think we have the ability to hear things between oh gosh. Ah. 1 d-ish hurts to None something around there so we have a pretty big. There's ah, there's a great thing um to visualize the spectrum of frequencies but just remember that hurts is in cycles per second so your heart. Ah. 01:00:11.98 mikebledsoe I should know that. 01:00:40.80 Max Shank It beats once every second so cycles per second would be like 1 basically right. 01:00:42.30 mikebledsoe Once a second. Yeah. 01:00:56.26 mikebledsoe You know? Yeah, so we have all these different frequencies and None of the one of the ways reasons I like to think about frequencies in this way is because it allows. Me to see more clearly how I'm connected to the entire universe it. It reduces the amount of separation that I'm perceiving and whole with it. Yeah and I'm tuned into it once I learned this I I got a lot better about going down with the sun and coming up with the sun and. 01:01:33.92 Max Shank You feel more whole with it. You feel more part of it. 01:01:55.64 Max Shank Oh. 01:02:01.20 mikebledsoe My health improved and all sorts of things. So I like that the idea of talking about the micro macro to the micro and the pattern is always present. There's nothing that we can observe that doesn't have it and it's not participating. 01:02:33.60 Max Shank Yeah, there's a great little chart if you type in em spectrum into Google images you can find ah a really nice little visual aid I think it's really important. 01:03:02.92 mikebledsoe Em spectrum. 01:03:06.66 Max Shank Yeah, just type in em spectrum into Google and hit images and that'll show you ah you know on the 1 hand when you have ah something like the visible light spectrum and then. 01:03:43.36 mikebledsoe E. 01:03:43.60 Max Shank You go beyond above it. You have ultraviolet spectrum and then you have infrared so below what we can see and there's all this stuff happening and the way to tie it all together and simplify it in my mind is to say that vision. 01:04:00.80 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:04:21.86 Max Shank Doesn't show you everything. That's there. It just shows you? What's important and there but there's so much stuff vibrating everywhere and everything's got its own um frequency to it and that goes all the way down like. Most watches are set with a quartz crystal actually because it vibrates at a certain frequency and I think ah the way an atomic clock works is with something like caesium. 01:05:19.48 mikebledsoe Everyone's cell phone has a quartz crystal in it. 01:05:40.34 Max Shank And so you think here's this this like bunch of stuff like a crystal but it's got this frequency that it's emitting from it all the time. 01:06:01.68 mikebledsoe Man I spent hours talking about crystals on Saturday night with some friends. The I think we might open up a crystal shop here in Austin the next the next business venture. You think it'll be good I think we could we could pull. 01:06:27.60 Max Shank I Think if you focus on it. It will be I think if you focus on it. It'll be awesome and if you ah, don't try that hard then it depends on who you partnered with. 01:06:46.98 mikebledsoe All right? Yeah I'm I'm looking for solid partners for crystal shop here in Austin Texas. 01:06:55.54 Max Shank I Like talking about crystals too but not with people who only know the esoteric side of Crystals I need someone to like bridge the gap between the physics and the more esoteric kind of philosophical Astro astrology because. 01:07:14.66 mikebledsoe Boy Yeah I have a friend. 01:07:35.28 Max Shank I'm I'm hip with it and I I like to know what's really going on in there. 01:07:44.98 mikebledsoe Well, both sides are really nice I What are my buddies he used to be in the crystal business and and he can talk about how the crystal in your phone works and tie that into more of the esoteric as well and so he can He spans the whole thing I'm gonna have him on the show. 01:07:54.82 Max Shank You gotta work them together. 01:08:12.20 Max Shank Right. 01:08:21.88 mikebledsoe Here in the next month or so and I don't know if we'll talk about Crystals because he's an expert in other things as well. But maybe we'll cover that for everybody. 01:08:28.34 Max Shank Yeah I have a friend actually who I have a friend who his whole ah career. Basically right now is studying crystals so his his equipment that he has available in the lab is so tight that he can actually fire a neutron beam. To see really really tiny crystals of proteins to make for pharmaceuticals so his whole job is like trial and error. Let's let's throw some fucking heat and some of this over here and he's basically in a laboratory and then firing a little beam. Neutrons to look at the shapes to see if they're going to be able to bind or unite ah with other molecules in the body. It's it's really fascinating and you look at how all of those different interactions are things usually have a charge like positive or negative. And they often will also have a ah conforming shape and you can take that all the way down. It's it's easy to get lost with how many branches that you can take this down in terms of the energy transformation because that's really all we're doing is we're taking. Energy and we're transforming it into some other type of energy. That's really what family is about. You're taking energy from outside and then you're adding it to the family fungus is doing that we're doing that Orca are doing that. Basically you're trying to assimilate more energy and grow. Size of your empire ants fungus us and yeah and ah different creatures do it in different ways like ah in the life of a mycelium fungus that's slowly branching out a myceoleal network. 01:11:46.14 mikebledsoe Simulate organize create a structure with that energy divert that energy. 01:12:18.34 Max Shank They don't really budget time for ah like deviance and pleasure and vacations and things like that and we we do. We have all this crazy stuff Beyond grow the family but that's the that's the prevailing pattern because. 01:12:43.68 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:12:56.64 Max Shank If you don't have that then that branch of the family tree cuts itself. So you you almost have it's why religions kind of follow the same thing Thou Shalt have no other gods before me because this has to be the foundation of your pattern of your programming. 01:13:02.14 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:13:33.34 Max Shank Right? You can't like just pick and choose oh hey like you know you hindus. That's pretty cool but I like steak So I'm not going to go with this crew and you Christians are great but I want to eat pigs or you know whatever they don't like that doesn't it doesn't have the same um unity. It doesn't have the same. 01:13:55.80 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:14:11.50 Max Shank Ah, resonance and harmony of the the the vibration there isn't it interesting that they also sing every Sunday that that's a big thing is singing together. We got to get back to that though. 01:14:18.66 mikebledsoe Yeah I. Yeah, yeah I notice having interacted heavily with the new age spiritual Community and I I've never really considered myself new age. But the. The new age Spiritual Community is interesting because it does feel like a lot of the people in that community are adopting they're picking and choosing. They're cherry picking things from different religions and then creating their own little thing but it really does lack a foundation that I. 01:15:30.88 Max Shank E. 01:15:46.62 mikebledsoe I Think that the that community it feels very wishy-washy feels very too flowy to there's there's some people in in this community that are very popular and when they post things and when they talk about things. Sounds very flowery. But I don't know exactly what they mean and I don't think they know what they mean either. 01:16:36.34 Max Shank Oh you mean like a flower like that thing that is designed to attract I'm not surprised.. The only thing we can possibly get is people being little flowers. There's no way. We you? you can't rise above the noise unless you make yourself into a pretty flower like you know you could tell people the truth is like look um there there are a lot of tools out there that we can use and you don't really know what the. 01:17:13.68 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:17:46.26 Max Shank Potential benefit and potential cost of those tools is you? You don't really know how those tools can be used. You don't know the pattern or the code of how to put those tools to the best use and that's also what coaching and instruction is it's how to get the most out of those tools. So. The recipe for bread the recipe for making ah semiconductors and computers and automobiles. Ah what is that without the instructions. It's just stuff without the the instructions to put it all together. It's just stuff. Dna same thing. It actually determines where the protein is going to go where the collagen is going to get laid down. It's insane ah to try to like differentiate those 2 things because. 01:19:38.32 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:19:43.90 Max Shank What is the stuff without the the movement of the stuff. What I mean there's there's nothing. That's perfectly still is kind of ah a weird ah trip to think about and I think a lot of that um can be described by like. Atomic structures as we understand it like the density of the packing of the atomic nuclei and the lattice work that they take ah see this. We're like way too far outside of my understanding but basically things are packed much tighter. When they are more denser so you have a ah gal you have ah an air compressor. You can compress the air and actually shove more into that same space and then as you get harder and harder Materials. There's less and less give that you can shove into that same space. 01:21:03.28 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:21:35.60 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:21:40.20 Max Shank And that's also why in order to have a faraday cage which doesn't let ah electromagnetic radiation in it has to be made out of metal. It can't be made out of wood because it can get through because wood is less dent like how crazy is that when you think about it because the wood is still solid. 01:22:17.42 mikebledsoe Yep. 01:22:18.96 Max Shank But the reason you need it to be metal is because of the closeness of the lattice of those atoms. So. There's actually less space than usual and then with air with wood with metal. Tungsten Plutonium All that other stuff it's because it's more and more tightly packed and that's that's also um, how nature patterns itself pretty much if you look at a tree and a set of lungs. It starts out with a big pipe. And then it splits and splits and splits into little branches and ah leaves and branches branches little capillaries alviolles and things like that. So you're trying to maximize the ah surface area right? It's like giving yourself more. 01:23:59.14 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:24:07.72 Max Shank Ah, relationships with the environment. 01:24:10.60 mikebledsoe But that Pattern works best with the planet Earth for the exchange of of air of Oxygen carbon dioxide. Whatever it is whatever the exchange of these molecules are and when you're talking about Oxygen Carbon dioxide. It's no. A mystery why the lungs in the tree look very similar. It's just a shit works. Um, yeah. 01:24:57.56 Max Shank Gas exchange happening all the time and that's a pattern that's a relationship between those 2 inhale exhale without algae and trees. We'd all be dead. 01:25:22.40 mikebledsoe Very true. The I want to break this down and into and a 4 different quadrants. So I'm I'm a big fan I've I've talked about before of Ken Wilbur's a call map a qal so if you Google a cap a q a l space. Map then you'll get an idea of what I'm you'll get a visual of what I'm talking about here and so it's ah the upper quadrant is the individual the lower half of the quadrant is the collective. The left side of the quadrant is the interior or the inside and the. Right side of the quadrant is the exterior. So if we go to the upper left hand quadrant what we're looking at is the interior self. So if we want to look at I really like talking about this map because it allows us to break down a topic as big as something like patterns into something that. We can look at and step by step and talk about it so to really simplify what's happening in the upper left hand quadrant which is the interior of self I really think about that as like thoughts and feelings your thoughts and your feelings. It's your internal world and there's patterns there. And so we have emotional patterns we have thought patterns and we have psychoemotional patterns where the thoughts and emotions have a pattern between the 2 of them. You have an emotion then there's a pattern of making meaning of what that emotion means and then. That can cycle cycle cycle so we have psycho emotional patterns that we need to be aware of and the certain certain things trigger those different patterns and it could be something like father's day something could get someone thinks about father's day and. The pattern may be celebration feeling really good make it mean call your dad that day. So I like to think about no. 01:29:30.90 Max Shank I'm sure that's everybody's pattern. 01:29:45.30 Max Shank Ah. 01:29:45.32 mikebledsoe But but the ah but I like look what do what? you think about the Psycho emotional patterns. What have you noticed and learned about that. 01:30:06.18 Max Shank So I think of it in a pretty simple way as people repeat what gives them a predictable result. Not even what gives them? ah an excellent result just a predictable one. So that's basically what a pattern is is. 01:30:31.70 mikebledsoe M. 01:30:43.56 mikebledsoe And people people do seek predictability. There's ah, there's a lot of people. They do ah a lot of. 01:30:43.86 Max Shank There's predictability to it. So it's why people prefer people prefer the ah ah familiar pain to the unknown. 01:31:07.52 mikebledsoe Yeah I've worked with a lot of people who they they came to me and there's something in their life. That's not working I mean that's that's really the the job of a coach is we work with people who they want something to be different in their life and. They want to change it and usually it's the the individual is trying to change something externally in order to create a different internal experience and a lot of times what we got to do. 01:32:12.00 Max Shank Which can work. 01:32:18.00 mikebledsoe Which can work but which does work which we can get into because we can talk about Environmental patterns. Ah. 01:32:25.22 Max Shank Because a pattern is a relationship with your environment. There's a relationship within yourself which is kind of what you're talking about. But you're never in a vacuum. You know you take someone out of their existing environment and you put them into a different one and suddenly all their aches and pains go away. 01:32:43.90 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:33:03.12 Max Shank Worked with this guy joint pain everywhere everything hurts ah instead of being in Boston at home. He goes down to Florida on vacation none of his shit hurts and it's like well why do you think that is like you have to explore what it is about that environment that you're that you have unresolved. 01:33:39.90 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah. 01:33:41.46 Max Shank That your body is like essentially crying out because your ah pain is basically your brain saying ah not like this. That's all just not like this.. It's not ah, it's not. Ah, like bad.. It's not Shameful. It's not good. Sometimes it's incorrect where where you feel it isn't necessarily where the resolution is going to be Found. It's just a nonspecific signal that says not like this if you do it a different way. Maybe so. 01:34:36.18 mikebledsoe Right? just. 01:34:52.28 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, yeah, so people at that spot on it pain is just ah, always talk about pain as a teacher. It's it's trying to teach you something and most people just sit in the pain because it is ah familiar. 01:34:54.20 Max Shank But not like this. 01:35:24.30 Max Shank Um, familiar I. 01:35:31.88 mikebledsoe And people feel safe even in when it's painful. They'd rather feel if they feel safe in pain. They'll take that over you know the uncertainty and freedom and the a lot of times people want. You know who have been focused on changing something in their external environment even that they're not even really willing to make too many external environment changes because of what's happening internally of what that might mean for them and so yeah chicken of the egg. Yeah, and so if. 01:36:21.98 Max Shank Um, that's a chicken or the egg type of situation too. Um. 01:36:37.40 mikebledsoe If you've been beating your head on 1 way of making change and changing a pattern you may want to look at something else. So if you've been trying to change something environmentally or you've been trying to change your physical body and it's not working. Maybe you need to look at the internal body or you need to look at your relationships with people instead of just the environment. 01:37:11.94 Max Shank And some people thrive on incremental change and some people thrive on radical change and is different for everybody you know, ah a lot of a lot of times where you make a leap forward in what you might call progress. 01:37:14.92 mikebledsoe And so. 01:37:32.18 mikebledsoe That's that's very true. 01:37:48.16 Max Shank Because you took a giant leap toward a different environment or a different ah day-to-day Pattern It can be incremental or it can be radical. 01:38:02.56 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, so a lot of times these these internal patterns if we can shift those there might be ah emotions that we're making mean something with our thoughts and then that keeps us from maybe moving from Boston to Florida. 01:38:39.32 Max Shank Right. 01:38:41.28 mikebledsoe You know I I remember coaching one woman at this point and she she did not want to be working her job. She's like I do not like my job I want to get out of my industry I don't want to do this at all. But I'm not good at anything else. That was the story that she had. She had this internal story of yeah, that's the pattern. Yeah, and so it once we got to a point where she and she made really good money is is. 01:39:20.92 Max Shank That's the pattern. That's some software. Yeah. 01:39:40.84 Max Shank M. 01:39:47.70 mikebledsoe We had to really sit down and and break down is it worth the you know is it worth possibly a lifestyle change downward which by the way is one of the people just don't do it once they hit a certain level of lifestyle coming back down that is incredibly difficult. Um, if you're used to living off $200000 a year and now I'm gonna ask you to live off $100000 a year people I I would I would have a very hard time with it people freak out wouldn't they just don't know how to do it. It's pretty much stuck there. But um. 01:40:54.24 Max Shank Tell you? what though they would figure it out if they had to and I can I can guarantee that you know what I love speaking of patterns. So a prison that's that's a series of matter and patterns woven together to keep people inside. 01:41:03.80 mikebledsoe They would fake Always do always do. 01:41:29.12 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 01:41:33.60 Max Shank Designed by allegedly pretty smart people and guys still escape. So prison is full of the criminals who got caught so arguably the dumbest of the criminals because a smart criminal is still outside of the Jail That's what prisons do. 01:42:01.84 mikebledsoe No. 01:42:08.62 Max Shank They put all the dumb criminals in Jail to leave the really clever ones out of Jail so they can have the easier pick of what's left. But if you take the smart architects who are putting together this box those really smart guys. But the level of desire to be free of that Burden seems to supersede all of that technical Expertise All of the guards all of the stuff I mean it's what doesn't happen a lot but it still happens. 01:43:05.60 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, there's I mean if if you just study what's happening in the prisons right now not even escape but Gangs drugs. There's basically there's nothing but illegal activity happening in the prisons and the you know. 01:43:25.50 Max Shank Gangs gangs. 01:43:40.20 Max Shank Yeah, how could you stop it. 01:43:43.86 mikebledsoe Ah, the stated the stated intent is for them to not be to not experience that. But yeah, you're basically just concentrating a bunch of people who got caught and ah will continue to do things. 01:44:08.26 Max Shank Well I mean the prison system is a bad pattern. Um, because it it maximizes for ah, shame and isolation but not actually for compensation to the fucking victim of the crime.. The only thing we should care About. It does nothing for.. Ah. 01:44:50.12 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, I mean if if somebody violates. 01:44:56.80 Max Shank It's like it's like it's like okay so a crime was Committed. What are we going to do are we going to help out the victim. No What we're going to do is we're going to take a little bit of everybody's money including the victims and then we're going to take the bad man to a bad place so he can. Get really isolated and angry at everybody and probably link up with a murderous gang. Ah, That's what we're going to do I'm waiting for the punchline but there it's there's nothing. There. Yeah. 01:45:55.84 mikebledsoe Yeah, that's a very poor social pattern. So so I mean that's that's the that's the inside of you know of culture right? culture is the inside How we how we pattern our so our society. So. 01:46:24.60 Max Shank Right? Well how you discipline how you discipline society right? because Rule rule is the threat and discipline is the act right? So if you if the culture. 01:46:28.86 mikebledsoe The criminal Justice system. 01:47:02.78 Max Shank Is in a bit of a dysfunctional abusive schizophrenic relationship with its policing of Behavior. Do you think that naturally a lot of people would do the same thing internally so that internal or pattern of how you ah Govern or police. Or discipline your own behavior whether you do it with blame and shame and isolation of that part of you versus acceptance and learning and reeducation of that party right? It's like you're putting the same experience through a very different. 01:48:03.64 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:48:17.88 Max Shank Filter which I mean look the way we make Filters is really really tinier and tinier Meshes just like a net a water filter and a net that you catch fish with the the main difference is the size of the openings. 01:48:49.26 mikebledsoe Yeah, well, it's interesting when I think about these patterns I think about how they begun or began begun began and um these these patterns are fractal in nature so they usually started off as. They always start off as something small if we look at the pattern of humanity and um, there were not that many people on this planet five hundred years ago if you if you went to Paris France Five hundred years ago there weren't that many people there. I mean it was big for its time but compared to now it was just so tiny but all the rules all the ideas about how society should be governed stem from that time and. 01:50:07.24 Max Shank M. 01:50:29.82 Max Shank From France five hundred years ago or from the greeks like two thousand ish years ago like de ah when was democritus. 01:50:38.58 mikebledsoe Well yeah, you keep going for their back but I'm just using people can I think people I think people can possibly like if we don't go too far back. But yeah you you keep going further and further back you go to the greeks you go to the hebrews you go to the Egyptians and you you follow the the thread. 01:51:04.88 Max Shank Right? I for an eye you follow the thread which is interesting because it's like um how they did history for a while was through these tapestries and they would actually tell a story through the the chain. 01:51:16.40 mikebledsoe Yeah. 01:51:30.24 mikebledsoe A. 01:51:44.20 Max Shank So it's it's really funny ah connection I made the other day and there are too many word puns to follow, but the funny connection I made is that a link is one connection and a chain is multiple connections in sequence Dna multiple connections in sequence. So that's a big difference. Um. In how those connections work together. Ah um, a chain is many connections. A matrix is also a different orientation of many connections and so different elements have different structures. That are more matrix-like or more chain-like like for example, long chain fatty acids that sort of thing so there are these um, different ways that we connect to things and a lot of it like you said tracing the thread. Back that's what we try to do. We're trying to go back and figure out where those connections started being made and the further back you go. It's none becomes None None becomes 2 None becomes 3 3 becomes all things that was in the dao two thousand years ago that's a pattern that a guy wrote down and we still can't ah absorb it. We can regurgitate it we can bounce it around. We can modify it but all those all those written things left a pattern and that is I think the story of. Human supremacy when you get right down to it. It's the fact that we were able to accumulate written knowledge and access it really quickly so you can take I mean right now on Youtube there's a thing learning about how materials are put together. Ah, Youtube channels called us auto industry and they take you through hydraulics and gears and aerodynamics and drag and they take you through all of these different things. The videos are super crystal clear simple and it's like you took that expert. His whole life and synthesized it into 10 minutes but those 10 minutes were based on generation after generation after generation of patterned ah accumulation of knowledge. So it's like ah, an external brain so we could. Ah, decode for later just very similar to Dna. It's basically a code for making a car or Dna is like a code for making proteins. But it's all it's all based on our ability to keep a record of it and a Dna of course is a living record. 01:57:14.86 mikebledsoe Yeah, well I think about what you were saying with written. Ah we have records written and up until what one hundred years ago most people were were illiterate and a small percentage of the population could even read. So only a small percentage of population had access to understanding and not only that the books that they had access to they usually existed in a university and so there was ah a highly It was a high concentration of knowledge that. People studied that were dictating society and then about one hundred years ago literacy started to really take hold and you know because they talked about the printing press but the printing the printing press it preceded literacy without the printing press. There wouldn't be literacy but the technology. Ah. Of there being an abundance of books caused the human mind to go be curious about that enough to study how to read to learn it and now we fast forward. 01:59:36.12 Max Shank Printing press I think that was a big thing for the gutenberg bible right. 01:59:39.38 mikebledsoe Yeah, and I think the I think the benefit of back then was there was a limited amount of things that you could consider and you didn't have to look. You didn't have to sift through as much to go back to the beginning. Or as far back to the beginning as you could now we pull out our phone and there's videos and everything that have trapped us in what's happening right now. The the average American Yeah, the average. Yeah yeah, it's not right now right now it's it's they're sucked into. 02:00:37.10 Max Shank Somewhere else though. 02:00:55.80 mikebledsoe What's happening. Well no way that they're they're they're considering what's happening today. What is happening today that matters. 02:01:11.20 Max Shank Ironically, it's a portal to anywhere else than here and now that's what's funny because you're saying it's like they're looking what's happening now elsewhere but ironic you're right? But it's also kind of ironic because you're looking for anything else. 02:01:37.78 mikebledsoe Yeah, but the yeah my point is that time the time consideration is is so short like what happened last week doesn't matter anymore. It only all that matters is today and people are so people are so yeah. 02:01:40.80 Max Shank But here and now. 02:01:53.80 Max Shank Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay so that's insanity. That's insanity full on insanity. 02:02:15.48 mikebledsoe People people are so engrossed they have so much data coming in about what matters today in the whole world that they think they should yeah they don't have boundaries but that person is totally ingrossed andgross in what's happening now doesn't have the opportunity to look back in history. 02:02:29.48 Max Shank Because they can't draw boundaries. 02:02:54.90 mikebledsoe To go back and say how was consciousness formed. How did we come to these considerations. What actually is science. There is. 02:03:07.94 Max Shank Well think of the usefulness of code and the usefulness of 24 hour news it is antithetical so a book is code a person is the computer Basically that runs that code. And so if you want something to be organized. It should be organized by outcome or by subject or by material. But if you have it organized by what the fucking pricks are talking about on the Tv today. That's the worst organization possible and it's very difficult to get any kind of good information out of that and you're going to be basically putting out your own schizophrenic psychological fires because you're like oh my god didn't realize what was happening in Serbia and then the next week you're like oh my god I didn't realize what was happening in. South Africa and then you're like oh my god I didn't realize what was happening to the veterans and then pretty soon you're whipped up into this frenzy where you're upset about everything but you can't do anything about it and it makes you feel so disconnected because. What you're aware of your radius of awareness and your radius of control are so far apart and that goes back to why working with stuff with your hands even just moving stuff around like moving weights around with your hands that'll make a big difference. It'll connect you to reality. 02:05:55.26 mikebledsoe Yeah. 02:06:07.56 Max Shank Go climb a tree. Go take a walk Boom you're immediately connected into reality into moving your body locomotion or projectiles moving other stuff and if you are if you're just whipped into this frenzy because you know people are trying to program other people. It's all we do. In fact. 02:06:24.40 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 02:06:46.70 Max Shank Pretty much as we try to program other people. Ah usually with the best of intentions too like I'm sure there are None of people who think school is like a good idea and and I just don't but that's fine. Yeah yeah, they they probably want people to like. 02:07:08.60 mikebledsoe Yeah, their heart's in the right place You think it's best for the kids. Well people also think that it's um, ah just they they think I think a lot of people they go Well I did it so it must be good. So other people should do it I mean that's. 02:07:21.12 Max Shank Behave themselves and like get married and like kept. 02:07:41.16 Max Shank Um, well and that's even a different thing like it. It's like hazing. 02:07:47.92 mikebledsoe That's big in the military of like I'm looking at the training and I go this doesn't really make sense. We're not really optimizing for getting better at our job. They're like well this we we went through it and no I'm like all whatever. 02:08:14.64 Max Shank Sometimes things are done a certain way because it really is the best way and sometimes things are done a certain way literally just because that's how they've been doing it and no one can imagine a different no one even tries to imagine a different way. 02:08:25.96 mikebledsoe Sometimes. 02:08:54.30 Max Shank You know and that's why you don't want to fight things Anyway, speaking of patterns when you fight something you immediately create a counterforce even if you punch the shit out of that thing upon that connection of your fist and that fucker's face. There's a counter force going right back into your fist and then more. Metaphorically speaking you're going to create a counter response to your active opposing Force. So That's why it's always better to obsolete than to fight if you have the option. 02:09:52.98 mikebledsoe Yeah I was reading a book yesterday that was talking about that is the the the people who are censoring are fighting. They're really fighting decentralization but censorship creates the necessity for decentralization and. You know Twitter Facebook Instagram they're trying to fight misinformation but the harder that they tried to fight misinformation with censorship the more prolific decentralization becomes because people start getting they start leaving the platform to go. 02:11:07.18 Max Shank It's natural. It's like cat and mouse. It's like it's natural cat and mouse evolution. The cat evolves longer claws. The mouse gets smaller and more clever. Ah same kind of idea right? You have hackers and then you got people who work in. 02:11:09.80 mikebledsoe To go to something That's not a platform. Yeah. 02:11:42.86 Max Shank Ah, software security which of course are also hackers. But they're basically like 1 upping each other all the time just the way that creatures have seemed to ah grow and evolve and fork out into these different sort of test branches almost. 02:12:13.96 mikebledsoe Now. Yeah. 02:12:20.66 Max Shank So it's better to obsolete and speaking of the patterns like we were talking about. Ah, it's hard to recognize which of the programs coming in are important and not important a lot of the time I think that can be a real challenge. 02:12:53.38 mikebledsoe Um, yeah, well that's a pattern too. The things that you're filtering what's important and not important so fast that it's it's built up over the years of life that you go. 02:12:57.58 Max Shank Most everything is ah like not important that. 02:13:31.62 mikebledsoe This is this is important. Not important people decide really quick and they miss opportunities really great opportunities all the time just pass right by them. There's there's this thing called the reticular activating system are familiar to ah Ras. Okay. 02:13:41.52 Max Shank Oh. 02:14:02.20 Max Shank No, but I'd like to be. 02:14:09.30 mikebledsoe You probably are you just probably don't know by name and it's it's if I start if I go out and buy a red truck. What am I going to see on the road all the time a red truck. Yeah, we prime we primed the system. 02:14:26.64 Max Shank Okay I do know what you're talking about. 02:14:42.64 mikebledsoe For now seeing red trucks because red truck has become very important to me I just spent $50000 on a red truck and I love this thing and I have this emotional connection to it and so now I start seeing them everywhere so the same thing happens with ah. 02:15:04.80 Max Shank Whoa. 02:15:22.16 mikebledsoe People and their patterns is they they notice patterns and make things important only because that's always how it's been, but you can you can intentionally change the pattern of your mind through things like mantras or by by having a conversation with someone else who can create. Help create a possibility for you. You have a conversation you and I have a deep conversation about a topic and the next thing I know I'm meeting people who can help me with this opportunity. Maybe you and I have this business idea and all of a sudden people start coming through that can contribute to this business idea. And that's the that's the ah Ras and that's most people's ah Ras is really just running the same program all the time they're noticing the same things that no purple cows. Yeah, but if you can. 02:17:00.86 Max Shank No purple cows. You're just seeing normal stuff. 02:17:14.55 mikebledsoe Intentionally go in there and tinker with the pattern of how you think which is fairly easy then you can start seeing new opportunities. 02:17:31.86 Max Shank You know what's wild is the only reason you can see anything at all is because of Pattern recognition your your eyes just giving you a very um surface level reflection of photons that have bounced back and each. 02:17:44.45 mikebledsoe Now. 02:18:11.62 Max Shank Color has a different ah frequency to it and you have different Organs rods and cones in your eye that decipher those and eventually it does create this image but the only reason that image means anything is because of Pattern Recognition. So if you um. Try to like if you kind of simplify it down if you see a wall of triangles and then one square in there, you're going to be like whoa. That's ah, that's a little weird. You're going to be like what's that square doing in this wall of triangles and vice versa and that's why as you get to be ah like to have more simple type of vision like a lizard. Ah, many Lizards at least they can't really see stuff unless it moves and that's why they say that the eye is attracted to movement and when you start getting into the neuroscience of Vision. It's It's a deep deep Rabbit hole. In understanding the patterns around you but it just shows you once again, what it's useful to show you so you can find the banana and not get eaten by a tiger or a hawk or something like that. 02:20:29.50 mikebledsoe Yeah, well is where something where psychedelics get really interesting. Take a couple hits of acid and you start noticing what it what acid one of the things it does lsd it. It starts creating new connections in the brain. Usually the neural connections are going between the None shortest points between the None and that's one of the things that creates the pattern of attention. Yeah, and mushrooms do this lsd does this but it starts the. 02:21:16.80 Max Shank Um, just like fungus and most things most things yeah water. 02:21:36.36 mikebledsoe It starts connecting parts of the brain that have never been connected before and even there's this thing called I think it's Synestasia where you can see colors or or taste sounds yeah see music and um, but yeah, yeah, bet. 02:21:51.84 Max Shank He see music. Yeah sounds cool I've never experienced that myself I would love to see music I mean I've seen like us. 02:22:14.40 mikebledsoe And you've never seen music. 02:22:27.14 Max Shank Ah I've seen us use pretty cool tools to turn sound waves into vibrating Sand or lasers or sine waves or. 02:22:35.26 mikebledsoe Um, there was a day I had I was on 2 hits ass and maybe 4 somewhere in there and um, sometimes I heard to tell what you took I was listening to music and I was looking at this picture. 02:23:06.10 Max Shank It's another reason why you're not the research department hard to know if it was 2 or 4 Okay, so don't go to Mike for the recipe. Okay I'm not sure if it's one tablespoon of baking soda or one cup I don't know. 02:23:22.94 mikebledsoe Ah. Whatever same thing. Ah so but I'm looking I'm looking at a painting and with each beat of the meat of the music. The colors are changing and the music and the painting are interacting and the painting's actually not that colorful. There was maybe. 02:23:41.60 Max Shank It's not the same thing. 02:24:09.88 mikebledsoe 3 or 4 colors total but colors were changing and then there were images that were they were appearing that I didn't notice before but you could also go hiking out nature and then it disrupts the patterns of what you already see because people walk they can go walk a trail or they go walk around their neighborhood and they don't. 02:24:21.74 Max Shank That's cool. 02:24:49.62 mikebledsoe They kind of notice the same things they don't notice the same things I mean people miss stuff all time if if you you know you've probably been hiking with people and you're noticing. It's like oh or they notice something you don't but if you're on something like Lsd you're gonna notice. So many other things and that's why a lot of times people really don't move much. They don't they're not going to travel a long distance when on that that medicine and they're going to because they're so busy noticing the palm of their hand and looking at oh my gosh look at all these lines and. 02:25:30.82 Max Shank Let he. 02:26:01.58 mikebledsoe And your ability to see is just is is so enhanced but that's a really good example of something that disrupts a pattern to where you really can't go about your daily life like if I if I'm on asset and you ask me to go to a cashier and make a purchase. It's It's not going to happen I Just can't do the. 02:26:35.44 Max Shank Hey. 02:26:39.98 mikebledsoe Those patterns that are so ingrained that I whip my card out normally don't even think about it. But if I have to buy a sandwich at a festival. Um I'm having a problem. 02:26:46.32 Max Shank My. Yeah I mean when you overdo it on any kind of substance Beyond like capabilities. Ah I think ah. 02:27:13.20 mikebledsoe That's true. Well the difference between that like alcohol like you're just you're like you're so depressed that you can't make sense of the world and with Lsd Everything is so loud that you can't filter it all. 02:27:33.56 Max Shank I Just remember when I was in college I was really ah hammered I Drank like a small bottle of tequila on my own and I got into an argument with a ticketing machine on the trolley and we couldn't resolve our differences So I ultimately had to jump. Over the turnsile. But I mean I I literally couldn't figured out how to pay $2 at ah at a screen but thats because I was inebriated Beyond belief but ah you mentioned something cool which is you notice more and what? what is a pattern. 02:28:15.00 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 02:28:47.52 Max Shank Or what is a frequency without a sensor to pick it up so people have different levels of sensitivity to different things like when you're when you're learning how to emf is one when you're learning how to do massage right? I mean. 02:29:00.20 mikebledsoe Um, emf is 1 Yeah. 02:29:27.32 Max Shank I'm guessing a lot of people have experienced a good massage and a bad one and it's really obvious when the person can't feel the structures of your body with precision. You know it's very obvious and so. 02:29:57.16 mikebledsoe Yeah. 02:30:06.46 Max Shank There are different levels of sensitivity to like let's say your fingertips like think about Braille. For example, if you if you dragged your hand across a bunch of bumps on a page you would have no idea what they mean, but someone who had finally tuned their sensory skills. Would pick that up right away and I think that's what the the substances some substances can do is they can open up your sensor. They basically turn you into this big radar dish that is capable of picking up way more signal than usual and I think why it's so. 02:31:04.68 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 02:31:21.40 Max Shank Ah, overwhelming to go walk around is because instead of taking in. Let's say five gigabytes of visual information. Every step now you're taking five thousand gigabytes or five terabytes of visual visual ah input every step and. 02:31:51.12 mikebledsoe It's a lot. It's a big difference. 02:31:59.88 Max Shank You know if you don't have the right equipment. You can't sense those things. That's why we see ah rgb Basically and that's why the little tiny lights on your screen that you may be watching right now are red green and blue because that's. 02:32:12.78 mikebledsoe Me. 02:32:37.58 Max Shank How we see things and other animals have different ah structure in their eyes like sadly for asian deer they can't really see orange so that makes a tiger that is orange with black stripes nearly impossible to see in that environment. But. If you put that tiger in a different environment like I don't know Alaska or some shit where it's or or somewhere where it's white. It's not going to camouflage very well at all. So it's all about that specific relationship between the deer that can't see orange the environment. 02:33:32.56 mikebledsoe Yeah. 02:33:54.64 Max Shank And the color of the cat and the pattern on the Cat. So. It's is very fascinating. Um, how it's always that relationship. It's really important to think of it in terms of what relationship we would love for some things to be totally universal, but apart from the fact that. You know everything is jiggling around all the time there aren't too many ah fundamental truths that are always the Case. It's usually ah contextual. 02:34:48.80 mikebledsoe Yeah I want I want to bring this to I want to get some ah practical things here. So um, other than taking lsd talking about breaking out of old patterns and into new patterns. Ah, one of the exercises I actually got from Dan Sullivan and it's the None x thinking I think it's what he calls it ten x and it's all right? You're creating an offer. You're you're creating say a coaching package. 02:35:40.34 Max Shank Hit. 02:35:58.26 Max Shank The. 02:36:01.82 mikebledsoe And you know so many coaches have a hard time imagining being able to charge more than 2 or $300 a month or $400 a month and so and so it's good to sit down. Go well what if you were to sell something for 2 or $3000 a month. Let's add a 0 here. 02:36:17.92 Max Shank Yeah. 02:36:39.58 mikebledsoe What would that offer look like what would make it that valuable and all of a sudden all these ideas come flooding in was a well shit man if I had that kind of if it was of that much value and I had some money to play around with I would actually be able to vote more of my time energy into this person or I would be able to partner with this other. Other thing and maybe I'm doing blood work now on top of what I'm already offering so the the None x thinking saying? Okay, what would you if we were to take 10 ah 10 times what you're currently charging what would that look like and on the flip side. There's also what would you offer. What could you offer for none of what you're charging. What would be $20 or $30 and now you start having all sorts of different ideas about and that's one way of breaking out of a pattern and it doesn't just apply to money it can apply to. 02:38:00.56 Max Shank Totally yeah. 02:38:31.20 mikebledsoe A lot of other things that the 10 x thinking or the None thinking if you had 10 times more time in the day you know what would you do or I really like having saying yeah you have yet 10 say there's 240 hours 02:38:43.28 Max Shank Um, that's a good question 10 times more time in the day. 02:39:08.40 mikebledsoe And the day that'd be That's more than a week. What if you what if you had a whole week to accomplish what and other people were just living a day. What would that look like. 02:39:12.58 Max Shank I think I would. So if I if I knew I was going to live None times longer than them. 02:39:33.16 mikebledsoe Yeah, that's ah, that's a good way of thinking about it. Let's just let's just imagine you're going to live to a thousand and everyone else is going to live to a None 02:39:40.20 Max Shank Well so age isn't about the number of days you've been Alive. It's about the knowledge that you've accumulated in the experiences you've had right. Being alive lots of days doesn't mean shit if you spent your whole day just like living inside Watching. Ah. 02:40:15.94 mikebledsoe Well let's just but we're measuring in days. That's the measure all right? Let's say in a month and um and in a month you lived um, you got as much done in six months and everyone else got. 02:40:26.24 Max Shank What do you? So what's the question. 02:40:39.78 Max Shank I mean. 02:40:55.42 mikebledsoe Done in one month let's just look at it like that I think you do too which but most people don't like most people would what? what? what? What comes up leverage is 1 thing but also when we started thinking about time in this way I think. 02:40:56.90 Max Shank I mean I already do that. 02:41:10.50 Max Shank Right? It's about it's about leverage. It's all about leverage. 02:41:32.28 mikebledsoe It's a really great way to get away from comparison because if I if I stop I can't compare myself to someone else if we're talking about a 10 X difference in time if I'm experiencing a 10 X difference in time than other people which I think you're one of those people that experience time different. Than other people. Most people are cramming their schedule with back to back to back to back and have no time to breathe and you're someone who is ah has a lot more leisure space. Yeah. 02:42:31.78 Max Shank It's hard to get me on a calendar like this show actually is wild because I've never understood the fact that we've been so consistent I mean folks like it. It really just goes to show how much I enjoy the experience because I and everybody else. We do exactly what we want all the time. Ah, we do whatever we think is going to give us the best result this is a lot of fun. So I do it if it's not fun I don't really do it and the idea of cramming a day full of appointments sounds awful but having the ability. To connect with who I like sounds sounds amazing. 02:43:48.76 mikebledsoe Yeah, so we have that that. Ah, if if you could say hey I'm going to live 1000 years how would you behave? How would you? How would you live each day. It would probably you would probably do things differently and if I were to say that you experience. 02:44:16.40 Max Shank I would. 02:44:26.86 mikebledsoe You only have let's say 3 hours where everyone else has 24 hours in a day. How do you say you only have three what we call it three waking hours if you only had three waking hours well everyone else had a full you know 16 hour waking day and you only had 3 what would. 02:44:33.30 Max Shank Um, yeah, right. Um, yeah now. 02:45:06.56 mikebledsoe What would you do with your time and that's a really great way to find priorities because if you only have most people they look at their day and go I've got a 16 hour waking period of time and I don't have enough time in the day that's a problem. 02:45:32.84 Max Shank Well I mean totally what you're talking about is the crux of success or power Even um, basically it's pressure or force per area or per. Distance right? Like how much effort or how much what can you? invest energy wise to get the largest return at the end. Basically ah if you could spend yeah and what you're doing basically is. 02:46:29.10 mikebledsoe No. 02:46:45.48 Max Shank 2 orders of magnitude mathematical thinking up and down so you have a None x swing in your ideas about that topic. So you're creating an upper and lower bound that are certainly further away than most people would naturally think which is why that ah framework or that. 02:46:48.10 mikebledsoe Empty. 02:47:22.38 Max Shank Ah, pattern to filter this idea through is so useful because it gets you to think how could I divide the membership by None how could I multiply it by 10 how could I get the cost. How could I increase the cost 10 x you know all that stuff. But it's. It comes back down to leverage ultimately because it's how much can you ah get out energy-wise for how much you put in and if we're using time as the limiting limiting factor because ah for us energy and time are. So closely linked. They might as well be the same thing for most for for the sake of most things but it ah it's still important to see like what gives you the biggest return on one hour of your time and just thinking about um. 02:48:37.24 mikebledsoe Um, yeah. 02:49:12.58 Max Shank What to do in terms of multiply by 10 divide by 10 very cool but it is ultimately about leverage. It is about how much you can get out for each one that you put in per unit of investment. 02:49:36.20 mikebledsoe Yeah I said we wrap this up. My computer is giving me weird signals and let's bring it home. 02:49:46.88 Max Shank Bring it bring it home bring it home I mean that's a see this is what I was worried about I feel like there's a lot left to discuss I feel like we didn't get into the different vibrations of very dense and. Porous materials and I we hardly got into computer programming at all but look I'm going to I'm going to keep it simple from my end all right when it comes to human beings today. Everything we have has been built off of the accumulation of these patterns. These patterns are our Dna. These patterns are the books that have sustained or the stories that have sustained the human programming. That has sustained and the programming or the code or the recipes for how to make really insanely awesome tools and I would say those are like the 3 practical things for human beings and then. I think it's fun to talk about crystals and metal and manufacturing and all that stuff but without the code without the instructions without the chain of events without knowing how to put all those links together in the proper sequence. You can't get a car. You can't get a cellphone. You can't even get a fucking good loaf of bread. The recipe's got to be done in order. The only way you'll know is with the pattern the code. 02:53:07.20 mikebledsoe Excellent, yeah and look at your own Life. You're living out a pattern from day to day and if something's not going the way that you want it to go analyze that Pattern. That's what I call Dysfunction. Something's not going the way you want to go. There's a dysfunction in your pattern somewhere. And it's a fract.. It's fractal Nature. You may need to look really far back and mostly the patterns of behavior and the ways of thinking and your emotional patterns all stem from your childhood. So if you want to be able to to really look at that you might have to get into a really reflective space and maybe. Come to some hard truths and that may give you the opportunity to make new decisions moving forward and create New Patterns. Thanks for joining me max where where people finding you. What are we doing 02:54:52.64 Max Shank at maxank. Ah, if you guys have any questions for the show or about the show I will I'll I'll answer him I think that would be fun like to connect with the audience a little bit more. So thanks for tuning in. Thank you Mike. 02:55:15.22 mikebledsoe Yeah, yeah, and I got a summit coming up this weekend for coaches out there. It starts on Thursday we're gonna go four to five hours a day and Thursday through Saturday and then if you're an academy member you you obviously get up extra access vi ipd on sunday. Ah, if you want to get it in on that it's a pay what you want go to shop dot Thanks y'all. That's a great deal. 02:56:02.74 Max Shank That's a good deal.
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