The Black Tapes
The Black Tapes
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Can’t get enough
Suspenseful engaging and addictive
D.O.C. M.
Where’d you go??
I’ve listened to this story 3 times all the way through. Unfortunately, the last 2 times I’ve listened to it, I get to s3 ep6 and realize that you left us hanging with the dirtiest cliffhanger then just disappeared. How you gonna do us like that?? Please come back and pick it up again!! Awesome job on all your podcasts by the way!
I am re-listening to the black tapes because I liked it so much. I really wish there was an update on season 4
I just started listening to this podcast yesterday and I’m already done with season 1. I absolutely love it!! It’s so addicting!! Please come back and finish season 3!! I don’t want to even start season 3 (when I get that far) bc I can’t handle only having half the story. It’s been 10 months since episode 6 of season 3... that’s almost a year! Please come back!! PLEASE FINISH SEASON 3! I’m on episode 5 of season 3 now and I need the rest of the story!! PLEASE COME BACK ALEX!!
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Love this story
I love this show! The story is great, so interesting! I love listening to it
Karen M.D.
Excellent Pod
I’m always hopeful that this pod will get picked up again because it was so dang good!
Waste of time
This podcast is so slow and never goes anywhere. There are more ads than content. What a waste of time.
Heaven on the ears
I’m so glad I found this one— and that there was plenty to binge.
I LOVE this podcast
I hope they continue making it.
Huge Fan
This is a must listen to Podcast!!
CP/Reno, NV
A rabbit hole worth diving head first into! With every episode I am drawn in and fascinated with every aspect of the investigation.
Good podcast
It’s a good podcast but I really wish you wouldn’t use terrible phone quality conversations to tell intricate parts of the story. If you do at least re-iterate what they said.
Distinctive and Thoughtful
One of my favorite podcasts! Invested in the characters and hope we get to hear the much-anticipated next season. Cheers!
not just about ghosts
so the first episode seemed to be all about paranormal and ghost chasing—which i am not interested in. the more episodes in to the show, it’s got a lot of interesting things that stray off of that idea... it’s really really great and drags you in — you can’t get out! lol. of course, i DID skip the un-sound. not listening to that!!!!!! i’m not ready to die!
Genuinely the scariest podcast
Love the story telling and the complexity of the characters. This podcast scared me to the point of not being able to sleep!! Please give us more seasons!!
Interesting and well made!
Just started this series a couple weeks ago and am on Season 2 now. So far I’ve really enjoyed the show. It’s well-made and interesting, with a good story line and good acting. The show always keeps you on your toes. I am always looking forward to the next episode. Great if you’re looking for some fiction that has mystery and paranormal involvement. Pretty spooky at times!
Love this podcast!
I stumbled upon this podcast looking for a spooky podcast to listen too and I was not disappointed!! I really am hopeful they continue season 3!
No Ending
I listened to all episodes and loved it, but there is no ending! After researching it online, it appears there won't be one unless it is made into a TV show at an indefinite time in the future. Their website and social media hasn't been updated in years. It is a show that weaves a complex mystery ,and just when you think you'll get answers, it ends.
Do not start this podcast
Absulutely terrible writing, story telling, and pacing. Treats the audience like they’re stupid when the writers completely wrote themselves into a corner and had no way to end it or tie up any of their loose strings.
Great show but the ending.....
Not gonna spoil anything but I did not expect this ending nor was I satisfied with it. I do hope the show isn’t over and something comes out of this later on.
I need more
So I started this podcast what feels like years ago. It ended mid season and I sort of forgot about it. I stumbled across it recently and was delighted to find 3 seasons, not just the one. I gave it a full listen from the first episode to the last. First of all, until about Season 3, you forget completely that it’s fictional. Things feel real. You’re almost THERE. The end of Season 3 is wonderful, but I simply NEED MORE. Will there be more?
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So happy to find this
Love it!
Hooked 🕳🐇❤️
Creative and engaging entertainment.
Top notch
Another great show, thank you all for your hard work
PNW Ginger
Am I alone?
Am I the only one that thinks the way everyone talks sounds SUPER scripted?
I’ve finished all of PNWS but they never finish them! I need to know what happened. Black tapes was definitely my favorite. Please make more. Please finish this show!
My new addiction
I put in my earbuds and picked a new podcast to listen to while I was cleaning the house. 3 hours later I am in too deep and the house has been clean for 2 hours. Constantly wanting to know what happens next. You will be hooked, too!
I loked Rabbits a lot--BUT: TBTs has my heart.
Best serialized podcast drama of all time. So excellent. It's 100% worth your time, I recommend it to anyone I meet who enjoys podcasts, and I've never heard a complaint or high critique back--just compliments on the hook of it. It's exceptional, give it a go.
Gets me through Quarantine
Sends an unfamiliar chill up my spine.
Trey Reeb
They played us hard.
The disrespect of that ending 🙅🏼‍♀️
What kind of ending is that?
Instead of solving any of the conflicts and plot points, Alex and Dr. Strand decide to just run away? It’s an extraordinarily lazy ending. The writers gave up. Sorely disappointed.
The best of all their shows
This is the better of all the shows they put out after it. Idk if there are different writers or if they really lost their stride with the rest, but I highly recommend this one. Skip the rest of their shows (the topics are interesting, but they’re POORLY narrated by “Nick”).
Amazing but had downfalls
I loved every minute of this except the ending. The story itself was great and engaging and fascinating! However, the ending was horrid. Or maybe I just don’t fully understand the underlying meaning of it. It just seemed way to rushed. Normally the last episode of something runs longer but the last episode of this was shorter than a regular episode. I just wish it had a little more build up and explanation. I would still listen to it again though.
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Investigative journalism + good old horror stories
Sometimes I had to look around to see if something is behind me when listening to this. That’s how surreal some of the episodes were. Pleasant narrator with a frank inquisitive tone. Appreciate her dedication and transparency on the challenges around quality ethical journalism. Audio tracks and audio engineering are brilliant. Hooked on every episode
Soap Operaesque acting and Dialogue
Just finished and the last episode sealed the fate of the whole podcast. Dialogue was not evolved enough and the ending lacked depth and believability. This is also true for many of the episodes. Not enough conviction in the story line to be believable fiction. It falls short.
Awesome story
Really unique story and that has me stunned. I want more though. Can’t wait for more episodes!
Mr. Fivestring
Great story build up and very well produced. Line between fiction and reality hard to discern. Fun. Until... the end — which is terrible. Is that really it? I feel cheated. Wait I paid nothing for this - except my time! I might actually pay for a “real” ending.
ML 3
A great podcast to pass the time
I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast! At least, until the very last couple of episodes. The story it tells is fascinating and I’m dying to hear more, but I wish it hadn’t ended on a cliffhanger like this. I’m not too keen on the idea of a romance between Alex and Dr Strand if I’m being 100% honest, and I do think that some of the subject matter wasn’t really relevant to the plot. Otherwise, I thought this was a fun listen and am eagerly awaiting the rest of season 3.
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Season 4???
Is there going to be a season 4 or at least a wrap up loose ends episode???
Please put these episodes in order
I have no idea where to start listening.
This is too good
I started listening, figuring I’d fall asleep. It’s now 1:30 am. Alex Reagan is wonderful and the stories are fascinating glimpses of widely varying perspectives on the supernatural. The pace is good and the main storyline is gripping and suspenseful. It stops in middle of season three, though still worth listening in my opinion. To the company, please say whether the show has been dropped. And also provide the casts’ and writers’ names so people can search for what else they’ve done. Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see that anywhere on the web page.
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any nickname will do 8545733
What the what!
SO well produced and had me hooked. I need more!!!
Justin Grimaldo
Incredibly engaging, well produced podcast. This is a must-listen for any fan of paranormal fiction!
Made me sleep with the light on!!
Absolutely terrifying and engrossing so much so that I was forced to sleep with the light on at night for a week! Whew! What a nail biter!
Or at the very least finish Season 3.
Not worth it
I listened to this entire show, start to finish and I can’t in good conscience recommend it. It starts out enthralling but quickly becomes too proud of its own story. Combine that with a plot that perpetually spins of into pointless and ridiculous tangents (Rumpelstiltskin and US “President Andrew Garfield [sic]” are name dropped as spooky baddies). The ending is genuinely one of the worst finales I’ve ever consumed, especially for a show that spent three seasons patting itself on the back for its scary mysteries. If you do want to listen, have a friend handy to laugh and/or scream in vitriolic rage with at this train wreck.
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Will they be finished????
I have LOVED every podcast you guys have made! The only reason you get 4 stars and not five is that you never finish your stories! It's unfair at least tell us if you're never going to finish them. I've been holding out for so long but if this how you guys handle your shows I don't want to get sucked into another only to never know the ending.
Izzy 287
Great story!
I honestly have not gotten so absorbed into a podcast before. I just found The Black Tapes a week or two ago and have binged until I finished all the episodes. Please give us more! Fabulously done, what a story! Moving on to TANIS but even a couple episodes in, I really want more Black Tapes lol If I had one small criticism, I’m not a fan of the intro song but now it gets stuck in my head.
Can’t get enough
Each episode makes you want to know more! So many questions!!!!
I just recently discovered this podcast and I’m absolutely obsessed, it really does get you hooked and I honestly can’t wait for new episodes. 🥰🥰🥰
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