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The Bitchuation Room
Francesca Fiorentini
A weekly caucus of progressive comics, activists and thinkers hosted by Francesca Fiorentini
Cabinet Pressure with Nelini Stamp & Greg Edwards
Biden’s staff picks are a mixed bag, while #DiaperDon tries to start as many fires as possible before leaving office. Organizer Nelini Stamp of Working Families Party and comedian Greg Edwards join Francesca to discuss how Biden can deliver for working Americans as quickly as possible. Plus, what legislative wins will the Black Lives Matter movement be able to claim? And, it’s Melania’s last occasion to scare us with her Christmas decor, so what will she deliver?    Featuring:    Nelini Stamp (@NelStamp, Working Families Party)   Greg Edwards (@GregTheGrouch, ThugNotes)   Francesca Fiorentini (Newsbroke, The Damage Report)    Give The Bitchuation Room Podcast 5 Stars on iTunes. Watch LIVE every Sunday 6/9pmEST on YouTube and Twitch. Special Thanks to Becca Rufer, Kelly Carey, and Dorsey Shaw.
Nov 29
1 hr 11 min
Thanksgrifting with John Fugelsang & Erika Andiola
The turkey in the White House refuses to concede while Covid cases surge. Comedian John Fugelsang and activist Erika Andiola of RAICES join Francesca to discuss more GOP grift, Christian hypocrisy, and the future of immigration justice. Who will undo the Stephen Miller agenda of terror and could ICE ever be dismantled? Plus, what are the American myths — like pilgrims and native Americans on Thanksgiving — that should be retired and replaced?    Featuring:    Erika Andiola (@erikaandola, RAICES)   John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang, Sirius XM Progress)   Francesca Fiorentini (Newsbroke, The Damage Report)    Give The Bitchuation Room Podcast 5 Stars on iTunes Watch LIVE every Sunday 6/9pmEST on YouTube and Twitch Special Thanks to Becca Rufer, Kelly Carey, and Dorsey Shaw
Nov 22
1 hr 16 min
Organizing Places Democrats Left Behind with Jonathan Smucker (BONUS!)
Democrats have been “bleeding their working-class multi-racial base” for years. That's according to Pennsylvania organizer and strategist Jonathan Smucker who joined Francesca and comedian Nato Green to discuss how an effective grassroots strategy helped deliver Biden a victory, the need for better party messaging, and how to win real progressive power.
Nov 19
1 hr 10 min
A Vaccine for White Supremacy with Barbara Smith & Nato Green
America still hasn't found a cure for the virus of racism. And its super spreader won’t concede the election. Legendary black feminist and pioneer of the term “identity politics” joins Francesca and comedian Nato Green to discuss a vision for solving white supremacy in America. It’s a vision she helped plant the seeds for in the 1970s when radical black feminists demanded an intersectional approach to social change. Plus who would be in your Democratic cabinet dream team?   Featuring:   Barbara Smith, black feminist scholar @TheBarbaraSmith   Nato Green, comedian @natogreen   Hosted by: Francesca Fiorentini @franifio    Give the Podcast 5 stars on iTunes, FEELS GOOD! Watch The Bitchuation Room Podcast LIVE every Sunday at 6/9pmEST at and
Nov 16
1 hr 14 min
Bye Don! with Ben Dixon and Aida Rodriguez
Smoke if you got ‘em. It’s time to celebrate the defeat of Head-wound Hitler! Benjamin Dixon and Aida Rodriguez join Francesca for some hearty dunking on the Trump team, and also break down the blame game among Democrats for losing house seats. Plus, whether Biden will get to express all the anger Obama couldn't and why left critiques of Kamala Harris should still be anti-racist. Finally a game of Trump Jeopardy in honor of Alex Trebek that nobody seemed to want to play.
Nov 9
1 hr 22 min
Stopping The Steal with Jim Zogby & Laurie Kilmartin
Our litigious crook of a president won't go quietly if he's voted out. Breathe deep and stretch those hammies. Democratic strategist Jim Zogby joins Francesca to talk about the violent delusion that is Trumpism, and what GOP cheating means for weeks and months ahead. Plus comedian Laurie Kilmartin on a scary new caravan, what Martha McSally will do after losing the Senate, and why Covid has taken the best people including her mother. Featuring: Laurie Kilmartin (Conan) @anylaurie16 Jim Zogby (Arab American Institute) @jjz1600 Francesca Fiorentini   Rate The Bitchuation Podcast on iTunes Watch LIVE every Sunday 6/9pmEST on YouTube and Twitch Special Thanks to Becca Rufer, Kelly Carey, and Dorsey Shaw
Nov 1
1 hr 14 min
Haunted Healthcare with Waleed Shahid & Erin Dewey Lennox
Demons and goblins got nothing on four more years of Trump. A week out from the election, Francesca is joined by Justice Democrats strategist Waleed Shahid to talk about Democrats retaking the Senate and holding the House, and the case for helping Biden win a resounding victory even if we wanted Bernie. And Erin Dewey Lennox shares the story of her late father who took his own life to avoid being strapped with medical costs. Can we say: Medicare for All, NOW?! All that plus the week’s news and intellectual costumes gone wrong.    Featuring:   Erin Dewey Lennox, comedian (@erindeweylennox)   Waleed Shahid, Justice Democrats (@_waleedshahid)   Francesca Fiorentini, Newsbroke (@franifio)   Rate The Bitchuation Podcast on iTunes Watch LIVE every Sunday 6/9pmEST on YouTube and Twitch Special Thanks to Becca Rufer, Kelly Carey, and Dorsey Shaw
Oct 25
1 hr 16 min
Coup d'eTrump? with Joshua Kahn Russell & Nato Green
Vote for the best, prepare for the worst. Trump’s non-commitment to a peaceful transfer of power has got organizations planning for massive resistance against a potential GOP coup. Joshua Kahn Russell, an organizer with Choose Democracy, joins Francesca and comedian Nato Green to break it all down. Plus, The Week Where dissects Dianne Feinstein’s stupid hug, conspiracy theorists, and fake ballot boxes. And finally can New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern adopt us all? Please? Sign Choose Democracy Pledge: Featuring:  Joshua Kahn Russell, organizer Choose Democracy (@joshkahnrussell) Nato Green, comedian/labor organizer (@natogreen) Francesca Fiorentini (@franifio)
Oct 19
1 hr 18 min
A Better Opponent with Linda Sarsour & Matt Lieb
Making the case for Biden despite Biden, with the most fierce frontline organizer Linda Sarsour. Plus the importance of flipping the Senate, voting local, and using elections as a tool in the toolbox of real social change. And the ongoing fight for justice for Breonna Taylor in Louisville, living the legacy of Civil Rights leaders, and imagining what horrors would adorn Trump’s Hell.    Featuring    Linda Sarsour (Activist, author of "We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders”)   Matt Lieb (Filmdrunk Frotcast, Pod Yourself a Gun)   Francesca Fiorentini (Newsbroke)
Oct 12
1 hr 18 min
Ending Presidencies and Pregnancies with Lizz Winstead & Atsuko Okatsuka
Contagion in the White House! It’s not just the Covid in Chief. The list of infected reads like a Who’s Who of Trump loyalists. Joining Francesca to mock it all is co-creator of The Daily Show and founder of Abortion AF Lizz Winstead, and comedian Atsuko Okatsuka. Plus why reproductive rights are vital to healthcare and equal treatment under the law, and the danger posed if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed. And finally, reading the tweets we didn't dare send in “Draft Tweet Dodgers.”    Featuring:   Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead, @AbortionFront)   Atsuko Okatsuka (@AtsukoComedy)   Give this podcast 5 stars Tip us on Venmo: @TBR-LIVE; Cash App: @TBRLive  Watch LIVE every Sunday 6/9pmET on or
Oct 4
1 hr 16 min
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