The Biohacking Secrets Show
The Biohacking Secrets Show
Anthony DiClementi
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Positive, uplifting content
Great host, great show! Provides such value and hope in a time when we’re in need of these things more than ever. Like a fresh water spring in the middle of a desert! 💧
John's son Sean
Full of ridiculous conspiracy theories and useless information. Save your valuable time and look somewhere else.
Love love love
I learn a wealth of great health information with each podcast! Just started listening a few days ago and I can’t stop! Gonna need to get another notebook for all the notes I’m taking 🤓
Brey RN, BSN
How dare you.
How dare you having “doctor” Rashid Buttar on your show telling listeners that mask wearing during a pandemic is killing people. Irresponsible, WRONG, and you should be ashamed of yourself.
Great info and insight gained from some highly knowledgeable professionals. A wholistic viewpoint into a wide variety of important health topics!
Amazing, eye opening information
Just subscribed and listened to a few episodes and I’m very shocked at just how much we are NOT doing to ensure our bodies are operating at peak performance each day. We get so caught up in the trash and contamination of every day life that it’s become “normal.” But we don’t realize the damage it’s doing to us mentally and physically. Got your Biohacking book after watching Russell’s video with you creating the funnel for it! Looking forward to the rest of the episodes!
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Great information
Love the energy, insights, and info. Interesting and entertaining 🙏❣️
Vast knowledge
I’m grateful I found this podcast because I’ve learned so much! The interviews are informative and super valuable! Thanks!
Liz G6
Entertaining and Informative Content!
I started listening to this podcast a month ago via Spotify and I enjoy the informative foreground I get from Anthony and his guest about Biohacking, health, and wellness. I am delving into Biohacking and I have come to enjoy his show. Please continue your amazing work! It is insightful!
B Nicole S
Outstanding information
I’ve been listening to this show and following Anthony for a couple years now and I learn something new every time I tune in. Love the content and views he puts out on Biohacking and his determination to provide insight on the new age tactics to staying optimal. Highly recommended!
Flat Earther
Do I really need to say more?
Anthony teaches wellbeing like no other. This is gold. And we need this Info ASAP!
I am podcasted out BUT just listened for 1st time & I friggen love these! His thinking is deep, well researched, crystal clear, and fair during this chaotic Covid/political time. THIS is the kind of info we need to make good wellness choices about our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves and for those that we love. If you need 1 on 1 biohacking with him, call him before he gets too busy. Last year, he helped cure my daughter with over the phone consults after going to 30 naturapaths beforehand. I can’t believe I waited a year before listening to him myself.
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author jc cochrane
Super practical
Love Anthony, does a great job explaining things but not getting too unbelievably scientific beyond the point of understanding. Balances this well and makes it easy for me to take action to improve my health
So practical and informative!! Thank you!
I absolutely love this show. I’m a new listener but have already binged 10 episodes. I love how it combines education with practical takeaways. I’ve been biohacking for years and love hearing about the science and info I need to be educated on what I want to try next. Keep it up.. thank you for what you’re doing!
Great Energy, Great Wisdom
Love this podcast! Anthony and the gang always entertain with great energy. More importantly, they share their knowledge and wisdom while enlightening the rest of us on everything that is health and wellness. Great job!
A huge thank you
Deep gratitude to all the research to optimize our lives and bundling it up for us 🙏
Helpful and Actionable
The show contains a lot of helpful and actionable things to do to improve health and wellness. Great resource.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a week and learned more on here than what I’ve learned in school.
Adam Senpai
Grateful for Anthony!
I’m so grateful for this podcast! I can’t say enough in support and adoration for the incredible content put out on this podcast. I’ve learned and implemented so many great strategies and modalities for regaining health and optimizing my daily life. Well done! You are a true testament to the power of the human body to overcome and heal……….there is so much vauable information here, yet it is well organized and simplified for immediate implementation. My sincerest Thanks!! Dr. Andrew J. Wagoner
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he's a researcher of health and wellness. really good info and connections to other pros
m. Renae
Such a wealth of information. I totally nerded out to the episode about cognitive performance and am so excited to make my way through the rest :)
Greater life hacks
Love listening to Anthony and his guests. Always learning something new, which helps me live a healthier lifestyle. Appreciate his passion to help lives.
Joy and depth
Anthony goes into so many health hacks backed by ancient and modern science. @0fried
A Wealth of Knowledge
Anthony for a a great job at interviewing incredible people and asking them the right questions that lead to applicable information for the lay person and the intense bio hacker. A “must” for anyone looking to upgrade their mind, body, or spirit.
This podcast has been my gym companion recently 🎧😍 Loving the content, especially the in depth stuff on detoxing. EPIC 🔥
Actionable strategies to improve health.
Learning new ways to improve low energy, join and muscle pain, muscle wasting, insomnia and other aging issues. Great guests answering insightful questions with the latest science. Aways look forward to the latest episode for something new to add to the toolbox.
Unbelievable info!
As someone looking to optimize my life, I couldn’t be more grateful for this show. Some easy hacks, some not so much, but all helping me get closer to a healthier and more energetic life. Anthony makes things sound simple, and has put together a fantastic show.
An instant listener after 1 episode!!
I wish I had found this podcast earlier! I just started listening to the episodes, my first one was the episode about floatation tanks and it’s benefits. Since I recently started my float tank practice, I wanted to know more about it. Well, luckily, now I have a really powerful method to biohack my float tank sessions by incorporating fasting and an intense workout. Just that nugget of information I know will help me immensely, and I’ve already downloaded a ton of episodes on brain health, detoxing heavy metals, digestion, skin, and even biohacks on whiter teeth and a clean mouth. This podcast is a MUST for anyone who respects their mind and body and wants to live and maximize their potential as human being.I've also read his biohackers book so Anthony is one of my top sources for health related topics.
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Very informative podcast
I have been listening for awhile now and this podcast if filled with great information. Not only the how but the why!! Living a better, healthier life!! Amazing podcast!!!
One of the Biohacking Greats!
Anthony breaks everything down for you. I have been following biohacking and functional medicine for the last year and a half and he has been one of the best.
Anthony topics that are about changing the body through mind, body, and food is the best way to heal it. By collecting knowledge from other people that have a speciality in a certain field of study dealing with the mind, body, and food, gives people more information to work with and think about.
Krisinda Gibson
One of my favorites!
If you’re into functional medicine, biohacking, or human optimization this is one of the best podcast out there. Anthony is truly an integrative thinker who understands both the importance of building a strong foundation for health by unburdening oneself of environmental toxins and the optimization that is possible from that base. My favorite episodes are the ones when he answers questions live and the depth and breathe of his knowledge is really on display. Thanks AD!
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Tristam- Boulder
Biohacking Motivation
Awesome Podcast to become aware and motivate yourself.
Love this podcast. There’s alot of good topics.
I love it !!!
So much knowledge and exprience.
I love Anthonys outlook on health and how much knowledge+ experience he has. His own story hits very close to home for me, so I find him ultra inspiriing and know how much he has conqured to get to where he is.. He is proof that healing can happen with the right tools, guidance, lifestyle changes. Anthony shares as much as he can, and I greatly appreciate his work! Love this podcast.
Anthony and his book. Along with his monthly subscription service. And his Podcast are a true godsend in my life. I am completely med free for Bipolar Disorder and Tourette's. His information and training are helping me go to the next level in my health and wellness. Helping me get the mental clarity and energy that I need. I really need it as I am starting my first company rite now. Thank you for helping me on my journey to health and vitality.
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Big Smiles Nathaniel Ratcliff
The Story Behind It All
This podcast has such an amazing story behind it with Anthony and Biohacking Secrets. I just heard the story for the first time and was absolutely amazed! Definitely continuing to tune in to this one!
Kevin J. Weis
Get The Best Biohacking Info Here
I love this podcast. It saves me a ton of time searching the Internet for the best techniques and experts in biohacking. I outsource all my biohacking research here for FREE. Especially loved the MoveNat interview. I am really into whole-body, natural movement for building strength and improving coordination. Please keep the good stuff coming.
Outstanding Content
This podcast is awesome! There is so much content that is REAL and backed by science. The “think outside the box” attitude is what gives it credibility. Thanks for providing nuggets that make a difference.
This is my favorite podcast. Not only for Biohacking! Anthony has so much knowledge and insight and brings amazing guests on the show. The profound ideas found in this podcast can only be found here or by scouring the internet for HOURS. Huge thank you to Anthony and the team at Biohacking Secrets Show for all of their hard work. They have truly improved my life with their work and dedication!
Nick Mero
Biohacking Secrets Podcast is awesome
I listen to many self improvement podcasts and this is one of the best!
Stephen Floyd
best, most cutting edge health podcast I’ve found
This podcast is something unique and special. Anthony was literally born for this podcast, and I’ve learned so much from him that has contributed hugely to my recent health gains. He absolutely, 100% knows his stuff about an incredibly broad range of health and Biohacking secrets.
This podcast rocks
Love the tactics and strategies talked about by Anthony and his guests. Life changing results!
Great podcast for health and well-being
Anthony’s products are always great, but I really love this podcast. Speakers are interesting people you would want to sit down with and the information is valuable.
Recovering from brain injury
I found this podcast during my search for brain hacks after a car accident 7 months ago left me with massive post-concussive symptoms. I’ve already learned so much from this podcast and am using it not only to optimize my brain, but my entire body. This podcast is a space for gaining knowledge.
Anthony DeClementi amazing !
I’ve listened to most of the biohacking/health related podcasts out their with topics from nutrition to fitness. Anthony covers them it all and more. So what are you waiting for listen in and let’s optimize our bods!
A. Bitz
Kudos to the King of Biohacking Anthony Di Clementi for an awesome podcast and cutting-edge, way out there techniques
Biohack your life
Great podcast. Learn things you can implement right away to improve your life.
Pokey mokey
The best!
I have followed Anthony for awhile now and feel as if I have gain a world of knowledge! Love everything about what he does. He is very helping and free to give great advise. Love the show! It’s my treadmill go to podcast!
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