The Biohacking Secrets Show
The Biohacking Secrets Show
Anthony DiClementi
EP 153 - From A Wheelchair To Running On The Beach In 9 Months (Unconventional Tools To Combat Chronic Illness and Lyme Disease) with Frank Mocerino
1 hour 57 minutes Posted Feb 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
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Show notes

This episode is special in a number of ways. Frank was a client who has become a friend. We met through his sister Nikki when Frank was at his rock bottom. A surgery gone bad combined with Lyme Disease, coinfections, and chronic illness had resulted in Frank moving back in with his parents, shutting down his business, in a fight for his life. The night before we spoke Frank found himself stuck in his parents' bathroom in a wheelchair because the wheels hitting the grout between the tiles of the bathroom floor sent a shockwave of unbearable pain through his entire body. Less than a year later he was running on the beach in Mexico.


In this episode, Frank joins me in Telchac, Mexico to discuss his journey back to life along with the biohacks and breakthroughs that made it all possible.


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