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Matt Johnson and David De Cristofaro bring you the same Bills podcast that you love, under a brand new name! Check them out the day after every Bills game for your Bills news and coverage, courtesy of Billswire at USA Today, SMG.
Episode 8 - Squished the Fish and On to Indianapolis
The Bills finished the clean sweep of the AFC East with a one sided beatdown of the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. With both teams playing for playoff implications, it was the Buffalo Bills who got the job done and locked up what was necessary. The Dolphins however, were sent home. Buffalo came out swinging with starters Josh Allen and company, who played a half of football and put up four scores on Miami. Josh Allen connected to Isaiah McKenzie for two touchdowns, John Brown for another, and a punt return touchdown for McKenzie as well, giving the Bills firm control of the game at halftime. Sean McDermott started the backups in the second half, and they were relentless, keeping the pressure on Miami, and Tua folded under the pressure. It was a strong showing of the depth that GM Brandon Beane has established for this team, and McDermott's ability to coach his team to the standard that he did. Miami looked like a team that was playing for nothing. Buffalo will host it's first playoff game in some time next Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts, coached by "Comeback" legend Frank Reich. It will be quite the moment, as the Bills try to avoid the notion that they can't win a playoff game.
Jan 4, 2021
34 min
Episode 7 - Bills finish Patriots sweep with lopsided victory
In another dominant victory for this team, the Buffalo Bills handed the Patriots one of the most overwhelming losses of the Bill Belichick era with a 38-9 score. It was another significant and dominant Bills victory on their path to the post season, and one that both the Bills and Pats won't soon forget. Josh Allen finished the night breaking a single season team record, as well as Stefon Diggs. It was just another night at the office for the Buffalo Bills, who owned the Patriots in all three phases. It's not every day that Bill Belichick doesn't have an answer to what you are throwing his way, but that's exactly what happened. For the Patriots, it left much uncertainty for their future, as they face a much more pivotal off season than in years past. The changing of the guard is complete however, for the time being, as the Bills march toward post season glory, with a final showdown against the spry Miami Dolphins who are looking for a crack at the post season as well. 
Dec 29, 2020
34 min
Episode 6 - Bills capture first AFC East Title since 1995 with dominant win over Denver
It's been a while, but the Buffalo Bills are now AFC East Champions after 25 years! It's a huge accomplishment in an effort to make people forget about that last 20 years, but not the endgame for this Bills team. In fact, their sights are set much higher than this achievement. Buffalo rolled into Denver on Saturday, and had another significant team victory. Winning 48-19, there were few moments where the Broncos looked to threaten the Bills lead. Buffalo continued to look like a Super Bowl contender with their performance. On offense, Josh Allen scored four touchdowns, two by air, and two with his own feet. Allen continues to set and be on pace for many franchise records. What's been the best aspect, is how the 24 year old signal caller, has morphed into one of the league's finest, with a poise and control of the offense like we've never seen before.  Offensive playmakers also reaped the reward of Allen's significant play. Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley both hauled in over 100 yards each. The running game, while not a significant identity of this team, performed well, when called upon.  The defense left little optimism for Denver yesterday, as they had their way with the opposing offense. The Bills were all over Drew Lock and company, forcing them to punt on a majority of their possessions.  The defense continues to operate very balanced, and it has paid off in dividends for the entire Bills team. Buffalo has to play two division rivals in the final weeks, in the Patriots and Dolphins, but a win next week should have the Bills considering resting starters to avoid any injury scares before the playoffs.
Dec 20, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Episode 5 - Bills shine in win versus Steelers
In what was expected to be the Bills toughest remaining opponent in the last quarter of the season, Buffalo won a decisive victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, at home, on Sunday Night Football. It was a statement victory for this young team as they look to move up the ranks and jockey for position in a deep AFC playoff picture. Things were kept interesting in the first half, as there were multiple punts and 3 and outs. Pittsburgh was the first team on the board, with the Bills following up with a field goal, and just before halftime, a momentum changing pick - six from Taron Johnson. Johnson was one of two unlikely defensive heroes on the day, and it was all Buffalo after he put points on he board. What came next was a dominant Bills half of Buffalo that involved Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs torching the Steelers secondary together, with help from Cole Beasley and others. The Bills defense showed up big, again, as they look to return to last year's form. Any spark that the Steelers had for a comeback, was ultimately stomped out by Levi Wallace, who picked off "Big" Ben, and that was game. It was a tactfully scripted game, and a solid team win. Buffalo has all of the momentum, and are finally looking the part of a Super Bowl Contender. The playoffs are unofficially guaranteed at this point, but it's the Buffalo Bills that control their own destiny beyond that.
Dec 15, 2020
1 hr 14 min
Episode 4 - Bills dominate 49ers
Buffalo went into Arizona on Monday Night with ice in their veins, and walked away with a big victory over the defending NFC Champions, the San Francisco 49ers. A much better way to leave the same stadium that had them in heartbreak several weeks ago. The Bills, from start to finish, were relentless on the 49ers, and didn't leave much room for optimism after the first quarter. Buffalo dominated offensively, with Josh Allen having his way with this 49ers secondary. 4 touchdowns and nearly 400 yards by air is a solid performance against a Top 10 ranked defense.  Speaking of defense, the Bills continued to impress, in both run defense, and passing. San Francisco's Raheem Mostert was the most important facet of this offense heading into this game. Buffalo brought the heat, and made San Francisco one dimensional, and that's right where they wanted Nick Mullens to be. It was an impressive game plan, and it paid off in dividends.  Buffalo plays Pittsburgh this week, who are coming off of their first loss of the season against the Washington Football Team. They'll either play against a very angry, yet relieved team who doesn't have to worry about being perfect anymore, or a spiritually defeated team, whose loss last week will spiral them out of control a tad more. Regardless, this is a great opportunity to make a statement on prime time football against one of the best teams in the NFL today.
Dec 8, 2020
1 hr 10 min
Episode 3 - Bills subdue Chargers; Where will they play the 49ers next week?
Another week, and another "w" for the Buffalo Bills, as they defeated a rebuilding Chargers team on Sunday by score of 27-17. While it wasn't the prettiest victory, the game was a lot closer than the score would tell you. It was a gritty win for the fresh Buffalo Bills. Buffalo has it's strongest defensive performance of the year, holding the Chargers run game to 76 yards, which is significant with all factors considered. The return of underrated running back Austin Ekeler wasn't enough in the rush. The Bills defense hasn't had too many games as great as this against the running backs. Offensively, the team showed that it could move the ball effectively, with or without John Brown. Rookie Wide Receiver Gabriel Davis stepped up in a big way, hauling in a touchdown reception from Cole Beasley, and leading in receiving yards on the team for the first time this season. Davis's future appears bright, and it's another testament to how deep this roster is that Brandon Beane has created. The Bills play the 49ers on the road next week, although the location is uncertain at this point. San Francisco will be the team without a home going forward in 2020, and the Bills can't underestimate this depleted, yet passionate football team.
Nov 30, 2020
1 hr 6 min
Episode 2 - Bills Bye Week Evaluations
The Week 10 bye week has come and gone, giving the Bills an opportunity to evaluate their issues, and finish the back half of the season strong.  Through eleven weeks, the Bills sit at 7-3, which is something that doesn't happen often at One Bills Drive. The culture has clearly made a turnaround, but the team isn't where it should be just yet. To look back on the last three years with disdain is not accurate, and to look back on the last three years overly confident is incredibly arrogant. Th Bills have a generally favorable final six game stretch, with games against the Chargers, 49ers, Steelers, Broncos, Patriots and Dolphins left. Two of the six teams have winning records currently, but all have strengths that will challenge some of the Bills inconsistencies and weaknesses. This is a good time for the Bills to "get hot" and show the true potential of their very talented squad. Offensively, the Bills have done relatively well throughout the first ten games, but need to approach their rush a lot different. Find balance, and not rely so heavily on the passing game. Defensively, they need to tighten up in rush defense, as the final stretch and playoff field features talented running games that can be a difference maker. Podcast Hosts Matt and David take you through their observations and expectations for the remainder of 2020.
Nov 24, 2020
1 hr 36 min
Episode 1 - Bills fall to a Hail Murray; What do they need to work on in coming bye week?
It's the most exciting way to win, but absolute worst way to lose.  The Buffalo Bills, up and leading over the Arizona Cardinals late in the game on Sunday, fell to one of the most devastating plays in NFL History, the Hail Mary. In what is now being dubbed as the "Hail Murray", DeAndre Hopkins caught a 40+ yard touchdown pass with not one, not two, but three Bills defenders on him, in one of the most incredible plays that fans have seen this season, and perhaps beyond. To put the result on the game solely on that play however, would be incredible inaccurate, as the Bills lead most of the game, and their offense began to unravel in the third quarter. Two Josh Allen interceptions didn't help the Bills chances to maintain their 14 point lead, and, despite their significant final drive that ended with a 21 yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs, it was not enough. Though they are coming into a much needed bye week after 10 weeks of roller coaster football, the Bills have some work to do. While the secondary is starting to come alive, the rush defense is still struggling and Josh Allen needs to make better decisions on the field.  Believe it or not, the Dolphins are breathing down the Bills neck right now, sitting at 6-3, and an opportunity to only sit back by a half game next week against the Broncos. The race for the AFC East may not be as clear cut as many Bills fans would like to believe. 
Nov 16, 2020
1 hr 32 min
Episode 8 - Bills fend off pesky Patriots; look to continue building momentum against Seattle
   It was seemingly a moment that everyone affiliated with the Buffalo Bills at any point over the last 20+ years had clamored for. The unofficial end of the Patriots stranglehold over the AFC East. While this New England squad looked much, much different from last year, they still admirably battled the Bills with the same tenacity that they always have, and didn't roll over for Buffalo.    Aside from the game sealing fumble from Cam Newton in the final seconds, the Patriots played smart football, never being too overly aggressive with their play calling, and putting themselves in a bad position. Their offense, outside of Cam Newton, James White and maybe Rex Burkhead, was made up of players that you would probably never have in your starting fantasy lineup. They were impressive, but that's the genius of Bill Belichick.   The Bills came out and played gritty football, and came out on top in a nail biter. It wasn't pretty by any means, but there were certainly some positives to come from it. The running game finally got some traction, which is something that many have been clamoring for. The defense continues to tighten up, and their "bend, don't break" style of play has led to the most crucial defensive stands happening when needed most.     There's a lot to build off of for this game, as the Bills prepare for their tougher stretch of schedule, starting with the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday.
Nov 2, 2020
1 hr 19 min
Episode 7 - Bills survive challenge by Jets; look to continue against Patriots
In a much needed victory, the Bills swept the Jets for the 2020 season. While New York put together a much better game plan this time around, it was not enough to keep the spunky Buffalo team down. The Bills now are 5-2 and move on to a much anticipated game against the New England Patriots. The Jets led for the entire first half of the game, a surprising result for a team that hasn't led much all year. Their offense finding some rhythm against the Bills defense. Frank Gore ripped off several big runs, and the Jets passing game looked relatively effective. That all changed in the second half however. A testament to the Bills defense, which has mostly been a first half team this year, they stopped any momentum that Sam Darnold and the Jets offense had built. Combining that with effective offensive play, that couldn't quite find the end zone, but moved the ball well enough for the Bills rookie kicker Tyler Bass to hit six field goals, and you have a gritty team victory. While it wasn't the world-beating Bills victory that we hoped to see, it was certainly a step in the right direction after two losses to great AFC contenders. There was a lot to build off of in this game, as the team pulls itself up by the bootstraps and heads toward their much tougher portion of the schedule. 
Oct 26, 2020
53 min
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