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Not unbiased
How big of a lib is Tara on a scale from one to ten
Love this guy
Listened to 10 minutes of one episode, and was quickly reminded why ESPN should have never let him go. Great topics. Great takes. And Bill Simmons is the Elon Musk of podcasting. Nuff said.
Can we get Jacko back?
Not that he is a voice for the Republican Party, but what’s the point of doing a podcast about Biden being pushed out with two Democrat apologists? Tara: “Republicans were always gonna say that the election was rigged. It’s just what they do.” Come on, man! Didn’t think I’d be wishing for Bill to talk more trash about Lebron, but at least that’s in his lane.
Your comments that Biden "righted the ship" on a podcast from early July with Van Lathan is absurd at best. If anything, his three and a half years Drove the ship right into an iceberg and sank it! We all have opinions and yours as host obviously count the most. But living in Los Angeles and previously in Boston points to a skewed view when you and your connections with Hollywood and Jimmy Kimmel in particular obviously skews your viewpoint. The guy has ruined this country! Wars and foreign entanglements, the debacle in Afghanistan, his corrupt family in bed with China and Ukraine, inflation, open borders, men in women sports, high gas prices and just his total incompetence, ineptitude and senility. Ridin with Biden was a clown car crash! Bottom line, he didn't right the ship Bill, he sank it! Bert Mestichelli
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Please don’t cover politics
You become unlistenable
The best
More Wos please.
How are you so popular with such garbage takes?
When they don’t extend Barnes and Franz it sours the relationship. If Franz leaves the Magic who is coming to them in FA to replace him? Retire dude. Becoming Skip-2
Best podcast listen besides PMT
Bill is getting worse…
The older he gets the more his objectivity goes out the window. When he’s on though he still has some of the best basketball conversations around.
Too Much NBA
Come on! I’m a Boston fan, but this is just too much NBA. Mix it up a little.
Bill ruined his own show
Just market this as a basketball podcast. You offer absolutely nothing but obscure basketball garbage. Bill, you used to have range. Now you’re just a CD that skips.
Bill wake up
Great Pod
Simmons is doing a little bit more of Bill Simmons karaoke these days with his Boston coverage growing more and more. Still a solid listen after all these years.
and honest about LA
Great NBA TALK 😀👍
bob69at GR
Love this pod!
Kevin wildes
Great pod for lots of reasons
Always look forward to these pods- it’s like spending 1.5-2 hrs with a friend who does the long walks, likes Pearl Jam , Celtics, hoops and pro hoops specifically. As an “old head” teacher and coach , I don’t have many to talk deeper pro hoops and what’s happening in NBA. Guests are phenomenal and look forward to varied topics and interests! Love the times you had your dad on during playoffs, coverage with Rusillo, Wylds, Doc and other Ringer hoops guys!Thank you so much! CELTICS and Pearl Jam fan in Tennessee
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Best pod!
Love the time with Doc. Bring back Jackie McMullin!!
keeps me going at work!!! RR annoys me though
Hue b
Irresponsible Karen read summary
Come on guys. You sound stupid while Missing the key facts of he Karen read trial
Princeton Petrus
Celtics go up 3-0 in the finals. What an amazing time. Oh ok let’s do a podcast with doc rivers and talk about his time with giannis and the bucks. And let’s just mention that if you didnt lose giannis you may have won a title. What’s the heck even is this. What in the world makes you think after a game like this, going up 3-0 we went to hear a podcast about doc coaching the bucks. Just a terrible performance from bill this finals run. Every podcast is just a constant reminder of bostons few problems. And it’s just bad. Go cover gambling and football. Your much more passionate about that now.
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Kolby Gilbert
No more Doc
I hoped we were done with Doc when Milwaukee saved us from him. No more Doc.
Microphone buy one
“Reverse Racism?”
Big fan Bill, but racism is racism. Doesn’t matter which direction it goes.
Tatum apologist
Agree with earlier reviews. Normally love the show, unbearable during the nba playoffs.
Good job by you
Best sports podcast.
Shizer show
No depth, sounds like little boys who never shot a basketball but take shots at all time greats. Very biased as well likes one team, weak.
Abu Harun El Rashid
Unbearable during NBA season
I forget every year to unfollow the show as it’s inevitably turns into a Celtics fan-boy podcast. Always comeback during football season when Bill takes a much more balanced approach
Good job
I think you are the best at making a podcast every night I’m eager to listen
Bro 87gsfsjwbs
Thank you!
Thank you Bill for not limiting the episodes to 60 min or less like most podcasts. As a delivery driver nothing makes me happier than to see a 2 hour + episode drop! I know it’s going to make my shift go by much easier!
Sir Michael Hawk
Bueno good
Sport 24
Wos is a blast. Insert him anywhere and he cooks. Cmon Bill. Drop him on a Rewatchable!
NBA on TNT Watcher
I was logging on to ridicule your defense of pro Celtic calls and Simmons old white man takes but it appears I’m not alone. Ditto with your family appearances; they are boring.
Raj Fan
Ryan Rousillo
bill is the best. i feel bad that his "friend" Ryan panders to the muppets on social media that dislike bill simmons; constantly making fun of bill for being exactly who bill has been for 50 years. Also Ryan acting holier than thou because he is embarrassed to be from Massachusetts is also cringeworthy.
Jack Mack from Hackensack
anyone who listens to this truly lame
sports personality has got to reevaluate… everything. his voice is literally unlistenably grating on the nerves, a more petulant whiny sniveling dud cudnt be found after scouring every available patch of terrain throughout the megaverse …
First name Russillo
Russillo calling everyone by their first names is unbearable. You aren’t friends with these guys. None of them are even good enough for first name status. How many times can you say Rudy in one pod?
J o e M a
Florida Panthers
Love the pod, love to see how salty Bill is over the panthers. Go cats.
Mike Lombardi is a no nothing meatball
How anyone could listen to Mike Lombardi and think he knows anything is beyond me. Also the episodes with Bill’s daughter are some of the worst podcasts ever recorded. No one cares what a rich teenage girl thinks about anything. Love the pod but those 2 guests are the worst. 🤮
Wos is uninformed and bad at this. Please stop please.
Please no
The Bill’s daughter appearances are brutal.
Why why why
No one cares about your daughter and her freshman year. This podcast needs an ombudsman. Delete.
Do anything else than listen to this
No one cares about your brats
Back to ESPN
Bill Simmons is just the epitome of Boring, VANILLA podcasting!!! And really, his SON His FATHER His DAUGHTER……. Its beyond LAME!!!
Nepotism episodes are a skip
No disrespect to your kids, but I can’t listen to a regular pod and have the hosts put their privileged kids on. Automatic skip.
Awesome sports pod
These guys know their stuff and are very entertaining
jancey geronimo
Spitefully reserved
Just as annoying as his game of zones character
rick susman
Russillo and the podman
Perfect encapsulation if Ryen about an 1:23 in. Bill says something innocuous about lebrons early days in LA. How he went back and looked at that first season. Russillo interrupts because his insides are telling him how funny of a joke this is going to be, DID YOUR WIFE LEAVE YOU??? My lord, ryen, stop it, get some help.
Poopystinks Fan Art
these reviews getting boring
bill simmons is a once a week guy
billings, mt
keep platforming those racists in the name of social justice: van lathan, expert on living life through someone else's memory
No notes
Only note I have is more Verno impressions. Update: sports gambling is cool and all but making it your whole character for a whole season is a drag.
E unit1
Simmons never fails
Simmons is the man, can’t get enough of this guy
Vincent Hannah
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