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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.
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Thank god Cousin Sal is back
Hope the Cuzz got some of that Spotify money, the only one that deserves it
Ringer Union
Check out the page on Twitter. Simmons a very wealthy liberal won’t pay the cost of living for staff. Used to be great, now can’t support because he whom preaches a fair wage doesn’t pay one.
Bill is a great guy, the hate on him is unfortunatel bc he is a normal guy who just likes sports, gambling, movies, telling stories with his friends, and talking pop culture. He is great in all these fields and has a sense of humor about. Ignore the bad reviews on here bill is worth the listen.
Bill has gone so far left. Foul ball. No thank you. Stick to sports. Shut up and dribble. All the cliches. Def going to redownload in November to listen to his guests cry when Trump re-elected.
Shooters shoot
Bill Simmons is a rich idiot
Bill Simmons is a rich idiot. I’m happy for his success (because who wants to root for someone’s financial ruin), but listening to him talk about anything is to enter the mind of a middle-aged Gen Xer who hasn’t spoken to anyone he doesn’t employ in years. He’s the kind of stupid that should be a warning to anyone who’s shown moments of brilliance early in their adult life, that you can always regress to the mean, or in his case, much much lower. Perhaps something will happen to him in life that will make him look in the mirror and ask what the hell he’s been talking about the last decade or so, but I doubt it. When someone has been so fully financially rewarded for virtue signaling ignorance the chance of rehabilitation is almost eradicated. Oh and his podcast on the movies he stumbles across on basic cable and judges them like an AM sports radio host is the cherry on top of ignorance sundae, and the very worst content of what podcasts are capable of producing. Feel free to stop at any point Bill, you are what’s wrong with our society, a rich idiot who has walled himself off from reality.
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Raja Bell is a great addition
I hope Raja Bell keeps coming back as a regular guest
Always fun
The Cuzz is back! Always fun during football season
Faith Dad
Love it
Bill is the #1 man in the podcast game and this is the creme de la creme. Russillo is also top notch.
Too left wing
I listened for years and particularly enjoyed Cousin Sal and the NFL talk. Unsubscribed today as the left leaning slant became too much. Always taking jabs at Trump. (What has he done to make your life so bad? ) Insinuating that Eric Bieniemy didn’t get a head coaching job because of racism..... The language has skyrocketed as well. Perhaps just a symptom of an angry lib. I’ll check out other sports talk that doesn’t seem so bent on an agenda.
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System Caleb
This podcast is
...just so tired.
Most follow
Must listen to for Sports - particular Basketball and Football. Special guests are great too.
Long time listener
I enjoy bills takes and Ryen R. But to be frank I do not listen to this pod to get bills political takes. I am not saying he doesn’t have a right, it’s his pod. But when all you have is people on one side of the conversation, aka left leaning, it comes off as disingenuous especially to people who follow politics closely.
Moo waukee
Literally my favorite podcast so no actual complaints. Killing me with how you say Milwaukee though. Lol.
I like the podcast but please no more Joe House
Bills podcast is great if your a big NBA fan it’s worth checking out. However his co guests are bad Joe House swears and yells so loud it makes it hard to listen to me.
kryies biggest fan
Where’s Cousin Sal?!?
Ryen Rusillo and the “degenerate trifecta” need to get together and do a podcast of unbelievable suckage, the worst ever, so that Cousin Sal can do Guess the Lines and 2020 doesn’t have to be a 100% total bust.
Jae Gaboo
My fave
Love Bill and his friends
Political Talk Has Diminished Podcast
Bill’s podcast when good is really good. He’s naturally creative and presents sports in interesting ways. The universe of podcasts on the ringer has some interesting podcasts. But as of late his podcast features a significant amount of political talk that is neither Bill’s strength nor balanced. Most recently, two guests talked about the problem with the echo chamber with which we live in but they and bill went on to dedicate an hour of the podcast to agreeing with each other on all things politics. I like when he has house, russillo, raja bell, and other sports guests but when he goes politics I leave.
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Drunk house 4 President
Drunk house is a national treasure, that needs to worshipped as so.
Ja smooth
Mostly good
I enjoy most guests. Mainstays are all great
Great pod
Drunk House is GOLD!
Long time listener, unsubscribing
Drunk House finally did it for me. These guys are unnecessarily obnoxious lately. We get it.. Bill is super rich now.
Uneven the last two years
Bill is at his best when he gets new guests.
Ryen, thank you for calling Bill out on his weirdly specific “Top X” lists. He always seems to know the exact spot he has for a player in whatever hierarchy he’s talking about, and I had started to wonder if Bill spent all of his free time making lists and ranking everything in his life. Was I not making enough lists? Now I can rest assured that I’m not the odd man out who doesn’t have his Top 25 NBA players mapped out and committed to memory.
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No more drunk house
Get this guy a water
Morgan Perez
Way too much Joe House
Yes-man and inebriate Joe House remains the most overexposed man in the podcast world. Enough.
Subscribed because I like sports, then Unsubscribed because I like sports.
Enjoying Basketball Talk
I’ve been on the fence about the NBA restart, but Bill’s deep-dives, especially during the playoffs, have been super entertaining to listen to. I really wish there wasn’t any political talk but there’s literally no way to avoid it in this current climate. Skip segments you don’t like or stop listening entirely; I get it. When the sports world shuts down, when players make business and basketball decisions based on race relations, it’s not like they can just ignore it. That’s a part of the league now and unfortunately a part of sports in 2020. We’ll see how next season shapes up in that department. I’m personally holding out hope for a return to normalcy and less politics.
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What’s your opinion Bill on Joe Budden calling you out for being heartless when his dad was dying and you apparently called him to try and teach him how to do his podcast at home?
“Stuff like that”
Bill love your pod! But your not the pod father! Conrad Thompson is the pod father and your catch phrase “stuff like that” is awful
Social Justice
Bill should stay away from being a social justice warrior since he actually has the money to make change and doesn’t do a whole lot with it except send his kids to private schools and perpetuate the cycle
1.2 speed
I missed what he said about changing speeds on Spotify, I’m dying to know
Best Podcast
Best podcast out there. Equal parts sports, pop culture and socially relevant issues. Thanks for putting out such great content!
So much better
Bill is delivering what he promised after the Rusillo race talk debacle. Ryen is a dimwitted trumper, and hopefully will move to fox soon. I imagine Bill regrets bringing on whitebread ryen at this point. Bill is following through on talking about race with people who aren't soulless cowherd/rusillo/gottlieb robots. Bill is really trying (finally) to understand race in America, and he deserves credit for that. Maybe Bill is human after all, in spite of his thin skin and smugness.
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Wakanda forever
I needed that Chadwick Boseman today..RIP to an amazing man
Black pandering sellout
Stay away from politics you Symp. You are in no position to speak eloquently. You can do whatever you want. But you are not good at it. In what world would you criticize the players for the boycott? It would risk any access in your future, the threat or risk is so obviously implicit that it renders your uninformed opinion useless and insulting. But hey I usually love the podcast, truly. Keep up the great work.
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No Not Will Smith
Bill’s cry for help...
Bill has gone from the #1 must listen sports podcast to hostage of his social justice jihadist employees. He’s gone from desperate to worse. He’s fully become an activist, lays up softball questions with absolutely zero follow up. This latest pod was the worse, I need 30 minutes about someone pumping the WNBA like I need a hole in the head. But hey as long as you’re consider woke, he’ll be praised. Bill— blink twice to start the next pod If you want us to send help. Also, if you’re gunna dive into politics maybe have someone centrist or right center (minus Jack-O, who’s a 30+ year friend who clearly isn’t gunna jeopardize the platform of being on the BS pod). Get back to basics Bill.
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normal 30 year old guy
California bubble Bill
It’s getting worse. If you enjoy immense amounts of NBA (even though TV ratings would say otherwise) and left leaning political comments, this podcast is for you.
Raja Bell on Paul George being open on things millions of People struggle with across the country. “Keep it to Yourself. “ “No one wants to hear that” What?
Most overrated basketball mind
Lack of knowledge when speaking about the Nets is laughable. You’re not an expert. Smart business man but furthest thing from an NBA savant the way you view yourself. It’s a shame the Celtics aren’t every team
Andy C 31
Some Humor
Ryen always makes funny jokes and Bill never acknowledges them. Either he doesn’t understand them or is just ignoring comedic genius. Sad!
Lance Carstens
Trump fans are sensitive clowns! Bunch of crybabies. Bill says anything about that Idiot and you righties pout and say your done with his podcast. Keep up the good work BS.
Nebraska Lance
The 2nd Best Sports Pod
Mostly great content. Highlights: parent corner, segments with Russillo, NBA talk, Cousin Sal and House are great characters for the show. Lowlights: The sound of Jason Concepcion’s voice/laugh. Mallory Rubin talking about almost anything. Simmons attempting to discuss baseball when he hasn’t paid attention to anything MLB related since 2004.
Funny dude - should do trade values
Creative ideas are bueno;)
You made me a believer
Love you podcasts about hoops. As a Lakers fan, I alway hated your insane homerism, but I’ve finally seen the light. Jayson Tatum IS the MVP and possible GOAT who will make everyone forget Luka and Giannis after the Celtics go 16-0 in the bubble playoffs to win the championship. I’m betting on Boston every single game from here on out. I know your picks will make me rich!
👍🏾 👍🏾
keeps me going at work!!!
Hue b
Less Russilo
Should be on once a month, it’s hard to be in the Simmons / Russilo echo chamber every week.
bad byr
Not that great.
Super left wing
Liked it at first, then it just got super political and left wing. Big turn off for me
Quality Improving, Hit a Dip Over Past Couple Months
Big fan of the roundtable pod with Raja, KOC and Russillo. Enjoying Raja’s perspective that he’s brought to the pod a lot. Feels like you guys are actually listening to the feedback a lot of listeners are providing too — thank you for that!
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