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Liberal Garbage
It’s evident Simmons has never lived anywhere but the coasts. Out of touch Liberal drivel.
Steelers Fan who stands with Mallory Rubin
Lifelong steelers fan with an extremely pure hatred for the Ravens but somehow found myself in full support of Mallory. Her ability to call you out for trying to have her on after a loss was spot on. Love the pod, minus Boston Bill!
Myron Cope
Bill - Listen to Us
Bill is highly entertaining as always and has built an empire so who am I to criticize? But his devotion to putting Mallory Rubin on his podcasts is his Achilles heel. She is unlistenable.
Mallory Ruben - kill me now
The worst part about being a Ravens fan is having to listen to Mallory drone on in her shrill hyperventilating voice about my favorite team. Just stop. Nobody wants this.
Golden Beaver
Great show EXCEPT…
When Mallory Rubin or any other woman is on, it’s always cutesy-flirty-silly. It used to be “How beautiful is Tom Brady’s hair?!” Now it’s a lot of “OMG don’t be naughty and make fun of Baltimore teams!” Unlistenable then.
Chemistry with guests is unmatched
Bill has a truly unique ability to develop chemistry with a wide variety of guests. The conversations flow with such ease. Recent Doc Rivers episode was excellent. Bill is my guy.
Why Glen/doc Rivers? There’s something goin sideways here. someone’s got something on someone cuz he is as useless on air as he is a coach..
Love Doc on Wednesdays
I am a recent convert to NBA fandom, now that my Celtics are interesting again. I have almost no idea what Doc and Bill are talking about when they get deep on the basketball stuff, but I love it. Great chemistry between these guys. Doc is a gem and a great “get” for the show. In general, I love this show. I can’t go on my Monday morning runs without Bill and Cousin Sal breaking down the NFL from the previous weekend. Great celebrity interviews, a must-listen-to for any Boston fan.
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No more Doc Rivers
Both of you are worth tens of millions of dollars. Buy Doc a microphone. It is a waste of a podcast
Microphone buy one
Still got it
Throwing 94
Don’t talk to my man like that
Dude is top 2 and he’s not 2. Sports is Bill.
Best game on the Store
Still has it.
Fix the editing
Repeating like CRAZY. Get it together
I’m really enjoying this season of The Morning Show
“The Celtics Overkill” a fatherly ode to bias
Listening to this podcast is like joining bill for a never ending family dinner. He’s the dad that can’t shut up about the one time the Celtics did this or that. Surprise, surprise, Bill ranked the Celtics higher in his NBA rankings than everyone else! I’m giving this two stars because it is still decent, bias aside. Just annoying.
Luke S*
Is Kyle drunk?
Best sports/culture podcast, hands down. But lately (last month or two?), the edit errors are out of control. What’s going on?!?!
Favorite Podcast
Bill and the team do an awesome job. I wake up early on Monday mornings to listen to Bill and Sal. I’m also glad Bill finally remembered his story about meeting Sal for the first time.
Michael Lombardi deducts two stars
Five star podcast, reduced to three due to repeat appearances from the world’s worst football mind, Michael Lombardi
NFL Nepotism
Lombardi… continuing to get shine coasting on others achievements, and the next day after an appearance his fail-son is fired, hahahaha
Back to ESPN
Great Podcast
Good job by you Bill Simmons. I really like the podcast. The NFL content is great and is not the same thing everyone else is doing. You have the best NBA content. Honest and thoughtful. I hate the crazy hot takes that are in the networks.
You picked Mac Jones to make the SB as a rookie. What a joke. Lombardi is so smart he can only get a job in pod casting. Why have Lombardi on to talk basketball when he clearly doesn’t like the sport. Oh wait, to S all over the Sixers. He should definitely reference Belichick more. Lombardi saying “if I was the GM”? Buddy you will never work in a front office again. Fraudcast.
Bill seems to be one of the few people who uses reason and logic in the sports world….how refreshing to hear intelligent thoughts on sports.
I h8 dns
Weekly go too!
Thanks Bill! You’re the man.
Love this Pod
My go to listen 3 times a week. Thanks Bill.
The Bill Simmons Podcast
I enjoy the Podcast. Very cool Thank You. I wish I could’ve talked with Claire Danes. You are one Lucky dude
Austin Reaves not good
Bill, please stop saying Reaves was impressive for team USA. He was impressively bad. Did you watch games we lost? Opposing teams took him down to the block and got a bucket off him every possession he was in the game. He fouled out in 12 minutes against Lithuania, and gave up multiple and 1’s.
Doesn’t baseball postseason exist on this outlet anymore?
You can talk about the loathsome Morning show but not even give 10 minutes to the baseball playoffs? Disappointing considering I’m likely not speaking for myself that many of us discovered your brilliant writing with your relationship through the Red Sox (and BH90210 of course!) and want at least some of that in October! Less NBA more of that at least during the height of baseball season please.
The very best at what he does
I have been listening since 2009 and have listened to almost every episode since I started. I simply just like listening to Bill, his employees, his friends, his family and his guests discuss in a long form way. It is entertainment that I love to soak up, as it is thoughtful, smart and his personal stories of watching games with his Dad and the recall he has his pretty incredible. Keep it up Bill…
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Bill and Ryan the best for bball
Simmons and Ryan the best besides Brian talking hoop love them together
Ewwwww grosss
I’m done
I’m sure the 3 teenage girls who listen to this pod appreciate the forced Taylor swift and Kelce references every single episode…. As for me (not a teenage girl), I’m done with the desperate pop culture pandering that the middle aged ringer staff have a creepy interest in
Brock Purdy haters
Refuse to talk about him despite his historically undeniable success
JDonz #4
Nasty Man
Horrible podcast and horrible man. Also arrogant. He thinks he’s better than all his guests and I can’t understand when anyone would ever come on his podcast. If he’s not self-aggrandizing, he’s cursing. Who wants to hear that?! He may have been good at one time but he’s just an old bitter man now. There are plenty of better sports podcasts out there. “Around the NFL” and “The MMQB NFL podcasts are great!! Do yourself a favor and try one of them.
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No more solak on football
Please no more solak, it’s an auto skip. Please. More of Lombardi and people with actual experience in the game.
Reginald the monkey
Need better NFL guests
Schraeger has zero insightful takes. Unfortunately, have to skip every episode he’s on. Cousin Sal is great and so was Lombardi but other than that maybe someone like Nick Wright would make these shows more interesting
Tell me why your profanity adds to enjoyment of the content ?
Getting Sloppy
I love the content and I try not to complain even with segments I don’t like (not everything is for everyone) but the editing and production on these podcasts has gotten so bad. Random skips where the timing doesn’t line up correctly, posting the wrong episode or multiples of the same episode under different titles, etc.
Used to be very good sports talk but now too much pudgy, unfunny Kimmel and high pitched just as unfunny Meyers. Austin Rivers was great.
Not Great
Bill is the worst but his guests are usually good so 🤷🏻‍♂️
Don’t bet them, but
Bring back Kyle Brandt for million dollar picks
Wosny lambre
Gotta stop having this guy on. Insufferably terrible. Makes any NBA content, which should be your best, unlistenable.
Fan since 2009
I’ve been a fan of the podcast since 2010. Bill, you have to stop with all the NBA trade talk. You are always wrong, it slows the pod to a halt, and makes it unlistenable. You spend 40 minutes talking about things that never happen. Stick to the history of the game.
Still Great
I listen to Bill religiously. His special guest are great and Cousin Sal on Sundays is the best. His memory is insane for Gen Xer
Bronx ok
Austin Rivers guest
Really enjoyed the hour long conversation with Austin Rivers on last week’s episode.
Fast n Heavy
shake milton
Like the Podcast but…
Love Bill on the NBA and the NFL stuff with Sal. And appreciate the efforts to broaden the coverage to other areas but absolutely can’t stand it when Russlllo is on the pod-find him insufferable.
Lost me
3 old guys talking about Taylor Swift is the nail in the coffin for me.
Matt Lief Anderson
Very good
The goat
Gianni Come Lately
2 things
Acknowledge the article that was written by the ringer that basically called people racist for saying justin fields was going to be bad because he didn’t do well in testing going into the nfl and then ended up being bad at running an offense, not racist just true, second acknowledge you picked the pats to win the afc east
Cousin Sal back at The Ringer
I’m glad Cousin Sal is back in The Ringer family so I don’t have to listen to his recycled takes on Extra Points
dfa carter
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