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Been here from the start & still love it
All these negative comments blow my mind! These two are brilliant comedians and the podcast is gold!
This Pains Me
These guys are great comedians, but god this podcast is brutal. I’ve really given it a chance, listened to the first 40 episodes and number 41 I just can’t take it anymore. Bert is great with Tommy on the 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast so not sure what happened here but it’s just not worth the listen, keep in mind it’s free. Their ad reads are brutal, their topics are boring and for Bill having such a great bit of wanting swine flu to take out the weak and to take your vitamins and put on a sweater you’ll be fine, he’s really quite the pansy when it comes to COVID. Bert is super soft when it comes to COVID, but I think that’s expected of him. Looking forward to catching these guys on other platforms, but this one is just not cutting it.
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Andy from Wisco
Worst episode. They are an amazing pair! We love this pair and inserting a guest ruins the dynamic and ends the comedy.
Entertaining and lots of comic stories
Great podcast. I enjoy all the stories and have learned about other comedians that I now follow. I think it’s great to hear how supportive they are are of fellow comedians.
When I saw two of my probably 3 favorite comedians had a podcast I was in heaven
2 Richards 1 cup
Two of my favorite comedians In on place and they’re friends. Sh***t N****, that’s all you had to say!
Dear Bert,
Bert is a fat hairy swine. A truly vile oaf. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Great podcast! Just one thing...
Love ya Bill. Just please let Bert talk once in a while cuz I love him too!
Purple Opal
Boring now
No chem and you guys talk about boring stuff
Bill Burr
Bill has turned into the biggest douche ever
Get real microphones
Invest in better audio. Sounds like you are under water.
Words or the wise
The podcast is awesome Bill is hilarious however Bert constantly make himself look like a moron in front of people.
tree man 520
5 stars
Love listening to these two being ridiculous together! 100% recommended!
Love Bill, Burt tries too hard.
Does Burt really have to say EVERYTHING that pops into his mind? Its gotten so uncomfortable listening to this. Burt doesn’t let Bill speak. Worst of all is more than 3/4’s of the time Burt has nothing to say but somehow still doesn’t shut up and let Bill speak. Im sure im not the only one that notices how uncomfortable Bill seems throughout the podcast. Burt is trying too hard man, very few people like that trait in other people. I find it very annoying. I appreciate the free content you guys provide. Just giving a brutally honest opinion.
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No chemistry
These two have no chemistry together. Bill is terrible at podcast hosting. He is better as a guest. He repeats the same opinions too much but doesn’t really know what he is talking about.
I am The IPhone kid
Great Podcast
Had to google prattle
thanks for the rita peach reco
Lost the appeal
Loved both comedians and may still enjoy their stand-up, but the conversations shifted entirely to their thoughts and reactions to COVID (many of which were uninformed or un-relatable if you life outside LA). I used to enjoy this podcast for the distraction from everyday life, but now find the content more repetitive every week. Best of luck guys!
It’s comedy gold, I tell you!
Bryan Metalhead76
Berts not funny
Get rid of Bert combine this with 2 bears and give us the Tom and bill podcast that we really want with 2 funny comedians
real comedy fan
One of the best!
Love this podcast! My all time favorites are when it’s just the two of you, I don’t ever get tired of you two talking! Thanks for the laughs
Jordan Cannistraci
No more guests. It’s bad enough it’s not done In Person. Don’t need a third to be talked over.
Bill needs to shut up !!
We now have a grumpy old man screaming “get off my lawn” on a podcast now. Yay. Now that Bill has a black wife, we all have to listen to his “here’s what’s wrong with white people” Hollywood virtue signaling. I held on for a while because i liked his standup, but holy hell its too much.
Pure enjoyment
I love you guys (Andrew included). Thank you for all the smiles and laughter. I wish you and your families all the best.
This show would be 10000000x better without bill
Barts not funny
Only Netflix special I’ve ever stopped early, Brent’s terrible and unfunny and his fake laugh kills babies. Racist stinky dog banger.
Great show
Bert not understanding how the financial crisis impacted nascar is the kind of ignorance I come here for
Bert needs to settle down
He needs to become more comfortable with silence, and allowing others to go through a conversation. The amount of time he derails something with other stories all about him or just straight up not knowing what he’s talking about.
If you don’t love bill burr
If you don’t love bill burr you are way to serious a person!!!
Detailng Studio
Berts Chewing
I like both of these guys but NO ONE wants to listen to Bert eating during the podcast. Be a professional even if it’s a comedy podcast. Interrupting epic stories to answer your text and eat or to tell a different story is just childish.
Miiik Bram
These reviews are cringe. I love Bert, I love Bill, I love this show. Keep it up guys!
If you like Bill and you also like Bert...
You’ll probably find this podcast to be not the best match. With this podcast you get bill talking about everything he talks about on his Monday morning podcast while Bert listens. It’s not the two bears one cave dynamic, bert is much more reserved and doesn’t act like a doofus like he does around Tom.
I can’t take when Bert speaks. Does he not realize who he’s sitting with? Bill Burr! a comedic genius is interrupted continuously? for example; interrupting for a story about Tampa? Nobody cares! I’m giving it a 5 star because Burr is involved, but it’s really unfortunate he didn’t pair up with someone on his level intellectually.
I became smarter
I started listening when it first came out (or back? idk, it was about 6 months ago it seems) and then Bert’s idiocy kept becoming more and more obvious and less and less funny. I stopped listening about 2 months ago and already feel smarter for not having to listen to Bert mispronounce commonly known words or pretend not to know basic information. Hearing him chewing is god awful as well. The saving grace is Bill Burr but that’s not enough to get me to listen any more so I just listen to the Monday Morning Podcast. You rock, Bill!
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Phil in Monroe
If you want to hear Bill and Bert shame averave working people while talking about buying flights on private planes this is the show for you. Elitist hacks.
Wicked Pissah
I listen while doing my walks during the day. I have earbuds in so nobody can hear what I am listening to. These guys crack me up so much I am laughing out loud and I get strange looks from passers by.
Ritchie 1948
Burt is so stupid he describes Joe Rogan as intelligent, Bill is not much brighter ughhh
Funny, sometimes
I’ve been listening to this podcast since its beginning because Bill Burr is hands down my favorite comedian (i had never heard of Burt before though). For a while, this show had me in stitches, start to end of each episode. The past couple of weeks/months, however, the comedy has been lacking and I’ve had a tougher time listening to it recently. I realize this is a new duo doing a new show in the middle of a pandemic and economic recession, so what I’m about to say is out of love because i really want this show to succeed. So here it goes... 1. Burt, I don’t wanna hear about how “famous” you want the audience to think you are, all the famous “friends” you want us to know you have, or the advertisements of yourself/your sponsors that you unsuccessfully weave into your discussions with Bill, as if the audience won’t notice. Your lack of authenticity, shame, and humility is getting worse with each episode, and sometimes i wanna vomit when you speak....and it seems like Bill can’t stomach talking to you either sometimes. 2. I love stand up comedy. So I’ve tried listening to other comedians’ podcasts but I cant ever get on board. Why? Because all they and their guests talk about it is the ins and outs of the comedy/standup industry, and it’s just too insider-baseball and full of industry lingo for a general audience to enjoy. It’s fine occasionally in small portions, but I don’t understand or frankly care about an industry overview and analysis for 1+ hours at a time without much to laugh at at all. I want to laugh about things that I have some semblance of connection to, or can relate to in some way, like i do during your sets on stage/TV. So Bill and Burt, i beg of you...please reign in your insider chatter about the comedy industry (especially when you have guests). I turn to you guys religiously every week looking for a sliver of comic relief and brief escape from what’s otherwise a sh*t time for the modern world. 3. Bill...thank you for the good person that you are, your humility, authenticity, vulnerability with your audience, and especially your humor. I only ask that you stop being so hard on yourself...but then again, maybe that’s why you’re all those great things i mentioned above.
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These guys recorded a conversation where one makes suggestions to the other about what car to buy. This is an obvious money grab. They got the bud lite seltzer sponsorship probably before they knew what the show would be. Who’s idea was it to record this? Bill’s usually awesome especially on his podcast. I’ve heard Bert on his podcast Rogan and others and he is maybe the least funny human who calls themselves a comedian. I don’t get it. He can’t possibly think his own jokes are funny enough to squeal uncontrollably. T
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Velvet Jones81
Up and Down
Huge comedy fan. Lots of unfunny rants to wade through for the funny bits while Bill works through his anger and Bert gets yelled over. The audio quality has definitely dropped drastically since the pandemic, which made the Felipe episode almost impossible to listen to. Big fan of both comedians, but you aren’t missing much not listening to this podcast.
Great with no guests
This show should be 5 stars because Bill and Bert are fantastic together but when they include a guest in the episode it changes the dynamic and now I just skip those (except for Portnoy). Stick to the basics please.
Love listening to these two
Love every episode of this podcast
Need live podcast
Tired of these zoom podcast. Constantly freezing and lacking chemistry. About to unsubscribe
Love the show.
Hearing Bill say pocho is my favorite thing evah lol.
Great podcast
Keeps me going at work..Tell Bert to fix his WiFi
I had heard of these dudes recently (past few years) and just unloaded on all of their content during the pandemic... so funny. I was sad I burned through so fast and then I found this. I work from home and just laugh all day. From Wisconsin, Bill coming in with Kenosha in episode two... now that’s some crazy timing
Good podcast
Bill is definitely the upside of this podcast
Love Bill Burr
Love Bill Burr. Pats fan!!
Texas WEEI Fan
Speak up
Can’t hear Bill!
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