The Biggest
The Biggest
The Biggest
"The Biggest" is myself Miguel Rockwell and Joe Hawkins AKA HawkinsBird. We're lucky enough to know a lot of talented and creative people in the Seattle area so we're gonna sit down with them and have some good conversations about stuff.
#93 Chamel, Mira Kraft & "The Hospitality"
Exactly 2 years from the release of our last official episode and we're back in full effect! Multiple episodes in the chamber that we're gettin ready to drop on you. This one brings the homegirl Mira Kraft right before she left on tour with a group of people including our other two guests, Chamel & Matt The Hospitality. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest!
Apr 27, 2022
36 min
#92 He Said, He Said Podcast
The day after we appeared on their show, the homies Ray & Jay stopped by to repay the favor and chop it up with us on our home turf. More great convos on an array of topics. Lots of jokes. Make sure and check out their episode with us as well. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest
Apr 23, 2020
1 hr 41 min
#91 Sam Lachow
About a year ago the homie Sam Lachow came through for an epic sit down convo and we decided to hold the episode until he released his new project which is finally about to drop. A lot happened for him during that time so he came back to catch us up and get ready for the album. This is a double episode so it’s time to  #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest
Mar 19, 2020
2 hr 43 min
#90 Nikkita Oliver
This one has been a couple years in the making and we’re so glad we were finally able to get Nikkita Oliver in. We broke down her roots from coming up in Indianapolis, schooling in Seattle as well as her poetry and social activism to her eventual mayoral campaign. If you’re not hip, it’s a must that you #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest
Feb 21, 2020
1 hr 52 min
#89 Milo Eubank
Got a chance to connect with one of the town's most in-demand recording engineers Milo Eubank. He told us all about his come up working as an intern at Robert Lang Studios to owning his own studio and working with some of Seattle's most prominent artists. Its time to #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest
Jan 24, 2020
1 hr 27 min
#88 Elan Wright
After talking about it for more than a year we finally got a chance to sit down with the 2nd half of the Dynamic Ruby Room duo, Mr. Elan Wright. We had to find out all the details about his major label rock band past and of course some dope stories from his more recent collaborations with some of the town's finest. You most definitely wanna #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest
Jan 10, 2020
1 hr 47 min
#87 The Very Biggest Holiday Special
Yeah, yeah we know, it's not 2019 anymore. The holidays are over and the new year is upon us but, we had a good time not actually recapping anything on our recap show with The Brothers' Rossi so #GetFamiliar with the team and join in the fun from our holiday special. #ItsTheBiggest!
Jan 3, 2020
57 min
#86 Chase Fade
Had a chance to chop it up with the young shooter on the grind, Chase Fade. He dropped some super gems about how he managed to score some big opportunities ina relatively short amount of time just by being available and willing to put in some work. If you don't know, it's definitely time to #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest
Dec 12, 2019
1 hr 22 min
#85 SUS
These guys hit us up the right way and we were feelin their music so we definitely wanted to get them on the show. It wasn't until later that Miguel realized he knew one of the guys in the band. 3 of the members of SUS stopped by to talk about their latest release and break down how the group came to be. It's time to Get Familiar. Its The Biggest!
Nov 22, 2019
1 hr 9 min
#84 Black Stax
We were lucky enough to have Town OG's, Black Stax come through to chop it up, give us their backstory and talk about their upcoming European tour. Considering that we've never had much interaction, it turned into an amazing conversation. Great stories and lots of laughs, I guess that's the point of our podcast though right? If you don't know, it's time to Get Familiar. It's The Biggest! 
Nov 14, 2019
2 hr 18 min
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