The Best of Coast to Coast AM
The Best of Coast to Coast AM
Coast to Coast AM
The Best of Coast to Coast AM podcast, hosted by George Noory. A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena.
The Heart of the Rose - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/8/23
George Noory and author Graham Phillips discuss his quest to find an ancient relic called the Heart of the Rose, a stone that possessed the power to alter space and time, the mysterious group that hid the stone, and whether the story could have inspired the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland.See for privacy information.
Jun 9
19 min
The Arcturians - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/7/23
George Noory and author Viviane Chauvet explore her claims of being from the planet Arcturus, how she took the form of a human child to be raised on Earth, and her mission to guide Earthlings to reach a higher plane of consciousness.See for privacy information.
Jun 8
18 min
Triangular UFOs - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/6/23
George Noory and author Collin Saunders explore his very close encounter with a triangular shaped UFO in England in 1999, his research into other sightings throughout the country, and if he believes he and his family may have been abducted by aliens and given an implant.See for privacy information.
Jun 7
16 min
Karma - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/5/23
George Noory and psychic medium Diana Mary Rose discuss the concept of karma, and how the connection of past life events impact your current lifetime, if you can improve your karma by helping others, and how our spirit guides will help us improve the future of the planet.See for privacy information.
Jun 6
19 min
George's Birthday Party and Power of Prayer - Best of Coast To Coast AM - 6/4/23
George Noory and Author James Paris discuss prayer, karma and forgiveness on George's Birthday show. See for privacy information.
Jun 5
19 min
Mindfullness Practice - Best of Coast To Coast AM - 6/3/23
Guest Host Connie Willis and Paul Sugar discuss using mindfulness to relieve fear and stressSee for privacy information.
Jun 4
16 min
Music - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/2/23
George Noory and rock journalist Harvey Kubernik discuss the current state of the music industry, if new technology is helping or hurting the process of creating new songs, and if popular singers of the past would even be able to get record contracts today.See for privacy information.
Jun 3
16 min
Introducing: Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult
Hi, The Best of Coast to Coast AM fans! Dive into how South African cult leader Cecilia Steyn leads her followers to kill 11 innocent people over the course of four years. Join host and filmmaker Kurt Kubicek as he travels to Krugersdorp, SA - a small mining town rocked by these brutal serial murders. Listen to Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult now on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts! About Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult: Serial Cult murders in South Africa bring on a deep, winding, decade-long investigation to uncover the criminal mastermind of Cecelia Steyn and those who followed her. She has been dubbed “The Charles Manson of South Africa.” Complete with corrupt cover-ups by police that would cost the lives of many, this cult case unravels itself to reveal dark truths about the cost of belonging and the nature of free will.See for privacy information.
Jun 3
2 min
Higher Consciousness - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/1/23
George Noory and author Steve Farrell discuss how he left a successful career in Silicon Valley to begin a quest for higher consciousness, and how to create new habits and become awakened to the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.See for privacy information.
Jun 2
19 min
Ancient Civilizations - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 5/31/23
George Noory and author Jason Martell explore his research into ancient civilizations, evidence of advanced technology that existed thousands of years ago, why so many civilizations have legends of destructive floods, and if NASA will release proof of UFOs visiting Earth.See for privacy information.
Jun 1
17 min
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