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The purpose of this podcast is to share stories and experiences from those who participate in showing animals. We will visit with people across a variety of species including dogs, rabbits, poultry, livestock and also we will hear from exotic pet breeders. Thanks for listening!
Linda Holloway, AKC Herding Breeder of the Year 2014
Linda Holloway, entrepreneur, herding enthusiast, AKC Breeder of Merit, friend. Linda is one of those people you want to know. She is very genuine, patient and is full of wisdom. Linda raises both smooth collies and border collies. She has titles in herding as well as conformation. To learn more about Linda Holloway and Ability Stockdogs visit or her facebook page
Feb 18
33 min
Kate Morreale 25 Years Breeding & Showing Silkies
In this Episode with Kate we learn a lot about raising and breeding silkie chickens. Kate shares with us how she started with hatchery chicks and improved her quality to win the American Silkie Bantam Club Nationals and become a Master Breeder and Grand Master Exhibitor in Silkies. Kate is full of wisdom and a joy to visit with. Please fell free to reach out to Kate through Facebook with any questions. Thank you again for listening to The Best of Breed Podcast, subscribe and leave us a review!
Jan 27
33 min
Sneak Peak of Kate Morreale’s Interview on Showing and Raising Silkies!
The full interview with Kate Morreale will be posted Monday Jan 27th.
Jan 24
17 sec
Pursuing Dreams & Passions: Jonathan Herbert
This interview with Jonathan Herbert is truly awesome! Jonathan has been handling dogs since the end of 2016 when he caught the dog show bug. He shares a ton of knowledge from his experiences working for top breeders and handlers such as Brenda Combs (currently) Jeff Wright, Ernesto Lara and Perry Payson. At the age of 22 he has been to 41 states showing livestock, dogs and rabbits. Jonathan's passion for showing and kind personality really shines through in this episode. Thanks for listening and if you liked this episode subscribe to The Best of Breed Podcast and give us 5 stars! Thanks -Corbin Dewitt
Jan 20
33 min
The Best Of Breed
Dec 29, 2019
38 sec