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Tired of the lies? Tired of the spin? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion? The Ben Shapiro Show brings you all the news you need to know in the most fast moving daily program in America. Ben brutally breaks down the culture and never gives an inch! Monday thru Friday.
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If you have a strong opinion about anything political that has been fueled by any form of social media that is rational and realistic… I strongly insist you listen to this man!!
The most enjoyable part of my workday
The Ben Shapiro show is the most enjoyable time I spend at work everyday. The shorter runtime compared to the more traditional talk show format allows Ben to concisely touch on all the important topics of the day, yet it never feels like it's unnecessarily drawn out. There are plenty of things for everyone to like in this show. Even if you're not into politics, the "deconstructing the culture", "things I like/hate", and "Bible talk" segments are informative and illuminating. Ben's quick wit and dry humor add a great deal to the show. Quite often you'll be saying "I never realized that!" and then suddenly be laughing moments later. Whether or not you are a conservative, The Ben Shapiro Show is a great listen. There is no podcaster more consistent and intellectually honest as Ben Shapiro. I recommend making this show a part of your daily routine.
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I will listen when he reaches puberty
There’s no there there. No balls.
hitler loves trump
Great show
I really enjoy listening to Ben he may have his opinion but he tells it like it is no matter which party looks bad he is very informative I listen every day always great topics and guest I would recommend conservatives and liberals both listen if he would run for office I would vote for him but I think he’s to honesty to do it his job is not trying so much for me a little more and he doesn’t have to come get back to work tomorrow around the house I have to come see you guys tomorrow around five or six tomorrow I’ll be fine thank he’s fine thank y’all for joe I’ll see you soon I’ll see if you can pick him around around three if that’s fine with us and let y’all go I’ll let him out I’ll see if y’all have any time to let me come get you and I’ll take care of it thank you so thank for y’all and let him everything out thank y’all for y’all thank he’s going back to him and let you see y’all and let me see y’all and yeah yeah I don’t know you know when you’re done I’ll be fine I’ll euro up tomorrow I’ll see if you we try Iowa I have some stuff to come see tomorrow if y’all have any time I’ll let y’all out
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The best.
Ben personally pulled me back to the center from the left. Too good for the other jokes on the DW roster. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making an effort to stop whining about college campuses. Maybe in a better time no big deal, but we need your analysis on more important issues now.
So helpful
While I definitely don’t agree with Shapiro all the time it is so nice to not be hearing this 1619 crap everywhere. My school has switched to teaching the 1619 project so things are looking bleak
Pretends to put out opinions based on facts
The piece is enlightening
The only thing the Republican Party stands for
The only thing the GOP stands for now is obedience to Trump. I used to vote Republican, but I won’t anymore, and I will remember which Republicans were able to think for themselves & speak up against Trumpism and which ones have given up any little bit of character they had left in order to fawn over Trump. He’s a terrible person and whatever ends he gets will not justify the means. I tried to give him a chance, but his chronic lying is intolerable and has endangered Americans. Also, 50 U.S. flags displayed by one man won’t make him more patriotic than than a single genuine humble man with one U.S.A. flag.
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Full of lies.
Went from offended to biggest Fan!
Probably due to his extreme intelligence Shapiro can come off as conceited. I say thus because this is how I first felt about him the first time I ever watched his debates. However, I came appreciate how he shares both sides of the FACTS unlike MSM. Love Shapiro!
My two favorite conservatives
Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino ..what great interview. Thank you for the Sunday special.
Ben 2024
The most important voice of our time.
Plumber in myrtle beach
His wife is a doctor
His wife is a doctor so you got to listen to this podcast
A Wannabe Intellectual
All heat, no light. Constantly argues in bad faith. Debating with Ben is like rolling around in a pile of feces with a pig on crystal meth. Think of a 12-year-old Scott Adams, add a unibrow Draco Malloy and top it off with some sort of evil muppet. Like all conservative pundits he has his scam on the side: BUY GOLD!!!! It’s almost like his listeners don’t understand that he is reserving his greatest amount of distain for them. There are some moments of unintentional hilarity in this hot mess though - like when Ben tries to cosplay a man by smoking cigars and drinking scotch.
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Music professional 2011
Saving grace!!
Just when I think I can’t listen to any more foolishness I put on the Ben Shapiro podcast in the world at least partly makes sense. What a brilliant young man!
Solid source
Keep doing what you are doing!
A+ podcast
Amazing podcast!
Haven’t disagreed with this guy yet.
Hehe Yeet Man
Pretty boring Rogan is better
I’ve listened to Rogan for about a year now, loving it so far, and thought I’d try some of the other top podcasts. I found Ben Shaprio to be a pretty boring host, and when I paid attention the content it boiled down to a lot of whining about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I’m out here hustling and I don’t have time or energy to waste listening to some he said/she said gossip. This guy’s just acting all scared and anxious to get people whipped up enough to keep listening. Take a walk outside or relax with some friends and family instead of listening to this boring nonsense.
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Great podcast!
Thank you, Ben Shapiro, for faithfully explaining politics from a conservative point of view. I’ve learned alot from this podcast and I intend to continue listening.
People like this?
Shapiro is a dumb person’s idea of a smart person.
disgusted republican
Love it but hate ads
I understand the need of ads, but a transition from normal talk to news would be much appreciated!
Great guy that is not afraid of the radical left
Ben is incredibly smart and he has put that to good use when talking about politics. He uses real numbers and facts to show the correctness of his view. He and The Daily Wire are obviously biased to the right, but it appears he truly does his best to have an open mind. Even if you are a liberal democrat I really recommend listening, even he recommends listening to both sides. He is not perfect, but nobody is. I really recommend this podcast. If you truly care about America than please give it a listen.
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Happy iPhone
Ben tells it like it is
The WORLD needs more people like Ben! He is conservative yet bipartisan! He debates FACTS not FEELINGS! He’s not afraid to be critical of both sides!(Regardless of what the Liberals post here) He’s smart and talks so fast he can pack 2 hours of info in an hour show!
DJ Beav
Good except when he misleads
Wanted to get a better view of conservative ideas to better understand the republican views. He has some great points and I like the use of audio clips to verify what he’s talking about but at least a couple times each show he presents information in a completely biased way with no facts to back it up or completely misrepresents “facts” to fit his narrative. I’ll keep looking for a less misleading and biased conservative outlet.
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Umpire Ben
He calls balls and strikes no matter who’s pitching. If you want to hear only “your team’s” echoes, go somewhere else.
City Field
Love me some Ben
Always spot on- can definitely tell he is a student of Andrew Breitbart. Knife fighter to the core. So fun experiment- put him on half speed. Sounds drunk and slow- kind of like Cuomo on an average day.
This man is a savage.
This man is a no holds barred a truth teller. Buyer beware if you step up bring your A game, cause he will total destroy you with nothing less than facts. I can’t get enough of how fast and hard this man annihilates the liberal left lol. A true pleasure. Undefeated. Ben is the Mike Tyson of debate. Mic drop. Ben if you read this. A Spanish girl from the ghetto is listening. Stay strong and keep up the fight.
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Kitty itunes
Ben is unstoppable
A voice of reason in a sea of people whining and complaining through life.
Great and interesting
Absolutely the best.
Ben has insightful & analytical perspectives on current US political news & events. Rather than blind loyalty, you see well-constructed arguments and credit given where credit is due, all underscored by an academic perspective that isn’t clouded by virtue signaling or masked attempts at pushing radical agendas. The added snark on certain topics provides the much needed comic relief to some of dense narratives out there this political cycle. I couldn’t imagine putting out this much, quality content so frequently, but happy to support & listen to the show.
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I mean, come on. It’s Ben Shapiro. Trust him, his wife is a doctor.
Truly Hilarious Entertainment!!
Listening to the fast-paced upbeat, and even downright cheery tone Ben Shapiro takes is a welcome relief from other solemn content like SNL’s weekend update. I especially love the absence of a laugh track or live audience, which really adds to the authenticity.
Fair and reasonable insight
Ben tells it like it is and is relatable. I like how he states facts rather than his opinions.
Extreme right wing (white supremacist) propaganda
This smarmy propagandist has brainwashed so many people with intentionally bad reporting, lies, in order to fuel the alt right and make a buck. Friends don’t let friends get brainwashed by this.
Ben Shapiro
Grew up listening to Rush and Savage, and now Levin and Shapiro. The left is not even close to the Red deep bench. Brilliant and thanks.
Coug Willie
Highest recommendation
Awesome podcast. Gives unbiased news and analysis of events.
eagke bike
Very amazing
Shapiro hasn’t seen any moist lady parts. 1 Star!
This is the worst podcast I’ve ever listened to.
Love your zip recruiter comercial
You are funny and super smart.
Noble but not perfect
I like Ben a lot, he has some good insights and, at least seems to me, to be a nice guy with consistent ideas. He does make a few mistakes and possibly being the most recognizable member of the IDW means that his flaws are more visible than others. However, as he would himself say, Ben is not always right and you should look at other sources to fact check him. He is a great debater and presenter for information but that doesn’t mean he is perfect. Also, because of the nature of the show I wouldn’t recommend listening to him everyday. The truth is Politics is an endless exercise in annoyance and feelings of hopelessness that doesn’t actually reflect the real world and it’s beauty. So I’d suggest binging once a week after a good hike where you can see the wonder of our planet before descending into the den.
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Listen and learn
One of the brightest young minds, who cuts through all of the crap from the mainstream media every episode. Whether you like him or not, he makes compelling arguments. You should listen to this podcast regardless of your political leaning. You might start to look at your party a little differently after hearing Ben hit you with the facts. Stop blinding believing the propaganda pushed onto you from the likes of CNN.
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On Fire
On the forefront of analyzing political culture. No one comes close to this guy and that’s why his adversaries refuse to debate him.
God Bless This Man
Ben is the absolute GOAT. Owning Libs like it’s his job (shout-out Steve Robinson @ Kirk Minihane Show)
Willie Colonoscopy
Lamont Allard
this is where y’all go to learn how to own the libs?
Ben is Beast!
Love the show! Every time I turn on your show I can feel feel my brain cells expanding. Top ten Mega Minds!! Seriously, thanks for getting the truth out there. I'm writing this review because I want people to hear the truth, and I think it's so ridiculous that some people who are like twenty years older than me don't have as much common sense as a seven year old. Especially someone born in 1879, COUGH* Joe Biden. Imagine being a 14 year old like me or just a kid, and hearing all these lies and living in an age where a lot if adults (who we are supposed to look to for wisdom) are dumb and can't see through the most idiotic lies😒. Glad you are here helping people know what's right.
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