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The Ben Shapiro Show
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Research, Make a decision
We’re all adults and can make fully functioning decisions based on the facts at our disposal. Standing up for this right is what’s important!
Propaganda and conspiracies from a poor excuse for a slimy weasel, grifter Ben Shapiro.
His facts >your feelings
Sophisticated Rustic
Get ready for logic at the speed of a machine gun. I love this man.
Absolutely essential
Without outlets like the daily wire, we are left with only The Pravda for news. The legacy media is only intersted in silencing conservative voices. Ben is second to no one intellectually!
Every day
I listen daily.. Mr. Shapiro’s sense of humor!!!! I love him and The Daily Wire.
Ignoring facts is lying Ben
Benny boy I agree with you on a lot but geez your take on vaccines and masks is stomach turning… Fact many people who are vaccinated are spreading Covid, Fact there is very little evidence that masking has slowed any Covid spread… Stop schilling for pharmaceutical companies your losing credibility… I know it probably makes you feel better or look better when your with your “friends “ on the hard left but come on man pick a side bud .
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Must listen
Superior analysis!
Your a fake
From what I’ve heard you say, we should stop teaching about the Holocaust. Just as we should stop teaching about slavery.
Love the show
I am so happy to have Ben and the other hosts from the Daily Wire to keep me informed. Really appreciate his no nonsense attitude and especially the love Ben has for our country. USA
Earth to Ben
He’s been reduced to defending Tucker Carlson now? Tucker’s contrarianism begs people to speak to him that way and he knows it. As for Tucker’s kids being present; if they can single handedly manage to make harbor island a covid hotspot, they handle hearing an opinion that doesn’t belong to their father. Why is Ben wasting his time (and mine) on this?
Love your podcast…. But I have a question….
My husband and I are highly educated people who know how to read and make informed decisions about our health. Here are a few questions/ concerns we have regarding the ‘vaccine’: 1. Why hasn’t it been approved yet by the FDA if millions of people have gotten it and it’s so safe? 2. If the ‘vaccine’ is so safe why aren’t the pharmaceutical companies liable for any harm done (if any) by the ‘vaccine’? Why are they free from liability? Responsibility? 3. There is no long term studies that the RNA vaccine will not harm or have long term effects in 2,3,5 years. It is a brand new therapy. I would like to know what the long term effect is. No one can say what the effects are because it hasn’t been used in humans that long yet. 4. VARS isn’t reliable- not all effects are being reported and even being stifled. 5. I don’t trust/ want the government controlling my health. We stay very healthy, eat right and trust our immune system to help fight off viruses. Personally we trust our immune system to stay healthy before putting a genetically modified vaccine’ that after we take it - we cannot undo. Plus, we think there are viable inexpensive therapeutics if we were to get it. No one is allowed to talk about that because it doesn’t benefit Big Pharma. But we can’t talk about these points. It’s scary I can’t talk about this. We don’t t have a voice because this doesn’t go along with the narrative. We will be barred from society because we do not see the need fir this vaccine. We are not anti- vaxxers in the least. I wish someone would talk about these points. Thank you for see yes sending up for Conservative voices.
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Awesome show
Ben gives an honest, true, and fair account of events with respect to both parties.
Not perfect, but worth the occasional listen
i’ve noticed that the ratings for this show have dropped a bit, it used to be at 4.8 outta 5. guys, please, just cause you disagree doesn’t make it a bad podcast. less adds though, please. there’s almost as many as you tube now. love how he talks so fast, and good well supported conclusions. not a show for those of you who watch CNN.
I’m new to listening to the Ben Shapiro show and daily wire material in general. Finally, on a road trip, my husband wanted to listen to the podcast and I (admittedly begrudgingly) agreed. I am so glad I gave in and listened. I’m totally hooked. It’s been so long since I’ve heard straight shooter news that I honestly forgot it existed. Everyone is biased but at least he’s honest about it and encourages the listeners to get multiple sources - something I don’t think I’ve heard a mainstream news channel do. Keep it up Ben and daily wire team!
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How many DW subscribers will it take for Ben to do more backstages?
More Ben. More Ben.
Breaking it down
Love how Shapiro gets into the workings of all the news. He makes it understandable and relatable.
Excellent breakdown of today’s politics and trends in America
Ben us simply awesome. I don’t always agree with him, but he makes his points logically and clearly. He is very sharp! Great show. Listen to have your mind blown away.
Finally a logical perspective I can trust
Ben has a great mind. It is so nice to have someone who is so smart and articulate cut through all the nonsense and expose the lies that we are fed. He does so in a logical and winsome way.
Love Ben
Hey Ben, when are you going to take a hard look at the election audits that are proving Trump won 2020? Keep up the good fight!
Brother of Klavanon
Propaganda for sheep’s
Yep, just another American nightmare.
Great perspective!
It’s refreshing to have realistic perspectives in media today and the Ben Shapiro show brings the conservative voice to the forefront. Ben is witty, logical, and matter of fact in all issues at hand. Keep it coming.
So much hate from this guy
Sad anyone likes this.
Podcast Mac1
Witty, smart, insightful, fair
Would you believe my then 22, now 23-year-old son turned me on to you? Obviously, I did something right there. Thank you for clarifying the issues and giving me the appropriate ammunition to defend an argument. Cheers, Cristina
Jocasta Mackenzie
Very Interesting
As a conservative, I have struggled to find a podcast which I really enjoy. All these political shows are always in the 40-60 minute range. It’s a lot of time! However, Ben’s show has managed to remain a consistent in my life for almost a year. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he has changed my mind on many issues that I never cared about or understood. I enjoy listening to smart people speak, and Ben is that person. I appreciate this podcast, I think it does a lot of good for this world in an era of leftist thoughts and trends. There are many other conservative podcasts, but this one is the best. I appreciate the Daily Wire it gives me hope for the future :)
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Joshhh 😁
So logical!
Ben Shapiro is my favorite. Everything he says is so logical. As a person who identifies as extremely conservative, I love when he calls out conservatives for doing stupid things. I also find portions of his show extremely funny when he reports and makes fun of ridiculous things happening in the world.
Facile fulminations
fast-tracking failure. Speed talk puts glib gloss on dead-end agenda. Bellyache with Ben? Or invest in America and build back better with Biden.
Citizen 17
Straight shooter
Love hearing Ben daily, well at least M-F, and I get impatient waiting over the weekend or over Jewish observances waiting for his latest show. He keeps me entertained on my commute to drop of my daughter to in person school or while I get the dishes done at night. Even though I don’t agree with everything he says he is still spot on in his observations. Glad to hear more people are listening to him and being vocal about it. I no longer have to hide that I listen to him for fear of getting cancelled by what I suspected were liberal friends and neighbors. He’s a pretty smart whipper snapper, well ahead of his peers and boy is that refreshing.
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He’s good
He’s good but not as good as sweet baby gang
Ben. Please get me out of New York…I can’t take living under the boot of government anymore. Please deliver me to the land of the free in Florida
An evil little muppet pushing pablum
Ben picks his battles and arguments VERY carefully and cleverly so that he seems to ‘own’ whom ever his handpicked opponents happen to be... little dude is often stomped when things not ‘set up’ for him!
Great information but wth
I was all for Ben and listens to him daily until he got on the vaccine bandwagon. He is so pro vaccine it's ridiculous.
Stern facts with a face
Ben is so quick, so fresh, so face.
New listener
I just stopped listening to the last show about masking. Although I do agree, I didn’t need to hear the same thing, I mean the very same thing, over and over and over again. Yeah, I got it the first time, you shouldn’t have to mask now that the vaccine is available to any one that wants it. It’s on them. Personal responsibility. Now, can you move to the next topic? Don’t have another topic? That’s on you. Boring. Dang it, I was looking forward to a new podcast but it won’t be this one.
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Very well done
Trusted, reliable, AND entertaining
This is one to add to your daily routine!
He is openly conservative, very knowledgeable
Great podcast
The leader of the DW pack, not to be missed.
Research and libertarian focused
Great for moderates. Most of us are in the middle anyway and think critically enough to get right of ad homonym attacks and name calling and want to find solutions to success. Listen if you value critical truths and value your personal responsibility. I’m so tired of the alphabet news beating the same drum and not addressing or even asking the hard questions or respecting middle American families of all races and religions. Our current political system ignores you and Ben doesn’t. Ben has many friends o. both sides of the aisle that are critical thinkers and I think these are the people to bring us back to unity. Listen to the Russel Brand discussion. It shows you Ben cares about our country, truth, liberty and freedom.
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10 out of 5 stars.
Ben is engaging, knowledgeable, and witty. He never compromises on the truth and that is why he has the platform he does to speak out against lies and deception. This podcast is for anyone who wants a good perspective on what is going on in our world today.
Riley Crew
-2 stars - vaccine
Past three episodes Shapiro has whined about being called an anti-vaxxer and now he has to remind people he's super pro vaccine! He also ignores 2020 election news coming from AZ & GA. It's interesting to read the 1 star reviews that are pushed to the top (because apple is woke). They're filled with character attacks and name-calling. Ben is objective with a bit of bias. Though, he encourages people to listen to both sides. He does sometimes sacrifice his beliefs to be seem like a libertarian running for office.🤷🏼‍♂️
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Samuel the Wise
Listen to Ben every morning and afternoon. He’s smart and driven in his mission to support conservative voices. I appreciate the way he reads from left leaning sources and then gives his opinion. He really makes every effort to showcase the facts but also give his right leaning opinion.
Mercedes Per
He thinks you’re stoopid
Ok. It’s a personal freedom to spread a disease but not exercise reproductive choices. Makes sense to me🤗. Also, apparently there’s an acceptable amount of death allowed due to preventable diseases. PRO LIFE 4 SOME ✊
Fantastic anti-communist show
Ben gets out with the facts that the whacko leftists don’t want you to hear.
Always on
Ben’s objective analysis is always spot on. Data not feelings!
The only podcast I make sure to listen to every day.
Thank God for Ben🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Thank God for Ben👍
Inspirational speaker
It’s said that evil prevails when good men do nothing. Just glad to know someone like Ben and everyone at the Daily Wire are good men and women doing something!
Greatest game on the iPad
The daily wire does a great job of giving the news without the CNN bias.
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