The Basement Yard
The Basement Yard
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The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!
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All time favorite ❤️
Longtime fan here and Patron!! I love the content, I can’t wait for Monday’s and Thursday’s!! Keep dat stuff coming!!
Never miss a Monday
I’ve been a fan for years and I don’t know why I’m only just now reviewing but this show is SO GOOD plain and simple. I loved it when it was just Joe and his friends, then loved it even more when Danny came on, and even though I miss him now there’s just something really special about Joe and Frank together! Thanks for always brightening up my Mondays!!
#Team Frank.
So I thought once Danny left things were not going to be the same, but boy was I right !! In the best way possible. It’s only been 3-4 episodes and frank has won me over big time. ! Keep it up boys I’m loving “Dat “ new stuff. Stay sexy.... no homo.... ok maybe a little homo.
stack of rats
Funniest guys ever! My fav podcast
Always been a fan of joe. Not a fan of frankie’s humor or delivery. Feels like he tries too hard to be funny and just falls short. Overdoes it. Think joe delivers a funnier show on his own.
This podcast is funny as hell!
This podcast is the reason I ACTUALLY look forward to Monday’s, that HAS to say something lol my wife and I love you guys, absolutely great content, never disappoints. 💯🔥
to the guy who said to cut ties with frank: that won't happen. joey and frankie have been friends forever they won't grow apart now. i miss danny too but this is better than not having any tby
Change is still needed!
I liked the podcast before Danny and loved the content with Danny. Frank is a nice guy, but he is annoying AF. He is ruining the magic of the show. Joe cut your ties and find some new talent.
Kick Ass
Massage therapist here
Massage therapists hate when the word “parlour” is used. Comes with the stigma of prostitution. Just say “spa” or “office” Just so you know. Love the show!
Best Podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast every week for years now, and every week I still can’t wait to listen!! Seriously one of the funniest things to listen to and honestly brightens my mood every time I listen. 100000/10
All time listener
The best part of my week is when the new episode comes out. Always gonna be listening forever.
nicky goto
Funny AF
Very good
My dad stopped beating me when he listened to your podcast. Thanks
Got Me Laughing Everyday
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. But nothing beats Joe, Frank and the crew over at Santagato Studios that work on TBY. I love how they talk about anything and everything and can get you laughing no matter the subject. I’d recommend this podcast to anymore.
Makes my bad days better
So funny ! Love this Podcast! Thank you guys .
Love this show
This show is by far my favorite podcast. Have watched joe for years and love Danny. Sadily he left and now we get Frankie❤️
Forever a fan!!!
I have been a fan since 2015. Still the funniest podcast to this day ❤️
Dope stuff!!!
It almost sounds like Joe is both voices now but still hilarious!
david fugs
Danny’s circumcision
I know Danny’s not on the show anymore, but there was an offer set in stone that he would get circumcised. Is this still going to happen? PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS STILL GOING TO HAPPEN!
Thomas A. R.
Makes My Day
This podcast is hilarious. Joe and Danny are the perfect combination of personalities. I listen to this at work and it makes my day go so much better! Don’t recommend if you are easily offended, but otherwise you should definitely check it out and keep in mind that it’s pure comedy,& entertainment. Update: Miss Danny but Joe and Frankie are great together as well!
Danny didn’t leave! He fake quit!
OG fan!!!! #205 - Are you in love? 26:12 🤞🏼🤞🏼i hope I’m right!
L. Amara
Best Podcast!
Joe and Danny keep me sane!
Alyssa ❤
Stop getting political. You are way too uneducated to be speaking on such matters. It ends up coming off as emotional based and not factual based. Your job is to entertain, not preach on your feelings about politics as if that is the only way people should feel. You are good at making people laugh, stick to your day job.
Rasheeda Wilson
The most consistent men in my life
They never skip episodes! Every Monday they do one and it is always funny.
My favorite podcast ever and one thing I will always love so much. Thank you guys for always being there for me
You guys got to political you guys went from being funny to political you guys dont even make sense
How to start a Monday
Love you guys! Totally makes my morning and afternoon listening each week!
4 years of pure gold.
Always funny
The perfect thing to make you laugh on any long car ride or boring task throughout the day
Great podcast
Such a good and goofy podcast, I love how comfortable they are with the things they talk about. Makes me feel like I’m listening to friends talk about random things 🤣
Must hear podcast!
This podcast is the best thing about Monday’s. Love the conversations that Joe and Dan have. What happened to Extra yard!?!
Best of the best
I have been a fan of joe and Danny’s for a long time and the podcast does not disappoint
It’s a podcast
You guys are a bunch of rats
My fav podcast
This has always been my favorite podcast i 100% recommend it , if your not subscribed your missing some good laughs with Joe & Danny .
Thank you
Thank you both for addressing the BLM movement with passion, outrage, and facts. As a person of color who LOVES this podcast, this meant so much to hear you using your platform in the right way. We need your voices to reach more people. So again, thank you!
Maranda H
Thank you
Thank you for putting out the podcasts. I appreciate every single episode! This podcast and the others done with Joe have all gotten me outta some mental trash. So I thank all of y’all. 💜💜
You guys get me through my work shifts or even house chores. I’m constantly laughing at how random and hilarious every conversation is. I haven’t listened to every episode, I recently just started listening but I will be listening from now on.
You guys are awesome! Most of the time I listen when I can’t sleep (I have insomnia) and it’s really hard not to wake my boyfriend with my frequent bursts of laughter 😂 keep the cringe!
We like your cringe!!!
To the man who wrote that this was cringe - these are two middle aged men stuck in middle school at the cafeteria table. They literally are just having the best time with each other making everyone listening laugh as well. True fans of TBY don’t claim him. Keep on being cringe 👑
god podcast
Podcast is good. Simple
longest review ever, sorry lol
I have been a fan of Joe Santagato’s since 2011, when he used to make YouTube videos on his channel, SantagatoTV. One time, he included one of my tweets in a screenshot at the end of his video (OG fans remember) and it was the best day of my 14 year old life. He is the only person I enjoyed watching, because he is genuinely funny and is consistently entertaining without “selling out” or using cheap jokes and corny humor. I also really enjoy this podcast and have been listening since 2016, and that’s because I truly am fans of Danny and Joe. Despite the silly and inappropriate conversations (which are funny anyway in my opinion), I believe that Joe and Danny are two of the only influencers worth following. Both men touch on topics that are relevant and important to them. Joe uses his platform and privilege as an influencer to support various different causes and encourages his followers to do so as well, which you don’t see often with public figures or celebrities. For as successful as he is, and with as much money as he makes with his various ventures, I’m sure it would be easy to be selfish and use his wealth in ways that benefit him. However, he consistently uses money from the podcast’s Patreon and his own earnings to donate to underserved populations, which is a great reason to support The Basement Yard. He also speaks up on prevalent causes and uses his platforms to spread awareness of social issues. Most may shy away from sharing their opinions on political issues to avoid discourse among their followers, but it is obvious that Joe finds it more important to educate the people who see him as a role model. That is very inspiring to see from an influencer. In the near decade of being on social media, Joe has always remained down-to-earth, grounded, and the same goofy, family-oriented kid from Queens that he was in 2011 - in my opinion. His passion for his comedy and love for his family and friends, which he has always shared with his fans, is a rare quality that not many influencers have. I also think that his dynamic with Danny makes the show ten times better. Danny often speaks about his mental health and his journey with weight loss and depression - sometimes with humor, but most times with serious introspection. In one episode, Danny cried when he talked about his older brother, and I was in tears listening, because I could hear his love and genuity in his voice. A few years ago, I hit a low point in my personal struggle with depression, and I cannot begin to explain how much listening to this podcast helped me, both by hearing Danny share his experiences so personally and from the humor of each episode, which always has me laughing to the point of tears. I listened religiously when I would go walking or go to the gym during the week to clear my head - it was sometimes the only thing I looked forward to. Danny and Joe’s banter is entertaining, and even when they use their podcast to speak about serious issues, the conversation is equally as informative and worthwhile. Their chemistry and friendship is what makes the show so great, and what makes me such a loyal listener! I’ll continue to support Joe and Danny in any endeavor they pursue, because they both are stand-up guys, and it’s very obvious to see from a fan’s perspective.
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I have followed joe since he started posting videos... literally 5 years of keeping up with the videos and the podcast. It’s still something i listen to daily and promote (for free) to anyone who will listen. Danny is an awesome addition to an already awesome show. Thank you guys for being a ray a sunshine during this dark and gloomy time in our world.
my faves
absolutely LOVE this podcast. I’ve never missed an episode & probably never will!!!!
dramatic house plant
Love them!
These two are funny from start to finish. They are not only funny but they are real! Often covering personal and hard subjects, they don’t have to but they do. I love these guys!
Central FL Native
“Stay strapped or get clapped” is the Florida motto 😂 hearing Danny’s Florida experiences give me life.
shyann lee
I Love this podcast/show so much. You guys are the best!!!!! I support you on patreon. keep up the good work!
What’s up you Jaboops! Love these guys! I I’ve been watching/listening since 2018. Found them by following Danny surprisingly. Hopefully they read this and start using Jaboops #StillFat
one of the best podcasts out there!!!
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