The Backpacking Experience
The Backpacking Experience
Devin Ashby
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The Backpacking Experience unpacks the experiences we have in the backcountry with interviews from fellow hikers, education and trip reports. We're here to share our passion for backpacking and create a platform for others to share the experiences they have had on the trail. We'll talk with business owners about the gear that helps facilitate these experiences and provide education about backcountry travel through real experience on the trail. The Backpacking Experience is hosted by Devin Ashby, a Utah native, and is supported by the Backcountry Exposure YouTube Channel. Support this podcast:
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Trail-tested insights
Love the nuanced, trail-tested and personal insights on offer here. Thanks Devin!
Backpacker Diaries
Interesting topics; engaging show
Talks about some great topics and is very honest and passionate about backpacking. It’s a pleasure to listen to the show and I learn a lot from it!
Buh-Buh Baldy
Thank you!
Awesome content! Your podcast keep me motivated while I am at work. I usually hike 3 or 4 times a years while making it a extended weekend. I grew up in Northern California and actually live in Utah for 4 years but now live in Arkansas. I have a question and I hope this doesn’t create any negative feedback as I am curious to hear your opinion. During my small hikes and all the YouTube hiking channels I watch, one never sees minorities hiking. I ask this as I am a Native American (Maidu) and find it odd you don’t see a lot of minorities enjoying the hiking trails. If you don’t answer I totally understand as I am not sure I would tackle a question like this. Keep doing what you do and I also enjoy your YouTube channel. Hike on!!!!
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Most excellent show
The backpacking experience is excellent for all ranges of hikers. If your new to hiking or have thousands of miles under your feet, there are great conversations on this show. His YouTube channel is just as outstanding.
Love the podcast and your YouTube channel
Love the podcast and your YouTube channel. Your content is great and you appeal to all ages. Like that you look for versatile views.
Johnny Spod
The Backcountry Experience
This is an excellent podcast. Devin has a lot of experience in the backcountry which clearly comes out in his conversations. He has some very interesting guests and topics. I have watched his YouTube channel for a couple of years, and as a relatively new backpacker has helped me immensely in learning techniques, strategies, and gear decisions. I would highly recommend this podcast, and look forward to much more
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Backcountry Exposure Fan
I have been a long time subscriber to Devin’s YouTube channel. This is a great extension to his videos and a great listen if your interested in the outdoors. He’s very knowledgeable and provides great information.
Awesome Listen - Extremely Informative
Devin has quickly established himself in the world of backpacking as both a knowledgable gear reviewer and all around advocate for the backpacking community. He really has a great ability to show perspective from all sides of backpacking from ultralight to the weekend warrior who wants to just get out there, crush some miles and have fun. Really entertaining stuff! Subscribed.
What a great podcast! I was so stoked to hear about Chris’s experience and relate to all things about my favorite place in Utah and the world. So funny about the cow poop water! Hahaha! Can’t wait for more. Hope we can keep the Unitas secret but shared. Woot!
Green Wooded Outdoors
Truly Educational
The episode on what can go wrong, how to prevent it, and what to do when it does go wrong was a great opportunity to rethink preparedness in the wilderness. Thank you for opening up and sharing your experiences for the benefit of your audience. For the first time ever I am seriously looking at getting a PLB. It now feels like the responsible thing to do. Excellent job and thank you!! Mike Matheis aka “Scout’s Honor”
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Mike 'Scout's Honor' Matheis
No other podcast like it!
Such a great podcast! I highly recommend anyone, beginners or experts to listen, learn and just enjoy this podcast. The last 5 years or so I have relied on Devin for backpacking advice and gear. I’ve always been a hiker but never really a backpacker. Devin has made my experiences so much more enjoyable! Being in the backcountry with Devin, you see him thrive in his element! Listening to this podcast has gotten me so excited to get back out in the wilderness with Devin! Great stuff Dev!
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Great Pod for Backpackers of all Levels
I’m happy I found this podcast. Though it’s only a few months since it’s started, Devin is already doing a great job of not only presenting but also in the subjects. I love the balance between advice and guest recounting their trips. I’m looking forward to future episodes and topics!
MI Backpacker
Warning, you will binge his YouTube channel too!
If you are a backpacker of any level you will want to subscribe to this podcast. I stumbled across Devin’s, YouTube channel searching for backpacking gear reviews to feed my backpacking habit. Devin not only does gear reviews on YouTube, he does trip reviews as well. This podcast is completely different from his YouTube channel. I have listened to all episodes and they are absolutely wonderful. There is just something about his personality and presentation that is a true delight to listen to. Devin keep up the good work!!!!
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The Best Outdoor Podcast!
I have listened to alot of outdoor podcasts and they all seem to lack one thing, Clear and concise information. Devin has acheived this In the podcast, it is super fun to listen to and I always take something away from every episode. I am definitely a big fan.
Getting me pumped!
Came across this podcast when I was trying to find more information on backpacking. Super informative and interactive! Stoked to hear more.
Doing a great job.
I follow Devin on YouTube. Doing a great job!
This is a awesome podcast love the in-debt talk about everything hiking
Alijah Reed
Devin is a knowledgeable outdoorsman
I gave the first episode a go and knew from that point I would be hooked. Devin is a backpacker with a similar style that I have. I could listen and relate to a lot of what him and Jarod were saying. I was intrigued the whole time I listened. I give this podcast two thumbs up and can’t wait to hear more. So glad that he is on iTunes now as well! This podcast fits right in with Backpacker Radio, etc.
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Fantastic Backpacking Podcast
The only thing better than this podcast is the guy who hosts it, Devin Ashby. He does a fantastic job of story telling as well as sharing helpful and accurate knowledge about backpacking with the hiking community. You have to give The Backpacking Experience a listen!
Jeremiah Stringer
A Great Listen for any Backpacker!
Devin is an expert backpacker and puts together some of the best backpacking content out there. His YouTube channel is full of great tips, trip reports, and gear reviews. All of them are solid and thorough and highly recommended. I’m sure the podcast will be top notch like his videos, so I look forward to hearing more.
Incredible podcast!
Love Devin’s perspective and he experience in the backcountry. I don’t ever write reviews for podcasts but had to when I listened to this podcast! Devin is the real deal.
Good Listen
Devin is so well versed in so many areas of outdoor recreation, I love his take on all things backcountry. He's easy to listen to and hot AF. 10/10 would recommend.
Katie Ashby
Great Outdoor Content
Devin does a greta job with this podcast bringing us all we need in the Outdoor Community!
Huck Outdoors
Always learn something new
This podcast is highly educational and Devin is always entertaining.
Very knowledgeable
Well thought out and quality listening. Looking forward to new episodes.