The Axe Files with David Axelrod
The Axe Files with David Axelrod
The Institute of Politics & CNN
David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, and CNN bring you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.
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Love this Podcast.
It’s so nice to move around the Obama gang’s varsity of podcasts… I love them all… and the Axe is everywhere. Thanks… I needed you through this pandemic.. Bonnie
Great stories shared
I really enjoy David’s demeanor and interviewing skills. Learning the back history of many of his guests is enlightening and makes for a great listen.
Always a great listen
Every pod has been worth the listen. David is a great communicator and the guests have interesting and insightful thoughts.
Papa Lenz
Tim O’Brien was great
Wonderful conversations. This podcast is always worth the time. Highly recommended
Great Podcast
Axelrod is a conversationalist, dialogue is always thought provoking and interesting.
So grateful! ❤️
I have been listening to the Axe files for the past 4 years and I am so personally grateful to David for consistently restoring my faith in humanity. As a speech language pathologist, I work in the field of communication with those who are often working hard to simply communicate their basic human needs. I have a profound sense of respect for the sincere, thoughtful and honest conversations that David has with his wide range of guests. When my belief in the decency of humans is soiled by the disgusting actions and words of so many in the current senate and White House, I turn on the Axe files, go out for a run and once again believe that there is still some semblance of intelligence left in the world. Thank you David!!!
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Taking in the miles
Love the show but...
I wish David would not interrupt his guests constantly. For god’s sake let your guests at least finish a sentence. Quite rude! Please let your guests speak; are there only for you to go on and on! I am going to delete your podcast; I sick of your constant interruptions; for God’s let your guests tell their own story.
A Treasure
David Axelrod you are a treasure. Thank you for enlarging my world. Your wit and curiosity are only exceeded by your warmth in these interviews. Jim Clyburn’s anecdote about why his father took seventh grade three times is a story I continue to mull over. How do we instill that fortitude in ourselves? Each interview brings such an insight and a motivation to be that best version of oneself.
Stay with us Axe!
Thank you for bringing us these insightful podcast with such interesting guests! You’re the best and we need your valued voice right now more than ever!! ❤️
Axe Files - Nancy Pelosi
Enjoyed Pelosi interview immensely. Admire her so much-what a smart lady & a class act. So happy u’re back with CNN, Axe!
Jonathan Karl interview
I really enjoyed this conversation- and am hoping we could listen to a part II with Jonathan? That last bit was rushed after the CNN stint. Obviously you have had terrific guests like Speaker Pelosi, Tom Hanks etc - but there was something about the stories of Jonathan and his ebullience that were quite captivating. The Mt. Rushmore story was just fabulous.... two thumbs up!
Ay yai yai
I went into the Bass interview eager for her to effectively defend/clarify her Castro remarks and was sorely disappointed. She also showed her ignorance on the current Cuba situation (Trump admin took away people to people travel). As the daughter and wife of Cuban political refugees I can tell you she is gonna need to do way better than that to assuage the hardline Cuban/Venezuelan block if she is chosen as VP. Even then she would probably cost Biden the Florida vote as they are pretty unforgiving. I appreciate that Ax tried to push her on this but he should’ve called her out when she did a pivot in her answer.
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Great Interviews
Love your guest choices! Keep em coming!
‘Round about
I used to enjoy and learn from David Axelrod’s interviews. Then he became much too partisan and interrupted his guests constantly. After avoiding him for a while, I decided to try him again for the Larry Hogan IV. No change. He doesn’t stay in topic, bouncing back and forth on topics. Not there’s no meat to the conversation at all. I give up
Great interview,
David, I really enjoyed the interview with Gov Larry Hogan. He is my governor and you did a great job helping his constituents learn more about him.
Exec. In Kansas
Interview the adult and brilliant Susan Rice. National Sec. is Everything now snd wjo could hot the ground running better. Noone. No no no to KHarris. Repub women cant stand her. Call VP Biden. Harris disgraceful debate moment against Biden will play in a bad loop. Get S. Rice on soon...maybe noe. Thank you.
J Matheson
Larry Hogan
I love this podcast, David! However, the interrupting during this interview was awful.
WHAT A JOKE THIS BO.TOM FE.DER IS spreading for money from trump.
💕Dr Fauci
Great interview
Ginagina Smith
John Lewis
Thank you, David, for bringing this extraordinary, clarifying interview back to the top this week. It was exactly the way I needed to remember this incredible, inspiring American life. I’m grieving the loss of John Lewis, but this conversation gives me hope - I’m so grateful that you captured his beautiful, heroic message which we need so much right now.
neoliberal talking points. so bad my ear buds burst into flames mid-podcast 🥴
Race is not the only story.
I completely agree that the Issue of Race is still forefront in the inequality in American life and that we as a country have not completely dealt with the problems in day to day life. There are some things that can be done to deal with the affects of Racism. First and foremost it’s necessary for the Government along with Corporate America to concentrate on investing into the inner cities where Blacks and other minority Americans are the dominant population. But there is a forgot group of Americans that very little attention are given to. That group happens to be the largest group of Americans in total numbers living in poverty, that group is poor whites. They aren’t the typical White person in white society. But they have much mire in common with Intercity Blacks than they do with Middle Class citizens of all races. The most inclusive way to deal with inequality for Blacks and other minorities is to include poor whites in this conversation. There may have been a time in post World War 2 America where so called white privilege gave this group once referred to as “Poor white trash” an advantage over Blacks in particular. However the last forty years of Reaganomics has whipped out most of this advantage. Additionally this is the group that has been duped by Donald Trump so easily because it’s human nature to find someone or something to blame. I believe the solution to dealing with Racism in America is to recognize that while this group doesn’t suffer from the vestiges of Racism, but they share so many other factors of classism and educational disadvantage. Race and class inequality for all citizens most be addressed if we are to overcome either one of these plagues that are ravishing America. The solution is the same for both groups Living Wage Jobs, Decent Educational opportunities and affordable Health Care . Only then can we move to a equatable Society for people of all races and classes. No one is telling this story.!!!!!!
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No. California Moderate Dem.
Yang Speaks
Ax does a monologue. Yang doesn’t speak.
Shelley Gilbert
Is he back? I thought Axe went all subscription ($$$) based. Used to enjoy this pod, thought I’d try again if it’s available.
WHAT are you doing???!!!
Trying to listen to the Mitch Landrieu episode but Axe is playing cards and watching cartoons 🤬 Omg!!! So much background noise. So distracting.
Rubbish podcast from a man who achieved too little to matter
This is pretty much DNC establishment talking points about how Trump is bad (really???) and Obama is great (false). Axelrod has no meaningful record of progress to stand on; just incrementalist pap that amounts to the waking disaster most Americans now endure daily.
Peter Hanna
Thoughtful and Insightful
Mr. Axelrod asks thoughtful, direct questions in a calm, considered manner. He clearly does a great deal of preparation prior to each interview, and doesn't shy away from uncomfortable avenues, while always providing a generous space for disagreement, debate, and consensus. A fascinating array of guests and topics.
Useful Idiots
Listen to Useful Idiots instead
Tom H 1
Smart but bias.
Axe is obviously a very smart guy. But dang sometime he forget people know his background. It doesn’t get any more bias than this. His Interview skills are good but keeping in mind he agrees with every liberal is interviews it make sense.
Willie Suarez
Congrats Lori
I grew up in Chicago and pay a lot of attention to its politics. I’m so pleased to get to know Lori Lightfoot a little better after this conversation. She is exactly what the city needs in a leader and I hope she can guide the city through this painful time. Thanks for the interesting program. Flo Kelleher
Audio is awful
Just listened to this for the first time and was disappointed by the host’s audio feed. Too quiet, almost mumbling, was he doing this podcast from his car?
Turbo awesomeness
Tired of “best of” want up to date.
Skillful Interviewer
I really like the way David is thinking about the audience as he’s doing the interview. When either he or a guest mentions a name or event or a location many times David skillfully interjects with a brief explanation on why it’s relevant. That kinds of attention to detail help the listener stay connected.
Interviews, Conversations & guests
Mr. Axelrod is a great interviewer & conversationalist. His guests are always interesting and intriguing. He goes deep into their background and makes his guests feel comfortable. I enjoy and look forward to his podcasts. Great job David!
ME Mayer
Good show
Enjoy the quality of guests and the personalization. What drives me nuts is David talking over guests and not allowing the guest to finish. This is either a desire for David to show how smart or knowledgeable or secondly he is over exuberant to make a point or both. That approach is insulting to the guest. Besides that o like DA’s vocabulary
Great conversations
I love how Axe sets these convos up with each person’s family background. Super interesting! Perfect listening for my daily walk.
great show
just started listening and it’s already my go-to political podcast
Beyond playlists
My favorite podcast
Great podcast with the brilliant Mr Axelrod and his fascinating guests. He never fails to ask the questions I would like to ask. Mr A is always respectful and kind while exploring details that tell a more comprehensive story.
Great guests, poor host
There’s an excellent lineup of guests on the podcast, but David should think more about what the role of an interviewer is. He’s often sidetracking what the guests are talking about by implanting random stories from his own career. You get the impression that he’s not listening to what the guest is saying. His name is in the Podcast title, but we don’t listen to hear about Axlerod’s time in politics.
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Denis McDonough interview
Right now, truth is oxygen. We literally can’t survive without it.
Andrew Gilliam
Too bad about Gillum’s arrest on drug charges in Miami Beach, Chrystal Meth,
Naperville Matt
Love the Podcast
Andrew Gillum’s life story is an inspiration to me. I was a fan before, I'm a bigger fan after listening especially because I’m also also 1 of seven kids. I’m the compassionate sister who does the same as his only sister with the important dates in the family. David, you are awesome.
Andrew Gollum interview (and others)
Axe—please allow your guest to talk >10% of the time.
Thoughtful, Engaging, Respectful
Each person who David Axelrod interviews is given respect and enough time to answer questions. They are also challenged but in a way not to shut down dialogue but to keep it open. The Axe Files is an oasis of decency in a desert of name calling and mud slinging.
StPaul CAT
Paul Krugman
I enjoy all of your interviews...thoughtful and thorough. I especially enjoyed your interview with Paul insightful and informative. Thank you, your staff and guests!
Sooo glad Axe is back!!
My fav
This is the BEST podcast ever! I have listened to several of the twice.
Not a Liberal
I’m a hardcore conservative, but I thoroughly enjoy your podcast. Do I agree with every guest you have on the show....almost certainly not. That being said, I think you present a fair discussion no matter who you’re interviewing and I appreciate that considerably. Keep it up!
Ranger Vet 1/75
Wonderful conversation with Rep.Adam Schiff who is a truly extraordinary person. Thank you!
Adam Schiff
Thanks for this—wish you/we could get thru to those folks who refuse to recognize that their President has lied and cheated and stolen thru his entire adult life, and that most of the people who are trying to expose his frightening behavior have no record of lying or cheating. It’s scary. It’s slowly becoming clear how dictators become powerful—the human ability to rationalize our choices despite hard facts is frightening.
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