The Axe Files with David Axelrod
The Axe Files with David Axelrod
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Psaki and Boehner
I very much looked forward to the Axelrod conversations with Psaki and with Boehner. I listened to neither. The poor quality of the audio in each of them is the reason.
Loyal Learner
Can she complete a sentence without “right?” in it???!!??!?! Good Lord, I couldn’t listen to any more than 10 minutes.
Jen Psaki
This is the first Axe Files pod cast that I was disappointed with Mr. Axelrod’s interview. He did not ask any questions about Ms. Psaki’s early life. Where did she grow up; Who were her parents; Did they discuss politics; How did she get into her career, Were her Grandparents immigrants? Very disappointed that usual questions about her backstory were not included? Carl
Jen Psaki rocks!
My weeknight routine is watching Jen Psaki knock it out of the park in her daily press briefings. So proud of my fellow GHS alumn and so happy to know we share Friday family pizza night! This was a great episode!
I love her and I love that she has “pizza time”. And David, you are right she is the best! That is, right next to you.
John Boehner
David A. Is a very cordial host and he really did a nice job of getting John Boehner to ‘tell it as he sees it ‘. A thoroughly enjoyable hour’s listening. What a rare pleasure to listen to thoughtful, perceptive, decent people having a respectful conversation.
Tom McGlaughlin
Senator Duckworth-a true American Hero!
I enjoyed & was incredibly inspired by Senator Duckworth’s story! I am looking forward to reading her book as a life as full as hers couldn’t be covered in one podcast! I haven’t listened to The Ace Files lately & was very, very impressed how far Axelrod’s interviewing skills have developed over time! Thank you & I will be tuning in more often!
Meg in San Diego
Great Pod
Love this podcast. The Bud Selig episode was great. I love just about every episode but I would support more of this type.
Love David Axelrod and the questions he asks guests. Didn’t love Kara Swisher - seemed to be constantly interrupting David and although I can appreciate her confidence, I didn’t love that she gives advice that in an interview you should “tell the person you’re going to take their job one day.” Anyway- I’ve been an avid listener of the Axe Files for years and it’s by far my favorite podcast!
Emmie Chol
Always Informative and Interesting
I always enjoy this podcast. He interviews really interesting people, many who aren’t front-page news every day. We learn their origin stories that give insight as to how they became the people they are today. The conversations are so compelling. His recent interview of Rev Barber was outstanding. I could listen to that man all day long.
Interesting Leaders
Swisher was great, Thanks.
Andrew Cuomo interview is telling
An illuminating interview of Governor Andrew Cuomo immediately after the 2020 election. Broad and informative. Worthwhile for anyone interested in Cuomo and what makes him tick.
Tim Alberta interview
Such a great interview. Such a great story. But, best of all, box Alberta and Axelrod exude kindness. This episode lifted me.
Tim Alberta interview was amazing.
I just finished David’s interview with Tim Alberta and it gave me a knew perspective on both of them. It did what they talked about. It shed light on their stories of fathers of kids with disabilities and how that forms and defines them more than any other thing about them that we as the public norm as LLC sed B in them. The common humanity David spoke of is such a noble goal to seek in each other’s direction is such a hopeful outlook. The interview moved me to tears. Ty both of you.
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Joe Neguse
Great interview ... so proud of our Colorado congressman !
Joe Neguse
Very likable competent guy but it would be nice if he would take a position on anything. He likes everybody and everything. You could not pin him down as to what his position was. Very disappointing.
ihop lover
Axe is the best!
Love this podcast so much that even tho I’m more than 100 episodes behind, I save every one! I ALWAYS learn things I didn’t know before. I love the bipartisan nature of the guest choices.
David provides a calm look into political issues plus well organized conversations with interesting guests. Mini biographies. Keep it coming. Thanks
Tom P C
David Axelrod is simply the Best
The Axe Files is my favorite Podcast. The spirit, tenor, intelligence and relevance of the discussions David guides are first class. He has the natural ability to elevate a conversation to it’s highest practical value, and engenders a thoughtful exchange with some of today’s most relevant thinkers. The Axe Files delights the higher faculties and tackles the most important issues we face today in the complete absence of partisan squabble. Simply masterful! Thank you, David.
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Michael Meenan
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Lisa Murkowski
I absolutely agree with Heidi Heitkamp, if someone should be a part of that incredibly thin “Profiles in Courage” it’s Murkowski. The Axe files team should try to get her on! If there’s someone’s story that I want to hear it would be Lisa’s. David should really try to get her on!
Un - be - lie - va - ble
The X Files
My favorite podcast. Love listening on my long walks. My recent favorite was with Doris Kearns Goodwin. Wow! Not only is she an amazing writer, but she's also an incredible speaker. I wish she had her own show. I am her huge fan. Anyway, good job David Axelrod. Five stars from me!
Rusiko Beck
Andrew McCabe is lying
I don’t believe anything Andrew McCabe or Comey have said about their Hillary Clinton hit job. I don’t know what the truth is but I don’t believe anything he’s saying on your podcast.He’s trying to sound like Mr. Innocent but I think he’s guilty throughout.
Shelley Gilbert
Kinzinger is nuts
“I carry a gun almost everywhere I go”. Kinzinger is part of the problem. What a nut.
Adam Kinzinger
Being a left leaning Independent the demolition of the GOP and any hope of bipartisan cooperation has been an issue I have lamented for at the least the past four years. As always your interview was a relaxed conversation but as a interviewee Congressman Kinzinger gives me hope that just maybe the Republican Party could once again exist and not be the Trumplican party and or an extension of radical right wing ideology! Thank you !
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Delco Ron
Less you
Even though I love to hear your opinions, this should be getting to the opinion of your guest. Less you-more them!
Your most recent podcast
I absolutely loved your interview of Doris Kearns Goodwin. I have seen here on TV but she is such an amazing woman so thank you for a deeper dive into her life.
The Pardon power of the President
Please have someone speak to - Does the pardon power extend to Civil situations?
Ed Pouchet
Joe Scarborough
David has such a smooth and disarming way in his communication style. He did a brilliant job with interviewing Joe Scarborough!
Not remotely unbiased
I have been listening to this show because of the moderator’s experience and access to people in positions of influence. Recognizing he is a Democratic Party strategist, I did not expect a lack of bias. However, he and his guests alternate between subliminal to blatant partisan attacks on the other party. The commentary is useful, in my opinion, only to understand the militancy which with they are against the Republicans.
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Incredible, simply incredible!
Precise and in-depth, simply listen! You owe it to yourself!
Pandora's Abyss
Great experience
Very knowledgeable moderator and interviews with polite, respectful and thoughtful discussions of current political events.
For the first time...I’m disappointed
This is always one of my favorite podcasts, as I’m a huge fan of David’s. That said...I was so disappointed with his AOC interview. It felt like a complete boot licking interview. I don’t dislike her, but some of the comments her and the squad have made are outrageous...and certainly VERY controversial. It would have been great to see her challenged and see her have to explain the negative comments and shots she’s taken on her more seasoned collegues. Opportunity missed Axe...
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Smart and Insightful
Great show. I enjoy the depth of each episode.
Interview with Sen. Mitt Romney
I want to thank the Senator for sticking up from his personal values as well as that of many citizens of the USA. And thank you David for having him on your show. He is a man that truly would make an outstanding future President.
Plan B ENtertainment
Mitt is always on the edge of being a decent man but for some reason he never gets there. the small obvious things he does to push back on trump are said is a soft voice. Trump is mad and a 3rd grader understands how bad he is but mitt whispers. Mitt vetoes for justices that are totally unqualified to serve on the all levels. Example he approves 33 yr old judges with zero experience but are good ole right wing nuts. he is just fine with that and these judges keep kids sleeping on concrete. i hope as he sleeps in his feathered bed he is comfortable. The Axe should never give him air.
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Establishment Politics
At times the interviews are insightful and informative but not much to offer outside the mainstream power brokers. The political world is spinning out of control and here the myopic search for explanations too often fails.
Daley Plaza
One of the best
Compelling conversations with interesting people. I just wish Axe would let his guests talk a little more.
I am 100%behind Biden and Harris... and I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD TRUMP SAYS... I am still hoping that David can keep the podcast together and I will BELIEVE what he says!!!
They don’t care about poor people
This podcast for the most part is okay. But I am tired of hearing from politicians who do not care about poor people. At this point this group needs our undivided attention. If Mr. Romney can’t address this issue seriously, he needs to stop talking. And podcaster need to start talking to serious minded people who will help lift people out of poverty regardless to who is president. Pay attention!
Sarita Rivera
David Axelrod is a master!
During this tumultuous election season David Axelrod's podcasts have kept me calm and believing in the future. His presentation is thoughtful and respectful and it keeps me highly engaged through out. David helps elevate his guest so that they can present their thoughts with clarity and openness. I highly recommend this podcast.
Mitt Romney
What a fantastic interview. I really appreciate David’s natural talent to talk openly and without such burning judgement implied or otherwise. These are the sort of interviews we need to hear from our leaders. I have a new appreciation for Mitt Romney too. It was a great humanizing conversation. He answered policy questions and made sense. He didn’t just say I don’t like that because the democrats are trying to destroy the country. He explains he concerns with certain policies especially regarding state funding relief, hears ideas, gives his feedback and concerns, and offers a compromise. What a concept.
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Cuomo Interview
Thanks for having Governor Cuomo on
I found your interview with Governor Cuomo to be well timed and provided an unvarnished view into a lot of what he managed on a day to day basis during Covid-19. I have since listened to the Governor’s book on audible. It was terrific
LNK 926
Very intriguing interviews
Enjoyable podcast with great quality of guests
Fixated on Trump
Axelrod spends a significant amount of each interview discussing Trump. Quite often repeating the same conversations he has had with prior guests to the point where it become nauseatingly repetitive and trite. The show would be more interesting if instead of yet another Trump centric program, Axelrod provided a venue for more in depth discussion on his guests professional/personal backstories, life experience, and viewpoints. Often he neglects to mention or skims over time periods and experiences in his guests lives which could be interesting topics for conversation in favour of discussing Trump. And by that point I have tuned out. Just listened to his interview with Jon Meacham and most of the conversation was about Trump...and he is such a brilliant trove of historical insight and information.
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Voice of reason
David Axelrod’s wise perspective is the voice of reason in a time when the loudest voice usually gets the most coverage.
Axe has to be listened to at 2X
Hard having to speed him (Axe) up and then slow it back down when guest speaks. Only time Axe speaks quickly is when he interrupts.
My father came from Germany. Within the first month of being in this country he went to a baseball game as a guest of his Americanized uncle. He was interviewed during the game and told the journalist that he loved “American Baseball.” He later told friends and family that he thought baseball was such a slow game and not like his beloved soccer. However, he never wanted to be dishonest so baseball became his favorite pastime!
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David and Guests
I have listened to the Podcast for awhile. Overall very good. I just find David seems to continually interject himself rather than letting the guest speaks. The comments he makes about himself get old and repetitive. Let your guests speak!
David Axelrod is amazing !
Great podcast ! David Axelrod is such a joy to listen too !
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