The Attitude Era Podcast
The Attitude Era Podcast
We review the Attitude Era.... and much more!
Royal Rumble 1998
 30 men, one ring, one journey into darkness and one poem by Paul Boesch
Nov 30
The Last Ride Part 6
 We swear this is the last last last last last last time
Oct 29
SNME 2006
 We're gonna party like it's three years before 2009!
Sep 30
Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN....... and ben stiller. 
Sep 30
In Your House: D Generation X
 OH NO! DX are in your house! Aieee!
Aug 6
Survivor Series 1997
Jun 30
Raw is War 05/07/04
I've heard of Eugene? But TWOGENE? Kefin & Billy return to their Raw Roulade and look at the night Eugene was GM and everyone was doing a little thing called musical chairs! 
Jun 4
The Last Ride Part 5
 Boy this is my (bone)yard and if you try me, I'll make you famous.
Apr 8
The Best Of UK PPVs
 Capital Mayhem Rebellion/Inssurexxtion at the London London Arena. For One Night Only! In Manchester. Compiled by our pal Ant the Editor! (
Mar 23
Rebellion 2002
It's time for some Mayhem in Manchester! We've got some SmackDown six, and equal parts goo goo and gaa gaa on offer! 
Mar 23
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