The Artificial Mind
The Artificial Mind
The Artificial Mind
Explore the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence with Jonathan Sanchez and Jeremie Strobridge on "The Artificial Mind" podcast. Join us as we delve into the positive applications of AI across various domains, from enhancing artistic expression to revolutionizing business strategies. Gain valuable insights and a fresh perspective on the evolving landscape of AI, as we discuss its impact on music, art, and the dynamic changes it brings to industries. Stay informed about the promising future that AI holds in our ever-changing world.
49. AI George Carlin
On Episode 49 of The Artificial Mind podcast, hosts Jeremie and Jonathan explore the widely-discussed AI-generated George Carlin content titled 'I'm Glad I'm Dead,' as shared by Dudesy earlier this year! Tune in for our candid reflections on the content, the intriguing circumstances surrounding it, and our perspectives on the Art of Comedy in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Join the conversation with #ArtificialMindPodcast #AIComedy #GeorgeCarlinAI #PodcastDiscussion #AIEntertainment 🎙️💻 The Artificial Mind Hosted byJeremie Strobridge and Jonathan Sanchez Produced and Edited byClean Sanchez Media, LLC Sound and Audio Recorded withZoom Podtrack P4 Music Orchestrated byClean Sanchez Media, LLC & Mubert AI Artwork and Design byMidjourney AI Subscribe, Like, and Share for More Updates Copyrights: All content, including but not limited to audio recordings, music, artwork, and designs, is the intellectual property of Clean Sanchez Media, LLC and respective contributors. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is prohibited. --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 6
32 min
48. Video Games & AI
On Episode 48 of "The Artificial Mind," hosted by Jeremie Strobridge and Jonathan Sanchez, we delve into the transformative impact of AI in the gaming industry. In recent years, games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Overwatch, and No Man's Sky have showcased the positive uses of AI technology, enhancing our gaming experiences. Produced and edited by Clean Sanchez Media, LLC, our sound and audio are recorded using the Zoom Podtrack P4, ensuring top-notch quality. The musical compositions are orchestrated by Clean Sanchez Media, LLC, and Mubert AI, creating an immersive gaming atmosphere. Artwork and design, courtesy of Midjourney AI, add a visually appealing dimension to our content. Special thanks to additional contributors, including Frenchyy Sanchez, Daisy's Designs, DD214 Network, Lost in the F*ck Crew, You Me and Lore, and Misael Sanchez. Subscribe, like, and share to stay updated on future episodes where we explore the exciting intersection of artificial intelligence and gaming. Join us on this journey to uncover how AI is positively shaping the gaming landscape! --- Send in a voice message:
Jan 24
40 min
47. Suno AI
On the 47th Episode of The Artificial Mind, Jeremie and Jonathan embark on a musical adventure as they harness the creative power of Suno! This revolutionary plugin generates songs from start to finish, complete with lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals based on text prompts entered by the user. From crafting a disco anthem about the moon being made of cheese to exploring the limitless possibilities, we break down the fun and innovative use of this AI project. Join us for an exciting episode as we explore how to use Suno, its implications, and the sheer joy of musical experimentation. Don't miss out on the creative journey this little AI gem can take you on! Visit Suno's website at to unleash your creativity and start generating unique tunes effortlessly. And as always, all artwork for our podcast is skillfully crafted through Midjourney. Our audio is recorded with the reliable Zoom Podtrack P4. Disclaimer: The Artificial Mind promotes the love for technology and emphasizes the positive, safe, and responsible uses of AI. Join us in embracing the endless possibilities while fostering a community of creativity and innovation. #ArtificialMindPodcast #AIInnovation #AImusic #SunoAI #CreativeAI #PodcastEpisode #TechInnovation #MusicalAI #AIExperimentation #TechPodcast #InnovativeTech #AIcreativity #PodcastJourney #SunoCreations #TechArtistry #AIRevolution #MusicGeneration #FutureTech #PodcastCommunity #MidjourneyArt #ZoomPodtrackP4 #PositiveAI #TechInspiration --- Send in a voice message:
Jan 9
40 min
Machine Minds
Welcome back to The Artificial Mind! In Episode 46, we return after a refreshing brain break and dive into a lively conversation. Join us as we reflect on the exciting developments we missed during the past week, including some of the latest updates from Midjourney, our favorite AI-powered creative tool! In this engaging episode, we also explore "The Creator," the intriguing movie starring John David Washington, unraveling its themes and plot twists. We sprinkle in a few more tidbits from the world of artificial intelligence, discussing its impact on creativity, entertainment, and beyond. Join the conversation and stay updated on the forefront of artificial intelligence and its influence on our creative endeavors. From Midjourney's cutting-edge features to thought-provoking discussions about AI in cinema, Episode 46 is a delightful blend of insight and entertainment. --- Send in a voice message:
Oct 6, 2023
32 min
45. Surrealism
Step into the enchanting realm of imagination on today's episode of The Artificial Mind! In Episode 45, we explore the mesmerizing world of Surrealism Art. Join us as we journey through dreamlike landscapes, impossible visions, and the whimsical dance between reality and fantasy. Surrealism, a movement that emerged in the early 20th century, celebrates the power of the subconscious mind to create art that transcends the ordinary. In this episode, we delve into the heart of Surrealism, showcasing AI-generated images that echo the movement's spirit of wonder, surprise, and the unexpected. Prepare to be captivated by a collection of visuals that defy logic and reason, blurring the lines between what is real and what is imagined. As we venture into the Surrealist tapestry, we invite you to interpret the intricate symbolism, hidden meanings, and the rich narrative woven into each image. Join us in celebrating the legacy of Surrealism, where art becomes a portal to the inner recesses of the mind. From melting clocks to floating cities, our AI-inspired creations pay homage to the movement's legacy while embracing the innovative possibilities of the digital age. Tune in to Episode 45 of The Artificial Mind as we embark on a surreal voyage through the landscapes of the mind, where reality bends and art flourishes in the realm of the unexpected. #TheArtificialMindPodcast #TheArtificialMindPodcast #SurrealismArt #DreamlikeVisions #AIandImagination #Episode45 #ArtisticExploration #SurrealWorlds #RealityandFantasy #AIgeneratedArt #DigitalDreamscape #SurrealisticJourney #ImaginativeArtistry #ArtBeyondReality #UnveilingSurrealism #AIinArt --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 25, 2023
41 min
44. The Artificial Mind II
Welcome to a mesmerizing journey into the depths of creativity on Episode 44 of The Artificial Mind! Join us as we peel back the layers of our minds and unveil a kaleidoscope of random and captivating imagery that has sprung forth from our very own Artificial Mind. In this episode, we embrace the unpredictable and showcase a vibrant array of AI-generated creations that have emerged from our recent artistic explorations. From abstract wonders to fantastical landscapes, each image reflects the intricate dance between human creativity and the boundless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. Prepare to be enchanted as we open the door to our inner realms, inviting you to witness the convergence of imagination and technology. These visuals, born from the fusion of human ingenuity and AI brilliance, offer a glimpse into the infinite potential of our Artificial Mind. As we navigate this visual odyssey, we encourage you to join the conversation and share your thoughts on the intersection of art, technology, and the boundless horizons of creativity. Let's embark on this artistic venture together, where randomness meets innovation and the canvas of our minds knows no bounds. Tune in to Episode 44 and experience the magic of our AI-inspired creations. From the depths of our minds to the realm of your imagination, let the journey begin. #TheArtificialMindPodcast #AIInspiredArt #CreativityUnleashed #ImaginationInFocus #Episode44 #RandomImagery #ArtAndTechnology #VisualExploration #ArtisticBoundaries #AIandCreativity #UnveilingImagery --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 18, 2023
35 min
43. Extra Terrestrials
Welcome to a captivating and extraterrestrial episode of The Artificial Mind! In Episode 43, we venture into the mysterious realm of Aliens. Join us for an enthralling conversation as we explore the fascinating world of these cosmic beings and showcase stunning AI-generated images that bring them to life. From ancient myths and folklore to modern-day encounters, we unravel the enduring fascination with extraterrestrial life. Discussing our favorite portrayals of aliens in pop culture, we delve into the realms of science fiction and imagination. Be prepared to be mesmerized as we unveil a gallery of AI-generated alien images that blur the lines between reality and fiction. Witness the creative prowess of AI as it brings these otherworldly beings to existence in unprecedented ways. Throughout the episode, we invite you to share your own thoughts and speculations about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Engage with us as we contemplate the mysteries of the universe and the potential for life beyond our planet. Whether you're a believer in the existence of aliens or just curious about the wonders of AI-generated art, Episode 43 of The Artificial Mind promises an interstellar journey like no other. Join hosts Jeremie Strobridge and Jonathan Sanchez as they ignite your imagination and celebrate the enigma of aliens through the magic of AI art. Tune in for an episode that explores the cosmos, piques our curiosity, and leaves us questioning what lies beyond the stars. #TheArtificialMindPodcast #Aliens #ExtraterrestrialLife #AIgeneratedArt #ScienceFiction #AIinArt #Episode43 #ImaginationUnleashed #MysteryOfTheUniverse #AIandAliens #AIinImagery #BeyondTheStars #CosmicCuriosity #ExtraterrestrialEncounters --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 4, 2023
35 min
42. Christopher Nolan
In Episode 42 of The Artificial Mind, we delve into the mesmerizing world of Director Christopher Nolan's iconic movies, celebrating his visionary storytelling and innovative filmmaking. Join us as AI-generated images inspired by his masterpieces take center stage, showcasing the limitless possibilities of art and technology. Discover the profound impact of Nolan's films on audiences and filmmakers alike, and engage in the cinematic magic that continues to inspire us all. Tune in for an unforgettable journey where creativity and AI artistry unite in homage to a director who has forever changed the way we experience the silver screen#TheArtificialMindPodcast #ChristopherNolan #NolanMovies #AIinCinema #AIgeneratedArt #CinematicGenius #NolanInspiredArt #MindBendingMovies #FilmMagic #AIandFilmmaking #Episode42 #AIinEntertainment #NolanFandom #AIArtistry #ImmersiveStorytelling #AIinMovies #ChristopherNolanFilms #NolanMovieMagic #AIandCinema #ArtificialIntelligenceArt #NolanLegacy #AIcreativity #CinematicBrilliance #AIinVisualArts #FilmGenius #AIinEntertainment #NolanianPerspectives #ImaginingNolan #AIinMovieMaking #FilmmakerInspiration #AIandFilmmakers --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 28, 2023
38 min
41. Coins
Episode 41 of The Artificial Mind! Today, we embark on an exciting journey into the captivating world of coins. Join us as we delve into the history and significance of these small but mighty metal discs that have shaped civilizations and economies throughout time.In this episode, we don the hats of designers and artisans, exploring the art of coin design. Using the power of AI and our own creative flair, we imagine and craft unique and intricate coin designs that pay homage to historical eras, cultures, and iconic symbols.Discover the fascinating stories behind the evolution of coins, from the ancient Lydian electrum coins to the paper currencies that replaced them. Uncover the role of coins as vessels of art, culture, and political expression, with their designs reflecting the values and identities of societies across centuries.As we venture into the realm of coin design, we explore how these small pieces of metal hold great significance in our lives, symbolizing trade, prosperity, and human ingenuity. From emperors to explorers, artists to inventors, coins have left an indelible mark on history and continue to shape the global economy.Join us on this creative and educational expedition, where we marry the past with the future, designing coins that are both steeped in history and embrace the limitless possibilities of AI art. Tune in to Episode 41 of The Artificial Mind as we celebrate the artistry and legacy of coins, and embark on a journey that merges technology with tradition.#TheArtificialMindPodcast #CoinDesign #CoinArt #AIinDesign #Numismatics #CoinCollecting #HistoryofCoins #CurrencyDesign #AIandArt #CoinCreators #ArtificialIntelligence #Episode41 #CoinHistory #AIandNumismatics #ArtisticCoins --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 24, 2023
27 min
40. The SAG/AFTRA Strike
In Episode 40 of The Artificial Mind, hosts Jeremie Strobridge and Jonathan Sanchez engage in a compelling discussion centered around the SAG-AFTRA strike. Join us as we delve into the impact of AI on the film and television industry, exploring its potential benefits and drawbacks. Together, we examine the SAG-AFTRA strike's critical fight against the negative use of AI, and the ethical considerations that arise when integrating AI into storytelling. Discover the complexities of embracing AI while maintaining the human touch in this evolving landscape. Through thought-provoking insights, we navigate the multifaceted relationship between AI and the entertainment industry, highlighting both its positive contributions and potential challenges. Join us as we envision a future where AI and human creativity coexist harmoniously, pushing the boundaries of innovation while upholding ethical practices. Don't miss Episode 40 of The Artificial Mind, where we engage in an enlightening conversation about the role of AI in film and television. Gain a deeper understanding of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike and explore ways to responsibly harness AI's power for a vibrant and ethical entertainment industry. --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 16, 2023
29 min
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