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The show on Rahsaan Thomas is an important listen
I really want to commend the Art Angle team for their very respectfully done episode with Rahsaan Thomas of Ear Hustle fame, who recently curated an online exhibition of work by artists in San Quentin and who is currently incarcerated himself. The fascinating and honest conversation goes right to Thomas’ point — that proximity to people who are incarcerated is key to seeing this population as more than numbers. A highly recommended listen.
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Excellent for beginners and more invested
Well paced. Full of accessible examples to engage listeners at all levels. Super timely material, as well as more historical or granular topics on the art world and art history. Excellent material for art history students at the beginning and more advanced levels.
Love this show
Diverse perspectives and amazing production quality.
Love this show
It’s spectacular the union of news and art covers the full spectrum of life’s colors
Great Topics & Excellent Reporting
During this pandemic podcasts have become my greatest source of pleasure/ information/ entertainment. It can be difficult to find podcasts that move swiftly and deliver good substance. The Art Angle consistently delivers on all counts. The most recent episode on Ann Geddes was nothing short of provocative and brilliant. Hugely recommend these weekly episodes. Well done. Episode w/ Melissa Smith conveyed NOTHING if substance- and she uptalked throughout:(((
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Mythologizing history thru monuments
Ben Davis did an excellent job analyzing the history of the Columbus monuments and revealing what is the problem with all the monuments glorifying historical moments and their political motivation. And I like his solution!
Makes me feel like an insider
Love this podcast. It’s like listening to your smartest art friends have a fun conversation. It’s pretty much the most entertaining way to stay in the loop about art and culture.
Super good for serious art lovers
This is a highly intelligent podcast that is completely clued-in to the the contemporary art scene in a way that is relevant for both well-versed participants and anyone that wants to understand what’s going on in art today. I hope this podcast goes on forever! Thanks for the insight that an insider can provide for someone like me that is keenly interested but not a part of the scene on a regular basis by virtue of my lack of a specific role in the industry. I’m an attendee pure and simple which makes me irrelevant to those that are in the know. I don’t get invited to parties at ABM but I’m always there looking, thinking and interested, trying to keep current with the new trends and thirsty for the type of information this podcast provides.
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Deep Dives into Art
Intelligent and engaging. Lots of detail on context and history as it relates to contemporary art issues.
DD Miri
Wonderfully done
So enjoyable, educational and digestible. I only just want more! Thank you so much. Can we hear about the best way for new artists to get into the scene/seen??
Relevant, interesting, and engaging.
Covering the hot topics of the art market in an interesting and engaging way, while remaining clear and concise. Keep up the great work!
Henri Neuendorf
Great find
I really enjoy the mix of experts that they have found to comment on the art world. I’ve always been intrigued by Artnet but, as one casually interested in the art world, I never find I have enough time to peruse their resources and offerings — this podcast was sort of perfect for me. Also really enjoyed the interview with Artnet founder Hans Neuendorf
The only art podcast that matters
If you care about art, this is the podcast for you—I’ve been looking for a comprehensive art podcast about the contemporary market and contemporary issues facing museums/institutions forever, and this is it
Finally, a great art podcast
I feel like all the other attempts at art-themed podcasts were either too broad—art history 101–or too esoteric—long, unedited rambling conversations between pros. Here’s one that feels relevant, even urgent, as it examines and contextualizes what’s happening in the gallery, museum, and auction house worlds. A must-listen.
Great introduction to the new MOMA
After listening to this podcast I feel like I’ll be better equipped to appreciate what MOMA has done when I go to visit the newly organized exhibitions.