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It's been said that Christian music sucks. The Antidote dispels that myth as we explore the artistry of Christian bands. Listen to in-depth interviews and music from these faith-based bands. For unique and innovative music ranging from metalcore to indie folk, you'll hear it all on The Antidote with Dave Hawkins.
Episode 440: Homeplate / Grandpa Loves Rhinos
Two bands, one label, the same creative purpose. Join The Antidote as we meet with pop-punk wonders Homeplate and the modern rock/punk/emo of Grandpa Loves Rhinos. Both bands come to share about their new releases.
Sep 2
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Episode 438: The Hunts, part 1
It’s been too long since The Antidote last featured an alternative folk band. To make up for that we bring the best of that genre. They are The Hunts. Many people imagine a “family band” to be kids dressed in matching turquoise polyester suits. That doesn’t happen with The Hunts, …
Aug 19
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Episode 437: Winona Avenue
There’s no need to give directions to Winona Avenue, but we will reveal their alt/pop music. We dig beneath the light exterior of their songs to find their inspiring message. Listen to our talk with band members Daniel & David Deputy.
Aug 12
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Episode 436: Newbies with Brandon Isaiah
It’s time for the newbies – all of these new songs are about to become your favourites. Hip hop, rock, alternative, punk, metal. Loud and soft, we’re gonna hear it all. Brandon Isaiah speaks with us about his music mission.
Aug 5
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Episode 435: Spirit Searcher
The Antidote meets a trio of Canadian artists who have joined together to Spirit Search Volume 1. Carla Olive, Frederick Tamagi, and David Andrew Wiebe believe in the eternal Truth of God, but were inspired to question and challenge their conventional religious experience. Come listen to their music and our conversation.
Jul 29
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Episode 434: Azusa
Including band members from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sea + Air, and Extol, is the supergroup, Azusa. Their progressive art metal is the backdrop to lyrics that are subtly faith inspired. Listen to our conversation with bassist, Liam Wilson.
Jul 22
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Episode 433: CUSH
In the arena of Christian music, Michael Knott is considered a genius. He was the lead man of many bands like The Lifesavors, Bombay Babies, and Aunt Bettys. My personal favourite may be less well known. Let’s spend an hour with CUSH.
Jul 15
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Episode 432: The Grave Denial
They aren’t kids, but they are relatively new to the Christian metal/hard rock scene. Ryan Carver of The Grave Denial, comes to The Antidote to speak about the band’s faith, their change in style and their motivation to create.
Jul 8
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Episode 431: The Covers, part 5 with Easter Teeth
Over the past year, The Antidote has been sharing a series of episodes focused on cover songs. Our latest installment showcases Covers, the new release by California’s Easter Teeth. Tim and Josh Eymann add their funk/punk vibe to these classic tunes. Tune in for the talk and music. Playlist: Easter Teeth …
Jul 1
0 sec
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