The Animal Behaviour Doctors
The Animal Behaviour Doctors
Dr Kat Gregory
Dr Kat Gregory & Dr MJ Starling discuss animal training and applied animal behaviour science.
Behaviour Modification - The basics - Where to begin? It really is for everyone.
The Animal Behaviour Doctors discuss the basics of implementing an effective behaviour modification program.We will be running an online session to discuss this episode - stay tuned for details!
Aug 15
35 min
SECURE ATTACHMENT. What is it? Is it important in our relationship with our dogs?
Just like humans, it's important for animals to develop relationships with their own kind (conspecifics).  Dogs are unusual, in that it appears that they become attached to their human caregivers, in much the same way that a child bonds to a parent -...
Jul 17
34 min
Building Trust - knowing when to Stop
Applying the science of learning to training animals - may be described as a relatively "silent" conversation. How we choose to behave in that transaction, can have profound impact on animal welfare. “The art of conversation is the art of hearing as...
Jun 13
27 min