The Andrew Klavan Show
The Andrew Klavan Show
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Love Klavan!
I look forward to this show every Friday!
An amazing satire towards the serious topic of politics and more really worth a listen.
More Klavan Please!
Even if it’s a bad day I know I can go to Klavan and laugh! Dig his traditional values, clever humor, truth-telling.Wish it was every day!
Beckster Bliss
The narrative that survives it all: Goodness and God
This show is the absolute answer to your nihilism, idiocy, lack of knowledge, or an unsure perception
A humorous prophet in our own time
Sanity in a mad world
Mme Ex
wisdom and cultural connection is unmatched
Andrew Klavan, thank you. you are wise and bring light to so many historical and cultural events. i grew up catholic, turned atheist in high school, went woke in college, got undoubtedly spiritual through yogic practices, and ‘red pulled’ myself in covid through logic and stats. i absolutely LOVE the biblical references, just as i love when jordan peterson does it…. it’s so deeply embedded in our culture, and i love learning the true relevance it in my late twenties. thank you! cannot say enough how much i love this podcast.
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Klearly Klever Khronicle.
But I just wish I could spell Klavan.
Truth and Wit
Well reasoned, truthful and witty analysis of life, culture, politics and religion. I strongly recommend this show.
The Book of Klavan- there are no E’s in Klavan
Once upon a time, several hundred years ago, a man(as they identified) climbed to the top of a mountain. Wearily he looked across the vast expanse, clenched his fists with tears in his eyes and shouted “ROCK AUTO!!!” Instantaneously as his mighty voice rippled across the landscape, birthing persons and their animal counter parts became, with child. Somewhere deep, dark and silent something stirred. A great foul wind arose from leathery wings. The great beast casts a shadow across the land and all who saw it knew… they knew that with this great increase in bundles of cells, Sanger The Terrible has become Woke.. I mean awoken. Birthing persons from all over came to pay homage and to feed the insatiable thirst of Sanger The Terrible. All others became shunned and their crops withered. (Someone else continue the story 😂)
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Mad lad
This man is my spirit animal.
Thank you for our voice
You have helped us in so many ways, please never quit.
Collective Punishment
Listening to AK is so entertaining. I forget about the impending collapse of everything. Then I resume waiting for the collective punishment for the actions of others
Ricky the b
Addicted to TRUTH related by glorious YOU!
Thank you and the best of luck to your continued writing!!
Well done!
Well done, Jeremy. Hard pass is our battle cry.
Listened to every podcast for last 5 year. Would not miss one.
Level Head in an Upside Down Workd
Thank you for making me proud of being a woman of faith.
Come for the Jokes, Stay for the Depth!
My favorite part is the first 2’ soliloquy that never fails to leave me in stitches. But, the true content is the layers of depth that Klavan digs into during the course of the show, leaving you with a solid understanding of the issues of today. Don’t miss it!
Insightful and hilarious!
The first time I listened and beginning monologue started I wasn’t sure if it was a joke (never underestimate the stupidity of democrats) but once it became obvious I was hooked! Sometimes he can be a bit too much on the liberal side for me the majority of the time his views are usually spot on. I love him!
Jeff Bezos is not a Conservative. Why refer to him as a Conservative. Usually enjoy your podcasts but the fallacy of stating Bezos is a Conservative ruins your accuracy in this one. Best to you.
time waits for noone
The best podcast for thinking people.
Love Andrew
The best
Great Show
Always a pleasure. Thanks for your insight.
Adam Loves America
Laughter is still the best med. Listen.
Clever, witty, accurate-Klavan is a voice that will fill that ugly gaping hole in your heart.
disappointed in Mo 123
Klassik Klavan
This man has a huge IQ that is used for comedic evilness. Would do more stars than five if I could.
Hot Gandalf
Best podcast out there. Only wish he did one more than once a week!
Hilarious and extremely thoughtful commentary. I’d wish I could give more that five pstars
Andrew Klavan and Jesse Kelly
I never miss either! Matt Walsh gets a thumbs up too. Keep up the good work, guys and Godspeed.
Value Added Comedy
This podcast will make your life better, after leaving a five star review.
So funny & honest
As a devout Christian who grow up with secular parents, I love Andrew’s understanding of politics through the lens of Christianity. I’m not fundamentalist, but that’s not to say I don’t value the inerrancy of God’s Word. Through this lens I see the world & somehow Andrew does too. I love how he understands Scripture & how it informs current events. This does lend to a more conservative or classical liberal view. Let the best ideas win! Andrew knows that’s the beauty of Christ’s eternal victory. Please listen & learn about the political climate, but don’t forget that family & simple joys should be your life as his opening monologues emphasize. And he’s super funny & not a narcissist, so that in itself is worth listening in each week.
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Commoner Rachel
Great show
I always enjoy his podcast. My only complaint is that is that it comes only once a week.
Jeff Marler
So great
Hilarious, thoughtful and makes me tear up almost every week. What more could you ask for from a podcast?
Grammy 1988
Good shows
Love the intros
James M Farmer
I look forward to this weekly podcast. Politics and humor, great combo. Deep insights. I feel lucky to hear this well read thoughtful articulate man.
1 musketeer
There are no E’s in Klavan
Bald man say funny thing
Brilliant and hilarious commentary and analysis
Even though the ship is sinking, we still can enjoy Klavan’s brilliant biting humor as we go under. He’ll make you laugh as he makes you think. And if you’re a lefty and thus incapable of either, he’ll help you foam even more and eliminate any vestige of sadness over what you had to sacrifice to make the world safe for Communism.
The second best podcast out there, but the MOST listenable
Been listening from the beginning. Not only a great amount of considered thought and wide ranging conversation but best of all, HUMOR!!!
Priest on the run
5 stars all the way
Great show!
Actual OPEN and HONEST Opinions.
The difference between a "main stream media" (leftist) podcast and this show, is that this guy will give you his Honest opinion, instead of whatever the democrat kabal is calling for ATM. This is why conservative voices often voice different but honest and FREE opinions.
Love this show!
I am a dedicated listener, and I enjoy listening to Andrew Klavan as he is a master of interweaving politics, art, history and Christianity…always with a masterful sense of humor!
Klavany Goodness
I love his take on culture, the arts, Christianity, and politics. Such richness from such a very old man.😉
A great, good podcast
So, so excellent. An indispensable voice for a new Christian apologetics.
daily wire fan
Worst show ever
Definitely the worst podcast I've ever subjected myself to consume every week. Please save me from this bald maniac. 5/5 would recommend
im not happy bob
I love that all the dailywire hosts disagree on a ton of stuff. This is not narrative Perrin, each host has different opinions. Andrew is the funniest and most satirically minded, and perhaps the most abstract.
Unique insights
Andrew offers a unique perspective compared to the other Daily Wire hosts. I think the best parts are when Andrew ties in references to the canon of Western literature. I always find them insightful, and it’s what make the show worth listening to.
Thought provoking and elegant
I love how he can talk about the woes of the day without giving me anxiety. He has a very poetic style and though I am no Christian, I really enjoy listening to his philosophy on theology. Great show. Give it a listen. Also, he’s the low-key King of Satire.
Bringing humor and idealogical depth to politics
Andrew Klavan, *cough* excuse me: “Bald Overlord Klavan,” brings me 3 minutes of hilarious satire weekly followed by a intriguing dive into not just politics but the idealogical, cultural, and spiritual drivers behind the 24-hour news cycle. If you want to hear someone “bash the Libtards” all day, this is not the podcast for you, but if you want to hear insightful comentary from someone who’s seen Hollywood and the media from the inside (no to mention who has been around for 3 thousand years), Klavan’s your geezer. 👴🏼 #cameForBenStayedForKalvan
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Clever and insightful
I enjoy Klavan’s humor and his insights into human nature. He has a clarity that is refreshing.
Beating Cancel Culture Episode
Just finished listening to this August 17 episode - BRAVO!!!! A must listen. Andrew is a person with standards and convictions that are not compromised. He wasn’t willing to change his scripts to meet a narrative Hollywood wanted to portray. I have great respect for him. We all need to be unwavering in our convictions.
Gene Klavan Listener
Conservative in ideology suspect in theology
Love his wit and humor though... He’s getting me through the apocalypse of a new baby who cries all night!!
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