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Doesn’t Discuss The Substance of the Episode
This podcast consists of interviews with cast or crew members who discuss their creative process. There is minimal discussion of the episode itself. This is not a podcast for viewers who are looking for breakdown of what just happened - the elements and themes of the story, the meaning of the events in the episode, how the plot has moved, etc. Sometimes, the podcast doesn’t discuss the story at all. If you’re looking for a discussion of the episode, this is not for you. The podcast covers how the show is made. Eg what was it like for Noah Emmerich or Mathew Rhys to direct an episode in which he also acted, how did the designers create a particular set or costume, where do they find the cars and spy gadgets. In that sense it’s interesting. But for those wanting to break down the actual story, you will be disappointed.
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You need an American host
If you love The Americans, this is a great podcast, despite the host who seems to misunderstand the entire series! Thankfully the writers usually disagree with her totally misunderstood interpretations of the characters!
This is an excellent podcast! I'm a huge fan of the show, and I really enjoy "getting to know" the actors, writers, and showrunners. I will admit, the podcast episodes of season three were my favorite: the focus was on the episodes, unlike the later seasons. Overall, I would definitely recommend if you are a fan of The Americans!
Love the show
I love this show. Been listening since 2016. I listen after every episode. After I discovered the show I of course went back to listen to every past segment.
Used to love this podcast
I am curious why the producers of this podcast thought it worthwhile for the listeners to hear June Thomas' every uh-huh, right, right, and yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't see how it helped me understand what was being talked about. At times I could not hear what was being said by the interviewee. It was often an unpleasant listening experience.
June Thomas asks insightful, professional questions about the show.
There could be more direct discussions of the show's plot and twists, but I do appreciate the "making of the show segments." Good to hear from writers, producers, stage creators, music engineers, 2nd directors, etc. I think June Thomas is very good as a host.
Terry in Bothell
The host constantly is inserting "yep" "mm-hmm" and other little things while the guest is talking, it drives me nuts, but it's a free podcast with excellent insight into the behind the scenes of the show.
Aju in the 612
Good Companion to Series
Good interviews w/writers, actors and others involved in show. Another podcast about the show I enjoy is The Jennings Basement.
Great content, worst host
Love listening to the behind the scenes info, but the host is the worst host ever. Thankfully the content helps get past her annoying (yeah, uh uh, right) interrupting traits. Wish the episodes were a bit longer.
Great in-depth look ...
At the behind the scenes
June Thomas = terrible host/interviewer
I’m a huge fan of The Americans, and I’m very interested in the content of this podcast (i.e., what the guests have to say), but June Thomas ruins the whole experience for me. Her “active listening” and verbal encouragement while the guests/panelists are giving their answers is horrible distracting. Every few seconds, she basically interrupts with “uh-huh, uh-huh” or “right, right” or “yeah yeah yeah” — it’s incessant!! That style might be perfectly fine, even preferable, when interviewing someone for a printed article…but when your microphone is turned all the way up and you’re recording a podcast in what sounds like an empty storeroom, it derails the whole exchange. I can’t listen to her anymore. :(
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So interesting
I love the insights I get from this podcast. So many things that can go unoticed. I think it could talk more about the episodes and scences themselves, but it is still quite good.
Every show should have a podcast like this!
I love The Americans and this podcast is a must for any fan of the show. It's awesome to hear all of the behind the scenes info and to hear what the show runners and stars think about each episode. I loved the first season when they really talked to the people in charge of all of the parts that make up the show. So fascinating, not to mention all of the history that they're staying true to. If you're watching the show, you have to be listening to this podcast!
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Thanks for making this podcast. I love The Americans and I love watching the show again after listening to the podcast.
Can't get enough
I love the show, so getting to extend my enjoyment with this podcast has been great!
Not a lot of episode review.
At first the podcast did a nice job of discussing the weeks episode, however recently the podcast has become more about how the show is put together rather than a recap.
I would give this podcast 6 stars if I could. This is not a recap podcast and I love it because of this. It explores real life espionage and the workings of a television show. I have only listened to season 4 and June Thomas.
An Insider look at my favorite show
This is perfect companion to watching the Americans with insight from cast and creators. You can tell they love making the show and it shows. Watch The Americans and then listen! Carl @MyVogonPoetry on Twitter
explains a lot
As a fan of the show, this podcast is always interesting and helps me to understand each episode as well as what it takes to produce a drama of this quality.
Love It
I love the Americans!! Best show on TV. I love the inside look. Thanks.
Why not discuss the episode?
I don’t understand this podcast. I subscribed because Slate podcasts usually do a great job of discussing the TV show or film. But this podcast barely touches upon the events of the episodes, instead interviewing cast members and production staff about themselves. This is more a “Making The Americans” instead of "What Happens in The Americans.” Strange…and boring. But now I know what a “swing set” is.
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Extremely vulgar and vain group of people..
I was shocked at the lack of professionalism and morality the producers and talent exhibit on this podcast. Kerri Russell was either high or drunk when she was on recently... The producers aren't much better. They spend too much time heaping praises upon themselves and the show. They proudly display their decadence and indecency instead of trying to aspire to a higher standard...
Corey Lambrecht
Wish it were longer
I enjoy this behind-the-scenes look, but I wish it could be longer and more in-depth. Nevertheless, I appreciate that this exists at all and I wish that more shows did this.
As a fan of the execution of the show, I feel saddened by how the producers seem to be navel-gazing at their own awesomeness in this podcast. Landing Keri and Matthew for this show really is their success, because it seems their chemistry is the muse that keeps giving despite their pride of period correctness and spy stories. Maybe when they invite the actors sometime it'll be interesting but this podcast's writer/producer perspectives put a wet blanket over that.
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A must for fans or writers
Gained some fantastic insights into the show and the writing process that you won't find anywhere else. Discusses the process and decisions behind the show. Can't wait for more. Will be recommending to my TV production class.
Gmail thug